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Maybe most people were fundamentally contradictory. The real people at any rate. ~ Tom Robbins
Tziotzios Tom quotes by Tom Robbins
I'm not infatuated with frivolousness. We're just good friends. ~ Tom Robbins
Tziotzios Tom quotes by Tom Robbins
Something that had possibly caused the distance between us, but might also bring us back together. ~ Tom Perrotta
Tziotzios Tom quotes by Tom Perrotta
I do most of the cooking. I'm kind of domestic, untidily so. ~ Tom Paulin
Tziotzios Tom quotes by Tom Paulin
That's the value of the artist ... Even when they aren't aware, they're dreaming our dreams for us. ~ Tom Robbins
Tziotzios Tom quotes by Tom Robbins
I love the music. I'm never, ever tired of playing it. ~ Tom Petty
Tziotzios Tom quotes by Tom Petty
Truly, the bench is a boon to idlers. Whoever first came up with the idea is a genius: free public resting places where you can take time out from the bustle and brouhaha of the city, and simply sit and watch and reflect. ~ Tom Hodgkinson
Tziotzios Tom quotes by Tom Hodgkinson
Summer had come to sit on New York's face. ~ Tom Robbins
Tziotzios Tom quotes by Tom Robbins
I just eat life ... I engage in life. ~ Tom Cruise
Tziotzios Tom quotes by Tom Cruise
Was he to bray this in profoundest brass
Arointing his dreams with fugal requiems?
Was he to company vastest things defunct
With a blubber of tom-toms harrowing the sky?
Scrawl a tragedian's testament? Prolong
His active force in an inactive dirge,
Which, let the tall musicians call and call,
Should merely call him dead? Pronounce amen
Through choirs infolded to the outmost clouds?
Because he built a cabin who once planned
Loquacious columns by the ructive sea?
Because he turned to salad-beds again? ~ Wallace Stevens
Tziotzios Tom quotes by Wallace Stevens
There are many fans of hard rock music that have been wrongly pigeonholed as apathetic. This music is not music for the elitist coffeehouse culture in SoHo. It' s rock 'n' roll music for kids across the land, and I think that makes it much more subversive in a way, in that it has the form and the function of a powerful, populist music, but it can carry very incendiary messages. ~ Tom Morello
Tziotzios Tom quotes by Tom Morello
I play basketball for love and money, and they come in interchangeable order, depending on how things are going when you ask the question. ~ Tom Heinsohn
Tziotzios Tom quotes by Tom Heinsohn
Tom couldn't take his gaze from Cassandra. Her wide, wondering eyes were like soft blue midnight, star-glittered with forgotten tears. The curves of her body looked firm and sweet, no hard angles or straight lines anywhere... nothing but inviting, sensual softness. If she were his... he might finally have the sense of ease other men had. No more spending every minute of the day striving and hungering and never feeling sated.
"I'll marry you," Tom told her. "Any time. Any terms. ~ Lisa Kleypas
Tziotzios Tom quotes by Lisa Kleypas
We drift down time, clutching at straws. But what good's a brick to a drowning man? ~ Tom Stoppard
Tziotzios Tom quotes by Tom Stoppard
His life before the triumph that defined his legacy was a reminder of the importance of patience, courage, and the absence of self-pity. ~ Tom Brokaw
Tziotzios Tom quotes by Tom Brokaw
Although I played a lot of computer games in my 20s, now I have children of my own, I hate them with a passion. ~ Tom Hodgkinson
Tziotzios Tom quotes by Tom Hodgkinson
I used to be mad on the games, but I had to ban myself. I used to spend three dollars on games, [but] it adds up, so now I'm on the social side of things like Twitter and Instagram. I love my weather apps. I guess because all the Brits are obsessed with weather. ~ Tom Felton
Tziotzios Tom quotes by Tom Felton
Life in a box is better than no life at all, I expect. You'd have a chance at least. You could lie there thinking: Well, at least I'm not dead. ~ Tom Stoppard
Tziotzios Tom quotes by Tom Stoppard
The film business is absurd. Stars don't last very long. It's much more interesting to be a proper actor. ~ Tom Courtenay
Tziotzios Tom quotes by Tom Courtenay
That combination of thought and action defines creative confidence: the ability to come up with new ideas and the courage to try them out. ~ Tom Kelley
Tziotzios Tom quotes by Tom Kelley
John Kerry told Tom Ridge he was too busy to receive a Homeland Security briefing. I thought that was odd, since you're not supposed to ignore terrorist threats until after you become president. ~ David Letterman
Tziotzios Tom quotes by David Letterman
You want soldiers who, when they get to a river after a long march, don't start rooting for their canteen in their pack, but just dive right in. ~ Tom Waits
Tziotzios Tom quotes by Tom Waits
It was precisely this notion of infinite series which in the sixth century BC led the Greek philosopher Zeno to conclude that since an arrow shot towards a target first had to cover half the distance, and then half the remainder, and then half the remainder after that, and so on ad infinitum, the result was, as I will now demonstrate, that though an arrow is always approaching its target, it never quite gets there, and Saint Sebastian died of fright. ~ Tom Stoppard
Tziotzios Tom quotes by Tom Stoppard
It turned out that looking forward to a vacation or event provided even more happiness than the event itself. ~ Tom Rath
Tziotzios Tom quotes by Tom Rath
Ah, man, if I could ever hook up with Tom Waits, I'd be the happiest camper in Yellowstone, alright? That's the one guy. ~ Al Jourgensen
Tziotzios Tom quotes by Al Jourgensen
Indeed, the construction of a global telegraph network was widely expected, by Briggs and Maverick among others, to result in world peace: 'It is impossible that old prejudices and hostilities should longer exist, while such an instrument has been created for the exchange of thought between all the nations of the earth.' ~ Tom Standage
Tziotzios Tom quotes by Tom Standage
I gave myself permission to care, because there are a lot of people in this world who are afraid of caring, who are afraid of showing they care because it's uncool. It's uncool to have passion. It's so much easier to lose when you've shown everyone how much you don't care if you win or lose. It's much harder to lose when you show that you care, but you'll never win unless you also stand to lose. I've said it before. Don't be afraid of your passion, give it free reign, and be honest and work hard and it will all turn out just fine. ~ Tom Hiddleston
Tziotzios Tom quotes by Tom Hiddleston
Leonard Cohen can give you "Leonard Cohen" - the self-deprecating wit, the slow, considered speech, the perfectly-honed anecdote - Tom Waits is far more comfortable giving a journalist "Tom Waits" the character, whose conversation is really a series of strange tales, learned or ad-libbed. ~ Sylvie Simmons
Tziotzios Tom quotes by Sylvie Simmons
And to me, fame is not a positive thing. The idea of being famous is a lot better than the reality. It's fantastic when you go to premieres and people cheer you, but it's not real. And it's totally not my approach to get my name on a club door just because I can. ~ Tom Felton
Tziotzios Tom quotes by Tom Felton
A lot of times, you try and please your biological family, and you can't please them. ~ Tom Lister, Jr.
Tziotzios Tom quotes by Tom Lister, Jr.
There's an old goblin saying; there is nothing to fear but fear itself and scary things. ~ Tom Holt
Tziotzios Tom quotes by Tom Holt
It's not that there is more stupidity. It just has more intrusive ways of presenting itself. It used to be, you could be near an idiot and you wouldn't know it. With today's advances, that's less likely. ~ Tom Levine
Tziotzios Tom quotes by Tom Levine
Pork is my friend. ~ Tom Douglas
Tziotzios Tom quotes by Tom Douglas
I know we're all psychotic, single and completely dysfunctional and it's all done over the phone,' Tom slurred sentimentally, 'but it's a bit like a family, isn't it? ~ Helen Fielding
Tziotzios Tom quotes by Helen Fielding
When walking, you see things that you miss in a motor car or on the train. You give your mind space to ponder. ~ Tom Hodgkinson
Tziotzios Tom quotes by Tom Hodgkinson
We do just about anything to avoid pain and preserve a sense of self, and this compulsion often results in us creating psychological defenses. ~ Tom Butler-Bowdon
Tziotzios Tom quotes by Tom Butler-Bowdon
The best teachers, one hopes, don't shout at their students - because they are skilled at wooing as well as demanding the best efforts of others. For the ancient Greeks and Romans, this wooing was a sufficiently fine art in itself to be the central focus of education. ~ Tom Chatfield
Tziotzios Tom quotes by Tom Chatfield
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