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My skin still crawls if you call me a movie star. I get embarrassed. I think, don't be ridiculous. Maybe it's because I'm British. To me, Julia Roberts that's a movie star. But when people do call me one, that, I think, is an enormous compliment but, my God, is that a responsibility! ~ Kate Winslet
Tysons Movie quotes by Kate Winslet
You could go out with a camcorder tomorrow and make a movie with virtually no money, but promoting a tiny low-budget movie costs $20 million. And the money they spend on the big movies is astronomical. ~ Amy Heckerling
Tysons Movie quotes by Amy Heckerling
I went to see a children's matinee at the movie theatre one summer, but at some point they had changed to the grown up movie in the late afternoon, and I ended up seeing this movie called 'The Bad Seed.' It just terrified me. ~ Robert Englund
Tysons Movie quotes by Robert Englund
I love to watch movies. ~ Judy Blume
Tysons Movie quotes by Judy Blume
It doesn't matter how good the movie is. What matters is what it takes during the opening weekend. It's slightly distressing sometimes but that's how it works. ~ Emma Thompson
Tysons Movie quotes by Emma Thompson
When I see a movie, the music often gets in the way for me. It's something that, say, for myself and Claire, we never, ever speak about. We never speak about describing emotion. I think it's about color and movement. And I think it's important to let the images be the melody, as well, a lot of the time - to create a kind of a backing for that, to let it sing. ~ Stuart A. Staples
Tysons Movie quotes by Stuart A. Staples
So when it came to making the movie I guess I had a really good sense innately of what it was that makes Halloween really great. In that it is a holiday for everybody now. When I was a kid I felt like it was mostly for kids, maybe that's just the way it always is when you're a kid, but I think now more than ever it's for grown ups too. When I was a kid I don't think there were quite as many sexy adult costumes and we definitely didn't have all these Spirit Halloween stores that pop up every October. ~ Michael Dougherty
Tysons Movie quotes by Michael Dougherty
since you are spending time to watch a movies , make it a useful time for a great movie , not just a good movie .. movies are like food , some meals are delicious and some of them satisfy us and fill our stomach , but not every meal contain vitamins ! ~ Mahdi Khmi
Tysons Movie quotes by Mahdi Khmi
The house is dead, part from Troy who's limping around just outside the bedroom doors. "What happened to you?"
"Mrs Crocker has fat fingers."
It takes a moment for me to work out what he's saying. "You let her finger your asshole?"
A pained moan escapes him and he starts to pace. "She said she'd pay double ... said she saw it in a movie. It was supposed to make me come instantly."
"What?" he breathes out.
"Did you come?"
"No. I squealed like a banshee and hauled ass out of there. I think half my insides are hanging out of my ass. Will you check?" he says, pants already down to his knees. ~ Jay McLean
Tysons Movie quotes by Jay McLean
I've always wanted to be involved in an exorcism movie. But I thought, "How do you make something scarier than The Exorcist?" The answer is you don't. But that doesn't mean you can't make something that is original and interesting. ~ Eli Roth
Tysons Movie quotes by Eli Roth
I love it when artists talk about process! I love the movie Comedian. ~ Rachel Zucker
Tysons Movie quotes by Rachel Zucker
I pitched the idea to FX that there's this larger 'Fargo' universe where there's true crime in the upper Midwest, and I can tell stories from any era of that. Maybe they connect to the first season or the movie, or maybe they don't. It's just a style of storytelling. We're under the auspices of being a true story that isn't true. ~ Noah Hawley
Tysons Movie quotes by Noah Hawley
I'm a big fan of the older vampire movies. ~ Josh Hutcherson
Tysons Movie quotes by Josh Hutcherson
I did this one movie with a great director named Wayne Kramer. It was 'Crossing Over,' and Harrison Ford, Ashley Judd and Ray Liotta were in it. I was one of the leads, and I thought this was it. It got shelved for two years, and then it was in theaters maybe a week. After that, I adopted a philosophy of, 'Hope for the best, expect the worst.' ~ Justin Chon
Tysons Movie quotes by Justin Chon
All those involved in the firebombing of Tokyo .. were war criminals interviews recorded in the movie The Fog of War.. the firebombing of Tokyo occurred before the atom bombs.. 100,000 civilians died in one night from American bombs.. 500,000 altogether over several days say some. ~ Robert McNamara
Tysons Movie quotes by Robert McNamara
How long does it take to see something, to know someone? If you put in years, you realize how little you grasped at the start, even when you thought you knew. We move through life mostly not seeing what is around us, not knowing who is around us, not understanding the forces at play, not understanding ourselves. Unless we stay with it, and maybe this is a movie about staying with it. ~ Rebecca Solnit
Tysons Movie quotes by Rebecca Solnit
Director Oliver Stone says he's going to make a movie about Vladimir Putin. I can't believe anyone would want to work with that insane communist. And Putin is a little crazy as well. ~ Craig Ferguson
Tysons Movie quotes by Craig Ferguson
After I have taught you the ancient arts, you will be able to see the past much better than any movie. ~ Stephen Boston
Tysons Movie quotes by Stephen Boston
One helpful way of identifying these kingdom features is to examine closely the "preview" passages in the Bible. Pop a movie into your DVD player, and you'll first see previews of coming attractions. Similarly, throughout the Bible are previews of the "feature film": the kingdom of God in all its consummated fullnness. These texts offer us glimpses into what live will be like in the new heavens and new earth. ~ Amy L. Sherman
Tysons Movie quotes by Amy L. Sherman
As a jobbing actor, I never get a script and go 'I can't be bothered with this.' Life doesn't work like that. For a movie star, maybe, but for a jobbing actor, that doesn't happen. ~ Eve Myles
Tysons Movie quotes by Eve Myles
It's better to read the book before watching the movie. If not, it spoils all the fun. ~ Wu Yutian
Tysons Movie quotes by Wu Yutian
He did not want to see the war movie. It would be full of shit. ~ Don Carpenter
Tysons Movie quotes by Don Carpenter
At the end, it's your movie and your performance that stands out. So if I am a good actor, and if am being part of good entertaining engaging films, audiences will like me. ~ Ranbir Kapoor
Tysons Movie quotes by Ranbir Kapoor
The more people involved in making a movie, the worse it is, generally. ~ Catherine Keener
Tysons Movie quotes by Catherine Keener
It hadn't been so long ago, yet sometimes she felt that she'd been an altogether different person back then. ~ Nicholas Sparks
Tysons Movie quotes by Nicholas Sparks
Again, like I said, we're not trying to censor anyone. If you think drugs are cool, fine. Make that movie. We are not going to stop you, or try to stop you, but we would encourage other people to be a bit more responsible about their portrayal of drug usage. ~ Gerald McRaney
Tysons Movie quotes by Gerald McRaney
I love the intimacy and the passion and the danger that go into independent filmmaking. Because it comes out of a creative necessity. It comes from people who really want to make a movie and want to make a difference and want to grab an audience by the gullet and show them something different. ~ Pierce Brosnan
Tysons Movie quotes by Pierce Brosnan
I'm open to doing any kind of role and any kind of genre as long as it's interesting and as long as I feel it could be a great character to play. I never take into my own personal opinions or my own public image into account when I chose movie roles. ~ Leonardo DiCaprio
Tysons Movie quotes by Leonardo DiCaprio
In Evita I wasn't really hugely involved with it. I gave a little bit of help but they needed a bit of technical help on the movie and so some of my music people went in at the end of the movie and helped out with it. ~ Andrew Lloyd Webber
Tysons Movie quotes by Andrew Lloyd Webber
I think the good thing about Dogme is that it forces you into an extreme sense of reality because there's no artificial light and no set design and all of those icings on the cake that you usually have on a movie. ~ Susanne Bier
Tysons Movie quotes by Susanne Bier
When you're a movie star and you're young, you are always playing someone who's a better fighter, a better lover, a better everything than you. ~ Michael Caine
Tysons Movie quotes by Michael Caine
What's a meet-cute? <> It's the moment in a movie when the romantic leads meet. They never just meet normally. It's never like, "Harry, meet Sally. Sally, this is Harry." They always meet in a cute way, like, "Hey, you just got chocolate in my peanut butter!" / "What are you talking about? You just got peanut butter in my chocolate! ~ Rainbow Rowell
Tysons Movie quotes by Rainbow Rowell
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