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#1. Desolate city. Snow on the streets. Fire in the sky.
It could have been one of a hundred wars.
But there-
The place on the street where the snow had melted. The dark crater in the sea of white.Daniel sank to his knees and reached for the ring of black ash stained on the ground.He closed his eyes.And he remembered the precise way she had died in his arms.
So this was what she was doing-tunneling into her past lives. Hoping to understand.
The thing was,there was no rhyme or reason to her deaths.More than anyone, Daniel knew that.
But there were certain lifetimes when he'd tried to shed some light for her,hoping it would change things. Sometimes he'd hoped to keep her alive longer,though that never really worked. Sometimes-like this time during the siege of Moscow-he'd chosen to send her on her way more quickly.To spare her.So that his kiss could be the last thing she felt in that lifetime. - Author: Lauren Kate
Tully And Kate quotes by Lauren Kate
#2. Is that what I wanted? To be in the middle of something complicated and dramatic? To be a cheerleader for someone else's romance? Or to have a romance of my own? - Author: Kate Klise
Tully And Kate quotes by Kate Klise
#3. Plus, the thing about attics and basements was, everything in there had once been a treasure to someone. Otherwise there'd have been no reason to keep it. - Author: Kate Milford
Tully And Kate quotes by Kate Milford
#4. To taste fully is to live fully. And to live fully is to be awake and responsive to complexities and truths
good and terrible, overwhelming and miniscule. To eat passionately is to allow the world in; there can be no hiding or sublimation when you're chewing a mouthful of food so good it makes you swoon. - Author: Kate Christensen
Tully And Kate quotes by Kate Christensen
#5. Fiorello LaGuardia saved City Center. The real man saved it, and he made this building into a performing arts venue. - Author: Kate Baldwin
Tully And Kate quotes by Kate Baldwin
#6. Kate Daniels, deadly swordswoman and rescuer of hungry orphans. Come in. Wash your hands. - Author: Ilona Andrews
Tully And Kate quotes by Ilona Andrews
#7. Had she been broken and healed all awry, like a bone that had not been properly set? - Author: Kate Forsyth
Tully And Kate quotes by Kate Forsyth
#8. Foie gras is sold as an expensive delicacy in some restaurants and shops. But no one pays a higher price for foie gras than the ducks and geese who are abused and killed to make it. - Author: Kate Winslet
Tully And Kate quotes by Kate Winslet
#9. He scooped me up and suddenly I was pressed against his chest. "Were you worried about me?"
"No, I'm ranting for fun, because I'm a disagreeable bitch! - Author: Ilona Andrews
Tully And Kate quotes by Ilona Andrews
#10. Even if three centuries of outsider status and intermittent persecution had tested the endurance of individuals and communities, coping with the patronage of a newly Christian emperor posed a challenge. The challenge was all the more threatening for its moral complexity. Was it right for the churches to accept the Emperor's favour, knowing full well that if they did so, they also tacitly accepted his right, so evident in all other aspects of life in the Roman Empire, to call the shots? - Author: Kate Cooper
Tully And Kate quotes by Kate Cooper
#11. The less you cling to something, the less fear you have of losing that something or someone. The less fear you have, the more love you have. It is true that you love even more when you let go of the need for it. Love grows when grief goes. Make your love stronger than your fear. Strive to make your love greater than your need and let love be the most powerful force in your life. Then nothing can overcome you. - Author: Kate McGahan
Tully And Kate quotes by Kate McGahan
#12. Men are strange creatures...If a woman surrenders her virtue to an enemy, they are confident her patriotism can't be far behind. They have very little faith in a woman's ability to resist falling in love with a man who beds her. Besides, a horizontale isn't respectable, and a spy's business is already disreputable enough. We can't bring shame on our country by staining our reputations -- if we're to engage in espionage, we must do it as ladies. - Author: Kate Quinn
Tully And Kate quotes by Kate Quinn
#13. 'Is that really the best you can say? An average-looking boy? An awful lot of boys are average-looking, S.Q.!' And poor S.Q., he just kept arguing that 'this boy was especially average-looking.' " ~ Kate Wetherall, The Mysterious Benedict Society - Author: Trenton Lee Stewart
Tully And Kate quotes by Trenton Lee Stewart
#14. I try to tell student writers to read as much as possible, not only literature but philosophy, theory, and to form obsessions. There's a big taboo in fiction creative writing workshops against using the self at all, and I think I try to encourage students to write the self, but to connect the self to something larger, which is to be this thinking, seeing, searching, eternally curious person, and that writing can come out of investigating and trying to understand confusion, and doubts, and obsessions. - Author: Kate Zambreno
Tully And Kate quotes by Kate Zambreno
#15. My youngest sister belonged to a group called the Twelve Tribes for many years. She recently left, with her husband and four children. Talking to her about her experiences in the group is fascinating, moving, and enlightening. - Author: Kate Christensen
Tully And Kate quotes by Kate Christensen
#16. May my heart be kind, my mind fierce, and my spirit brave. - Author: Kate Forsyth
Tully And Kate quotes by Kate Forsyth
#17. A tangle of sea smell and of weeds and damp, new-plowed earth, mingled with the heavy perfumes of white blossoms somewhere near, but the night sat lightly upon the sea and the land. there was no weight of darkness, there were no shadows. the white light of the moon had fallen upon the world like the mystery and the softness of sleep. - Author: Kate Chopin
Tully And Kate quotes by Kate Chopin
#18. We're born, we live, we die, he says and the choices we make in the middle, all those things we agonize over day after day, none of those matter in the end - Author: Kate Elizabeth Russell
Tully And Kate quotes by Kate Elizabeth Russell
#19. Have you, in truth, ever seen something so heartbreakingly lovely? What are we to make of a world where stars shine bright in the midst of so much darkness and gloom? - Author: Kate DiCamillo
Tully And Kate quotes by Kate DiCamillo
#20. Two live grenades that nearly detonated each other. Wave the white flag and count your dead. The war is over. Nurse the wounded and heal your cuts. Write down the memories and tell the tales in later years when you can see the good with the bad. - Author: Kate Monahan
Tully And Kate quotes by Kate Monahan
#21. The Light in the Labyrinth is a beautifully written book, a gem. I savoured every word; words written with so much 'colour'. Even though I know the story of Queen Anne Boleyn, Dunn's perspective on her last days is missing in so many other books of the genre. Dunn gives grace to the history and an honest, and very compassionate look at Anne's last days. I cried in the end, shedding tears for the young Kate, Anne and her little Bess. I have not yet read a Tudor book that has moved me to tears, as this wonderful journey does. Dunn's dedication and research shines through in this unforgettable book, a book not just for young readers, but also for all." - Lara Salzano, avid Tudor reader. - Author: Wendy J. Dunn
Tully And Kate quotes by Wendy J. Dunn
#22. Josh stared at Kate. She was watching the happy couple, smiling. The warm spring breeze caught her hair and ruffled it like a shining curtain in an open window. It also caught her dress, flipping up the front and giving him an eyeful of long, slender thigh. He could remember planting kisses up that thigh, listening to her sighs as he refused to stop there. She looked ravishing, and all of a sudden he felt a surge of naughtiness, like a schoolboy passing an open box of sweets.

He walked up to her, holding a handful of confetti. Slowly he pulled the front of her dress forward and stuffed the paper in the bodice, his fingers lingering against her warm, slightly damp skin. Then he patted the red satin carefully flat. Probably for slightly longer than was necessary. - Author: Serenity Woods
Tully And Kate quotes by Serenity Woods
#23. He would write and write. He would make wonderful things happen. Some of it would be true. All of it would be true. Most of it would be true. - Author: Kate DiCamillo
Tully And Kate quotes by Kate DiCamillo
#24. I stood in a clearing among a stand of beech trees, leaves as red as rubies, branches black as jet. It was sunset, and shafts of richly colored sunlight struck through the delicate pillars of the tree trunks, as if through the lancet windows of a cathedral. - Author: Kate Forsyth
Tully And Kate quotes by Kate Forsyth
#25. I will devour you. I will lick your bones clean and crush them between my teeth. I will suck the marrow ... "
"That's nice," Kate said. "The shield. - Author: Ilona Andrews
Tully And Kate quotes by Ilona Andrews
#26. I think I was just lucky to be brought up in a very musical family. My two older brothers were, and still are, very musical and very creative, and music was a big part of my life from a very young age, so it is quite natural for me to become involved in music in the way that I did. - Author: Kate Bush
Tully And Kate quotes by Kate Bush
#27. They were about ten yards away, coming up the starboard side, when the men suddenly dove off their boat. Nick looked over his shoulder and saw Kate standing behind him with a rocket-propelled grenade launcher resting on her shoulder. It may have been the sexiest thing he'd ever seen. - Author: Janet Evanovich
Tully And Kate quotes by Janet Evanovich
#28. Maybe ," Kate replied, "but sometimes I worry about what we're doing. I know in my heart it's right to save these endangered species; I just wish we didn't need to do it from behind walls."
" I know," Alice sighed. "There's so much we humans have to learn. For starters, we have to stop taking habitat that doesn't belong to us. The animals could then reproduce and live healthy lives where they belong. - Author: Karen Rieser
Tully And Kate quotes by Karen Rieser
#29. Sometimes people feel they need to control everything, as if they could! Matters of life and death are out of your hands. The more you come to realize this, the harder you try to prove that you can control SOMETHING, anything. All you can really control is your response to what happens. You cannot control matters of life or death and because of this you are not accountable. You cannot be held liable for anything that you have no power over. Guilt, shame and blame make no sense when circumstances are beyond your control. - Author: Kate McGahan
Tully And Kate quotes by Kate McGahan
#30. Two mornings later, entering her daughter's room, Kate was struck by the flatness of the bed, and then by the sight of a folded paper laid dead centre of the untenanted pillow. Unfolded, it proved to be a witty and delightfully-written apology from her daughter for upsetting the household, coupled with the information that, having some business of vital importance to transact north of the Border in the immediate future, she had taken the liberty of leaving for a few days without permission, as she just knew that Kate would make a fuss and stop her. She would be back directly with some heather, and Kate was not to worry and not to speak to any strange men. She had, Philippa concluded, taken Cheese-wame Henderson with her: thus becoming the only known fugitive to persuade her bodyguard to run away, too. It was a typical Somerville letter, and in other circumstances Kate no doubt would have been charmed by the spelling alone. As it was, she roused the neighbourhood for ten miles around, and there was no able-bodied Englishman within reach of Flaw Valleys who slept in his own bed that night or the next. - Author: Dorothy Dunnett
Tully And Kate quotes by Dorothy Dunnett
#31. Thanks to everyone who's encouraged and supported my work over the years. - Author: Kate Bush
Tully And Kate quotes by Kate Bush
#32. I don't think we've met," he said in all seriousness, and her body's reaction to that voice confirmed his lie. Her body knew that voice like a snake knew its charmer. - Author: Kate Meader
Tully And Kate quotes by Kate Meader
#33. Why didn't you tell me how dangerous my feelings were?"
"There's a difference between power and danger. Your feelings are more powerful than anything in the world. But you shouldn't be afraid of them. Love is bigger than fear. - Author: Lauren Kate
Tully And Kate quotes by Lauren Kate
#34. We need to leave as soon as possible."
"Okay," Luce said. "I have to go home, then, pack, get my passport..." Her mind whirled in a hundred directions as she started making a mental to-do list. Her parents would be at the mall for at least another couple of hours, enough time for her to dash in and get her things together...
"Oh, cute." Annabelle laughed, flitting over to them, her feet inches off the ground. Her wings were muscular and dark silver like a thundercloud, protruding through the invisible slits in her hot-pink T-shirt. "Sorry to butt in but...you've never traveled with an angel before, have you?"
Sure she had. The feeling of Daniel's wings soaring her body through the air was as natural as anything. Maybe her flights had been brief, but they'd been unforgettable. They were when Luce felt closest to him: his arms threaded around her waist, his heart beating close to hers, his white wings protecting them, making Luce feel unconditionally and impossibly loved.
She had flown with Daniel dozens of times in dreams, but only three times in her waking hours: once over the hidden lake behind Sword & Cross, another time along the coast at Shoreline, and down from the clouds to the cabin just the previous night.
"I guess we've never flown that far together," she said at last.
"Just getting to first base seems to be a problem for you two," Cam couldn't resist saying.
Daniel ignored him. "Under normal circumstances, I think you'd enjoy t - Author: Lauren Kate
Tully And Kate quotes by Lauren Kate
#35. An artist can try and pretend he is not following rules, but let's remember that nature itself provides rules. Gravity for instance. - Author: Kate Carlisle
Tully And Kate quotes by Kate Carlisle
#36. I am not wise enough to say how much of all this squalor and wretchedness and hunger is the fault of the people themselves, how much of it belongs to circumstances and environment, how much is the result of past errors of government, how much is race, how much is religion. I only know that children should never be hungry, that there are ignorant human creatures to be taught how to live; and if it is a hard task, the sooner it is begun the better, both for teachers and pupils. It is comparatively easy to form opinions and devise remedies, when one knows the absolute truth of things; but it is so difficult to find the truth here, or at least there are so many and such different truths to weigh in the balance ... - Author: Kate Douglas Wiggin
Tully And Kate quotes by Kate Douglas Wiggin
#37. That was when I realised a sad but incontrovertible truth: I was a geek, and there was no getting around it. I could dress in Kate's clothes, but it didn't make me Kate. - Author: Sharon Sant
Tully And Kate quotes by Sharon Sant
#38. The whole reason for telling the fairy tales is to awaken the heart. To help people believe that misfortune can be overcome and evil conquered. - Author: Kate Forsyth
Tully And Kate quotes by Kate Forsyth
#39. I can't believe you'd rather hold handle bars than a girl."
He angled his head thoughtfully."I hadn't considered that."
"Maybe you should."
He hopped over,gingerly swinging his bad leg over to the other side and settled down behind me on the seat.
"You got rules on how I can hold you?"
"Nothing distracting while I'm driving," I tossed over my shoulder, meeting his gaze."We don't need another accident."
"And when you're not driving?"
"The Kate-have-a-good-time fund is getting low.Maybe you should think about making a deposit. - Author: Rachel Hawthorne
Tully And Kate quotes by Rachel Hawthorne
#40. He's not-" Daniel started to say. He watched a red-tailed hawk land in an oak tree over their heads. "He's not good enough for you."
Luce had heard people say that line a thousand times before. It was what everyone always said. Not good enough. But when the words passed Daniel's lips, they sounded important, even somehow true and relevant, not vague and dismissive the way the phrase had always sounded to her in the past.
"Well, then," she said in a quiet voice, "who is?"
Daniel put his hands on his hips. He laughed to himself for a long time. "I don't know," he said finally. "That's a terrific question."
Not exactly the answer Luce was looking for. "It's not like it's that hard," she said, stuffing her hands into her pockets because she wanted to reach out for him. "To be good enough for me."
Daniel's eyes looked like they were falling, all the violet that had been in them a moment before turned a deep, dark gray. "Yes," he said. "Yes, it is. - Author: Lauren Kate
Tully And Kate quotes by Lauren Kate
#41. I think for Thanksgiving particularly I've always, one of the fun things for me about doing a big dinner is having friends and family so we've always done that, and even through our other holidays like having a mix of friends and family, and if you don't have your family nearby, or it's tough for you, find a friend and go and eat with them. - Author: Kate Walsh
Tully And Kate quotes by Kate Walsh
#42. We dispute the arbitrary distribution of power and wealth, which is claimed as the natural order, but which is in fact not natural at all but rather artificially created and sustained by ancient privileges. - Author: Kate Elliott
Tully And Kate quotes by Kate Elliott
#43. I studied his face, and as I did, I realized that he was studying me, our thoughts tangling in mid-air for a moment. - Author: Kate White
Tully And Kate quotes by Kate White
#44. And who thought it was a good idea to rent bicycles to Italian adolescent language students? If hell did exist, which Jackson was sure it did, it would be governed by a committee of fifteen-year-old Italian boys on bikes. - Author: Kate Atkinson
Tully And Kate quotes by Kate Atkinson
#45. I dance with people I despise; amuse myself with men whose only talent lies in their feet, gain the disapprobation of people I honor and respect; return home at day break with my brain in a state which was never intended for it; and arise in the middle of the next day feeling infinitely more, in spirit and flesh like a Liliputian, than a woman with body and soul. Entry (when she was eighteen) in her Commonplace Book, 1868-1869. - Author: Kate Chopin
Tully And Kate quotes by Kate Chopin
#46. I doubt if Dickens did, especially his women-his pretty women-Mrs. Dombey, Florence, Dora, Agnes, Ruth Pinch, Kate Nickleby, little Emily-we know them all through Hablot Browne alone-and none of them present any very marked physical characteristics. They are sweet and graceful, neither tall nor short; they have a pretty droop in their shoulders, and are very ladylike; sometimes they wear ringlets, sometimes not, and each would do very easily for the other. - Author: George Du Maurier
Tully And Kate quotes by George Du Maurier

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