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#1. Every person I've known has had an effect on me, as have people whom I've not met in the physical in this life, but whom I've met inwardly, teachers from other eras - Sri Ramana Maharshi, Sri Ramakrishna and Lao Tse. - Author: Frederick Lenz
Tuinman Met quotes by Frederick Lenz
#2. The lads I've met in cupid's deadlock
Were - shall we say? - born out of wedlock - Author: Dorothy Parker
Tuinman Met quotes by Dorothy Parker
#3. A lady both callous and brash
Met a man with a vast black moustache;
She cried, 'Shave it, O do!
And I'll put it with glue
On my hat as a sort of panache. - Author: Edward Gorey
Tuinman Met quotes by Edward Gorey
#4. …everything in me wants to fly like I got devils chasing me because, shit, I damn well met myself an angel. And when's the last time I thought about devils and angels? I toss the words over my shoulder like salt to ward off a curse. But I want to thank something, someone, some force, for bringing Heather into my life. And into my arms. - Author: Catou Martine
Tuinman Met quotes by Catou Martine
#5. How much love is a person capable of giving? I thought I knew the answer until I met you. - Author: Lang Leav
Tuinman Met quotes by Lang Leav
#6. Okay, let's pretend to be friends. Just two friends having dinner." "That doesn't work in the South. A male friend cannot have dinner with a female friend if the male friend has a wife. It just doesn't work down here." "Why not?" "Because men don't have female friends. No way. I don't know of a single man in the entire South who is married and has a female friend. I think it goes back to the Civil War." "I think it goes back to the Dark Ages. Why are Southern women so jealous?" "Because that's the way we've trained them. They learned from us. If my wife met a male friend for lunch or dinner, I'd tear his head off and file for divorce. She learned it from me." "That makes absolutely no sense." "Of course it doesn't." "Your wife has no male friends?" "None that I know of. If you learn of any, let me know." "And you have no female friends?" "Why would I want female friends? They can't talk about football, or duck hunting, or politics, or lawsuits, or anything that I want to talk about. They talk about kids, clothes, recipes, coupons, furniture, stuff I know nothing about. No, I don't have any female friends. Don't want any." "That's what I love about the South. The people are so tolerant." "Thank you. - Author: John Grisham
Tuinman Met quotes by John Grisham
#7. The fire within her, and her soul, were eclipsing my own. - Author: Ruth Ahmed
Tuinman Met quotes by Ruth Ahmed
#8. I've met Tony Danza. He was really nice. And he looks ... I feel like he hasn't aged. He looks exactly the same. He's just Tony Danza. He's exactly the same as he's always been. - Author: Fred Armisen
Tuinman Met quotes by Fred Armisen
#9. Not sure if you know this. But when we first met, I got so nervous I couldn't speak - Author: Shane Filan
Tuinman Met quotes by Shane Filan
#10. Michelle Malkin is the most vile, hateful commentator I've ever met in my life. She actually believes that neighbors should start snitching out neighbors, and we should be deporting people. It's good she's in D.C. and I'm in New York. I'd spit on her if I saw her. - Author: Geraldo Rivera
Tuinman Met quotes by Geraldo Rivera
#11. I have met myself and I am going to love her fiercely. - Author: Glennon Doyle Melton
Tuinman Met quotes by Glennon Doyle Melton
#12. Why do you call him a monster?"
"Well, an eight-foot tall green gorilla with web feet and bug eyes - what would you call him? A well-developed frog? Not exactly an Ivy-league type, anyway.'"
"I've met plenty of Ivy-leaguers I'd call monsters. - Author: Rachel Ingalls
Tuinman Met quotes by Rachel Ingalls
#13. Every country has its cocktail-party question. A simple one-sentence query, the answer to which unlocks a motherlode of information about the person you just met ... In Switzerland it is, Where are you from? That is all you need to know about someone. - Author: Eric Weiner
Tuinman Met quotes by Eric Weiner
#14. The biographical interest of this now little-known essay lies in the fact that in it he expounded broadly a view of the organization and the discipline of the party identical with that which was later to become the hall-mark of Bolshevism, and which he himself then met with acute and venomous criticism.28 The - Author: Isaac Deutscher
Tuinman Met quotes by Isaac Deutscher
#15. I have learned more about love, selflessness and human understanding from the people I have met in this great adventure in the world of AIDS than I ever did in the cutthroat, competitive world in which I spent my life. - Author: Anthony Perkins
Tuinman Met quotes by Anthony Perkins
#16. That's when it all hit me and I started laughing. I'd just had incredible, indescribable sex with the hottest guy I'd ever met - and I was still a fucking virgin. Jesus. Just like high school. I couldn't give this shit away. - Author: Joanna Wylde
Tuinman Met quotes by Joanna Wylde
#17. She hardly felt the steps down the aisle, though she did feel the weight of all eyes on her as she walked. It was over in what seemed far too little time, and then her dad handed her off to Shane, and her heart almost stopped as his eyes met hers. - Author: Rachel Caine
Tuinman Met quotes by Rachel Caine
#18. I don't have any pictures of the lovely Aboriginal people I met because they think it traps their spirit, and if they're correct then Facebook is basically creating a living hell. Which is really not that surprising, now that I say it out loud. - Author: Jenny Lawson
Tuinman Met quotes by Jenny Lawson
#19. Before I met him, I wondered how I could possibly fit a relationship into my life. My days felt full, of people, things, and concerns, and I wondered what I'd give up to accommodate someone new. Anton made it seem easy. He didn't take me out of my life; instead, he sort of slid into the empty spaces and made himself comfortable. - Author: Mina V. Esguerra
Tuinman Met quotes by Mina V. Esguerra
#20. Yesterday upon the stair, I met a man who wasn't there. He wasn't there again today, I wish to hell he'd go away. - Author: Gregory Maguire
Tuinman Met quotes by Gregory Maguire
#21. Her eyes met his, and he smiled, the Cole Masten smile that unlocked every door. She didn't smile back. Shit. Everything was falling to hell, including his smile. He made a mental note to have Justin - to have someone - make him a dentist appointment. To practice in the mirror this evening and make sure that everything was working right. Maybe it was her. Maybe she was gay. - Author: Alessandra Torre
Tuinman Met quotes by Alessandra Torre
#22. I met the man of my dreams at a gym, and then we got married in Vegas - because we're classy. When you meet at a gym, where else do you get married? - Author: Megan Hilty
Tuinman Met quotes by Megan Hilty
#23. In our obsession with home as a material thing, we forget that primal needs can be met even as the human spirit is hurt. Belonging is, on a psychological level, a primal need, too. It is often denied to the poor. - Author: Sarah Smarsh
Tuinman Met quotes by Sarah Smarsh
#24. Before I met you, all I could see was a black hole.
Now the nights are full of bright shining stars whispering your name into a constellation. - Author: Giovannie De Sadeleer
Tuinman Met quotes by Giovannie De Sadeleer
#25. When the bullhorn signaled that he'd met the qualifying time,he struggled to gather his wits,waiting until Devil was right alongside the gate before he freed his hand,cutting himself loose. He flew through the air and over the corral fence,landing in the dirt at Marilee Trainor's feet.
"My God! Don't move." She was beside him in the blink of an eye,kneeling in the dirt,probing for broken bones.
Wyatt lay perfectly still,enjoying the feel of those clever, practiced hands moving over him.When she moved from his legs to his torso and arms,he opened his eyes to narrow slits and watched her from beneath lowered lids.
She was the perfect combination of beauty and brains.He could see the wheels turning as she did a thorough exam.Even her brow,furrowed in concentration,couldn't mar that flawless complexion. Her eyes, the color of the palest milk chocolate, were narrowed in thought.Strands of red hair dipped over one cheek, giving her a sultry look.
Satisfied that nothing was broken, she sat back on her heels,feeling a moment of giddy relief. That was when she realized that he was staring.
She waved a hand before his eyes. "How many fingers can you see?"
"Four fingers and a thumb. Or should I say four beautiful,long,slender fingers and one perfect thumb,connected to one perfect arm of one perfectly gorgeous female? And,I'm happy to add,there's no ring on the third finger of that hand."
She caught the smug little grin on his lips. Her tone hardened. " - Author: R.C. Ryan
Tuinman Met quotes by R.C. Ryan
#26. If you ever meet someone who cannot understand why solitary confinement is considered punishment, you have met a misanthrope. - Author: Florence King
Tuinman Met quotes by Florence King
#27. As a student, I had stayed with Winston Churchill; later, I had lunched with Harold Macmillan - in fact, had met most of the post-war prime ministers of Great Britain from Douglas-Home to Tony Blair. - Author: Nigel Hamilton
Tuinman Met quotes by Nigel Hamilton
#28. I'm gonna kiss you, Lily Parker. Because you're the sweetest and most beautiful girl I've ever met, and if I don't I might die. But once I do, you're gonna belong to me. - Author: Alexa Riley
Tuinman Met quotes by Alexa Riley
#29. You were lonely.
Before you met me.
When you met me.
You were alone.
You were a lonely child.
Your parents left you to yourself.
You never said it but
when I held you in my arms I could feel it.
I see now.
I thought you were strong.
You're not.
Neither am I. - Author: David Harrower
Tuinman Met quotes by David Harrower
#30. She heard nothing but experienced a sensation that prickled along her spine like a warm touch caressing her skin. Slowly, with the care of prey beneath a predator's survey, she turned her head- and met the gaze of the elegant gentleman lounging at the door.
In her travels, she had seen many a striking and charming man, but none had been as handsome as this- and all had been more charming. This man was a statue in stark black and white, hewn from rugged granite and adolescent dreams. His face wasn't really handsome; his nose was thin and crooked, his eyes heavy lidded, his cheekbones broad, stark and hollowed. But he wielded a quality of power, of toughness, that made Eleanor want to huddle into a shivering, cowardly little ball.
Then he smiled, and she caught her breath in awe. His mouth... his glorious, sensual mouth. His lips were wide, too wide, and broad, too broad. His teeth were white, clean, strong as a wolf's. He looked like a man seldom amused by life, but he was amused by her, and she realized in a rush of mortification that she remained standing on the stool, reading one of his books and lost to the grave realities of her situation. The reality that stated she was an imposter, sent to mollify this man until the real duchess could arrive.
Mollify? Him? Not likely. Nothing would mollify him. Nothing except... well, whatever it was he wanted. And she wasn't fool enough to think she knew what that was.
The immediate reality was that she would someho - Author: Christina Dodd
Tuinman Met quotes by Christina Dodd
#31. Looking back through life you will find the pleasure of achieving your dreams is always greater than the pain you met while achieving them. - Author: Moffat Machingura
Tuinman Met quotes by Moffat Machingura
#32. He belonged to a certain breed of gentlemen, only to be met with in London, whose main occupation is the wearing of expensive and fashionable clothes; how they pass their lives in ostentatious idleness, gambling and drinking to excess and spending months at a time in Brighton and other fashionable watering places; how in recent years this breed seemed to have reached a sort of perfection in Christopher Drawlight. Even his dearest friends would have admitted that he possessed not a single good quality.1 - Author: Susanna Clarke
Tuinman Met quotes by Susanna Clarke
#33. Start from the beginning," Dylan says. "Tell me how you met. How he asked you out. Where he took you on the first date. Your first kiss. Tell me how he made you feel. Tell me how he loved you."
I sniff back my heartbreak and look up at him. "Why?"
"Because ... " he says, kissing the top of my head. "I plan on loving you like he did. - Author: Jay McLean
Tuinman Met quotes by Jay McLean
#34. Spintharus, speaking in commendation of Epaminondas, says he scarce ever met with any man who knew more and spoke less. - Author: Plutarch
Tuinman Met quotes by Plutarch
#35. I'm just a newsboy who met a President. - Author: David Powers
Tuinman Met quotes by David Powers

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