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Every Day Is for the Thief is a vivid, episodic evocation of the truism that you can't go home again; but that doesn't mean you're not free to try. A return to his native Nigeria plunges Cole's charming narrator into a tempest of chaos, contradiction, and kinship in a place both endearingly familiar and unnervingly strange. The result is a tale that engages and disturbs. ~ Billy Collins
Truism Synonyms quotes by Billy Collins
I want to write a universal truism that won't be blurred by body language, cultural confusion, or translation mishaps, so I want to bypass language - both verbal and nonverbal - and leap to pure concept where all men can be reached, or stoop down to the emotional level, where all mortals dwell. ~ Jarod Kintz
Truism Synonyms quotes by Jarod Kintz
Vengence, betrayal, and love they all are synonyms for the same word: fake. ~ TBBishiXO
Truism Synonyms quotes by TBBishiXO
We are synonyms but not the same.
Synonyms know each other like old colleagues, like a set of friends who've seen the world together. They swap stories, reminisce about their origins and forget that though they are similar, they are entirely different, and though they share a certain set of attributes, one can never be the other. Because a quiet night is not the same as a silent one, a firm man is not the same as a steady one, and a bright light is not the same as a brilliant one because the way they wedge themselves into a sentence changes everything.
They are not the same. ~ Tahereh Mafi
Truism Synonyms quotes by Tahereh Mafi
Only God satisfies. ONLY GOD SATISFIES. Let this truism settle down deep inside your heart. It is the unveiled truth. Feed this truth to your spirit. Force it down and command it to chase down, repel, and extricate all lies the Devil has successfully planted inside your spirit. Will it to sleigh your flesh. Forget about finding happiness and fulfillment in your spouse, friend, or child. Fulfillment comes only when you are totally invested in your relationship with God. When you are facing a trial or walking through a storm, it is God who will comfort and satisfy your soul with boundless and extraordinary love and guidance. Within God's love there is an all-embracing grace. ~ Cheryl Zelenka
Truism Synonyms quotes by Cheryl Zelenka
Mr. Robertson Davies has also suggested in his Deptford Trilogy that the same great truism which applies to writing, painting, picking horses at the track, and telling lies in a sincerely believable way, also applies to magic: some people got the knack, and some people don't. Hilly didn't. ~ Stephen King
Truism Synonyms quotes by Stephen King
Churchmen are quick to defend religious freedom; lawyers were never so universally aroused as by President Roosevelt's Court bill; newspapers are most alert to civil liberties when there is a hint of press censorship in the air. And educators become perturbed at every effort to curb academic freedom. But too seldom do all of these become militant when ostensibly the rights of only one group are threatened. They do not always react to the truism that when the rights of any individual or group are chipped away, the freedom of all erodes. ~ Earl Warren
Truism Synonyms quotes by Earl Warren
I never saw a sky like the sky over Dorrego - so vast, so black, with stars in an infinite array of size and brilliance. Maybe it seemed vast because the Earth didn't get in the way: the countryside around Dorrego is flat, there are no big cities to blot out the stars with their own clouds of gas, their artificial starlight. (Cities have a terrible tendency to try and imitate starlight, you only have to see them from a plane.) …
Before Dorrego, I had always thought of the sky as a black screen on which a handful of scattered stars twinkled vaguely, but were no more enthralling than the ceiling of the Cine Opera. Dorrego revealed the other sky, the boundless dome that sends you rushing to a dictionary for synonyms for 'infinite'; stars that clustered, not into constellations, but into galaxies; stars like swarms of bees which suggested not stillness or permanence but movement, the trail of something, of someone that passed just now, a moment ago, when you weren't looking. A sky that seemed to suddenly reveal the meaning of all things: Man's need to create language to describe it, geography to explain his place within it, biology to remind him that he is a newcomer in this universe, and history, because everything is written in the sky above Dorrego. ~ Marcelo Figueras
Truism Synonyms quotes by Marcelo Figueras
You know, it's a truism that writers for children must still be children themselves, deep down, must still feel childish feelings, and a child's surprise at the world. ~ A.S. Byatt
Truism Synonyms quotes by A.S. Byatt
If you personally advocate that I be caged if I don't pay for whatever "government" things YOU want, please don't pretend to be tolerant, or non-violent, or enlightened, or compassionate. Don't pretend you believe in "live and let live," and don't pretend you want peace, freedom or harmony. It's a simple truism that the only people in the world who are willing to "live and let live" are voluntaryists. So you can either PRETEND to care about and respect your fellow man while continuing to advocate widespread authoritarian violence, or you can embrace the concepts of self-ownership and peaceful coexistence, and become an anarchist. ~ Larken Rose
Truism Synonyms quotes by Larken Rose
It is the merest truism, evident at once to unsophisticated observation, that mathematics is a human invention. ~ Percy Williams Bridgman
Truism Synonyms quotes by Percy Williams Bridgman
Hell is the denial of the ordinary... ~ John Ciardi
Truism Synonyms quotes by John Ciardi
It is the simple truth that man does differ from the brutes in kind and not in degree; and the proof of it is here; that it sounds like a truism to say that the most primitive man drew a picture of a monkey and that it sounds like a joke to say that the most intelligent monkey drew a picture of a man. Something of division and disproportion has appeared; and it is unique. Art is the signature of man. ~ G.K. Chesterton
Truism Synonyms quotes by G.K. Chesterton
She refused to accept the simple truism that the better you were, the bigger threat you were to those at the top ... ~ Michael Connelly
Truism Synonyms quotes by Michael Connelly
It's a truism that denials never quite catch up with charges. Honest journalists who may have mistakenly printed false information know that the most prominent retraction never quite undoes the damage done by the original publication. ~ Tom Wicker
Truism Synonyms quotes by Tom Wicker
There's certainly something to be said about the old truism Those who can, do. Those who can't, teach. ~ Vi Keeland
Truism Synonyms quotes by Vi Keeland
It's a truism in technological development that no silver lining comes without its cloud. ~ Bruce Sterling
Truism Synonyms quotes by Bruce Sterling
Half the lies they tell about me aren't true. ~ Yogi Berra
Truism Synonyms quotes by Yogi Berra
The small family living unit lacks space, Earth, other animals, seasons, natural temperatures, and so on. The pet is either sterilized or sexually isolated, extremely limited in his exercise, deprived of almost all other animal contact, and fed with artificial foods. This is the material process which lies behind the truism the pets come to resemble their masters or mistresses. They are creatures of their owners way of life. ~ John Berger
Truism Synonyms quotes by John Berger
One truism lay underneath every choice and word: change what people think and you change the world. ~ Michael R. Fletcher
Truism Synonyms quotes by Michael R.  Fletcher
Restaurant critics all struggle with the difficulty of writing about eating without resorting to the word 'delicious' and its synonyms. ~ Bee Wilson
Truism Synonyms quotes by Bee Wilson
Quis custodiet ipsos custodes.
Which roughly translates as
Who will Guard the Guardians, or
Who watches the watchers. ~ Juvenal
Truism Synonyms quotes by Juvenal
For hitter or pitcher, rookie or veteran, baseball has long been defined by failure rather than success, the old a-.300-hitter-gets-out-7-times-in-10-at-bats truism. Dealing with and managing failure is an essential - some would say the essential - part of the job description. ~ Barry Svrluga
Truism Synonyms quotes by Barry Svrluga
The whole compass of the language is tried to find sinonimies [synonyms] and circumlocutions for massacres and murder. Things never called by their common names. Massacre is sometimes called agitation, sometimes effervescence, sometimes excess sometimes too continued an exercise of revolutionary power. ~ Edmund Burke
Truism Synonyms quotes by Edmund Burke
Take the following potent and less-is-more-style argument by the rogue economist Ha-Joon Chang. In 1960 Taiwan had a much lower literacy rate than the Philippines and half the income per person; today Taiwan has ten times the income. At the same time, Korea had a much lower literacy rate than Argentina (which had one of the highest in the world) and about one-fifth the income per person; today it has three times as much. Further, over the same period, sub-Saharan Africa saw markedly increasing literacy rates, accompanied with a decrease in their standard of living. We can multiply the examples (Pritchet's study is quite thorough), but I wonder why people don't realize the simple truism, that is, the fooled by randomness effect: mistaking the merely associative for the causal, that is, if rich countries are educated, immediately inferring that education makes a country rich, without even checking. Epiphenomenon here again. ~ Nassim Nicholas Taleb
Truism Synonyms quotes by Nassim Nicholas Taleb
If you want to keep a friend, never test him. ~ John Steinbeck
Truism Synonyms quotes by John Steinbeck
There is one investment truism that, if followed, can dependably increase your investment returns: Minimize your investment costs. We ~ Burton G. Malkiel
Truism Synonyms quotes by Burton G. Malkiel
How can I ever make you understand Cassie and me? I would have to take you there, walk you down every path of our secret shared geography. The truism says it's against all odds for a straight man and woman to be real friends, platonic friends; we rolled thirteen, threw down five aces and ran away giggling. She was the summertime cousin out of storybooks, the one you taught to swim at some midge-humming lake and pestered with tadpoles down her swimsuit, with whom you practiced first kisses on a heather hillside and laughed about it years later over a clandestine joint in your granny's cluttered attic. She painted my fingernails gold and dared me to leave them that way for work ... We climbed out her window and down the fire escape and lay on the roof of the extension below, drinking improvised cocktails and singing Tom Waits and watching the stars spin dizzily around us.
No. ~ Tana French
Truism Synonyms quotes by Tana French
Benedict Arnold was appointed to the rank of general in the Continental Army by George Washington during the American War of Independence. It was up to him to protect the fortifications at West Point, New York, which in 1802 became the U.S. Military Academy. Arnold however planned to surrender his command to the British forces. When his treasonous act was discovered Arnold fled down the Hudson River to the British sloop-of-war Vulture, avoiding capture by the forces of George Washington, who had previously been alerted to the plot. Arnold was hailed a hero by the British, who gave him a commission in the British Army as brigadier general. In the winter of 1782, after the war, he moved to London with his wife where he was received as a hero by King George III. In the United States his name "Benedict Arnold" became synonyms for the words "TRAITOR & TREASON."
Cohorting with a foreign power to overthrow the government or purposely aiding the enemy is an act of Treason! ~ Hank Bracker
Truism Synonyms quotes by Hank Bracker
Here I thought I was a special person with Special People Problems that would take a long time to diagnose and maybe even require new forms of treatment, or at least a bit of original advice. But I was everybody; a pocket truism that's been circulating for thousands of years would suffice. ~ Kelly Corrigan
Truism Synonyms quotes by Kelly Corrigan
In ballet a complicated story is impossible to tell ... we can't dance synonyms. ~ George Balanchine
Truism Synonyms quotes by George Balanchine
Tacitus laughed at the Germanic tribes who tried to stop a torrent with their shields, but it is no less naive to believe in planetary migration or to believe in the establishment by purely human means of a society fully satisfied and perfectly inoffensive and continuing to progress indefinitely. Al lthis proves that man ,thoough he has inevitably become less naive in some things, has nontheless learned nothing as far as essentials are concerned; the only thing that man is capable of when left to himself is to "commit the oldest sins the newest kind of ways," as Shakespeare would say. And the world being what it is, one is doubtless not guilty of a truism in adding that it is better to go to Heaven naively than to go intelligently to hell. ~ Frithjof Schuon
Truism Synonyms quotes by Frithjof Schuon
Fun and killing ain't synonyms to regular folks, Zeus."

. ~ Shay Rucker
Truism Synonyms quotes by Shay Rucker
Upton Sinclair said 'it's difficult to get a man to understand something when he's being paid not to understand it' [paraphrase] that's simply a truism of human nature. And part of the problem is us. There is to some degree, unaccountable power in the United States because America has one of the lowest voter participation rates among the western democracies. For whatever reason, people have become apathetic, uninformed and cynical. They don't participate because they think there's not a dime's worth of difference between the two parties. And what's going to rush into the vacuum? It's going to be power, money and influence centers who would benefit from everybody just going to sleep." Mike Lofgren, March 15, 2017 on Radio Times with Marty Moss-Coane ~ Mike Lofgren
Truism Synonyms quotes by Mike Lofgren
In life, more than in anything else, it isn't easy to end up alive. ~ Roman Payne
Truism Synonyms quotes by Roman Payne
But the greatest cause of verbicide is the fact that most people are obviously far more anxious to express their approval and disapproval of things than to describe them. Hence the tendency of words to become less descriptive and more evaluative; then become evaluative, while still retaining some hint of the sort of goodness or badness implied; and to end up by being purely evaluative
useless synonyms for good or for bad. ~ C.S. Lewis
Truism Synonyms quotes by C.S. Lewis
It is thinkable to think that A is not-A; to reverse this is but to revert to the normal. Yet by forcing the brain to accept propositions of which one set is absurdity, the other truism, a new function of the brain is established. Vague and mysterious and all indefinite are the contents of this new consciousness; yet they are somehow vital. Unreason becomes experience. This lifts the leaden-footed Soul to the Experience of THAT of which Reason is the blasphemy. But without that Experience these words are the Lies of a Looby. ~ Aleister Crowley
Truism Synonyms quotes by Aleister Crowley
It is a truism to say that the dog is largely what his master makes of him: he can be savage and dangerous, untrustworthy, cringing and fearful; or he can be faithful and loyal, courageous and the best of companions and allies. ~ Ranulph Fiennes
Truism Synonyms quotes by Ranulph Fiennes
Is religion a force for good? The evidence of history and the evidence of current events cast doubt on the truism. ~ James A. Haught
Truism Synonyms quotes by James A. Haught
Sadness and grief aren't the same thing. It's why they have different words. Maybe it's a subtle distinction, but we don't keep a word in a language if it doesn't still have a purpose of its own. Synonyms are never exact things. ~ Dot Hutchison
Truism Synonyms quotes by Dot Hutchison
The principle of universality is not a 'theory'. Just moral truism. ~ Noam Chomsky
Truism Synonyms quotes by Noam Chomsky
Life without knowledge is death in disguise ... ~ Talib Kweli
Truism Synonyms quotes by Talib Kweli
A synonym is a word you use when you can't spell the other one. ~ Baltasar Gracian
Truism Synonyms quotes by Baltasar Gracian
Here's the point to be made - there are no synonyms. There are no two words that mean exactly the same thing. ~ Theodore Sturgeon
Truism Synonyms quotes by Theodore Sturgeon
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