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#1. We got lots of secrets, Will. You Apollo guys can't have all the fun. Our campers have been excavating the tunnel system under Cabin Nine for almost a century. We still haven't found the end. Anyway, Leo, if you don't mind sleeping in a dead man's bed, it's yours-Jake
Suddenly Leo didn't feel like kicking back. He sat up, careful not to touch any of the buttons. The counselor who died-this was his bed-Leo
Yeah. Charles Beckendorf-Jake
Leo imagined saw blades coming through the mattress, or maybe a grenade sewn inside the pillows. He didn't, like, die IN this bed, did he-Leo
No. In the Titan War, last summer-Jake
The Titan War, which has NOTHING to do with this very fine bed-Leo
"The Titans," Will said, like Leo was an idiot. The big powerful guys that ruled the world before the gods. They tried to make a comeback last summer. Their leader, Kronos, built a new palace on top of Mount Tam in California. Their armies came to New York and almost destoyed Mount Olympus. A lot of demigods died trying to stop them-Will
I'm guessing this wasn't on the news-Leo
It seemed like a fair question, but Will shook his head in disbelief. You didn't hear about Mount St. Helens erupting, or the freak storms across the country, or that building collapsing in St Louis-Will
Leo shrugged. Last summer, he'd been on the run from another foster home. Then a truancy officer caught him in New Mexico, and the court sentenced him to the nearest correction fac - Author: Rick Riordan
Truancy quotes by Rick Riordan
#2. One antidote for sexual truancy lies in simply teaching youth the wonder, the miracle, the reverence for the creation of life itself. Life is a divine creation. You don't take chances with creation. - Author: Sam Levenson
Truancy quotes by Sam Levenson
#3. When I miss class for one day, I know it. When I miss class for two days, my teacher knows it. When I miss class for three days, the audience knows it. - Author: Rudolf Nureyev
Truancy quotes by Rudolf Nureyev
#4. Crime is a social problem, and education is the only real deterrent. Look at all of us in prison; we were all truants and dropouts, a failure of the educational system. Look at your truancy problem, and you're looking at your future prisoners. Put the money there. - Author: Wilbert Rideau
Truancy quotes by Wilbert Rideau
#5. Poetry is a sort of truancy, a dream within the dream of life, a wild flower planted among our wheat. - Author: Michael Oakeshott
Truancy quotes by Michael Oakeshott
#6. It was ironic that the kids who didn't go to school would be punished with the threat of being kicked out. - Author: Holly Goldberg Sloan
Truancy quotes by Holly Goldberg Sloan
#7. While my mother tried to stem my truancy, it would be a complete stranger - an Army Officer in the Special Forces home on leave - who would be the mentor to drive home my mother's goal of getting me educated. His name was Saul Hassan. - Author: Richard Carmona
Truancy quotes by Richard Carmona
#8. I remember when I was prosecutor we had truancy and curfew issues and we made a refrigerator magnet, and that was hot with parents. They loved putting it up on the wall and saying, you know, if you don't follow these rules, you could get prosecuted. - Author: Amy Klobuchar
Truancy quotes by Amy Klobuchar
#9. Joy is the serious business of heaven. - Author: C.S. Lewis
Truancy quotes by C.S. Lewis

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