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I don't ask people to keep me. ~ C. JoyBell C.
Trois 2 quotes by C. JoyBell C.
Loo, life is black and white. You don't know what's good for you, because you don't see the black and white! You don't see where the black lines end and where the white lines begin! You're going to grow up to be no good if you keep on that way. It's impractical. I only have one child, and I won't have her growing up to be impractical. I can't think of a worse thing to be than impractical! ~ C. JoyBell C.
Trois 2 quotes by C. JoyBell C.
The small smiles everybody wanted to try to figure out – they meant nothing, really. She wasn't so good at talking and the smiles made up for it. They filled the spaces in which she ought to have answers for things with something that gave people more questions. ~ C. JoyBell C.
Trois 2 quotes by C. JoyBell C.
What should the sleeping arrangements be in a ménage-à-trois? Is it polite to read while two people have sex beside you? ~ Adam Thirlwell
Trois 2 quotes by Adam Thirlwell
You're here to express your appreciation by proposing a kinky doppelganger ménage à trois? In which case, I'm going to have to turn you down. I'm sad to say it, but Ethan gives me the impression he'd be about as exciting in the sack as an eggplant. ~ Sarah Rees Brennan
Trois 2 quotes by Sarah Rees Brennan
Only snobs kiss once, I was told, or those unfortunates who suffer from congenital froideur. I then saw what I assumed to be the correct procedure - the triple kiss, left-right-left, so I tried it on a Parisian friend. Wrong again. She told me that triple-kissing was a low Provençal habit, and that two kisses were enough among civilized people. The next time I saw my neighbor's wife, I kissed her twice. "Non," she said, "trois fois."

I now pay close attention to the movement of the female head. If it stops swiveling after two kisses, I am almost sure I've filled my quota, but I stay poised for a third lunge just in case the head should keep moving. ~ Peter Mayle
Trois 2 quotes by Peter Mayle
Sandwiches can be both delicious and quite satisfying if made correctly. ~ Jennifer Lassalle Edwards
Trois 2 quotes by Jennifer Lassalle Edwards
Gently he probed her mouth, his tongue stroking hers in an erotic rhythm that had her nipples tightening and her pussy dampening. ~ Savannah Stuart
Trois 2 quotes by Savannah Stuart
I have read numerous books by Scarlett Avery and I have not been disappointed. - kristina pelka ~ Scarlett Avery
Trois 2 quotes by Scarlett Avery
[T]he Famous Rules which the French call, Des Trois Unitez , or, The Three Unities, which ought to be observ'd in every Regular Play; namely, of Time, Place, and Action. ~ John Dryden
Trois 2 quotes by John Dryden
Xander and Ethan are sex gods ALL THE WAY. - Nonna8359 ~ Scarlett Avery
Trois 2 quotes by Scarlett Avery
A three-way?" Garrett asked. "You're kidding, right?"
"Ménage à trois," Jack said. "Don't knock it 'til you've tried it."
Britt turned to face them, her hand still on the doorknob. This conversation was starting to get interesting. The two men faced off like snorting bulls, ignoring her.
"We do her one at a time," Garrett said, "and I get her first. When the hell did you do a three-way?" He raised two fingers. "Follow-up question - two girls or two guys?"
Jack raised one finger. "College. Duh." Another finger. "Two girls. It was awesome."
"Well, I'm not doing a two-guy three-way," Garrett said. "No way."
Britt spoke up. "Afraid it'll turn you on?"
"The hell kinda question is that?" Garrett said. "I'm a hundred percent straight."
"Because you didn't seem like a guy who's insecure about his sexuality," she said. "You know, when we met at the club."
"Do not try to play me with that 'insecure' crap," Garrett said. ~ Pam McKenna, Faking It
Trois 2 quotes by Pam McKenna, Faking It
Scarlett Avery is THE BEST!" - JC ~ Scarlett Avery
Trois 2 quotes by Scarlett Avery
Panty-melting" - Mary Johnston ~ Scarlett Avery
Trois 2 quotes by Scarlett Avery
He's better now, Loo. He's taking care of the cats. ~ C. JoyBell C.
Trois 2 quotes by C. JoyBell C.
She was not at the concert any more. She looked around the rustic room, blinking. What the hell?
The singer had her in his arms still. There was no balcony between them now.
His hands slid into her hair, keeping her head still. "Not yet," he begged, sliding his lips down her throat, nuzzling her jaw. "There's time yet, Toireasa," he murmured. "Time to say fare thee well properly,."
"We should have returned to Ireland, Breandan," she whispered, as he loosened the ties on her gown and dropped it from her shoulders. The words came to her naturally, even as a tiny voice was raging in her mind, "What on earth are you saying, Taylor?" But that voice was being drowned out by the pure sensuousness he was stirring in her. ~ Teal Ceagh
Trois 2 quotes by Teal Ceagh
And at that moment, Thibaut knew he was a murderer. He had murdered his brother that night; he had taken away his brother's soul. ~ C. JoyBell C.
Trois 2 quotes by C. JoyBell C.
The closest I ever came to a menage-a-trois was when I dated a schizophrenic. ~ Rita Rudner
Trois 2 quotes by Rita Rudner
This has been such a scorching series." - Jamie Leigh ~ Scarlett Avery
Trois 2 quotes by Scarlett Avery
The Romanovs inhabit a world of family rivalry, imperial ambition, lurid glamour, sexual excess and depraved sadism; this is a world where obscure strangers suddenly claim to be dead monarchs reborn, brides are poisoned, fathers torture their sons to death, sons kill fathers, wives murder husbands, a holy man, poisoned and shot, arises, apparently, from the dead, barbers and peasants ascend to supremacy, giants and freaks are collected, dwarfs are tossed, beheaded heads kissed, tongues torn out, flesh knouted off bodies, rectums impaled, children slaughtered; here are fashion-mad nymphomaniacal empresses, lesbian ménage à trois, and an emperor who wrote the most erotic correspondence ever written by a head of state. Yet this is also the empire built by flinty conquistadors and brilliant statesmen that conquered Siberia and Ukraine, took Berlin and Paris, and produced Pushkin, Tolstoy, Tchaikovsky and Dostoevsky; a civilization of towering culture and exquisite beauty. ~ Simon Sebag Montefiore
Trois 2 quotes by Simon Sebag Montefiore
You don't have to flay him with it. He's the son of a poet and has the soul of a bard. ~ Teal Ceagh
Trois 2 quotes by Teal Ceagh
First, there will be no kidnapping. I know you're stronger and bigger and have magic and crap, but I'm drawing the line at kidnapping. ~ Carrie Ann Ryan
Trois 2 quotes by Carrie Ann Ryan
I love how Scarlett Avery has a way of making the stories come to life. - P brad ~ Scarlett Avery
Trois 2 quotes by Scarlett Avery
A verbal ménage à trois," Della said.
"Gross," Miranda said.
"You wanna hear gross?" Della asked. "I just peed on my hand trying
to piss on this damned drug stick while talking on the phone to you."
Kylie laughed. "I miss you guys." The sound of a toilet flushing filled
the line.
"Oh, double gross," Miranda snapped. "I told you not to flush while I
was on the phone. ~ C.C. Hunter
Trois 2 quotes by C.C. Hunter
You can see the whole entire world in the eyes of a person who knows how to simply stand there and take all of it into him but then you can look into the eyes of someone else and the whole entire world goes away and all that's left is you. ~ C. JoyBell C.
Trois 2 quotes by C. JoyBell C.
Can you say the following phrase in French: "Gentlemen, I haven't eaten in six days"?'

Ippolit Matveevich began haltingly, 'Messieurs... messieurs, je ne, I think, je ne mange pas... six, what is that again... un, deux, trois, quatre, cinq, six... six... jour. Right: je ne mange pas six jours!'

'That's quite a pronunciation you've got there, Kisa! Still, what do you expect from a beggar. Of course a beggar in European Russia speaks French worse than Millerand. ~ Ilya Ilf
Trois 2 quotes by Ilya Ilf
In such places as Greenwich Village, a menage-a-trois was completed- the bohemian and the juvenile delinquent came face-to-face with the Negro, and the hipster was a fact in American life. ~ Norman Mailer
Trois 2 quotes by Norman Mailer
She... tried to ignore what Aeron's presence did to her. What both of them did to her. Especially when they were watching her with barely concealed hunger. ... ~ Savannah Stuart
Trois 2 quotes by Savannah Stuart
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