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#1. Treat praise like criticism: refuse to accept either. - Author: Chris Brogan
Tritts Treats quotes by Chris Brogan
#2. An organization that treats its programmers as morons will soon have programmers that are willing and able to act like morons only. - Author: Bjarne Stroustrup
Tritts Treats quotes by Bjarne Stroustrup
#3. We as Americans are completely obsessed and wrapped up in a lot of the wrong values
looking good, having cash in the bank, being perceived as rich, famous and successful or just being famous, .. It's the most superficial part of the American dream and who would know better than me? The only thing that's going to bring you happiness is love and how you treat your fellow man and having compassion for one another. - Author: Madonna Ciccone
Tritts Treats quotes by Madonna Ciccone
#4. There are differences in the businesses themselves, but the fundamentals are the same: give customers a good experience, charge them a reasonable price, listen to them, and treat them with respect. - Author: Ronnie Apteker
Tritts Treats quotes by Ronnie Apteker
#5. Sometimes that's all you can do, I think. Hold hands. Because life gets so scary sometimes, so bleak, so cold, that you are beyond being able to be comforted by mere words.

'Men are for amusement only. They are treats. Like candy. Like ice cream on an Alabama afternoon. A dessert. They are not the main course. As soon as you have a man in your life who becomes the main course, that is the time, my sweet, when you should go on a diet. Right that second. Men are for dessert only.' Envision: honey.
'Yum, yum,' I told her.
'They are yummy.' She winked at me. 'But never take them seriously. A bite here and there is puh-lenty. All three of my husbands died, bless their pea-brained souls, but I never thought of them as the chicken and potatoes. They were always the flamin' cherries jubilee at the end of dinner.' She stared off into space. 'And there was many a time, darlin', that I wanted to set them on fire. - Author: Cathy Lamb
Tritts Treats quotes by Cathy Lamb
#6. I've always treated my city like some shoulder pads. - Author: Drake
Tritts Treats quotes by Drake
#7. Shadow enjoyed the easy, sweet Sunday life of the farmhouse when the two women traded stories and song. Coffee and cream. Laughter and tears. He liked Lora. She brought him creamy treats, not the dry stuff. And when she laughed at his snoring underneath the table, she would awaken him so he would not miss any of the action. He enjoyed this ma-triarchate much more than Ted's rough reign. Sometimes, lying at the feet of Lora and Alice, on the cool kitchen floor, Shadow dreamed. He dreamed of the ancient times when tribal mothers ruled. Men hunted, but it was the women who shaped the wolves and the babies by the ring of fire into magic dogs and magic men. - Author: Steven James Taylor
Tritts Treats quotes by Steven James Taylor
#8. Always treat people as ends in themselves, never as means to an end. - Author: Immanuel Kant
Tritts Treats quotes by Immanuel Kant
#9. In my early professional years I was asking the question: How can I treat, or cure, or change this person? Now I would phrase the question in this way: How can I provide a relationship which this person may use for his own personal growth? - Author: Carl R. Rogers
Tritts Treats quotes by Carl R. Rogers
#10. In order to get beyond racism, we must first take account of race. There is no other way. And in order to treat some persons equally, we must treat them differently. - Author: Harry A. Blackmun
Tritts Treats quotes by Harry A. Blackmun
#11. Common morality now treats childbearing as an aberration. There are practically no good reasons left for exercising one's fertility. - Author: Germaine Greer
Tritts Treats quotes by Germaine Greer
#12. Women have said the most malicious, disgusting things about me. But I know that when somebody comments about you, good or bad, it is 99 percent of the time their projection of how they feel about themselves. - Author: Paz De La Huerta
Tritts Treats quotes by Paz De La Huerta
#13. Every man is part boy and part man. God requires the man to step up and play the man; but to the boy he offers comfort and healing. Be kind to the boy inside. It is the man God is calling to face down the next lion, but the boy he treats with genuine kindness. Do the same - be kind to yourself, your fears, your feelings of inadequacy. Don't despise the fact that places in you still feel young; shame never heals, never encourages, never makes whole. Give grace to those places that feel six or ten or even thirteen. - Author: John Eldredge
Tritts Treats quotes by John Eldredge
#14. The worldly man treats certain people kindly because he 'likes' them: the Christian, trying to treat every one kindly, finds him liking more and more people as he goes on - including people he could not even have imagined himself liking at the beginning. - Author: C.S. Lewis
Tritts Treats quotes by C.S. Lewis
#15. A man who destroys a beautiful garden by cutting all its trees is a real murderer and has not as much honour as an animal that treats well to the trees. - Author: Mehmet Murat Ildan
Tritts Treats quotes by Mehmet Murat Ildan
#16. To the goats, all people are equal, except for those who have treats. - Author: Karin Tidbeck
Tritts Treats quotes by Karin Tidbeck
#17. Science, as I pointed out in the previous chapter, is flexible and nondogmatic. It sticks to facts and to reality (which always can change) and to logical thinking (which does not contradict itself and hold two opposite views at the same time). But it also avoids rigid all-or-none and either/or thinking and sees that reality is often two sided and includes contradictory events and characteristics. Thus, in my relations with you, I am not a totally good person or a bad person but a person who sometimes treats you well and sometimes treats you badly. Instead of viewing world events in a rigid, absolute way, science assumes that such events, and especially human affairs, usually follow the laws of probability. - Author: Albert Ellis
Tritts Treats quotes by Albert Ellis
#18. I have heard people say that they felt closer to their parents after they have died. Maybe if I treat people as if they were dead, I could get along with them better - Author: Henry Rollins
Tritts Treats quotes by Henry Rollins
#19. Beware of injustice, for oppression will be darkness on the Day of Resurrection; and beware of stinginess because it doomed those who were before you. It incited them to shed blood and treat the unlawful as lawful. - Author: Muhammad
Tritts Treats quotes by Muhammad
#20. If the potato blight had been such a long catastrophe, ending only seven years ago, it occurred to Lib that a child now eleven must have been born into hunger. Weaned on it, reared on it; that had to shape a person. Every thrifty inch of Anna's body had learned to make do with less. She's never been greedy or clamoured for treats - that was how Rosaleen O'Donnell had praised her daughter. Anna must have been petted every time she said she'd had plenty. Earned a smile for every morsel she passed on to her brother or the maid. - Author: Emma Donoghue
Tritts Treats quotes by Emma Donoghue
#21. We treat the lyrics like the woman any man wants to impress the most. We give the lyrics all the attention we can. I'm not sure other formats are remembering that the lyrics are what it's all about. - Author: Garth Brooks
Tritts Treats quotes by Garth Brooks
#22. Love is much deeper than a feeling. Love is a commitment we make to people to always treat that person right and honorably. - Author: Jim Rohn
Tritts Treats quotes by Jim Rohn
#23. Doing 'Prometheus' was what you imagine being an actor is like when you're five. In a spacesuit, on another planet, getting killed by an alien. It was a real treat; it felt like being a part of movie history. - Author: Rafe Spall
Tritts Treats quotes by Rafe Spall
#24. I dress normal because I want people to treat me regular. And their brains explode. It's really fun. - Author: Sarah Silverman
Tritts Treats quotes by Sarah Silverman
#25. A society can be judged by the way it treats its children. - Author: Pope Francis
Tritts Treats quotes by Pope Francis
#26. I treat my relationships like marriages. The ceremony isn't that important to me. - Author: Charlize Theron
Tritts Treats quotes by Charlize Theron
#27. You must treat the days respectfully, you must be a day yourself, and not interrogate it like a college professor. - Author: Ralph Waldo Emerson
Tritts Treats quotes by Ralph Waldo Emerson
#28. The world likes humor, but it treats it patronizingly. It decorates its serious artists with laurel, and its wags with Brussels sprouts. - Author: E.B. White
Tritts Treats quotes by E.B. White
#29. Learning to love others begins with learning to love ourselves unconditionally first. I will never let myself down, treat myself like a doormat, or make myself small so others can feel big. I have learned that this is the biggest gift that I give not only to myself, but also to the planet, because I paint others with the same brush as I use on myself. - Author: Anita Moorjani
Tritts Treats quotes by Anita Moorjani
#30. I didn't humiliate him by pointing it out because that's not how you treat friends. You don't judge them. You don't humiliate them. I bet he's been judging me all along. - Author: Jay Asher
Tritts Treats quotes by Jay Asher
#31. You should never be surprised when someone treats you with respect, you should expect it. - Author: Sarah Dessen
Tritts Treats quotes by Sarah Dessen
#32. A warrior of light needs both patience and speed. He treats each situation as if it were unique. - Author: Paulo Coelho
Tritts Treats quotes by Paulo Coelho
#33. To wrong those we hate is to add fuel to our hatred. Conversely, to treat an enemy with magnanimity is to blunt our hatred for him - Author: Eric Hoffer
Tritts Treats quotes by Eric Hoffer
#34. Looking back, I've learned the most from the bad coaches, really, how not to act, how not to coach, how not to treat people. So I always say no matter what situations you're faced with, how bad it is, you can always walk away and learn. You can always rise above it. - Author: Jennie Finch
Tritts Treats quotes by Jennie Finch
#35. Do you realize how much better the world would be if we all just treated each other the same way black dudes treat magicians? - Author: Aziz Ansari
Tritts Treats quotes by Aziz Ansari
#36. When I make a movie, I just make the movie. I don't think about the success of it. If it becomes successful, that's an amazing treat. If it doesn't, you had a great time making it and you learned from it, and then you make a new thing. - Author: Jane Levy
Tritts Treats quotes by Jane Levy
#37. All we can do is adapt the way we view this condition, not as a crime or a romantic affectation but as a disease that will kill. We need to review the way society treats addicts, not as criminals but as sick people in need of care. - Author: Russell Brand
Tritts Treats quotes by Russell Brand
#38. When you get a man, you have to nurture him. Treat him like a king. If you put that little work in in the beginning, it pays off. - Author: Tameka Cottle
Tritts Treats quotes by Tameka Cottle
#39. My dad always says, some people will treat you badly and you can't help that. But how you handle it and how it makes you feel, that's up to you. - Author: Elise Broach
Tritts Treats quotes by Elise Broach
#40. A sane person who dwells among the mad will become insane because they will act like the mad. One who cares and treats the insane will have mad traits. A sane man who lives among the mad will be made mad by virtue of his associations and dealings. No sane person can dwell among the mad unless if that person is mad himself/herself. A mad person percieves madness and has no clear object or picture that can come out of his mind. Remember sore grapes can ruin good tasty grapes when taken together.You can't live amongst pigs if you are not a pig yourself. Therefore how can the mad treat their fellow mad. That is vanity too be treated by a mad physician who thinks he is sane. The treatment of a mad person speaks volumes and appears to suggest and show that they are treated in a haphazard way without a clear path in regard to recovering their sanity. - Author: David Ssembajjo
Tritts Treats quotes by David Ssembajjo
#41. I'm criticizing the way they are perceived. I was going through a book of Marina Abramovic and Ulay's 1970s performance work the other day. These people did two, even three Documentas or Venice Biennales over the course of a decade without any fuss. They would just treat it as any of their other engagements, with the same level of dignity and commitment they'd reserve for a one-day event in a small gallery on the Austrian mountains. - Author: Maurizio Cattelan
Tritts Treats quotes by Maurizio Cattelan
#42. Nature has no reverence towards life. Nature treats life as though it were the most valueless thing in the world. ... Nature does not act by purposes. - Author: Erwin Schrodinger
Tritts Treats quotes by Erwin Schrodinger
#43. I met [Shatner] on the set of Star Trek V, and he was horrible to me. He was cruel, and dismissive, and treated me the way I understand he treats pretty much everyone who tells him how much they loved him as Captain Kirk. - Author: Wil Wheaton
Tritts Treats quotes by Wil Wheaton
#44. The term propaganda rings melodramatic and exaggerated, but a press that - whether from fear, careerism, or conviction - uncritically recites false government claims and reports them as fact, or treats elected officials with a reverence reserved for royalty, cannot be accurately described as engaged in any other function. - Author: Glenn Greenwald
Tritts Treats quotes by Glenn Greenwald
#45. I treat clothing or a piece of jewelry like it was a piece of art, even though people who collect clothes get a bad rap because they're told it's all vanity. - Author: Daphne Guinness
Tritts Treats quotes by Daphne Guinness
#46. I'm not a reporter but the 'New Yorker' treats everyone like a reporter. - Author: David Sedaris
Tritts Treats quotes by David Sedaris

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