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Asking "Why?" can lead to understanding. Asking "Why not?" can lead to breakthroughs. ~ Daniel H. Pink
Trevor Daniel quotes by Daniel H. Pink
The world is full of stupid people. That's why we have rules. But with enough intelligence, a person can be above the rules. She can make rules. ~ Daniel Nayeri
Trevor Daniel quotes by Daniel Nayeri
someone did better than you because they didn't follow a rule and were not caught. And you do not want to be the person everyone else dislikes and thinks of as a cheat. ~ Daniel Thomas
Trevor Daniel quotes by Daniel Thomas
There's a surcharge on van repairs."
"What kind of surcharge?"
"I'm a sir and I'm making a charge. ~ Daniel Younger
Trevor Daniel quotes by Daniel Younger
I remember nearly having a fit of the giggles during the reading because dear Daniel was SO respectful and serious and I was finding the whole situation funny because I was speaking to his profile. ~ Madeleine Stowe
Trevor Daniel quotes by Madeleine Stowe
It occurred to me that no words by the tongue of man can express the simplicities of a quiet land, so I returned to the river. ~ Daniel J. Rice
Trevor Daniel quotes by Daniel J. Rice
Daniel looks at a photo of Ben, alone on the dance floor. He moves to a beat entirely his own, life pouring in and out of him. He lived hard and played harder. He did the work. ~ Ruta Sepetys
Trevor Daniel quotes by Ruta Sepetys
There's no such thing as fiction or imagination, as they're merely non-fiction manifestations in the wrong parallel universe. ~ Daniel Marques
Trevor Daniel quotes by Daniel Marques
Maybe the word hasn't been invented yet – that thing beyond diversity. We often define movements by what they're against, but the final goal is greater than the powers it dismantles, deeper than any statistic. It's something like equity – a commitment to harvesting a narrative language so broad it has no face, no name. ~ Daniel Jose Older
Trevor Daniel quotes by Daniel Jose Older
A song playing comprises a very specific and vivid set of memory cues. Because the multiple-trace memory models assume that context is encoded along with memory traces, the music that you have listened to at various times of your life is cross-coded with the events of those times. That is, the music is linked to events of the time, and those events are linked to the music. ~ Daniel Levitin
Trevor Daniel quotes by Daniel Levitin
My father wanted me to have all the educational opportunities he never had ... so he sent me to a girls school. ~ Daniel Tosh
Trevor Daniel quotes by Daniel Tosh
What I've always said about comedy is if you do it in the right way, you can say anything to anybody because they know where you're coming from. They know it's not malicious. ~ Trevor Noah
Trevor Daniel quotes by Trevor Noah
I like what you've done to the place,' he says, eyeing the ripped fabric and scorched stuffing hanging from the ceiling and walls. ~ Trevor Alan Foris
Trevor Daniel quotes by Trevor Alan Foris
The situation has provided a cue; this cue has given the expert access to information stored in memory, and the information provides the answer. Intuition is nothing more and nothing less than recognition. ~ Herbert Simon
Trevor Daniel quotes by Herbert Simon
There are hundreds of reasons for Daniel and me
to be impossible. History has not been kind
to two boys who love each other like we do.
But putting that aside. And not even considering
the fact that a hundred and fifty years ago,
his family was in a small town in Russia
and my family was in a similarly small town
in Ireland- I can't imagine they could have
imagined us here, together. Forgetting our gender,
ignoring all the strange roads that led to us
being in the same time and place, there is still
the simple impossibility of love. That all of our
contradicting securities and insecurities,
interests and disinterests, beliefs and doubts,
could somehow translate into this common
uncommon affection should be as impossible
as walking to the moon. But instead, I love him. ~ David Levithan
Trevor Daniel quotes by David Levithan
Who? What's wrong?" Daniel stammered. ~ Robin Parrish
Trevor Daniel quotes by Robin Parrish
Larry wanted us to reposition the tower. We wouldn't, and won't. He's been holding back our fees. We want to get paid. And that's it. It'll get solved and we'll carry on with planning Ground Zero. ~ Daniel Libeskind
Trevor Daniel quotes by Daniel Libeskind
In my spiritual and academic journeys, I have learned that it is imperative for Christians to pursue truth at all costs. ~ Daniel B. Wallace
Trevor Daniel quotes by Daniel B. Wallace
Time is a landscape that stretches across all things. We're the ones who move across it. ~ Daniel Price
Trevor Daniel quotes by Daniel Price
I wrote Rick before I was published, and I had no vision of it, really. It was just a story that occurred to me, and that put its little claws in my brain, and I wrote it, and I showed it to a couple people, and they all said, "This is ghastly." ~ Daniel Handler
Trevor Daniel quotes by Daniel Handler
she said, when I wear these boots no one fucks with me
when I tie my past like a scarf around my throat
I can freeze the blood
of every naive and unabashed up-and-comer
when I slide on my desire like glowing black stockings
I can make the uninitiated beg
for the feel of raw and stinging wood
and when I slip my angry black leather belt
from its rusty hook
the ambitious and guileless cower
like a thousand condemned souls
when I close my fist, my rings golden
with a youth well spent
the warriors of Gilead surrender
with a breathless whimper
and when my shoulders
feel the rough comfort of my serape woven with the fibers
of a fierce and relentless vengeance
you will soon realize
these are not my clothes after all, she says,
they are warning signs ~ Daniel Ames
Trevor Daniel quotes by Daniel Ames
Hope is always about the future. And it isn't always good news. Sometimes, hope can imprison us with belief or expectation that something will happen in the future to change our lives. Similarly hopelessness isn't always about despair. Hopelessness can bring us right into this very moment and answer all of life's most difficult questions. Who am I? Where am I? What does this mean? And what now? ~ Daniel Gottlieb
Trevor Daniel quotes by Daniel Gottlieb
As Daniel Patrick Moynihan said, "Everyone is entitled to his own opinion, but not his own facts. ~ Chris Rodda
Trevor Daniel quotes by Chris Rodda
In my 20s, I could just power through stuff and be fine, but now, in your 40s? It's kind of like Kobe Bryant. He plays basketball a little bit differently than he did when he first started out. ~ Daniel Wu
Trevor Daniel quotes by Daniel Wu
I never met a girl I didn't meet ~ Daniel Johnston
Trevor Daniel quotes by Daniel Johnston
I know I'm not a coal miner, but I do long hours and I never complain, and there is nowhere else I'd rather be. So, yeah, that's how I'd define myself. I want to do it right, and prove people wrong once and for all about the myth of child stars. ~ Daniel Radcliffe
Trevor Daniel quotes by Daniel Radcliffe
When you're making movies you've got to get obsessive. ~ Daniel Craig
Trevor Daniel quotes by Daniel Craig
I wish I could get better for you, Faith," I say.
She shakes her head again and lays her flat hand upon my heart. I cover it with mine. "Get better for you, Daniel. Just for you. ~ Tammy Falkner
Trevor Daniel quotes by Tammy Falkner
I think if you had different artists approaching the material in different styles, that's very different. I think it's an interesting thing to discover, what's present in the work even when you're shifting the styles. I've just found it a much stronger way to work. ~ Daniel Clowes
Trevor Daniel quotes by Daniel Clowes
I was born in West Plains, and we lived here till I was one. Then my dad needed to get a job, so we moved to the St. Louis area. I lived in St. Charles, on the Missouri River, till I was 15. ~ Daniel Woodrell
Trevor Daniel quotes by Daniel Woodrell
You fat bitch! he said, and the party gasped like a Greek chorus. ~ Daniel Handler
Trevor Daniel quotes by Daniel Handler
Of all the nations in the world, the United States was built in nobody's image. It was the land of the unexpected, of unbounded hope, of ideals, of quest for an unknown perfection. It is all the more unfitting that we should offer ourselves in images. And all the more fitting that the images which we make wittingly or unwittingly to sell America to the world should come back to haunt and curse us. ~ Daniel J. Boorstin
Trevor Daniel quotes by Daniel J. Boorstin
It must be noted that the non-aggression alone can never be the starting point in justifying moral behavior or serving as a fundamental principle of ethics. There must be a justification of the non-aggression principle before such a case can be made. The very implication of the term "principle" implies that non-aggression serves as the foundation for a system of ethics, which it cannot be. It is certainly not an axiom since it is not a self-evident truth. ~ Daniel Alexander Brackins
Trevor Daniel quotes by Daniel Alexander Brackins
I take things in better when I'm allowed to talk, and respond, and engage and move around a bit. ~ Daniel Radcliffe
Trevor Daniel quotes by Daniel Radcliffe
I believe that Detroit has a terrific geographic position. It still is a hub of one of the most important industries in the world. There's incredible engineering and other talent. ~ Daniel L. Doctoroff
Trevor Daniel quotes by Daniel L. Doctoroff
In other words, Hitler's soul life was not mature enough at that moment to maintain an awareness of himself and his surroundings when this alien entity entered him. During the following six months during a series of irregular meetings and discussions with Hitler, Walter Stein was to witness a maturing soul development in this enigmatic character through which he became more and more a conscious and responsive tool of the world-shattering purposes of the demonic Spirit which overshadowed him. 'I move like a sleep-walker where Providence dictates,' said Adolf Hitler at a press interview. ~ Trevor Ravenscroft
Trevor Daniel quotes by Trevor Ravenscroft
History is written by the winners ~ Daniel Handler
Trevor Daniel quotes by Daniel Handler
There but for the... good choices I've made, genetics, psychological conditioning, and 10K random elements, go I. ~ Daniel Ionson
Trevor Daniel quotes by Daniel Ionson
I appreciate the constant evolution in refining food, but not in making food gimmicky. ~ Daniel Boulud
Trevor Daniel quotes by Daniel Boulud
If the English had deep-dish pizza they could have kept their empire. ~ Daniel Pinkwater
Trevor Daniel quotes by Daniel Pinkwater
Children are who they are. I may love them all, but I know them too. Their feet are as much clay as my own. It hardly matters what path we've walked to become what we are. Whatever it was, we've walked it. ~ Daniel Abraham
Trevor Daniel quotes by Daniel Abraham
I have shown that those who deplore Artificial Intelligence are also those who deplore the evolutionary accounts of human mentality: if human minds are non-miraculous products of evolution, then they are, in the requisite sense, artifacts, and all their powers must have an ultimately mechanical explanation. We are descended from macros and made of macros, and nothing we can do is beyond the power of huge assemblies of macros. ~ Daniel Dennett
Trevor Daniel quotes by Daniel Dennett
He paused, giving her a sweet smile of understanding. "You don't have to start with the crown jewels, you know. You could start with my lips then work your way down. ~ Sara Daniel
Trevor Daniel quotes by Sara  Daniel
That Holy Other with which all spiritual persons are in relationship (that which I call God), is nothing other than that which satisfies the deepest longings of the human race. The spiritual relationship is a relationship of love-love beyond all telling. Spiritual experience is the experience of God's transcendent love, God's overwhelming and universal concern for every single human being. ~ Daniel P. Sulmasy
Trevor Daniel quotes by Daniel P. Sulmasy
One does not become a master coach by accident. ~ Daniel Coyle
Trevor Daniel quotes by Daniel Coyle
Perhaps future generations, the beautiful ones unborn, would wonder how we survived it all. What would we say? Or, more probably, what would history say for us? It would not speak truth. Not whole truth. It could not. ~ Daniel Black
Trevor Daniel quotes by Daniel Black
My little son, Atticus, desperately needs his dad and I haven't been there for him ... and that's sad. ~ Daniel Baldwin
Trevor Daniel quotes by Daniel Baldwin
But what you are looking for is not "truth," not a collection of fine and polished answers emanating from grand buildings, expert acknowledgement and advanced academic degrees. What you are looking for is your Self, and what I provide here are some tools and perspectives to aid a Journey through the jungle of explanations and definitions and up a mountain of perspective to where you can see that Self clearly. ~ Thomas Daniel Nehrer
Trevor Daniel quotes by Thomas Daniel Nehrer
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