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#1. 8.
Whose speechless song, being many, seeming one,
Sings this to thee: 'thou single wilt prove none. - Author: William Shakespeare
Transcendentia quotes by William Shakespeare
#2. Chapter VII
Of Simple Ideas of both Sensation and Reflection
1. Ideas of pleasure and pain.
There be other simple ideas which convey themselves into the mind by all the ways of sensation and reflection, viz. pleasure or delight,
and its opposite, pain, or uneasiness; power; existence; unity. - Author: John Locke
Transcendentia quotes by John Locke
#3. Good works, because they must be forgotten instantly, can never become part of the world; they come and go,leaving no trace. They truly are not of this world. - Author: Hannah Arendt
Transcendentia quotes by Hannah Arendt
#4. According to Carnap, ... "reality"is a metaphysical term for which there is no legitimate use ...
We are interested in other people's loves and hates, pleasures and pains, because we are firmly persuaded
that they are as "real" as our own. We mean something we say this. - Author: Bertrand Russell
Transcendentia quotes by Bertrand Russell

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