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#1. Even before 2007, this half of a small island was the richest football country on earth. In 2005-2006 the Premiership's total revenue was about £1.4bn, 40 per cent more than its nearest rival, Italy's Serie A. That was before take-off. Now foreign television channels are sending so much cash that the Premiership is expected to take in nearly £1.8bn this season. Even the team that finishes bottom of the table (Wigan might be a good bet) will get £26.8m from TV. That's more than all of Argentine or Belgian football put together. - Author: Simon Kuper
Touch Serie Tv quotes by Simon Kuper
#2. I'm not an extravagant person. You don't get a chance to spend money when you're working on a TV show. - Author: Aidan Turner
Touch Serie Tv quotes by Aidan Turner
#3. When not through external events, spirit communicates "internally" via symbols and signs. Symbolic language, like music, is universal and crosses beyond the limitations of verbal and written languages. It is a divine communication. Essentially, the Spirit is using All means necessary to inspire us and to get our attention – not an easy task in the material world of sights, sounds, online messages, TV and movies - and commercialism! - Author: Stephen Poplin
Touch Serie Tv quotes by Stephen Poplin
#4. Many young girls are ... becoming trained nurses,
whose gentle ministrations in the sick-room, skilled touch,
patient watchfulness and unwearied vigils,
are as great factors in the care of the sick,
as are the professional physicians. - Author: Lydia Hoyt Farmer
Touch Serie Tv quotes by Lydia Hoyt Farmer
#5. Fear and pain can only touch you if you let them. - Author: Peter V. Brett
Touch Serie Tv quotes by Peter V. Brett
#6. People can criticize Microsoft for supporting this TV thing for the past eight years, but it is a long-term bet, There is not any other software business that is as dedicated to the vision of the TV and the PDA [personal digital assistant] as we are. - Author: Bill Gates
Touch Serie Tv quotes by Bill Gates
#7. Noel ducked to the lower cabinets – a percussion of pots and pans clanged into each other.

"Are you intentionally trying not to listen to me?"

His head popped above the counter. "I resent that. I'm a great listener. Just ask the TV."

Emily rolled her eyes. "Alright. I had…"

Noel heard her swallow and he suddenly wanted to knock himself out with the frying pan.

"…relations…with a mortal, Tommy."

He ducked again, this time from embarrassment. He groaned silently, wishing she'd turn and walk away before she said what he knew was coming.

"It wasn't quite the same as it was when I was human. It didn't - "

"Please you, yeah I got it," he blurted. "Please, for the love of God, stop. - Author: Devon Ashley
Touch Serie Tv quotes by Devon Ashley
#8. I am very much aware of my own double self. The well-known one is very under control; everything is planned and very secure. The unknown one can be very unpleasant. I think this side is responsible for all the creative work - he is in touch with the child. He is not rational; he is impulsive and extremely emotional. - Author: Ingmar Bergman
Touch Serie Tv quotes by Ingmar Bergman
#9. The version of me you see on TV now and in my feature films is a pretty happy guy, isn't he? - Author: Tracy Morgan
Touch Serie Tv quotes by Tracy Morgan
#10. Then the man smiled, and his smile was a shock, for it was all on one side, going up in the right cheek and down in the left.
There was nothing, rationally speaking, to scare anyone about this. Many people have this nervous trick of a crooked smile, and in many it is even attractive. But in all Syme's circumstances, with the dark dawn and the deadly errand and the loneliness on the great dripping stones, there was something unnerving in it. There was the silent river and the silent man, a man of even classic face. And there was the last nightmare touch that his smile suddenly went wrong. - Author: G.K. Chesterton
Touch Serie Tv quotes by G.K. Chesterton
#11. okay?"
I recognized the voice-how had my dreams known his voice?-but when he crouched down next to me, I skittered away.
"Don't touch me!" I snapped.
He held up his hands to show he was harmless. "Okay, okay," he said with a smirk. "You were the one chasing me."
I glared at him. It was an impressive show of restraint on my part, when the truth was that having him physically in front of me was wreaking havoc on my body and my brain. My heart was pounding fast, and my mind played a loop of every moment we'd shared in my dreams.
I forced myself to remember he was a stranger. Quite possibly a dangerous stranger. I needed answers from him, but I also needed to stay strong.
"I'm sorry," he said. "I thought you were hurt."
"I am hurt. I twisted my ankle."
"Maybe you shouldn't be chasing strange men through the woods, then."
"Maybe you shouldn't pretend you don't know who I am."
His eyes widened in shock for a moment. "You reme-"
Then he twitched his head briefly to the side, as if flicking away an unwanted thought, and his face relaxed. Only the clenched muscle in his jaw gave away any tension.
"You must be mistaken. I don't think we've ever met."
"Really? You look at most girls like you were caught with your hand in their purse?"
"I don't know what you're talking-"
"And then you ran away. Full speed, even though you knew I was trying to catch up with you. That's not normal. That's not how you act w - Author: Hilary Duff
Touch Serie Tv quotes by Hilary Duff
#12. That's love: Two lonely persons keep each other safe and touch each other and talk to each other. - Author: Rainer Maria Rilke
Touch Serie Tv quotes by Rainer Maria Rilke
#13. You know those FBI shows on TV? Where they do the profiling?"
"Cops hate that stuff. While it's all well and good to sit behind a desk and have assigned characteristics and fancy medical names for criminals," Jerry said in a prissy voice, "at the end of the day, you just don't know what anybody's gonna do. You gotta prepare for everything. Human beings are unpredictable. After three decades with PD, I still get surprised. - Author: Jennifer Hillier
Touch Serie Tv quotes by Jennifer Hillier
#14. I know that touching you will be understanding my fingers for the first time. - Author: Kels Adeline Sapp
Touch Serie Tv quotes by Kels Adeline Sapp
#15. Checking out shoes when looking for Lesbians is an elimination device, a negative marker. Lesbians wear sensible shoes whenever possible. Irene and I have learned to pass right by a woman who looks like a Lesbian from head to ankle, but wears flimsy shoes with pointed toes and heels. She is sure to mention a husband by her second sentence.

So, what does a Lesbian look like? Well, we saw two old women drive into a campground in a large motorhome. One dog and no men accompanied them. These are Lesbian-positive clues. We seldom see old women in campgrounds unless they are accompanied by old men. They walked the dog, each wearing a long "ladies" winter coat and lipstick. We casually intercepted them.

"Nice dog," says Irene. The dog growled. We mentioned the movie about nuclear war on TV the night before.

"They should go to Russia. Show it to the Communists," they angrily replied. We walked on. If they were Lesbians, I did not want to know.

"Not Lesbians," pronounced my expert. "There are Lesbians who wear 'ladies' coats and Lesbians who wear lipstick. There are even Lesbians who prefer nuclear war to "Godless Communism"; but Lesbians would not let their dog growl at a woman without correcting it. - Author: Julia Penelope
Touch Serie Tv quotes by Julia Penelope
#16. If you wish to be miserable, think about yourself, about what you want, what you like, what respect people ought to pay you, what people think of you; and then to you nothing will be pure. You will spoil everything you touch; you will make sin and misery for yourself out of everything God sends you; you will be as wretched as you choose. - Author: Charles Kingsley
Touch Serie Tv quotes by Charles Kingsley
#17. I've done documentaries and TV for six years but this was my first feature as director, so there were moments when I'd look around and was excited ... but, of course, it was also very challenging on a day-to-day basis. And, of course, now that it's coming out people want to talk mostly to the actors. - Author: Robert B. Weide
Touch Serie Tv quotes by Robert B. Weide
#18. Children need loving attention, closeness and deep affection and also loving touch. Love will make them feel safe. - Author: Deepak Chopra
Touch Serie Tv quotes by Deepak Chopra
#19. The majority enjoy a young girl as they enjoy a glass of champagne, at one effervescent moment-oh, yes, that is really beautiful, and with many a young girl that is undoubtedly the most one can attain, but here there is more. If an individual is too fragile to stand clarity and transparency, well, then one enjoys what is unclear, but apparently she can stand it. The more devotedness one can bring to erotic love, the more interesting. This momentary enjoyment is a rape, even if not outwardly but nevertheless mentally, and in a rape there is only imagined enjoyment; it is like a stolen kiss, something nondescript. No, if one can bring it to a point where a girl has but one task for her freedom, to give herself, so that she feels her whole happiness in this, so that she practically begs for this devotedness and yet is free-only then is there enjoyment, but this always takes a discerning touch - Author: Soren Kierkegaard
Touch Serie Tv quotes by Soren Kierkegaard
#20. We get along really well, but TV and film aren't reality. We're best friends, but we do have our fights! - Author: Mary-Kate Olsen
Touch Serie Tv quotes by Mary-Kate Olsen
#21. The moral nihilism of celebrity culture is played out on reality television shows, most of which encourage a dark voyeurism into other people's humiliation, pain, weakness, and betrayal. - Author: Chris Hedges
Touch Serie Tv quotes by Chris Hedges
#22. [Lucille Ball]'s such a TV icon it's hard for some to separate the two Lucys - the gorgeous, snappy actress of film and the wacky, slapstick queen of television. On TV she was a middle-aged housewife, on film she was a dazzling beauty. The difficulty with her movie career wasn't that she was bad or not up to the roles. Quite the contrary: They were rarely up to her. - Author: Ray Hagen
Touch Serie Tv quotes by Ray Hagen
#23. She spoke in a calm, soothing voice. Likely the same tone she employed to soothe her sister through a breathing crisis. Colin's pride bristled. He didn't need coddling. But he quite enjoyed the smoky, entrancing quality of her voice and her tender touch against his cheek. His pounding heart began to slow.
Eventually the white specks overhead diffused to a faint, milky glow that illuminated her features. Soft, dark calf eyes with inky lashes. Rounded cheeks and pale skin. Those lips, wet with seawater. - Author: Tessa Dare
Touch Serie Tv quotes by Tessa Dare
#24. Writing brings scant relief. It retraces, it delimits. It lends a touch of coherence, the idea of a kind of realism. One stumbles around in a cruel fog, but there is the odd pointer. Chaos is no more than a few feet away. A meagre victory, in truth. - Author: Michel Houellebecq
Touch Serie Tv quotes by Michel Houellebecq
#25. When I've had hard times in my life, the one thing about being in TV is that it's positive. I withdrew to 'Cheers,' it was familiar in that it was family. It had a kind of realistic positiveness to it. - Author: Bruno Heller
Touch Serie Tv quotes by Bruno Heller
#26. Once, hurrying through a busy airport to get to my gate on time for a connecting flight, I came upon a lady in a wheelchair. Amidst the chaos of the hundreds of people rushing around us, my eyes met hers. The sweetest smile appeared on her face. I smiled back, but I knew she would never fully realize how that small gesture had filled my soul. I believe that God is in our everyday. Many moments occur in our lives which reveal his face, his touch, his voice. Look for him today. He will be found. - Author: Kathy Troccoli
Touch Serie Tv quotes by Kathy Troccoli
#27. Keep in mind that there are computers, that do touch things up. Like when I got a hold of the poster for 'Gold Diggers,' I said: 'Hey, wait a minute! Those aren't my teeth!' - Author: Anna Chlumsky
Touch Serie Tv quotes by Anna Chlumsky
#28. You can say "ass," but you can't say "asshole." That's why I always cringe when a character in a TV show refers to someone as an "ass." Unless you're British, calling someone an ass really doesn't work. But those are the rules of television. You can be a dirtbag, but not a scumbag. - Author: Gilbert Gottfried
Touch Serie Tv quotes by Gilbert Gottfried
#29. I have a feeling that demonstrations don't accomplish anything. That they become fads. I also feel that demonstrations wouldn't go on unless there is a TV camera. That part of it all is performance for the media. I didn't know whether they are completely honest. - Author: Frank Capra
Touch Serie Tv quotes by Frank Capra
#30. With all of the talk about polling and demographics, I think too many people have lost touch with the human and moral crisis of deportations. Every day, roughly 1,000 people are deported because the Republican leadership of the House of Representatives is denying the majority of the US Congress a chance to vote on citizenship. I will be arrested today because the labor movement stands with the families tragically ripped apart by John Boehner and the House Republicans' embrace of a broken immigration system. - Author: Arlene Holt Baker
Touch Serie Tv quotes by Arlene Holt Baker
#31. I love The Miz. His approach to his job is second to none; it's extremely important to him that he prepares on a daily basis. I travel with him and from the moment he gets up to the moment he goes to bed it's all WWE, all sports entertainment. He keeps his body in shape and he is a true champion in the ring and out. He's a great representative of the company and I'm learning a lot from him, not only on TV but outside as well. - Author: Alex Riley
Touch Serie Tv quotes by Alex Riley
#32. Consider A Move
The steady time of being unknown,
in solitude, without friends,
is not a steadiness that sustains.
I hear your voice waver on the phone:
Haven't talked to anyone for days.
I drive around. I sit in parking lots.
The voice zeroes through my ear, and waits.
What should I say? There are ways
to meet people you will want to love?
I know of none. You come out stronger
having gone through this? I no longer
believe that, if I once did. Consider a move,
a change, a job, a new place to live,
someplace you'd like to be. That's not it,
you say. Now time turns back. We almost touch.
Then what is? I ask. What is? - Author: Michael Ryan
Touch Serie Tv quotes by Michael Ryan
#33. Why read? Because books are precious guides to our humanity - civilization's backbone - that tenuous ridgeline that allows us to climb above the jungle and see what the horizon has to offer. Thus they represent the yearning to go beyond, to explore. Yet they are also human-sized. And made of paper and ink, and thus they come from the earth. Their physicality is what makes them immensely human. And they contain the flesh-and-bone thoughts of one person capturing one blink of time, now made immortal in the bound pages carried by your own hands and touched by your own eyes. How can such fragile and thin paper and spidery veins of ink be our most precious treasure, binding together the entire hope and legacy and language of a civilization - of our existence. We touch the book and turn the page, and thus we are bound to our destiny. - Author: Carew Papritz
Touch Serie Tv quotes by Carew Papritz
#34. Fire shot through my body at his touch. The scent of his skin caused my brain to short circuit. I knew I was only feeling that way because I'd been missing Kyle. This was the longest we'd been apart. Nearly a week and we'd been so busy we hadn't had a chance to really talk. That's what this was-I missed Kyle. I needed to remind myself not to mistake the pull I felt toward Tristan as anything other than my yearning for Kyle. - Author: Adriane Leigh
Touch Serie Tv quotes by Adriane Leigh
#35. True abundance has nothing to do with anything that I am having, and everything to do with what I am being. And that when I share my abundance of beingness abundantly with all those whose lives I touch, everything I sought to have came to me automatically, without my even trying to have them. - Author: Neale Donald Walsch
Touch Serie Tv quotes by Neale Donald Walsch
#36. Even after six years, he was still turned on by the bastard, still desperate to kiss his lips and see how it felt to kiss him into submission, until he saw him as more than a loser geek.
He wanted to taste his tongue, to touch his abs and stroke his cock; do all the things that it was so wrong to want to do to him. Wrong because of Ben, because of his love for Ben,
because he barely knew Jaxton, back then and now.
What the hell was wrong with him? - Author: Elaine White
Touch Serie Tv quotes by Elaine White
#37. The wise screen writer is he who wears his second-best suit, artistically speaking, and doesn't take things too much to heart. He should have a touch of cynicism, but only a touch. The complete cynic is as useless to Hollywood as he is to himself. He should do the best he can without straining at it. He should be scrupulously honest about his work, but he should not expect scrupulous honesty in return. He won't get it. And when he has had enough, he should say goodbye with a smile, because for all he knows he may want to go back. - Author: Raymond Chandler
Touch Serie Tv quotes by Raymond Chandler
#38. Deathstorm sees Power Ring as a fascinating experiment. Deathstorm is a scientist who's been merged with the dead body of his lab assistant. It's given him a cold demeanor and a clammy touch. - Author: Geoff Johns
Touch Serie Tv quotes by Geoff Johns
#39. With Schubert, a lot of the melodies are very simple, but he's in this groove. He's in touch with his heart. - Author: Tom Wopat
Touch Serie Tv quotes by Tom Wopat
#40. The greatest weapon anyone can use against us is our own mind. By preying upon the doubts and uncertainities that already lurk there. Are we true to ourselves or do we live to the expectations of others? And if we are open and honest, can we ever truly be loved? Can we find the courage to release our deepest secrets? Or in the end are we all unknowable even to ourselves. - Author: Emily Thorne
Touch Serie Tv quotes by Emily Thorne

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