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At the beginning of this year also, I called upon the North Korean side to open dialog between the responsible authorities of the South and the North at any place, at any time, and at any level, in order to prevent a recurrence of war and to cooperate to speed up the peaceful unification of our fatherland. However, no sincere response has yet been made by North Korea. ~ Jimmy Carter
Toppan Usa quotes by Jimmy Carter
It's best to keep America just like that, always in the background, a sort of picture post card which you look at in a weak moment. Like that, you imagine it's always there waiting for you, unchanged, unspoiled, a big patriotic open space with cows and sheep and tenderhearted men ready to bugger everything in sight, man, woman or beast. It doesn't exist, America. It's a name you give to an abstract idea ... ~ Henry Miller
Toppan Usa quotes by Henry Miller
I am going to be working on bathroom fittings for a company in the USA, and then I thought it was appropriate to simplify the fittings and, thus, lowering the cost. ~ Arne Jacobsen
Toppan Usa quotes by Arne Jacobsen
SO BE SURE TO MAKE EM' YUMMY! ~ Qwana M. BabyGirl Reynolds-Frasier
Toppan Usa quotes by Qwana M. BabyGirl Reynolds-Frasier
telling themselves what they are going to accomplish instead of focusing on not doing something - are almost always more successful. ~ Usa Archery
Toppan Usa quotes by Usa Archery
Today I prayed for Boston, for America, my home away from home. Today, I realized how lucky we Sri Lankans are to have peace in our country. How I feel today, hearing of the bombs going off in the city brings back memories of how I used to feel four years ago in Sri Lanka when the LTTE was setting off bombs all around Colombo. That feeling I used to get when I hear about a bomb blast, the goosebumps, the school evacuation drills, the breaking news footage, and most of all, that fear we Sri Lankans used to feel, every second of everyday, it all came back to me today. Thank you God for bringing peace to my country, look after America the way you did Sri Lanka. ~ Thisuri Wanniarachchi
Toppan Usa quotes by Thisuri Wanniarachchi
Rather than starting a new inferno in Iraq, our energies would have been better spent in extinguishing the existing fire in Palestine. ~ Iqbal Sacranie
Toppan Usa quotes by Iqbal Sacranie
America is an insane asylum run by the inmates. ~ Lester Roloff
Toppan Usa quotes by Lester Roloff
Looking to energize your teams during your next team building training in USA? Check out the motivational speech of Lance Allred who will inspire your Team. For more information you can visit us at - ~ Lance Allred
Toppan Usa quotes by Lance Allred
The pilgrims were kicked out of England, quarreled with the Dutch, alienated the Indians, and had an evil reputation among the turkeys. ~ Dave Beard
Toppan Usa quotes by Dave Beard
A southern moon is a sodden moon, and sultry. When it swamps the fields and the rustling sandy roads and the sticky honeysuckle hedges in its sweet stagnation, your fight to hold on to reality is like a protestation against a first waft of ether. ~ Zelda Fitzgerald
Toppan Usa quotes by Zelda Fitzgerald
To understand what ended up happening in the 2016 presidential election, you have to understand this: When protests toppled the Ukrainian government, Putin interpreted that as the United States coming into Russia, akin to an act of war; when he launched his counterattack - annexing Crimea, creeping into eastern Ukraine - he weaponized information and showed a willingness to lie, using traditional media like television, and new media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube, to spread disinformation into open, Western societies like a virus. Eventually, the Russians would come into America, as they believed we'd gone into Ukraine. They took advantage of the fact that we were worn down by decades of political polarization and the balkanization of our media. America's antibodies to the sickness of Russian disinformation were weak, if they were there at all. ~ Ben Rhodes
Toppan Usa quotes by Ben  Rhodes
For almost one hundred years, leaders of the white South managed to freeze race relations and racial ideology in something close to the Confederate pattern, thus demonstrating that the passage of time by itself does not erase a conflicted past. Elite southern men and women created an ideology of the Lost Cause that wrapped antebellum society, the Confederacy, Reconstruction, and postwar racism in the mantle of a protective, laudatory myth. The Lost Cause portrayed the white South as cultured, chivalrous, and superior while making the North into the aggressor - crude, unprincipled, and vindictive.

[...] Even after 1900 the Lost Cause ideology continued to gain strength under the leadership of a new generation, until most southern whites came to believe that their history and the myth were identical [75 - 76]. ~ Paul D. Escott
Toppan Usa quotes by Paul D. Escott
The US "Down Low" is thronging with young Black males who live double lives in the homosexual urban underground. These "Black" and "queer" young males, who have sex with men and live straight lives, reject "gays" as "faggots who dress, talk and act like girls", thereby ascribing a White effeminacy to gayness and embracing a Black hypermasculinity. ~ Chantal Zabus
Toppan Usa quotes by Chantal Zabus
The only thing growing faster than the federal government's deficit is Chris Matthews' man-crush on Barack Obama. ~ Tim Pawlenty
Toppan Usa quotes by Tim Pawlenty
Obama occasionally pointed out that the post–Cold War moment was always going to be transitory. The rest of the world will accede to American leadership, but not dominance. I remember a snippet from a column around 9/11: America bestrides the world like a colossus. Did we? It was a story we told ourselves. Shock and awe. Regime change. Freedom on the march. A trillion dollars later, we couldn't keep the electricity running in Baghdad. The Iraq War disturbed other countries - including U.S. allies - in its illogic and destruction, and accelerated a realignment of power and influence that was further advanced by the global financial crisis. By the time Obama took office, a global correction had already taken place. Russia was resisting American influence. China was throwing its weight around. Europeans were untangling a crisis in the Eurozone.

Obama didn't want to disengage from the world; he wanted to engage more. By limiting our military involvement in the Middle East, we'd be in a better position to husband our own resources and assert ourselves in more places, on more issues. To rebuild our economy at home. To help shape the future of the Asia Pacific and manage China's rise. To open up places like Cuba and expand American influence in Africa and Latin America. To mobilize the world to deal with truly existential threats such as climate change, which is almost never discussed in debates about American national security. ~ Ben Rhodes
Toppan Usa quotes by Ben  Rhodes
There is a gyre of discarded floating plastic the size of the continental USA in the ocean. In it, plastic trash outweighs plankton 40 to 1. ~ David Suzuki
Toppan Usa quotes by David Suzuki
The support of organizations including the NY Jets, Canon USA, USA Football, and Outback Steakhouse is a great example of how corporate America can make an impact in bettering the communities where employees work and live. ~ Boomer Esiason
Toppan Usa quotes by Boomer Esiason
An increase in the relative price of products from the low wage manufacturers in Asia and Latin America will also make those products less attractive to American consumers. ~ Martin Feldstein
Toppan Usa quotes by Martin Feldstein
If you take advantage of everything that America has to offer, there's nothing you can't accomplish. ~ Geraldine Ferraro
Toppan Usa quotes by Geraldine Ferraro
I've come to believe that the function of torture in our society is not about getting information, in spite of what we might want to believe. It is merely about power. It tells the world that there is now no limit to what we will do when we feel threatened. ~ Nick Flynn
Toppan Usa quotes by Nick Flynn
God's Creation gives usa model for making and sharing homes with people, but the reality of God's Trinitarian life suggests that Christian hospitality goes farther than that. We are not meant simply to invite people into our homes, but also to invite them into our lives. Having guests and visitors, if we do it right, is not an imposition, because we are not meant to rearrange our lives for our guests - we are meant to invite our guests to enter into our lives as they are. It is this forging of relationships that transforms entertianment ... into hospitality ... As writer Karen Burton Mains puts it, Visitors may be more than guests in our home. if they like, they may be friends. ~ Lauren F. Winner
Toppan Usa quotes by Lauren F. Winner
Given the daunting challenges that we face, it's important that president elect Obama is prepared to really take power and begin to rule day one. ~ Valerie Jarrett
Toppan Usa quotes by Valerie Jarrett
The USA demanding that North Korea halt its nuclear program is akin to the fox demanding that the hens open their coup. ~ Steven Magee
Toppan Usa quotes by Steven Magee
I wrote all the lyrics on 'Good Vibrations' and most of them in 'Kokomo.' 'Kokomo' was extremely popular and fun to sing - it's probably one of the bigger sing-along songs in our show. But then 'Help Me Rhonda,' 'Surfin' USA' and 'California Girls' and 'I Get Around' and 'Fun, Fun, Fun' are great songs as well. ~ Mike Love
Toppan Usa quotes by Mike Love
After the USA, Germany today is once more the leading steel producing country in the world. ~ Adolf Hitler
Toppan Usa quotes by Adolf Hitler
My decision to return to the MLS is one that I have made with thoughtful consideration. ~ Landon Donovan
Toppan Usa quotes by Landon Donovan
Everyone warned her that the U.S. was a difficult place where even the Devil got his ass beat ~ Junot Diaz
Toppan Usa quotes by Junot Diaz
Here is the thing, though, the real, true thing I still have trouble admitting: I can't protect you from everything...I can't protect you from spending a lifetime caught between the beautiful dream of a diverse nation and the complicated reality of one. I can't even protect you from the simple fact that sometimes, the people who love us will choose a world that doesn't. ~ Mira Jacob
Toppan Usa quotes by Mira Jacob
Fuck me. This man was insanely hot, not someone I expected to come across out here. This was the middle of nowhere USA, not the Australian outback for Christ's sake. ~ Penelope Ward
Toppan Usa quotes by Penelope Ward
Sometimes we're the big game in town. Other times, we're kind of a side show.
(on Manchester City) ~ Claudio Reyna
Toppan Usa quotes by Claudio Reyna
Immigration is a necessary and good thing for our great nation. But it must be orderly and structured. It must be liberally embraced, yet conservatively managed. ~ Hendrith Vanlon Smith Jr
Toppan Usa quotes by Hendrith Vanlon Smith  Jr
In a large sense, Main Street is the American origin story. It's an evocation of the American creation tale, and the kick is that the American origin story is a never-ending one, a perpetual tale of creation and re-creation, an eternal now. ~ Leslie Le Mon
Toppan Usa quotes by Leslie Le Mon
It's difficult to compare coaches. ~ Cobi Jones
Toppan Usa quotes by Cobi Jones
I sometimes think that the saving grace of America lies in the fact that the overwhelming majority of Americans are possessed of two great qualities- a sense of humor and a sense of proportion. ~ Franklin D. Roosevelt
Toppan Usa quotes by Franklin D. Roosevelt
The AMA virtually stopped the Rife treatment in 1939, first by threatening the physicians using Rife's instrument, then by forcing Rife into court ... During the period 1935 to early 1939, the leading laboratory for electronic or energy medicine in the USA, in New Jersy, was independently verifying Rife's discoveries ... (this) laboratory was "mysteriously" burned to the ground ... Rife's treatment was ruthlessly suppressed by the AMA's Morris Fishbein. ~ Barry Lynes
Toppan Usa quotes by Barry Lynes
We made a successful, last-minute effort to get the French Open many years ago, when the USA network bailed on it. I remember, four of us jumped on a plane on the spur of the moment to cover it. I think we had someone draw up a sign (by hand) that we could hold up in front of the camera to tell viewers that it was ESPN coverage. ~ Patrick McEnroe
Toppan Usa quotes by Patrick McEnroe
Of late, attempts have been made in the USA - at a high level and in a rather cynical form - to play the "Chinese card" against the USSR. This is a shortsighted and dangerous policy. ~ Leonid Brezhnev
Toppan Usa quotes by Leonid Brezhnev
WHO's to blame, Mr. President?
Certainly not you. ~ Anthony T. Hincks.
Toppan Usa quotes by Anthony T. Hincks.
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