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Before man ventures into daydreams about his futuristic society, he should
first immerse himself in the nothingness of his being, and finally restore life to what it is all about: a working hypothesis. ~ Tomislav Sunic
Tomislav Karamarko quotes by Tomislav Sunic
We, the present-day political leaders, are called upon to take responsibility for making joint decisions upon which the prosperity of future generations will heavily depend. Serbia may be a small country yet, through partner cooperation with others, it can confront all challenges and address problems that overcome its capacities. ~ Tomislav Nikolic
Tomislav Karamarko quotes by Tomislav Nikolic
Professionalism is like love: it is made up of the constant flow of little bits of proof that testify to devotion and care. Everything else is pretension or incompetence. ~ Tomislav Sola
Tomislav Karamarko quotes by Tomislav Sola
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