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The best programs are written so that computing machines can perform them quickly and so that human beings can understand them clearly. A programmer is ideally an essayist who works with traditional aesthetic and literary forms as well as mathematical concepts, to communicate the way that an algorithm works and to convince a reader that the results will be correct. ~ Donald Ervin Knuth
Tomasulo Algorithm quotes by Donald Ervin Knuth
Frankly, the reason I joined MENSA is because I was dating a guy at the time who spoke five languages and could solve a Rubik's Cube literally with his eyes closed because it's just an algorithm. ~ Ashley Rickards
Tomasulo Algorithm quotes by Ashley Rickards
An algorithm must be seen to be believed. ~ Donald Ervin Knuth
Tomasulo Algorithm quotes by Donald Ervin Knuth
Anyone, from the most clueless amateur to the best cryptographer, can create an algorithm that he himself can't break. ~ Bruce Schneier
Tomasulo Algorithm quotes by Bruce Schneier
But the Turing test cuts both ways. You can't tell if a machine has gotten smarter or if you've just lowered your own standards of intelligence to such a degree that the machine seems smart. If you can have a conversation with a simulated person presented by an AI program, can you tell how far you've let your sense of personhood degrade in order to make the illusion work for you?

People degrade themselves in order to make machines seem smart all the time. Before the crash, bankers believed in supposedly intelligent algorithms that could calculate credit risks before making bad loans. We ask teachers to teach to standardized tests so a student will look good to an algorithm. We have repeatedly demonstrated our species' bottomless ability to lower our standards to make information technology look good. Every instance of intelligence in a machine is ambiguous.

The same ambiguity that motivated dubious academic AI projects in the past has been repackaged as mass culture today. Did that search engine really know what you want, or are you playing along, lowering your standards to make it seem clever? While it's to be expected that the human perspective will be changed by encounters with profound new technologies, the exercise of treating machine intelligence as real requires people to reduce their mooring to reality. ~ Jaron Lanier
Tomasulo Algorithm quotes by Jaron Lanier
It was a toss-up which was more pointless: Arguing with an algorithm or talking back to his mother. ~ Ramez Naam
Tomasulo Algorithm quotes by Ramez Naam
You cannot invent an algorithm that is as good at recommending books as a good bookseller. ~ John Green
Tomasulo Algorithm quotes by John Green
I've come to understand that each person has to work out their own personal algorithm of courage. No two are the same, and it's no used trying to borrow or copy anyone else's. ~ J.R. Thornton
Tomasulo Algorithm quotes by J.R. Thornton
We know that no algorithm can solve global poverty; no pill can cure a chronic illness; no box of chocolates can mend a broken relationship; no educational DVD can transform a child into a baby Einstein; no drone strike can end a terrorist conflict. Sadly, there is no such thing as 'One Tip to a Flat Stomach.' ~ Carl Honore
Tomasulo Algorithm quotes by Carl Honore
Each algorithm is a feedback loop, taking an action, observing the resulting conditions, and taking another action after that. Again, and again, and again. It's an iterative process, in which the algorithms adjust themselves and their activity on every loop, responding less to the news on the ground than to one another. Such systems go out of control because the feedback of their own activity has become louder than the original signal. ~ Douglas Rushkoff
Tomasulo Algorithm quotes by Douglas Rushkoff
You want to evaluate future borrowers, but in order to train an algorithm that will help you identify future defaults, you have to train it and evaluate it on past data. ~ Anthony Goldbloom
Tomasulo Algorithm quotes by Anthony Goldbloom
The classes of problems which are respectively known and not
known to have good algorithms are of great theoretical interest. [ ... ]
I conjecture that there is no good algorithm for the traveling
salesman problem. My reasons are the same as for any mathematical
conjecture: (1) It is a legitimate mathematical possibility, and
(2) I do not know. ~ Jack Edmonds
Tomasulo Algorithm quotes by Jack Edmonds
Q5. Have not I merely shown that it is possible to outdo just a particular algorithmic procedure, A, by defeating it with the computation Cq(n)? Why does this show that I can do better than any A whatsoever?

The argument certainly does show that we can do better than any algorithm. This is the whole point of a reductio ad absurdum argument of this kind that I have used here. I think that an analogy might be helpful here. Some readers will know of Euclid's argument that there is no largest prime number. This, also, is a reductio ad absurdum. Euclid's argument is as follows. Suppose, on the contrary, that there is a largest prime; call it p. Now consider the product N of all the primes up to p and add 1:


N is certainly larger than p, but it cannot be divisible by any of the prime numbers 2,3,5...,p (since it leaves the remainder 1 on division); so either N is the required prime itself or it is composite-in which case it is divisible by a prime larger than p. Either way, there would have to be a prime larger than p, which contradicts the initial assumption that p is the largest prime. Hence there is no largest prime. The argument, being a reductio ad absurdum, does not merely show that a particular prime p can be defeated by finding a larger one; it shows that there cannot be any largest prime at all. Likewise, the Godel-Turing argument above does not merely show that a particular algorithm A can be defeated, it shows that there ~ Roger Penrose
Tomasulo Algorithm quotes by Roger Penrose
[The Euclidean algorithm is] the granddaddy of all algorithms, because it is the oldest nontrivial algorithm that has survived to the present day. ~ Donald Knuth
Tomasulo Algorithm quotes by Donald Knuth
To get the most out of an algorithm, you must be able to do more than simply follow its steps. You need to understand the following: The algorithm's behavior. Does it find the best possible solution, or does it just find a good solution? Could there be multiple best solutions? Is there a reason to pick one "best" solution over the others? The algorithm's speed. Is it fast? Slow? Is it usually fast but sometimes slow for certain inputs? The algorithm's memory requirements. How much memory will the algorithm need? Is this a reasonable amount? Does the algorithm require billions of terabytes more memory than a computer could possibly have (at least today)? The main techniques the algorithm uses. Can you reuse those techniques to solve similar problems? ~ Rod Stephens
Tomasulo Algorithm quotes by Rod Stephens
I suppose I sort of like effects that have some organic elements rather than ones that are entirely generated by a computer. Just because, no matter how complex the algorithm is, it's still an algorithm. ~ Richard Ayoade
Tomasulo Algorithm quotes by Richard Ayoade
Quality, relevant content can't be spotted by an algorithm. You can't subscribe to it. You need people - actual human beings - to create or curate it. ~ Kristina Halvorson
Tomasulo Algorithm quotes by Kristina Halvorson
The development of an organism ... may be considered as the execution of a 'developmental program' present in the fertilized egg ... A central task of developmental biology is to discover the underlying algorithm from the course of development. ~ Aristid Lindenmayer
Tomasulo Algorithm quotes by Aristid Lindenmayer
If you have a comprehensive explanation for everything then it decreases uncertainty and anxiety and reduces your cognitive load. And if you can use that simplifying algorithm to put yourself on the side of moral virtue then you're constantly a good person with a minimum of effort. ~ Jordan B. Peterson
Tomasulo Algorithm quotes by Jordan B. Peterson
I'd rather be judged by twelve than carried by six. It's a maxim, an oft-repeated rap lyric, a last-ditch rock and hard place algorithm that on the surface is about faith in the system but in reality means shoot first, put your trust in the public defender, and be thankful you still have your health. I ~ Paul Beatty
Tomasulo Algorithm quotes by Paul Beatty
Capablanca's phenomenal move-searching algorithm in those early years, when he possessed a wonderful ability for calculating variations very rapidly, made him invincible. ~ Mikhail Botvinnik
Tomasulo Algorithm quotes by Mikhail Botvinnik
Heuristic is an algorithm in a clown suit. It's less predictable, it's more fun, and it comes without a 30-day, money-back guarantee. ~ Steve McConnell
Tomasulo Algorithm quotes by Steve McConnell
But even when Facebook isn't deliberately exploiting its users, it is exploiting its users - its business model requires it. Even if you distance yourself from Facebook, you still live in the world that Facebook is shaping. Facebook, using our native narcissism and our desire to connect with other people, captured our attention and our behavioral data; it used this attention and data to manipulate our behavior, to the point that nearly half of America began relying on Facebook for news. Then, with the media both reliant on Facebook as a way of reaching readers and powerless against the platform's ability to suck up digital advertising revenue - it was like a paperboy who pocketed all the subscription money - Facebook bent the media's economic model to match its own practices: publications needed to capture attention quickly and consistently trigger high emotional responses to be seen at all. The result, in 2016, was an unending stream of Trump stories, both from the mainstream news and from the fringe outlets that were buoyed by Facebook's algorithm. What began as a way for Zuckerberg to harness collegiate misogyny and self-interest has become the fuel for our whole contemporary nightmare, for a world that fundamentally and systematically misrepresents human needs. ~ Jia Tolentino
Tomasulo Algorithm quotes by Jia Tolentino
Noll tried to register Gaussian Quadratic with the US Copyright Office at the Library of Congress, another body perplexed by the works on display. His request was originally denied "since a machine had generated the work."10 He explained that a human being had written the program that, through a mix of randomness and order, generated the work. The Library of Congress again declined: randomness was unacceptable. Noll finally argued that although the numbers produced by the program appeared random, "the algorithm generating them was perfectly mathematical and not random at all," and the work was finally patented. ~ Zabet Patterson
Tomasulo Algorithm quotes by Zabet Patterson
Fake Math owes its existence to a number of things and people who have inspired and assisted this book on its way into the world. ~ Ryan Fitzpatrick
Tomasulo Algorithm quotes by Ryan Fitzpatrick
How much ever hard you may try to program your mind to be logical, the 'stupid heart' creates an superior algorithm suited to it ! ~ Deep Bisht
Tomasulo Algorithm quotes by Deep Bisht
A formal parsing algorithm should not always be used. ~ David Gries
Tomasulo Algorithm quotes by David Gries
Love was not specified in the design of your brain; it is merely an endearing algorithm that freeloads on the leftover processing cycles. ~ David Eagleman
Tomasulo Algorithm quotes by David Eagleman
One of the key algorithms of compassionate artificial intelligence is Mother-Infant Inter-brain Synchrony algorithm, which mimics the brain-to-brain synchrony of gaze, facial expressions, touch and heart rhythms of mother and child. ~ Amit Ray
Tomasulo Algorithm quotes by Amit Ray
An algorithm is like a recipe. ~ Waseem Latif
Tomasulo Algorithm quotes by Waseem Latif
[With AI] Somebody's going to have to think of a completely new algorithm, a new way of doing goal-based planning. ~ Tim Berners-Lee
Tomasulo Algorithm quotes by Tim Berners-Lee
Once you succeed in writing the programs for [these] complicated algorithms, they usually run extremely fast. The computer doesn't need to understand the algorithm, its task is only to run the programs. ~ Robert Tarjan
Tomasulo Algorithm quotes by Robert Tarjan
In comparison, Google is brilliant because it uses an algorithm that ranks Web pages by the number of links to them, with those links themselves valued by the number of links to their page of origin. ~ Michael Shermer
Tomasulo Algorithm quotes by Michael Shermer
Every creature is a living instruction that runs the algorithm of nature. ~ Joey Lawsin
Tomasulo Algorithm quotes by Joey Lawsin
No one knows what the right algorithm is, but it gives us hope that if we can discover some crude approximation of whatever this algorithm is and implement it on a computer, that can help us make a lot of progress. ~ Andrew Ng
Tomasulo Algorithm quotes by Andrew Ng
If you're concerned about scalability, any algorithm that forces you to run agreement will eventually become your bottleneck. Take that as a given. ~ Werner Vogels
Tomasulo Algorithm quotes by Werner Vogels
In the early part of the ninth century, Muhammad ibn Musa al-Khwarizmi, a mathematician working in Baghdad, wrote a seminal textbook in which he highlighted the usefulness of restoring a quantity being subtracted (like 2, above) by adding it to the other side of an equation. He called this process al-jabr (Arabic for "restoring"), which later morphed into "algebra." Then, long after his death, he hit the etymological jackpot again. His own name, al-Khwarizmi, lives on today in the word "algorithm. ~ Steven H. Strogatz
Tomasulo Algorithm quotes by Steven H. Strogatz
The problem with digital architecture is that an algorithm can produce endless variations, so an architect has many choices. ~ Peter Eisenman
Tomasulo Algorithm quotes by Peter Eisenman
In mathematics, there's a name for this short-term greed, the process of always choosing the option that gives you instant gratification. It's called the "greedy algorithm," and following it almost always leads to a plateau. ~ Bob Sullivan
Tomasulo Algorithm quotes by Bob Sullivan
We don't need less kids, just more middle managers ... ~ Ryan Fitzpatrick
Tomasulo Algorithm quotes by Ryan Fitzpatrick
Intelligence isn't just about how many levels of math courses you've taken, how fast you can solve an algorithm, or how many vocabulary words you know that are over 6 characters. It's about being able to approach a new problem, recognize its important components, and solve it - then take that knowledge gained and put it towards solving the next, more complex problem. It's about innovation and imagination, and about being able to put that to use to make the world a better place. This is the kind of intelligence that is valuable, and this is the type of intelligence we should be striving for and encouraging. ~ Andrea Kuszewsk
Tomasulo Algorithm quotes by Andrea Kuszewsk
The scientists not only sanctified human feelings, but also found an excellent evolutionary reason to do so. After Darwin, biologists began explaining that feelings are complex algorithms honed by evolution to help animals make correct decisions. Our love, our fear and our passion aren't some nebulous spiritual phenomena good only for composing poetry. Rather, they encapsulate millions of years of practical wisdom. When you read the Bible you are getting advice from a few priests and rabbis who lived in ancient Jerusalem. In contrast, when you listen to your feelings, you follow an algorithm that evolution has developed for millions of years, and that withstood the harshest quality-control tests of natural selection. Your feelings are the voice of millions of ancestors, each of whom managed to survive and reproduce in an unforgiving environment. ~ Yuval Noah Harari
Tomasulo Algorithm quotes by Yuval Noah Harari
Dataism adopts a strictly functional approach to humanity, appraising the value of human experiences according to their function in data-processing mechanisms. If we develop an algorithm that fulfils the same function better, human experiences will lose their value. Thus if we can replace not just taxi drivers and doctors but also lawyers, poets and musicians with superior computer programs, why should we care if these programs have no consciousness and no subjective experiences? If some humanist starts adulating the sacredness of human experience, Dataists would dismiss such sentimental humbug. 'The experience you praise is just an outdated biochemical algorithm. In the African savannah 70,000 years ago, that algorithm was state-of-the-art. Even in the twentieth century it was vital for the army and for the economy. But soon we will have much better algorithms. ~ Yuval Noah Harari
Tomasulo Algorithm quotes by Yuval Noah Harari
Another lesson is that smart professionals might give an instruction to a program based on a sensible-seeming and normally sound assumption (e.g. that trading volume is a good measure of market liquidity), and that this can produce catastrophic results when the program continues to act on the instruction with iron-clad logical consistency even in the unanticipated situation where the assumption turns out to be invalid. The algorithm just does what it does; and unless it is a very special kind of algorithm, it does not care that we clasp our heads and gasp in dumbstruck horror at the absurd inappropriateness of its actions. This is a theme that we will encounter again. ~ Nick Bostrom
Tomasulo Algorithm quotes by Nick Bostrom
We at Google have made tremendous advances in understanding language. Our knowledge graph has been fundamental to that. The new algorithm that we launched today called Hummingbird has been a great leap forward. ~ Amit Singhal
Tomasulo Algorithm quotes by Amit Singhal
Dawes observed that the complex statistical algorithm adds little or no value. One can do just as well by selecting a set of scores that have some validity for predicting the outcome and adjusting the values to make them comparable (by using standard scores or ranks). A formula that combines these predictors with equal weights is likely to be just as accurate in predicting new cases as the multiple-regression formula that was optimal in the original sample. More recent research went further: formulas that assign equal weights to all the predictors are often superior, because they are not affected by accidents of sampling. ~ Daniel Kahneman
Tomasulo Algorithm quotes by Daniel Kahneman
I hadn't known this about love: that you did not need to deserve it. I thought there was a set of criteria, like a good sense of humor and looks and wealth. You could compensate deficiencies in one area with excellence in another, hence rich, ugly men with beautiful wives. But there was an algorithm involved. That was why I thought I was unloved: I didn't score highly enough. I had made some attempts to improve my score and also told myself I didn't care because that was what women wanted, something fake and temporary, I would rather be alone. And sometimes I was just lazy and would rather code things. But here I was soaking in a bath of my own filth with Lola scrubbing my shoulders, and what algorithm could explain that? That problem was nonhalting. ~ Max Barry
Tomasulo Algorithm quotes by Max Barry
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