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#1. In my typical way, I declined to respond, saying that I didn't want anyone to run to a store just because I endorsed a trend. Besides, a trend is good only if it works for you, your wardrobe, and your lifestyle. - Author: Tim Gunn
To Run To quotes by Tim Gunn
#2. The phrase Where I told you to run, so we'd both be free is the most troubling because at first you think he's talking about when he told her to flee, presumably to safety. But then you wonder if he meant for her to run to him. To death. - Author: Suzanne Collins
To Run To quotes by Suzanne Collins
#3. You have to trust me, my love. There has only been you. I know who you are. You are my queen. You always have been."
I couldn't look at him, but I could feel his gaze on me. So pained and tender that I fought the need to run to him, to comfort him. But I couldn't push out the image of the woman in the glass garden. I couldn't forget Gauri's necklace encrusted with blood. I couldn't forget how he had hinted at some latent power within me, and yet I couldn't move a single thread on the tapestry.
I couldn't forget his lies.
"Go near that tree and I will lose you forever," he said fiercely. "Your memories won't keep. Your powers will be gone." Amar staggered toward me, and this time, I couldn't help but look at him. His eyes held mine in a firm, unyielding gaze. "Jaani, I put too much of myself and my own memories into the tree. - Author: Roshani Chokshi
To Run To quotes by Roshani Chokshi
#4. Nearly all runners do their slow runs too fast, and their fast runs too slow." Ken Mierke says. "So they're just training their bodies to burn sugar, which is the last thing a distance runner wants. You've got enough fat stored to run to California, so the more you train your body to burn fat instead of sugar, the longer your limited sugar tank is going to last."
-The way to activate your fat-burning furnace is by staying below your aerobic threshold
your hard-breathing point
during your endurance runs. - Author: Christopher McDougall
To Run To quotes by Christopher McDougall
#5. ... and left decimated. Not for myself, but for all the single women out there trying to date. I wanted to run to the top of the Empire State Building and make an announcement to all of them to let them know they are worth so much more than this. That they don't need to wrangle some warm body to sit next to them just so they aren't alone on holidays. That they should never let a magazine or dating site or matchmaker monster tell them they're in a lower bracket of desirability because of their age or weight or face or sense of humor. - Author: Amy Schumer
To Run To quotes by Amy Schumer
#6. To divert myself from a troublesome fancy, it is but to run to my books; they presently fix me to them, and drive the other out of my thoughts, and do not mutiny to see that I have only recourse to them for want of other more, real, natural, and lively conveniences; they always receive me with the same kindness. - Author: Michel De Montaigne
To Run To quotes by Michel De Montaigne
#7. Being alone is a terrible, terrible thing. There's no one to run to, no one to confide in, no one who cares what happens to you. - Author: Richelle Mead
To Run To quotes by Richelle Mead
#8. I love characters who are clever and smart, and you have to run to catch up with. I think there's something very appealing and rather heroic in that. - Author: David Tennant
To Run To quotes by David Tennant
#9. If I have a day off, I want to get on a plane and go to Paris! If I have a couple hours off work, I want to run to the market and make a four-course meal. I like to do things that are unexpected. - Author: Ali Larter
To Run To quotes by Ali Larter
#10. If you choose to see everything as a miracle, then where you are right now is perfect. There is nowhere to run to; there is nothing else to do except be in this moment and allow what is to be. From that place of radical acceptance, major change can happen. The first step in any transformational experience is acceptance and surrender to the present moment, the way that it is. From that place we have the awareness, humility and power to change what is. - Author: Mastin Kipp
To Run To quotes by Mastin Kipp
#11. You're still holding my arm."
"I know."
So this was it, she thought, and struggled to keep her voice. "Should I ask you to let go?"
"I wouldn't bother."
She drew a deep, steadying breath. "All right. What do you want, Roman?"
"To get this out of the way, for both of us."
He rose. Her step backward was instinctive, and much more surprising to her than to him. "I don't think that's a good idea."
"Neither do I." With his free hand, he gathered up her hair. It was soft, as he'd known it would be. Thick and full and so soft that his fingers dived in and were lost. "But I'd rather regret something I did than something I didn't do."
"I'd rather not regret at all."
"Too late." He heard her suck in her breath as he yanked her against him. "One way or the other, we'll both have plenty to regret."
He was deliberately rough. He knew how to be gentle, though he rarely put the knowledge into practice. With her, he could have been. Perhaps because he knew that, he shoved aside any desire for tenderness. He wanted to frighten her, to make certain that when he let her go she would run, run away from him, because he wanted so badly for her to run to him.
Buried deep in his mind was the hope that he could make her afraid enough, repelled enough, to send him packing. If she did, she would be safe from him, and he from her. He thought he could accomplish it quickly. Then, suddenly, it was impossible to think at all.
She tasted like heav - Author: Nora Roberts
To Run To quotes by Nora Roberts
#12. All the people within reach had suspended their business, or their idleness, to run to the spot and drink the wine. The rough, irregular stones of the street, pointing every way, and designed, one might have thought, expressly to lame all living creatures that approached them, had dammed it into little pools; these were surrounded, each by its own jostling group or crowd, according to its size. Some men kneeled down, made scoops of their two hands joined, and sipped, or tried to help women, who bent over their shoulders, to sip, before the wine had all run out between their fingers. Others, men and women, dipped in the puddles with little mugs of mutilated earthenware, or even with handkerchiefs from women's heads, which were squeezed dry into infants' mouths; others made small mud-embankments, to stem the wine as it ran; others, directed by lookers-on up at high windows, darted here and there, to cut off little streams of wine that started away in new directions; others devoted themselves to the sodden and lee-dyed pieces of the cask, licking, and even champing the moister wine-rotted fragments with eager relish. There was no drainage to carry off the wine, and not only did it all get taken up, but so much mud got taken up along with it, that there might have been a scavenger in the street, if anybody acquainted with it could have believed in such a miraculous presence. - Author: Charles Dickens
To Run To quotes by Charles Dickens
#13. I know what you are thinking. You can't now fathom ever forgetting to think about me. You're afraid that if you move forward, it will take you further away from me. This is a common misconception shared by many people and it delays their healing... It keeps you stuck in you grief and it's only because you are still clinging to me. You think if you stop grieving that you will lose me. Maybe you even feel if you let go of me that you are abandoning me; maybe you feel that you will hurt my feelings because if it were the other way around you would not ever want me to forget about you. You are afraid that if you love again that you will grow away from me.
I am Here! I am here, waiting to run to you when the time comes. It's unconditional. It's forever. - Author: Kate McGahan
To Run To quotes by Kate McGahan
#14. It's that terrible moment when you're sitting still so still so still because you don't want them to see you cry you don't want to cry but your lips won't stop trembling and your eyes are filled to the brim with please and I beg you and please and I'm sorry and please and have mercy and maybe this time it'll be different but it's always the same. There's no one to run to for comfort. No one on your side. - Author: Tahereh Mafi
To Run To quotes by Tahereh Mafi
#15. Fartlek, or speed play, is variable-pace running that emphasizes creativity. During a 30-minute run, choose objects to run to - telephone poles, trees, buildings, other runners, whatever. Make choices that mark off different distances, so your pickups vary in length from 15 to 90 seconds, and modify your pace to match the distance. - Author: Don Kardong
To Run To quotes by Don Kardong
#16. Some instinct older than civilization was telling her to run, to flee.
She didn't move. - Author: L.J.Smith
To Run To quotes by L.J.Smith
#17. I'm glad that our music motivates people to exercise. If I had to pick just one song to run to, it would be 'Violet' by Hole. It makes me want to run. - Author: Fergie
To Run To quotes by Fergie
#18. As the saw teeth caught on the bone, she had performed a second surgery, one less bloody but no less brutal, excising from his heart the impulse to run, to cower, to let the man bleed to death rather than face the horror of saving him. The amputation had left both patients lighter. p 121-122 - Author: Anthony Marra
To Run To quotes by Anthony Marra
#19. I don't know why it is, but women who have anything to do with Opera, even if they're only studying for it, always appear to run to surplus poundage. - Author: P.G. Wodehouse
To Run To quotes by P.G. Wodehouse
#20. Well I was born to run, to get ahead of the rest. And all that I wanted was to be the best Just to feel free and be someone I was born to be fast, I was born to run . - Author: Emmylou Harris
To Run To quotes by Emmylou Harris
#21. God is only as far as we imagine Him to be. It's our fleshly desire not to run to Him that is ultimately our downfall. - Author: Alan De Jager
To Run To quotes by Alan De Jager
#22. I don't hide my feelings, but when it comes to illness, I guess I don't panic. My father was the same way. I'm the provider for the family and the caretaker. If I panic, who is anybody going to run to? - Author: Curt Schilling
To Run To quotes by Curt Schilling
#23. The psychic said I would have two children. This makes me shake my head. I know you are not supposed to leave a baby alone. Not even for a minute. But after a while I think, What could happen to a baby in the time it would take for me to run to the corner for a cappuccino on the go? So I do it, I run to the corner and get the cappuccino. And then I think how close the store is that is having the sale on leather gloves. Really, I think, it is only a couple of blocks. So I go to the store and buy the gloves. And it hits me--how long it has been since I have gone to a movie. A matinee! So I do that, too. I go to a movie. And when I come out of the theater it occurs to me that it has been years since I have been to Paris. Years. So I go to Paris, and come back three months later and find a skeleton in the crib. - Author: Amy Hempel
To Run To quotes by Amy Hempel
#24. Children need to know that they matter, that someone in this big, scary, beautiful world thinks that they are the sun, moon, and stars all rolled into one lovable little human. The world will hurt and disillusion them at times, no doubt, but knowing that they are loved beyond measure by someone who's got their back, knowing they are not alone, knowing they always have arms to run to when they're hurt or afraid, will help them to pick themselves up and move on, again and again and again. - Author: L.R. Knost
To Run To quotes by L.R. Knost
#25. If you tell a kid not to run to a water slide, he/she will walk for 2 steps, then start running again. - Author: Brian Regan
To Run To quotes by Brian Regan
#26. Personal sympathy has helped me on very much. My husband from first to last has watched every picture with delight, and it is my daily habit to run to him with every glass upon which a fresh glory is newly stamped, and to listen to his enthusiastic applause. This habit of running into the dining-room with my wet pictures has stained such an immense quantity of table linen with nitrate of silver, indelible stains, that I should have been banished from any less indulgent household. - Author: Julia Margaret Cameron
To Run To quotes by Julia Margaret Cameron
#27. Fear left unrestrained always leaves us running 'from' something. Fear harnessed compels us to run 'to' something. And fear denied leaves us running in circles. - Author: Craig D. Lounsbrough
To Run To quotes by Craig D. Lounsbrough
#28. There, standing before the mausoleum, Michael's anxiety skyrocketed. His heart raced. His head spun. His stomach turned. For a few moments, he really thought he was going to have to run to the bushes and puke. He'd never heard of a ghost being able to actually curse someone, but he didn't want to risk it by vomiting on Bluidy Mackenzie's front lawn. - Author: Jacqueline E. Smith
To Run To quotes by Jacqueline E. Smith
#29. As she started down the large staircase, she saw him. The desire to be near him suddenly became a physical presence. Whoa.
Today Blake stood in his shady spot with Livia's smile echoed on his face. She had to force herself not to run to him. - Author: Debra Anastasia
To Run To quotes by Debra Anastasia
#30. I think God is out there in the dark right past the spotlight, watching me perform this song called life. He knows I'm under-qualified, scared,not good enough, not even normal.
But I don't think He's waiting for mistakes or counting the mess-ups. I think He's a Parent waiting to jump to His feet in applause. And when it's all done, when I'm finally walking toward Him, I don't think He is even going to remember the keys I missed or the mistakes I made. Instead I think He is going to run to embrace me and say, "I'm so proud of you. You were amazing! I love you so much. - Author: Nathan Clarkson
To Run To quotes by Nathan Clarkson
#31. If your boy's alive, the last thing you should want to do is double his trouble. Don't try to run to him when he's in something thick unless you can bring him the answer ... If you raised your boy how you should've, then you know he's fighting with what he's got. If he dies, then you'll know he died trying, and that's as much as you can ask ... Ted's gone. But he left you a son made out of the same stuff he was, and don't you underestimate him. If you know Tom, then you'll have some faith in the boy. The odds might be long, but I'll bet on him. - Author: N.D. Wilson
To Run To quotes by N.D. Wilson
#32. A short story is a sprint, a novel is a marathon. Sprinters have seconds to get from here to there and then they are finished. Marathoners have to carefully pace themselves so that they don't run out of energy (or in the case of the novelist
ideas) because they have so far to run. To mix the metaphor, writing a short story is like having a short intense affair, whereas writing a novel is like a long rich marriage. - Author: Jonathan Carroll
To Run To quotes by Jonathan Carroll
#33. HEAVENLY FATHER, thank you for hearing my prayer and rescuing me because you are faithful and good. Forgive me for the times when I have exhausted my meager resources before calling out to you. When I am poor and needy and my heart is full of pain, prompt me to run to you first and to find rest in your faithfulness and goodness. In you, O Lord, I put my trust. - Author: Cheri Fuller
To Run To quotes by Cheri Fuller
#34. Being older, I began to understand the lyrics. At the beginning, it sounds like a guy is trying to get his girlfriend to secretly meet up with him at midnight. But it's an odd place for a tryst, a hanging tree, where a man was hung for murder. The murderer's lover must have had something to do with the killing, or maybe they were just going to punish her anyway, because his corpse called out for her to flee. That's weird obviously, the talking-corpse bit, but it's not until the third verse that "The Hanging Tree" begins to get unnerving. You realize the singer of the song is the dead murderer. He's still in the hanging tree. And even though he told his lover to flee, he keeps asking if she's coming to meet him. The phrase Where I told you to run, so we'd both be free is the most troubling because at first you think he's talking about when he told her to flee, presumably to safety. But then you wonder if he meant for her to run to him. To death. In the final stanza, it's clear that that's what he was waiting for. His lover, with her rope necklace, hanging dead next to him in the tree.

I used to think the murderer was the creepiest guy imaginable. Now, with a couple of trips to the Hunger Games under my belt, I decide not to judge him without knowing more details. Maybe his lover was already sentenced to death and he was trying to make it easier. To let her know he'd be waiting. Or maybe he thought the place he was leaving her was really worse than death. Didn't I wa - Author: Suzanne Collins
To Run To quotes by Suzanne Collins
#35. Did I ever tell you about Asin? She is the wild woman of the woods. It's an old story of the People. My mom used to tell me about Asin. Asin couldn't bear being married or having children or having friends. She always wanted to run wild. She ran wild through the woods. If you saw her running you had to run to water as fast as you could and drink or her restlessness would come into you like a thirst that could never be quenched. She was happy and unhappy. She had wild long hair and she was very tall and she ran like the wind. When you saw dunegrass rippling in a line she was running through it. When the wind changed direction suddenly that was Asin. She was never satisfied or content and so she ran and ran and ran. She would grab men who were fishing alone and make love to them and then throw them down on the ground and run away weeping. She would grab children who wandered too far alone in the woods but she would return them to the same spot after three days and run away again. She would listen to women talking by the fire or working in the village or gathering berries but if they invited her to join them she ran away. You could hear her crying sometimes when the sun went down. She wanted something but she never knew what it was so she had nothing. She was as free as anyone ever could be and she was trapped. When I was young I wanted to be Asin. Many times I wanted to be Asin. So do you, Nora. I know. It's okay. It's alright. My sweet love. Poor Asin. Sometimes I think to be - Author: Brian Doyle
To Run To quotes by Brian  Doyle
#36. When I decided to follow Jesus that night in Atlanta, I assumed that becoming a Christian would make life easier. I thought the rest of my life would be smiling and smooth sailing. I assumed I wouldn't be tempted by women and partying and acceptance and all the things that I'd been a slave to for so many years. I thought I would walk around with a continual inner peace and serenity like Gandhi or something. This turns out to be a lie that too many people believe. You'll actually experience more temptation, not less, after you become a Christian. Following Jesus doesn't mean you'll start living perfectly overnight. It certainly doesn't mean that your problems will disappear. Rather than ridding you of problems or temptations, following Jesus just means that you have a place - no, a person - to run to when they come. And the power to overcome them. - Author: Lecrae Moore
To Run To quotes by Lecrae Moore
#37. When you meet the man you want to be with for life, you'll want to run to him and not away from him. - Author: Laura Frantz
To Run To quotes by Laura Frantz
#38. I needed some real danger and some mortal risk to run, to tranquilize me. - Author: Thomas-Alexandre Dumas
To Run To quotes by Thomas-Alexandre Dumas
#39. Your story should open as a door to the reader, where the action has already begun and they have to run to keep up. - Author: Davis Bunn
To Run To quotes by Davis Bunn
#40. You cannot learn to fly by flying. First you must learn to walk, to run, to climb, to dance. - Author: Friedrich Nietzsche
To Run To quotes by Friedrich Nietzsche
#41. More helicopters hovered to the south, and a large troop carrier lifted off the ground a mile ahead. These weren't the same helicopters Rick had left behind in Tennessee. These were new ones from North Carolina. They must have had a plan, but Rick wasn't in any hurry to run to his doom. He slowed down to seventy miles per hour and looked at Renee.
"I love you, too," he said.
Renee's heart lurched into her throat. The reserved look on his face was something she wasn't used to seeing. "Do you think this is it?"
"I don't know." He looked again at the fuel gauge.
She put her hand over the gauge, covering it from his view. "Do you remember what you told me once?"
Rick smiled. "That, sometimes, it's best not to know."
"Just don't quit on me. Don't make this a worthless gesture." Renee forced him to look at her.
Rick feared running out of fuel in the middle of these mountains. He feared the fury of the Firebird's losing power, rolling to a stop, becoming helpless, and giving all these patrolmen a chance to catch up to them and gun them down like Bonnie and Clyde. Surely, they would use lethal force and nothing else.
But as long as that engine ran and Rick was behind the wheel, they had a chance to live. And every second of life mattered.
"OK, just hang on," he said, meeting her gaze. He reached over and kissed her gently.
Renee relished the kiss, closing her eyes and then opening them wide to take in the mountains. Did it h - Author: Rich Hoffman
To Run To quotes by Rich Hoffman
#42. I was out on a lonely road that stretched forever into the darkness. I wanted to run, to get away from him, but it was so dark, I was afraid of where I was going. - Author: Christina Dodd
To Run To quotes by Christina Dodd
#43. Even in the weak morning light trickling through the bakery's window, Wylan could see how weary Colm looked. "I made some big mistakes."
Wylan drew a line on the floor with his finger. "You gave him someone to run to. No matter what he did or what went wrong. I think that's bigger than the big mistakes."
"See now? That's why he likes you. I know, I know - it's none of my business, and I have no idea if he'd be good for you. Probably bring you ten kinds of headache. But I think you'd be good for him."
Wylan's face heated. He knew how much Colm loved Jesper, had seen it in every gesture he'd made. It meant something that he thought Wylan was good enough for his son. - Author: Leigh Bardugo
To Run To quotes by Leigh Bardugo
#44. Even today I am willing to volunteer to do the dirty work for Israel, to have everyone hate us, to pull the rug from underneath the feet of the Diaspora Jews, so that they will be forced to run to us crying. Even if it means blowing up one or two synagogues here and there, I don't care. - Author: Ariel Sharon
To Run To quotes by Ariel Sharon
#45. When I'm with you, every emotion I can possibly feel comes spilling out. I drown in them. I want to run to you, and I want to run away. - Author: Tarryn Fisher
To Run To quotes by Tarryn Fisher
#46. It is this nothingness (in solitude) that I have to face in my solitude, a nothingness so dreadful that everything in me wants to run to my friends, my work, and my distractions so that I can forget my nothingness and make myself believe that I am worth something. The task is to persevere in my solitude, to stay in my cell until all my seductive visitors get tired of pounding on my door and leave me alone. The wisdom of the desert is that the confrontation with our own frightening nothingness forces us to surrender ourselves totally and unconditionally to the Lord Jesus Christ. - Author: Henri J.M. Nouwen
To Run To quotes by Henri J.M. Nouwen
#47. I missed the anonymity-the ability to run to the market without running into my third-grade teacher.
I missed the nightlife-the knowledge that if I wanted to, there was always an occasion to get dressed up and head out for dinner and drinks.
I missed the restaurants-the Asian, the Thai, the Italian the Indian. I was already tired of mashed potatoes and canned green beans.
I missed the culture- the security that comes from being on the touring schedule of the major Broadway musicals.
I missed the shopping-the funky boutiques, the eclectic shops, the browsing.
I missed the city. - Author: Ree Drummond
To Run To quotes by Ree Drummond
#48. An Evangelists heart cry is for the lost, not so much on maturing the saints, or weeding sin out of
the church, or pastoring the flock, but for the lost to see Christ, and the sin he bore for them, and
cry out for them to run to Him! - Author: Billy Witt
To Run To quotes by Billy Witt
#49. I found her today.
I found that little girl that was me.
I saw her from such a distance...
I saw her and I wanted to run to her
to hold her
to protect her from all
that was so very wrong in her world.
My heart raced as I thought back...
As I thought of how scared
and quiet
and painfully shy she was.
I wanted to race to her
to tell her she would be OK
to tell her that she would
live through her hell...
that she would live through it all
and grow to be so very strong...
She would never have to hide again.
And she would find others like her
and give them the same comfort.
I wanted to tell her of Love.

And when I made it all the way
to where she was laying,
I paused at the beauty of her.
I stood there as she looked at me
she yawned, and she smiled,
put down her book,
stretched out her arms to me,
and said
'I have been waiting for you.
I love you - Author: Anonymous
To Run To quotes by Anonymous
#50. I wanted to run to Baethan. To throw my arms around his waist and hold him close. To feel the warmth of his body next to mine and the strong arms that never failed me. But I was afraid, nervous, and anxious for my Gran and the secrets he harbored. It held me back. I chose to stare instead, my heart pounding, in the hopes that he would turn to me first. - Author: Nikki Landis
To Run To quotes by Nikki Landis
#51. Soon, the whole world would be searching for her
Linh Cinder.
A deformed cyborg with a missing foot.
A Lunar with a stolen identity.
A mechanic with no one to run to, nowhere to go.
But they will be looking for a ghost. - Author: Marissa Meyer
To Run To quotes by Marissa Meyer
#52. The crowd as silent,holding their breaths.Hot wind rustled in the trees as the ax gleamed in the sun.Luce could feel that the end was coming,but why? Why had her soul dragged her here? What insight abouther past,or the curse, could she possibly gain from having her head cut off?
Then Daniel dropped the ax to the ground.
"What are you doing?" Luce asked.
Daniel didn't answer.He rolled back his shoulders, turned his face toward the sky, and flung out her arms. Zotz stepped forward to interfere,but when he touched Daniel's shoulder,he screamed and recoiled as if he'd been burned.
And then-
Daniel's white wings unfurled from his shoulders.As they extended fully from his sides,huge and shockingly bright against the parched brown landscape, they sent twenty Mayans hurtling backward.
Shouts rang out around the cenote:
"What is he?"
"The boy is winged!"
"He is a god! Sent to us by Chaat!"
Luce thrashed against the ropes binding her wrists and her ankles.She needed to run to Daniel.She tried to move toward him,until-
Until she couldn't move anymore.
Daniel's wings were so bright they were almost unbearable. Only, now it wasn't just Daniel's wings that were glowing. It was...all of him. His entire body shone.As if he'd swallowed the sun.
Music filled the air.No,not music, but a single harmonious chord.Deafening and unending,glorious and frightening.
Luce had heard it before...somewhere. In the cemetery at Sword&C - Author: Lauren Kate
To Run To quotes by Lauren Kate
#53. It is better to endure a storm than to run to the wrong shelter. - Author: Matshona Dhliwayo
To Run To quotes by Matshona Dhliwayo
#54. I feel like I got a good jump on the ball. I turned my head and picked a spot out to run to. I was able to look back at the ball real quick again and it fell right into my glove. - Author: Trot Nixon
To Run To quotes by Trot Nixon
#55. Running is a huge category for us. To be able to run to work and have lightweight, breathable, windproof materials you can chuck in your bag that work on technical level but also on a lifestyle level are really important to me. I work out - and I think most people do - and I want to encourage women and inspire them in a way that fits in with their lifestyle. - Author: Stella McCartney
To Run To quotes by Stella McCartney
#56. I want to run. To do what I always do, have always done, for the last five years of my life. Escape, flee into the shadows. But this time, I stand my ground. I'm tired of running. - Author: Marie Lu
To Run To quotes by Marie Lu
#57. The safe thing always is to run. To just assume you're too fucked up to do anything that remotely resembles normal. The good wife. The doting father. The safe thing to do is to be satisfied with being abnormal. To accept being fucked up. And to be alone in your abnormality and fucked-uppedness. To know that you are bad and alone and there's no fixing it or even wanting to. To not do the work. - Author: Stacey May Fowles
To Run To quotes by Stacey May Fowles
#58. I saw no reason why childhood shouldn't last forever. So I created clothes that worked and moved and allowed people to run, to jump, to leap, to retain their precious freedom. - Author: Mary Quant
To Run To quotes by Mary Quant
#59. If the poor overweight jogger only knew how far he had to run to work off the calories in a crust of bread he might find it better in terms of pound per mile to go to a massage parlor. - Author: Christiaan Barnard
To Run To quotes by Christiaan Barnard
#60. But I do know that everything happens for a purpose. These things, they make us stronger, emotionally. And when we have a God to run to that loves us, it helps spiritually. The bible says that Jesus is our comforter and our helper. The memories of our past will always be there, but with Jesus on our side, your past won't hold you down. And right now, your past is keeping you down. - Author: Vickie Valladares
To Run To quotes by Vickie Valladares
#61. 16 There are d six things that the LORD hates, d seven that are an abomination to him: 17 e haughty eyes, f a lying tongue, and g hands that shed innocent blood, 18 h a heart that devises wicked plans, i feet that make haste to run to evil, 19 j a false witness who k breathes out lies, and one who a sows discord among brothers. - Author: Anonymous
To Run To quotes by Anonymous
#62. Percy, who had been investigating the tall reeds by the edge of the pond, lifted his head at the sound of her voice and appeared to take it as invitation to run to her and attempt to hurl himself against her legs. Miss Greaves gave the dog a stern look before he'd even reached her, and said simply, "Off." Percy collapsed at her feet, his tongue hanging out the side of his jaws, ears back as he gazed up at her adoringly. Maximus shot the dog an irritated look as he turned and began walking back around the ornamental pond. - Author: Elizabeth Hoyt
To Run To quotes by Elizabeth Hoyt
#63. As I searched the atlas for somewhere to run to, Hugh made a case for his old stomping grounds. His first suggestion was Beirut, where he went to nursery school. His family left there in the midsixties and moved to the Congo. After that, it was Ethiopia, and then Somalia, all fine places in his opinion.
'Let's save Africa and the Middle East for when I decide to quit living,' I said. - Author: David Sedaris
To Run To quotes by David Sedaris
#64. Fear is a survival response. Fear makes us run, it makes us leap, it can make us act superhuman. But we need somewhere to run to. Without that, the fear is only paralyzing. So the real trick, the only hope, really, is to allow the terror of an unlivable future to be balanced and soothed by the prospect of building something much better than many of us have previously dared hope. - Author: Naomi Klein
To Run To quotes by Naomi Klein
#65. You always have a place to run to, always. The place is GOD. - Author: Armor Of God
To Run To quotes by Armor Of God
#66. We had to throw rocks," she said miserably. "I told her to run, to go be free, that I didn't want her anymore. There were other wolves for her to play with, we heard them howling, and Jory said the woods were full of game, so she'd have deer to hunt. Only she kept following and finally we had to throw rocks. I hit her twice. She whined and looked at me and I felt so 'shamed, but it was right, wasn't it? The queen would have killed her."
"It was right," her father said. "And even the lie was ... not without honour. - Author: George R R Martin
To Run To quotes by George R R Martin
#67. I want to run, to flee, to wake from this never-ending nightmare. But my body is frozen, my heart numb. Jagged pieces of the puzzle scatter across the corners of my mind, and fitting them together is futile. Threads of truth are still missing, exposing the gaps between what's real and what's fabricated. - Author: Kristen Luciani
To Run To quotes by Kristen Luciani
#68. Catelyn wanted to run to him, to kiss his sweet brow, to wrap him in her arms so tightly that he would never come to harm ... - Author: George R R Martin
To Run To quotes by George R R Martin
#69. He still felt her absence; it was like waking up one day with no teeth in your mouth. You wouldn't need to run to the mirror to know they were gone. - Author: James Dashner
To Run To quotes by James Dashner
#70. When a Muslim becomes a Christian, he or she is radical in their faith. The cost to serve Jesus is high, but there is so much joy and freedom in choosing Him that even if it costs you your life, the reward far outweighs the sacrifice. My sisters and I would wake at 4:00 a.m. to run to the prayer meeting, praying in heavenly language the whole way for our safety. Nothing would stop us - not rain, snow or war. We went because we loved to be free in the presence of God while at home we had to hide our faith. Our mother knew where we were going, but our father and brothers had no idea. They woke up early to go to work and assumed we were still asleep in our beds. - Author: Samaa Habib
To Run To quotes by Samaa Habib
#71. Facing Riko like this went against everything his mother taught him. He'd been raised to run, to sacrifice everything and everyone to ensure his own survival. His mother had never given him ground to stand on. Maybe that was why he hadn't been strong enough to save her in the end. A jumble of lies had nothing to fight for. But Neil Josten was a Fox. Andrew called this home; Nicky called him family. Neil wasn't going to lose any of it. If two weeks with Riko was the price to keep his team safe, Neil would pay it. Somehow - Author: Nora Sakavic
To Run To quotes by Nora Sakavic
#72. Not so many moons ago, he had been able to run to the summit of the temple without losing a single breath; however, now he felt like an old camel that laboured under a load of corn. Years pass so quickly, and the dreams of youth are lost forever. - Author: Alan Kinross
To Run To quotes by Alan Kinross
#73. With the world in a chaos of questions, family should be the answer. - Author: Anthony Liccione
To Run To quotes by Anthony Liccione
#74. Sometimes we got to run to get to where the good Lawd need us to go. An' sometimes we got to just sit there an' listen for Him to tell us what to do, even if that mean we gotta suffer a li'l while. - Author: Casey Robbins
To Run To quotes by Casey Robbins
#75. It's easy to run to others. It's so hard to stand on one's own record. You can fake virtue for an audience. You can't fake it in your own eyes. Your ego is your strictest judge. They run from it. They spend their lives running. It's easier to donate a few thousand to charity and think oneself noble than to base self-respect on personal standards of personal achievement. It's simple to seek substitutes for competence
such easy substitutes: love, charm, kindness, charity. But there is no substitute for competence. - Author: Ayn Rand
To Run To quotes by Ayn Rand
#76. The ideal is the flower-garden of the mind, and very apt to run to weeds unless carefully tended. - Author: Margaret Oliphant
To Run To quotes by Margaret Oliphant
#77. You have to be very insensitive in order to have a cat, because I think they're very independent. When they're kittens, you think they're going to have a dog temperament in that they're going to run to the door when you get home, lick you on the face and cuddle with you all the time, but cats are not that way. - Author: Jennifer Love Hewitt
To Run To quotes by Jennifer Love Hewitt
#78. Lampard's not the first player to run to the crowd with lips over his mouth. - Author: Adrian Chiles
To Run To quotes by Adrian Chiles
#79. No more stalemates because they thought her unqualified and unhinged.
No more tiptoeing around a room because women oughtn't to run. To shout. To rule.
And above all: no more blighted regrets. - Author: Susan Dennard
To Run To quotes by Susan Dennard
#80. It's important that I get time to run, to just go for a jog for about 30 minutes. It helps with my voice, but it also kind of gives me a little bit of time to myself - and you get to see a city. - Author: Nate Ruess
To Run To quotes by Nate Ruess
#81. Knowing he was suffering pained me. That's the way love tangles you up. I couldn't stop loving him, and couldn't shut off the feelings of wanting to care for him - but I also didn't have to run to answer his letters. I was hurting, too, and no one was running to me. - Author: Paula McLain
To Run To quotes by Paula McLain
#82. I knew what I wanted to run to. But it didn't exist, so I didn't leave. - Author: Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
To Run To quotes by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
#83. By giving women training to sue a company for a 'hostile environment' if someone tells a dirty joke, we are training women to run to the Government as Substitute Husband (or Father). This gets companies to fear women, but not to respect women. The best preparation we can give women to succeed in the workplace is the preparation to overcome barriers rather than to sue: successful people don't sue, they succeed. - Author: Warren Farrell
To Run To quotes by Warren Farrell
#84. I didn't understand the war. It was new, and they all said it would be there for a long time, but where it was, exactly, was one of the things I didn't understand. It seemed to be out-of-doors, and that was why we had the blackout curtains, so that we didn't have to look at it at night–or it didn't have to look at us, perhaps. Yet on some nights we sat on the balcony and watched searchlights play across the dark sky, and that had to do with the war, too. So the war was in the sky, somehow.

And it was there in the daytime, though I was not sure where. It was why sometimes, during school, whistles blew, and we had to run to the subway station. - Author: Lois Lowry
To Run To quotes by Lois Lowry
#85. The only thing I can think of is the man in front of me. A million questions roll through my mind. I want to run to him and wrap my arms around him, hold on and never let go. I want to sink my knife into his heart and make him suffer like I've suffered. But most of all I want to know why. - Author: Rebecca Roanhorse
To Run To quotes by Rebecca Roanhorse
#86. Men throw huge shadows on the lawn, don't they? Then, all their lives, they try to run to fit the shadows. But the shadows are always longer. - Author: Ray Bradbury
To Run To quotes by Ray Bradbury
#87. Tiki ran hard, ignoring the startled looks of strangers. It felt good to run, to run away from her sadness and fear. - Author: Kiki Hamilton
To Run To quotes by Kiki Hamilton
#88. I don't run for trains." Snub your destiny. I have taught myself to resist running to keep on schedule. This may seem a very small piece of advice, but it registered. In refusing to run to catch trains, I have felt the true value of elegance and aesthetics in behavior, a sense of being in control of my time, my schedule, and my life. Missing a train is only painful if you run after it! Likewise, not matching the idea of success others expect from you is only painful if that's what you are seeking. You stand above the rat race and the pecking order, not outside of it, if you do so by choice. - Author: Nassim Nicholas Taleb
To Run To quotes by Nassim Nicholas Taleb
#89. I want to be just fast enough for Zach to have to run to catch up, because if I stay ahead, I won't ever have to see his retreating back. - Author: Laurie Elizabeth Flynn
To Run To quotes by Laurie Elizabeth Flynn
#90. Knowing Chris was getting married, his fellow Team members decided that they had to send him off with a proper SEAL bachelor party. That meant getting him drunk, of course. It also meant writing all over him with permanent markers-an indelible celebration, to be sure.
Fortunately, they liked him, so his face wasn't marked up-not by them, at least; he'd torn his eyebrow and scratched his lip during training. Under his clothes, he looked quite the sight. And the words wouldn't come off no matter how he, or I scrubbed.
I pretended to be horrified, but honestly, that didn't bother me much. I was just happy to have him with me, and very excited to be spending the rest of my life with the man I loved.
It's funny, the things you get obsessed about. Days before the wedding, I spent forty-five minutes picking out exactly the right shape of lipstick, splurging on expensive cosmetics-then forgot to take it with me the morning of the wedding. My poor sister and mom had to run to Walgreens for a substitute; they came back with five different shades, not one of which matched the one I'd picked out.
Did it matter? Not at all, although I still remember the vivid marks the lipstick made when I kissed him on the cheek-marking my man.
Lipstick, location, time of day-none of that mattered in the end. What did matter were our families and friends, who came in for the ceremony. Chris liked my parents, and vice versa. I truly loved his mom and dad.
I have a photo from - Author: Taya Kyle
To Run To quotes by Taya Kyle
#91. What did I feel? Appalled. Astonished. Bewildered. I thought I was doing so well. I thought I was charming the hell out of him. I thought I had him eating out of my hand. Well: I thought I was getting away with it. I might have known. There is always a catch. But suddenly I felt very very young, like a child. Suddenly I wanted to run to - God knows whom, maybe God Himself - why is there never a face I can put to whom I want to run? - and cry, 'But I thought he liked me. All I want is to be liked.' And then, thank heaven, cold rage and fury. - Author: Elaine Dundy
To Run To quotes by Elaine Dundy
#92. Music has always been a location for me to run to, whether it's through someone else's song or my own. I can observe my own planet from this foreign land and things make sense within the telescopic lens of song. - Author: Jon Foreman
To Run To quotes by Jon Foreman
#93. To Roam

Well, I like this world
Well, I like this world
Well, I like this world
I like it how it was
I pray how it was
I like it how it was

Ghosts in the rain
Cold walk of freedom
Well, I'm walking a hallway
I'm walking a hallway
I'm walking a hallway
Said, I'm walking a hallway
I'm walking a hallway
Well, I'm walking a hallway

I am proud and I'm gloried
Thinking 'bout the day what'll surely come
When on the scene, I'm smile evaded
When outta nowhere, I'm gonna run
But I know where I go, I will be gone

Somewhere to run to - if you see
You could see it through my mind
You wouldn't know it - no way
You'd know when my eyes roam
Through the fog and hail and sleet
I missed the snow and nowhere
Nowhere, nowhere, nowhere
You should've known where
Should've known where
You should've known where
Should've known better, baby

'Cause I like this world
And I like this world

Some people want to roam
Some people, they roam this world alone
Some people were born to roam
Some people they roam this world alone

Alone - Author: Robert Pattinson
To Run To quotes by Robert Pattinson
#94. And women were created by God to run. To charge at things. To work like crazy. - Author: Rebekah Merkle
To Run To quotes by Rebekah Merkle
#95. Now I would solicit the particular attention of those numerous people who imagine that money is everything in this world, and that rank and ability are inseparable from wealth: let them observe that Cincinnatus, the one man in whom Rome reposed all her hope of survival, was at that moment working a little three-acre farm (now known as Quinctian meadows) west of the Tiber, just opposite the spot where the shipyards are today. A mission from the city found him at work on his land - digging a ditch, maybe, or ploughing. Greetings were exchanged, and he was asked - with a prayer for God's blessing on himself and his country - to put on his toga and hear the Senate's instructions. This naturally surprised him, and, asking if all were well, he told his wife Racilia to run to their cottage and fetch his toga. The toga was brought, and wiping the grimy sweat from his hands and face he put it on; at once the envoys from the city saluted him, with congratulations, as Dictator, invited him to enter Rome, and informed him of the terrible danger of Minucius's army. - Author: Livy
To Run To quotes by Livy
#96. There were movies to go see at the Gem, which has long since been torn down; science fiction movies like Gog with Richard Egan and westerns with Audie Murphy (Teddy saw every movie Audie Murphy made at least three times; he believed Murphy was almost a god) and war movies with John Wayne. There were games and endless bolted meals, lawns to mow, places to run to, walls to pitch pennies against, people to clap you on the back. And now I sit here trying to look through an IBM keyboard and see that time, trying to recall the best and the worst of that green and brown summer, and I can almost feel the skinny, scabbed boy still buried in this advancing body and hear those sounds. But - Author: Stephen King
To Run To quotes by Stephen King
#97. To run to anything else is to resist the irresistible. To seek other than The One (al Wahid), is to become scattered, but never filled. How can we find unity, completion of heart or soul or mind in anything other than Him? - Author: Yasmin Mogahed
To Run To quotes by Yasmin Mogahed
#98. We may not understand why certain things occur in our lives, but we understand who to run to when they do. - Author: Dillon Burroughs
To Run To quotes by Dillon Burroughs
#99. Happiness is like a genre of music that nearly everyone knows how to dance to. Happiness has a very simple tempo, catchy phrasing, and memorable lyrics. It's the song at the wedding that makes everyone excited to run to the dance floor. - Author: T.K. Coleman
To Run To quotes by T.K. Coleman
#100. In the end there's never a sanctuary. You run until there's nowhere left to run to, and then you fight, and then you die, and then it's over. That's how the world works, and if there's any way to change that, I hope someone's eventually planning to let me know. - Author: Seanan McGuire
To Run To quotes by Seanan McGuire
#101. She seemed to have it all. Humanitarian success on the world stage, contentment and love in her private life. As she lazed on the deck of the Jonikal, for once the barometer of her heart was set fair. By some curious alchemy the public sensed this transformation, that this lonely, vulnerable and rudderless vessel had at last found a comforting anchor in life, a safe harbor to run to from the perils of the deep.
For a few short days she enjoyed that state of grace in a stormy existence. Then the heavens cracked open--and claimed her. - Author: Andrew Morton
To Run To quotes by Andrew Morton
#102. Sometimes the loneliness had been almost too much, he thought, and always at those times he had found comfort in the woods, where he said nothing. He wondered if the others were still gloomy; no one spoke of it any longer. He smiled as he thought of how the women had wet and screamed and straddle behind him, I want to run to catch up once more. - Author: Kate Wilhelm
To Run To quotes by Kate Wilhelm
#103. I've always loved the idea that passion breeds success. I now realize, much to my chagrin, that telling someone who doesn't feel the fire to simply follow his passion is a little like telling someone who doesn't have any legs to run to the fridge and get you a sandwich. - Author: Tommy Caldwell
To Run To quotes by Tommy Caldwell
#104. There is no happily-ever-after to run to. We have to work for happiness. - Author: Mary Balogh
To Run To quotes by Mary Balogh
#105. I love books that give you space to climb inside there. And you have to run to keep up in places, and you have to fill in a lot of blanks yourself. So it almost becomes your story. - Author: Steven Hall
To Run To quotes by Steven Hall
#106. For a moment the garden, the noise, the stentch of blood and demon, vanished away, and he was alone in a soundless place with only Tessa. He wanted to run to her, wrap her in his arms. Protect her.
But it was Jem's place to do those things, not his. Not his. - Author: Cassandra Clare
To Run To quotes by Cassandra Clare
#107. There's no point running anyway. In t-minus ten minutes, you will have no where to run to."

Quinn tensed at the triumphant look in his eyes. ". . .what have you done?"

"I have entered launch codes in the computer. In exactly ten minutes, Alpha Star 9 will be a black stain in the middle of Utah."

Quinn's lips part in shock.

"Yes," said. Dr. Zorgone in amusement. "Dramatic gasp! - Author: Ash Gray
To Run To quotes by Ash Gray
#108. Meaning I want to put words to it. I want to give it a name. I'm not okay with kissing you and holding you, being by your side for all the things a boyfriend would be there for, without it being understood in no uncertain terms that that's what I am to you. I wan us to be a couple. I want to be by your side though everything that's coming, to hold your hand when you're scared and pick you up when you're weak. I want to know that you're not going to run to some other asshole when we disagree or when I try to make sure you do what we both know is the best for you. I wan you to run to me, even if I piss you off. Because I will piss you off. Because I love you. And because you love me. And because I can't go one more day without being able to tell you that as often as it comes to mind, which is about a dozen times a minute. - Jamie Babcock - Author: Catherine Gayle
To Run To quotes by Catherine Gayle
#109. Is it that I want to run away from what I have or do I want to run to somewhere or something else? - Author: Marilyn Barnicke Belleghem
To Run To quotes by Marilyn Barnicke Belleghem
#110. We run the company by questions, not by answers. - Author: Eric Schmidt
To Run To quotes by Eric Schmidt
#111. The typical baseball play is a pitcher throwing a ball and the batter not swinging at it, while the other players watch. Even a home run, the sport's defining big blast, is only metaphorically exciting; a fly ball that leaves the yard changes the score but may offer no more compelling view than an outfielder staring up. - Author: Richard Corliss
To Run To quotes by Richard Corliss
#112. The whole market mechanism and its evolution is something that, I'm kind of of the Buffett School. You know, if I see a derivative, I run the other way. - Author: Felix Rohatyn
To Run To quotes by Felix Rohatyn
#113. And Ana remembered her father's words, Say no! Run! Tell me! - Author: Carolyn Byers Ruch
To Run To quotes by Carolyn Byers Ruch
#114. I have been called a Rogue Elephant, a Cannibal Shark, and a crocodile. I am none the worse. I remain a caged, and rather sardonic, lion, in a particularly contemptible and ill-run zoo. - Author: Wyndham Lewis
To Run To quotes by Wyndham Lewis
#115. In a marathon, if you run too fast, you get exhausted. If you run too slow, you never make it. - Author: Uday Kotak
To Run To quotes by Uday Kotak
#116. Maybe it's some Bioterrorism test being run by the government. Don't drink the tap water or seafood until I do some testing." Bubba
"I don't normally drink my seafood Bubba, but" Nick - Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon
To Run To quotes by Sherrilyn Kenyon
#117. Taming an imagination that has run wild is sometimes necessary for publication
and sometimes the opposite is true. - Author: Khang Kijarro Nguyen
To Run To quotes by Khang Kijarro Nguyen
#118. I can either run the country or I can control Alice, but I can't possibly do both. - Author: Rebecca Behrens
To Run To quotes by Rebecca Behrens
#119. I've never, in my whole 30 years in office, run a negative ad. - Author: Dan Webster
To Run To quotes by Dan Webster
#120. He felt himself entering a moment so real he could only run toward it, shouting. - Author: Michael Cunningham
To Run To quotes by Michael Cunningham
#121. Human beings, when they encounter that which can't be understood, either run away from it, run towards it blindly, or just rationalize it out of existence. - Author: Frederick Lenz
To Run To quotes by Frederick Lenz
#122. Her honey-blonde hair is strewn across her face as she sways her head. She's working a red sequined bikini separated by a tan, flat stomach, and a butterfly tattoo resting on her left hip. Her legs are clad in black fishnets that run into a pair of white-heeled boots - still a knockout. - Author: Kevin James Moore
To Run To quotes by Kevin James Moore
#123. Lie can run but they can't hide - Author: Pavankumar Nagaraj
To Run To quotes by Pavankumar Nagaraj
#124. Oxygen, responsible for corroding certain things it connects with and despite the destructive nature; it's peculiar that humans run for it. - Author: Cnishq
To Run To quotes by Cnishq
#125. In the long run, the fall of one civilization is very much like the fall of another. Only the land remains. - Author: Morgan Llywelyn
To Run To quotes by Morgan Llywelyn
#126. We may find in the long run that tinned food is a deadlier weapon than the machine-gun. - Author: George Orwell
To Run To quotes by George Orwell
#127. I have a life. My kids don't run my house. - Author: Mayim Bialik
To Run To quotes by Mayim Bialik
#128. One of my favorite comedy performances of all time is Charles Grodin in 'Midnight Run,' and in a lot of things he's done. I think he's hilarious as the straight man, playing it real. - Author: Andy Daly
To Run To quotes by Andy Daly
#129. I don't think there's a conflation between somebody's personal wealth and whether they should run for office or not, assuming that they're not actually pursuing policies that help them make a lot of money. - Author: Julie Roginsky
To Run To quotes by Julie Roginsky
#130. I musn't run away. - Author: Hideaki Anno
To Run To quotes by Hideaki Anno
#131. Enlightenment simply means that you've run out of questions, and that the answers don't matter anymore. - Author: Frederick Lenz
To Run To quotes by Frederick Lenz
#132. But why should I run for office and lose what little influence I have? - Author: Ron Silver
To Run To quotes by Ron Silver
#133. Some very poor countries run great vaccination systems, and some richer ones run terrible programs. - Author: Bill Gates
To Run To quotes by Bill Gates
#134. Once practice starts, we work hard, and that's the best conditioning there is. Everything counts. Every little thing counts. Run hard, play hard, go after the ball hard, guard hard. If you play soft (what I call signing a 'non-aggression pact' with your teammates), you won't ever get into shape. - Author: Pete Carril
To Run To quotes by Pete Carril
#135. Run away. Me and Monty Python. - Author: Jim Butcher
To Run To quotes by Jim Butcher
#136. Go and play. Run around. Build something. Break something. Climb a tree. Get dirty. Get in some trouble. Have some fun. - Author: Brom
To Run To quotes by Brom
#137. I love watching other beauty girls on YouTube, so I get a lot of ideas through their videos. I also get plenty of requests from viewers, which is great. I can never run out of ideas! - Author: Zoe Sugg
To Run To quotes by Zoe Sugg
#138. They rode on and the sun in the east flushed pale streaks of light and then a deeper run of color like blood seeping up in sudden reaches flaring planewise and where the earth drained up into the sky at the edge of creation the top of the sun rose out of nothing like the head of a great red phallus until it cleared the unseen rim and sat squat and pulsing and malevolent behind them. - Author: Cormac McCarthy
To Run To quotes by Cormac McCarthy
#139. I keep everything fans give me, if I can, but I do worry about when I run out of room in my house! - Author: Elena Roger
To Run To quotes by Elena Roger
#140. I run about four days per week and do some sort of hike or yoga/stretching on the other three. Kind of self-propelling my body and muscles forward in my own controlled chaos helps me find the ground a little bit easier on the daily. - Author: Madi Diaz
To Run To quotes by Madi Diaz
#141. Increased immigration and diversity are not only inevitable, but over the long run they are also desirable. Ethnic diversity is, on balance, an important social asset, as the history of my own country demonstrates. - Author: Len Fisher
To Run To quotes by Len Fisher
#142. You shall not twist my bones into a star's shape, nor plant my hair as roots for the dreams of the living; and if you open my heart and run your poet's fingers over its walls and cushions you will find it is like yours, dark. - Author: Lisel Mueller
To Run To quotes by Lisel Mueller
#143. I act irrationally, I defy the odds, I engage when others would run. I look for trouble, I seek chaos, it is a burden. - Author: Rosie O'Donnell
To Run To quotes by Rosie O'Donnell
#144. My God, Cale, if you only knew with what little sense the world is run. There has been no disaster visited on mankind that was not warned of by someone - never, not in all the history of the world. And no one who ever gave such warnings and was proved right ever got any good out of it. - Author: Paul Hoffman
To Run To quotes by Paul Hoffman

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