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#1. On Sundays, Presbyterians were not allowed to eat hot food or read the funny papers or travel the shortest journey; parents believed in Hell and believed tiny babies could go there. Baptists were not supposed to know, up until their dying day, how to play cards or dance. And so on. - Author: Eudora Welty
Tiny Babies quotes by Eudora Welty
#2. There are no living beings who exert more power over others, pound for pound, than tiny babies and extremely thin moguls. - Author: Stanley Bing
Tiny Babies quotes by Stanley Bing
#3. He was a central player in some of the happiest chapters of our lives. Chapters of young love and new beginnings, of budding careers and tiny babies. Of heady successes and crushing disappointments; of discovery and freedom and self-realization. - Author: Anonymous
Tiny Babies quotes by Anonymous
#4. You could drive around the island of Tahiti in two hours, in a day, in two days. You could pass the slower cars, the pick-up trucks with their loads of mothers and kids in ragged T-shirts, the bicycles turning in lazy circles by the side of the road, the bony yellow dogs trying to cross – if you never stopped, the drive could take less than two hours, provided that you weren't entering or leaving Papeete during the morning or late afternoon traffic jams. At the other extreme, you could visit every relative living around the island – your aunt who ran the general store in Papeari, your uncle who worked at the gas station in Mahina, your countless cousins who were expecting babies or who had just given birth, your grandmother who lived with your aunt who lived with your great-aunt...this type of tour de l'ile could take an entire day or two or three days. - Author: Lillian Howan
Tiny Babies quotes by Lillian Howan
#5. Why is there space rather than no space? Why is space three-dimensional? Why is space big? We have a lot of room to move around in. How come it's not tiny? We have no consensus about these things. We're still exploring them. - Author: Leonard Susskind
Tiny Babies quotes by Leonard Susskind
#6. I come from a tiny mining town in the rainforest in an island at the end of the world. My grandparents were illiterate. - Author: Richard Flanagan
Tiny Babies quotes by Richard Flanagan
#7. The global aid community is mobilised into fighting drought in a district that gets 1,500 mm of rainfall annually. The reverse spiral begins. Donor governments love emergency relief. It forms a negligible part of their spending, but makes for great advertising. (Emergencies of many sorts do this, not just drought. You can run television footage of the Marines kissing babies in Somalia.) There are more serious issues between rich and poor nations - like unequal trade. Settling those would be of greater help to the latter. But for that, the 'donors' would have to part with something for real. No. They prefer emergency relief. - Author: P.Sainath
Tiny Babies quotes by P.Sainath
#8. Babies are born with neither good nor bad character. Normal people - as they grow, learn and are trained - develop better or worse dispositions and habits of conduct. - Author: Edwin J. Delattre
Tiny Babies quotes by Edwin J. Delattre
#9. I realized then that even though I was a tiny speck in an infinite cosmos, a blip on the timeline of eternity, I was not without purpose. - Author: R. J. Anderson
Tiny Babies quotes by R. J. Anderson
#10. I look to everyday magic in art to remember how to live: how to estrange and vivify ordinary objects and beings. So little, really, is ordinary, but to remember this I need the brain chemical of painting and film and reading I had a thrummy doomed oracular feeling when I wrote blackened baby teeth into my little blind boy story: I saw teeth and in an instant they were becoming something else. They were buckshot. They were food. They were tiny flightless corvids. - Author: Noy Holland
Tiny Babies quotes by Noy Holland
#11. In the many-mansioned house of Alternate History, I occupy a small corner. The trio of what-ifs I chronicled in 'Then Everything Changed' all begin with tiny, highly plausible twists of fate that lead to hugely consequential shifts in history. - Author: Jeff Greenfield
Tiny Babies quotes by Jeff Greenfield
#12. It's not her fault she can't cook."
"You are too nice natured, darling. You won't get anywhere in this world being kind and generous. You must turn into a lioness like me and gobble up people who disagree with you."
"I'm not very good at gobbling," I said. "And I want to like people, and be liked by them."
She sighed. "The sooner you get married and have babies to adore the better. - Author: Rhys Bowen
Tiny Babies quotes by Rhys Bowen
#13. 1.Your grandmother/grandfather/Aunt-Suzie-whom-you-never-met-but-trust-me-she-was-nice-and-it's-a-shame is dead.
2.You're letting a girl named Katherine distract you from your studies.
3.Babies are made through an act that you will eventually find intriguing but for right now will just sort of horrify you, and also sometimes people do stuff that invovles baby-making parts that does not actually invovle making babies, like for instance kiss each other in places that are not on the face.
It never meant:
4.A girl named Katherine called while you were in the bathtub. She's sorry. She still loves you and has made a terrible mistake and is waiting for you downstairs. - Author: John Green
Tiny Babies quotes by John Green
#14. Gilbert stretched himself out on the ferns beside the Bubble and looked
approvingly at Anne. If Gilbert had been asked to describe his ideal
woman the description would have answered point for point to Anne, even
to those seven tiny freckles whose obnoxious presence still continued to
vex her soul. Gilbert was as yet little more than a boy; but a boy has
his dreams as have others, and in Gilbert's future there was always a
girl with big, limpid gray eyes, and a face as fine and delicate as a
flower. - Author: L.M. Montgomery
Tiny Babies quotes by L.M. Montgomery
#15. my voice is tiny - but my dreams are big - Author: Ashley Poston
Tiny Babies quotes by Ashley Poston
#16. Everything, including your set of hand-blown green glass dishes with the tiny bubbles and imperfections, little bits of sand, proof they were crafted by the honest, simple, hard-working indigenous aboriginal people of wherever, well, these dishes all get blown out by the blast. Picture floor-to-ceiling drapes blown out and flaming to shreds in the hot wind. - Author: Chuck Palahniuk
Tiny Babies quotes by Chuck Palahniuk
#17. Unlike economics, whose sole preoccupation in our finance-obsessed era is the near-term profit motive, history offers a way to place our tiny lifespans in a narrative that spans dozens of generations - perhaps even reaching into a future where capitalism is no longer our dominant form of economic organization. - Author: Annalee Newitz
Tiny Babies quotes by Annalee Newitz
#18. Soon she's going to have me holding babies and volunteering with old people, I just fucking know it.
I'd do it.
I'd do it just to see those eyes of hers light up. I'd do it because when her small, slender body is pressed against mine, mine lights on fire. I could get used to these feelings, could get high now that I know how fast my heart beats when she's near. - Author: Sara Ney
Tiny Babies quotes by Sara Ney
#19. Yes, there are women who report feeling madly in love with their babies the second they lay eyes on them. These women are either very lucky or lying or needy, and I don't trust them. - Author: Stefanie Wilder-Taylor
Tiny Babies quotes by Stefanie Wilder-Taylor
#20. I love every part of the book writing process from the excitement of the initial idea to weaving all the tiny elements of the story from the air. I draw my inspiration from the landscape around me, from quirky characters I meet and from the strange and convoluted thoughts that dance between my ears. - Author: JoAnne Graham
Tiny Babies quotes by JoAnne Graham
#21. Mahogany shelves lined the counters, stacked with glass bottles and jars, like something from a fairy tale. There were whole, plump roses steeping in honey; purple-stained sugar, thick with lavender, tiny jars of crimson threads, cherries and peaches suspended in syrup as if they had fallen there from the trees.
The luxurious scents wrapped around him. 'Butter,' his nose relayed, 'cream, nuts, brandy, chocolate... - Author: Laura Madeleine
Tiny Babies quotes by Laura Madeleine
#22. Look, tiny - i'm trying to be on my best behavior, but you have to understand - i'm always standing on the edge of something bad. and sometimes someone like you can make me look the other way, so that i don't know how close i am to falling over. but i always end up turning my head. always. - Author: David Levithan
Tiny Babies quotes by David Levithan
#23. My gaze dipped and ran over her legs. legs unbelievable long for someone so short ... and those shorts were short. tiny pockets, too.
Yeah, i was not going after those keys - Author: Jennifer L. Armentrout
Tiny Babies quotes by Jennifer L. Armentrout
#24. What did she say?" Gavin snapped. René was right beside Tony in case Gavin became violent. He didn't want to fight Gavin, but he also didn't want Gavin attacking his newest child because he was the one receiving Lissa's mindspeech. Winkler and Roff had left the safe house the moment Gavin became angry.

"She said something about not liking the holding cells," Tony said, watching Gavin carefully.

"Inform her, please, that she is still recuperating from two gunshot wounds to her chest. Inform her please, that I am about to lose my mind. Inform her, please, that I have already lost my temper and I have been commanded by Wlodek to let him know if she goes off on her own at any time. Inform her, please, that the hole I am about to put in the wall is her fault and no other's." Gavin set his cell phone carefully on the tiny kitchen table and then punched his fist through the cinderblocks of the wall so swiftly even Tony couldn't follow it. - Author: Connie Suttle
Tiny Babies quotes by Connie Suttle
#25. Babies welcomed at conception, prepared for during pregnancy, and gently birthed into loving hands begin life positively. They look out at the world with immense interest and curiosity, act as if they feel safe, and make a solid connection with their parents - Author: David Chamberlain
Tiny Babies quotes by David Chamberlain
#26. Most software has a tiny essence that justifies its existence, everything after that is wants and desires mistaken for needs and necessities. - Author: David Heinemeier Hansson
Tiny Babies quotes by David Heinemeier Hansson
#27. I wanted to write something that made no linear sense. None. Zero. Something that was 87% pure nonsense, 12% pure alcohol, and 3% orange juice, for a chaser. That formula is accurate, give or take 2% for the milk. In my experience, comedy is 2/3rds tragedy, and one third 33.3 percent. And tragedy started at birth, so humor involving babies is probably the funniest. But even though I didn't write anything about babies, you might laugh so hard that you'll regret not wearing a diaper while reading. - Author: Jarod Kintz
Tiny Babies quotes by Jarod Kintz
#28. Sometimes I think about what it would be like if there was actual peace. The whole planet would be super sustainable: windmills everywhere, solar paneled do-bops, clean streets. Before the world freezes and goes dark, it would be perfect. The generation flying its tiny cars would think itself special. Until one day, vaguely, quietly, the sun would flicker out and they'd realized that none of us are. Or that all of us are. - Author: Marina Keegan
Tiny Babies quotes by Marina Keegan
#29. Evie…" His whisper stirred the tiny wisps at her hairline. "I want to make love to you."
Her blood turned to boiling honey. Eventually she managed a stammering reply. "I-I thought y-you never called it that."
His hands lifted to her face, his fingertips exploring delicately. She remained docile beneath his caress while the scent of his skin, fresh and clove-like, drugged her like some narcotic incense.
Reaching to his own throat, Sebastian fumbled beneath his shirt and extracted the wedding band on the fine chain. He tugged it, breaking the fragile links, and let the chain drop to the floor. Evie's breathing hastened as he reached for her left hand and slid the gold band onto her fourth finger. Their hands matched together, palm to palm, wrist to wrist, just as they had been bound during their wedding ceremony. His forehead lowered to hers, and he whispered, "I want to fill every part of you…breathe the air from your lungs…leave my handprints on your soul. I want to give you more pleasure than you can bear. I want to make love to you, Evie, as I have never done with anyone before."
She was now trembling so violently that she could hardly stand. "Your w-wound - we have to be careful - "
"You let me worry about that." His mouth took hers in a soft, smoldering kiss. Releasing her hand, he gathered her body closer, applying explicit pressure against her shoulders, back, hips, until she was molded completely against him. Evie wanted him with a despera - Author: Lisa Kleypas
Tiny Babies quotes by Lisa Kleypas
#30. I couldn't run for any office. I think that religion is bad, weed is good, and babies are disgusting; who would vote for me? - Author: Bill Maher
Tiny Babies quotes by Bill Maher
#31. The trouble with babies is that they are made like a safe- no way to see what's inside and no guarantee that the effort will be worth the trouble. spin the numbers, crack the code, but the door won't swing open. Babies are safes on time-delay. It takes years for the door to swing open, and even when it does, the best minds are undecided as to the value of the contents - Author: Jeanette Winterson
Tiny Babies quotes by Jeanette Winterson
#32. We line up and make a lot of noise about big environmental problems like incinerators, waste dumps, acid rain, global warming and pollution. But we don't understand that when we add up all the tiny environmental problems each of us creates, we end up with those big environmental dilemmas. Humans are content to blame someone else, like government or corporations, for the messes we create, and yet we each continue doing the same things, day in and day out, that have created the problems. Sure, corporations create pollution. If they do, don't buy their products. If you have to buy their products (gasoline for example), keep it to a minimum. Sure, municipal waste incinerators pollute the air. Stop throwing trash away. Minimize your production of waste. Recycle. Buy food in bulk and avoid packaging waste. Simplify. Turn off your TV. Grow your own food. Make compost. Plant a garden. Be part of the solution, not part of the problem. If you don't, who will? - Author: Joseph Jenkins
Tiny Babies quotes by Joseph Jenkins
#33. In the Netherlands, the government health plan provides for a specially trained nurse/lactation expert to help each new baby's parents in their home for a full ten days following each birth (with a small co-payment). Hired for three, five, or eight hours according to individual families' needs, this maternity nurse serves the new parents breakfast in bed, feeds any older children their breakfast, walks the dog, helps the new mother with breastfeeding if necessary, cleans the house, and notifies the midwife if the mother or baby should need medical attention for any reason. The Dutch consider the care provided each family by the maternity nurse to be an investment in good health, which benefits the entire society because it so effectively reduces the number of illnesses mothers and babies experience during the first year of the baby's life and thus saves money - Author: Ina May Gaskin
Tiny Babies quotes by Ina May Gaskin
#34. You thought I wanted your ass back in my life so you could say you were sorry for takin' away the only thing that gave me joy? To tell me you were fuckin' sorry for takin' away the only shot I had at given' that joy to the babies I made?" His eyes narrowed dangerously. "What the fuck's the matter with you?"
"I told you I fucked up," I reminded him carefully.
"Yeah," he growled. "You fuckin' did. - Author: Kristen Ashley
Tiny Babies quotes by Kristen Ashley
#35. So is blurred
so is blurred
in me
what white-haired gentleman
separated once and for all
and said
this is the subject
this is the object

we fall asleep
with one hand under our head
and with the other in a mound of planets

our feet abandon us
and taste the earth
with their tiny roots
which next morning
we tear out painfully - Author: Zbigniew Herbert
Tiny Babies quotes by Zbigniew Herbert
#36. A little common sense, goodwill, and a tiny dose of unselfishness could make this goodly earth into an earthly paradise. - Author: Richard Aldington
Tiny Babies quotes by Richard Aldington
#37. He couldn't look away from the pale curve of Jamie's spine. From the two dimples just above the swell of Jamie's ass. From the tiny pink hole between Jamie's pale, lush cheeks. He felt like a bloody pervert every time he looked at the picture. This time was no exception, but he wasn't looking away. He never could. He licked his dry lips, looking at Jamie's hole. - Author: Alessandra Hazard
Tiny Babies quotes by Alessandra Hazard
#38. Our morals came from our mothers ... we don't notice them when we were babies ... but they were eventually embedded ... bit by bit as we grew up ... - Author: Joey Lawsin
Tiny Babies quotes by Joey Lawsin

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