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#1. We'll set our approach to borrowing, to spending, to taxation, in a sensible way on a sensible timescale. - Author: Douglas Alexander
Timescale Db quotes by Douglas Alexander
#2. The evidence that climate change is happening is completely unequivocal ... The later governments leave tackling climate change, the harder it will be to combat ... The variation we are seeing in temperature or rainfall is double the rate of the average. That suggests that we are going to have more droughts, we are going to have more floods, we are going to have more sea surges and we are going to have more storms. These are the sort of changes that are going to affect us in quite a short timescale - Author: John Beddington
Timescale Db quotes by John Beddington
#3. A book is still atemporal. It is you, in silence, hearing voices in your head, unfolding at a time that has nothing to do with the timescale of reading. And for the hours that we retreat into this moratorium, with the last form of private and silent human activity that isn't considered pathological, we are outside of time. - Author: Richard Powers
Timescale Db quotes by Richard Powers
#4. I didn't even recall being on the DB sessions until Herbie Flowers reminded me a couple of years ago. - Author: Jim Sullivan
Timescale Db quotes by Jim Sullivan
#5. Jazz vision is the fusion of music and art a real paradox of same-yet different. Here we play in exchanges, like the hardness of the key of c# major and from the softness of Db major - capturing, reflecting and improvising. - Author: Barbara Januszkiewicz
Timescale Db quotes by Barbara Januszkiewicz
#6. But stronger and brighter than any other was his mate bond with Lana. She was in every beat of his heart, the very fire in his blood. How could anyone have ever doubted his feelings for her? - Author: DB Reynolds
Timescale Db quotes by DB Reynolds
#7. Having poured my drink, I may not live to taste it, or that it may pass a live man's tongue to burn a dead man's belly; that having slumbered, I may never wake, or having waked, may never living sleep. Having heard tick, will I hear tock? Having served, will I volley? Having sugared will I cream? Having eithered, will I or? Itching, will I scratch? Hemming, will I haw? - Author: John Barth
Timescale Db quotes by John Barth
#8. Little by little, over more than two centuries, the local stories told by rocks in all parts of the world have been stitched together into a great global tapestry - the geologic timescale. This "map" of Deep Time represents one of the great intellectual achievements of humanity, arduously constructed by stratigraphers, paleontologists, geochemists, and geochronologists from many cultures and faiths. It is still a work in progress to which details are constantly being added and finer and finer calibrations being made. - Author: Marcia Bjornerud
Timescale Db quotes by Marcia Bjornerud
#9. He who finds
happiness in you
is yours .
All others are guests .
کسی که شادی اش را در تو می یابد ,
ازآن توست .
دیگران رهگذرند . - Author: Rumi
Timescale Db quotes by Rumi
#10. He once told Allie and I that if he'd had to shoot anybody, he wouldn't've known which direction to shoot in. He said the Army was practically as full of bastards as the Nazis were. - Author: J.D. Salinger
Timescale Db quotes by J.D. Salinger
#11. there is no pain in leaving as in being left behind - Author: Db.
Timescale Db quotes by Db.
#12. Sleep in a room with ambient noise. - Author: Steven Magee
Timescale Db quotes by Steven Magee
#13. Our planet is not fragile at its own timescale and we, pitiful latecomers in the last microsecond of our planetary year, are stewards of nothing in the long run. - Author: Stephen Jay Gould
Timescale Db quotes by Stephen Jay Gould
#14. What's important is that we do this in the right timescale to get the right deal for the U.K. We shouldn't invoke Article 50 immediately. - Author: Theresa May
Timescale Db quotes by Theresa May
#15. DB: There's a lot of talk about terrorism. In fact, it's become almost an obsession for the media in the United States. But it's a very narrow definition of terrorism.
AR: Yes. It completely ignores the economic terrorism unleashed by neoliberalism, which devastates the lives of millions of people, depriving them of water, food, electricity. Denying them medicine. Denying them education. Terrorism is the logical extension of this business of the free market. Terrorism is the privatization of war. Terrorists are the free marketeers of war - people who believe that it isn't only the state that can wage war, but private parties as well.
If you look at the logic underlying an act of terrorism and the logic underlying a retaliatory war against terrorism, they are the same. Both terrorists and governments make ordinary people pay for the actions of their governments. Osama bin Laden is making people pay for the actions of the US state, whether it's in Saudi Arabia, Palestine, or Afghanistan. The US government is making the people of Iraq pay for the actions of Saddam Hussein. The people of Afghanistan pay for the crimes of the Taliban. The logic is the same.
Osama bin Laden and George Bush are both terrorists. They are both building international networks that perpetrate terror and devastate people's lives. Bush, with the Pentagon, the WTO, the IMF, and the World Bank. Bin Laden with Al Qaeda. - Author: Arundhati Roy
Timescale Db quotes by Arundhati Roy
#16. Acting was a lot like football. When you're a DB and you're one on one with a receiver, you're going to dance. It's go-time in front of 100,000 people and everybody watching on TV. That's exactly how it is when a director says 'Action!' It's the same adrenaline rush, the same training process. I love it. - Author: Brian J. White
Timescale Db quotes by Brian J. White
#17. Yeah. I started using them [SDD-3000s] shortly after first working with Edge on The Unforgettable Fire. Basically, I stole his sound. It wasn't a complicated rig: just a guitar he liked through a Korg SDD-3000 digital delay into a Vox. Three components, mono - that's it. The great thing about the Korgs is its three-position level switch, which lets you hit the amp with about 10 extra dB. It's more overdriven than if you just plugged the guitar straight into the amp, even when it's on bypass. But a lot of the guitar sounds on Achtung Baby were recorded through a Korg A3 effects processor. - Author: Daniel Lanois
Timescale Db quotes by Daniel Lanois
#18. The empress of the perfumer's palette, jasmine must be harvested before the rising sun to retain the full force of its delicate fragrance. Fragile and fleeting, jasmine is a fair nymph of a flower with a potent perfume. A world without jasmine? Simply unimaginable. -DB - Author: Jan Moran
Timescale Db quotes by Jan Moran
#19. Should I call the FBI and tell them I found DB Cooper? - Author: Saul
Timescale Db quotes by Saul

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