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#1. Time heals all wounds is one of the biggest lie! Time does not heal all the wounds.
Some words, some memories stays with us forever. - Author: Jyoti Patel
Time Heals All Wounds quotes by Jyoti Patel
#2. People tried to force me to feel better. But the only things that worked were time and distraction. Distract yourself. Stay busy. Count marshmallows, study frogs, whatever it takes. Time heals all wounds. It just does. - Author: Carrie Firestone
Time Heals All Wounds quotes by Carrie Firestone
#3. It has been said that time heals all wounds. I don't agree. The wounds remain. Time - the mind, protecting its sanity - covers them with some scar tissue and the pain lessens, but it is never gone. - Author: Rose Kennedy
Time Heals All Wounds quotes by Rose Kennedy
#4. Time heals all wounds. - Author: Anne Frank
Time Heals All Wounds quotes by Anne Frank
#5. I think that people always say when people pass away that time heals all wounds. And that's probably the biggest lie. It's not true. I think we all need to remember that it is always still tough, and it's like losing a piece of your heart. - Author: Bindi Irwin
Time Heals All Wounds quotes by Bindi Irwin
#6. I've learned ... That love, not time, heals all wounds. - Author: Andy Rooney
Time Heals All Wounds quotes by Andy Rooney
#7. Suffering is the nature of this world. It is the golden standard by which all things are measured. It is not happiness that sets the bar, but agony. Even happiness cannot be fully recognized without the right measure of misery to contrast its borders. Suffering magnifies hunger-exhaustion-prods you to move when prosperity is just a dream out of reach. It is the mortal twin of eternal hope. How you respond to its touch molds you, shapes your future as it rains down oppression like fire over your shoulders.
Deception. It laid over my world like a bruise. Covered it so completely I bought the lie that the shadow offered and found comfort nestled in its thorny arms. I walked the trail it dusted with breadcrumb, walked in the slip noose it had skillfully wove and dove off the cliff without realizing- willingly, with vigor.
Heartbreak. There is no bigger void, no darker shade of soot- no ache more unstoppable than that of a broken heart.
A heart in pieces can very much kill you-without love's healing touch, you will surely die.
They say time heals all wounds.
They lied. - Author: Addison Moore
Time Heals All Wounds quotes by Addison Moore
#8. It's been said that time heals all wounds, but the passage of time has little to do with healing and more to do with acceptance. - Author: Kenn Bivins
Time Heals All Wounds quotes by Kenn Bivins
#9. Time heals all wounds. But not this one. Not yet. - Author: Marie Lu
Time Heals All Wounds quotes by Marie Lu
#10. Six months
It been six months since you passed
How long must these feelings of loss last ?
It's been six months since you died,
on the surface it appears I never really cried.
I hide away my tears, my sorrow, my fears.
They say time heals all wounds
Wounds may heal, but scars remain.
No one really sees the pain
that hides behind my eyes.
A heart of gold stopped beating
two twinkling eyes closed to rest
God broke our hearts that day to prove he only took the best
Never a day goes by that you're not in our hearts, our minds and in our souls.
We miss you dad. - Author: Michael Tianias
Time Heals All Wounds quotes by Michael Tianias
#11. That's what lazy people say. Time heals all wounds. These things take time. It's only a matter of...time. You and I have been here long enough to know that's not true. Wounds fester, and time changes nothing. - Author: Amy Rose Capetta
Time Heals All Wounds quotes by Amy Rose Capetta
#12. You can't go back. What's done is done. Unrequited love is never easy. Time heals all wounds. I kept repeating such cliches to myself, hoping that they, like medicine, would take away the sting.

They didn't. - Author: Alice J. Wisler
Time Heals All Wounds quotes by Alice J. Wisler
#13. Time heals all wounds. And if it doesn't, you name them something other than wounds and agree to let them stay. - Author: Emma Forrest
Time Heals All Wounds quotes by Emma Forrest
#14. If time heals all wounds, then why are there so many ticked off old people walking around - Author: Garrison Wynn
Time Heals All Wounds quotes by Garrison Wynn
#15. The saying "time heals all wounds" is false. - Author: Patrick Rothfuss
Time Heals All Wounds quotes by Patrick Rothfuss
#16. People say time heals all wounds. Let me tell you, time heals nothing. You can do the wrong thing for 10 years and it doesn't equal the right thing for one day. - Author: Phil McGraw
Time Heals All Wounds quotes by Phil McGraw
#17. It's not so much that time heals all wounds, as it is the passage of the years that lets us make peace with our grief in our own way. - Author: David Baldacci
Time Heals All Wounds quotes by David Baldacci
#18. You've heard the saying "time heals all wounds." Nothing could be further from the truth. Time won't heal all wounds. Jesus will. By His wounds, we are healed. That's what this book is all about. There is a real answer to the why question, and it's much better than anything you could ever make up. - Author: Dan Greenup
Time Heals All Wounds quotes by Dan Greenup
#19. Time heals all wounds. Unless they're infected. Like gangrene. That shit'll kill you. - Author: Johnny Moscato
Time Heals All Wounds quotes by Johnny Moscato
#20. They say time heals all wounds. I am still waiting… - Author: Sarah Kleck
Time Heals All Wounds quotes by Sarah Kleck
#21. Time heals all wounds, unless you pick at them. - Author: Shaun Alexander
Time Heals All Wounds quotes by Shaun Alexander
#22. Hurt spreads and grows and reaches out to break what's good. Time heals all wounds, but often it's only by the application of the grave, and while we live some hurts live with us, burning, making us twist and turn to escape them. And as we twist, we turn into other men. - Author: Mark Lawrence
Time Heals All Wounds quotes by Mark Lawrence
#23. Time heals all wounds, or at least it causes them to scab. - Author: Karina Halle
Time Heals All Wounds quotes by Karina Halle
#24. Who said that time heals all wounds? It would be better to say that time heals everything - except wounds. With time, the hurt of separation loses its real limits. With time, the desired body will soon disappear, and if the desiring body has already ceased to exist for the other, then what remains is a wound, disembodied. - Author: Chris Marker
Time Heals All Wounds quotes by Chris Marker
#25. People say that time heals all wounds, and maybe they're right. But what if the wounds don't heal correctly, like when cuts leave behind nasty scars, or when broken bones mend together, but aren't as smooth anymore? Does it mean they're really healed? Or is it that the body did what it could to fix what broke ... - Author: Jessica Sorensen
Time Heals All Wounds quotes by Jessica Sorensen
#26. Many people say that time heals all wounds, but that simply is not true. People can become more bitter, arrogant and spiteful with age. - Author: Gudjon Bergmann
Time Heals All Wounds quotes by Gudjon Bergmann
#27. Time heals all wounds,yes its true,but can't erase the memories. - Author: A'isha Hms
Time Heals All Wounds quotes by A'isha Hms
#28. I've heard it said, time heals all wounds, but if a dream can pull you so deeply into your past you can't remember the present, I'm not sure my wounds will ever heal. - Author: C.J. Roberts
Time Heals All Wounds quotes by C.J. Roberts
#29. They say time heals all wounds but they're lying - Author: Janet Fitch
Time Heals All Wounds quotes by Janet Fitch
#30. People say, 'Time heals all wounds.' That may be true, but relocating to an alternate reality can sure help too. -Excerpt from the journal of Dr. Harold Quickly, 1941 - Author: Nathan Van Coops
Time Heals All Wounds quotes by Nathan Van Coops
#31. Time heals all wounds or Time wounds all heels. Take your pick ... oh, life's small choices. - Author: Carol Morgan
Time Heals All Wounds quotes by Carol Morgan
#32. He was glad some of the pain was fading, had already faded so much since the first year. But it seemed more to be a trade off: with the pain went details and memories. People had said, 'Time heals,' but he realized time didn't heal, time just eroded and confused, and he didn't think that was the same thing at all. - Author: Catherine O'Flynn
Time Heals All Wounds quotes by Catherine O'Flynn
#33. I testify that our teacher, our shepherd, is Christ, our best friend, who clears up all our doubts. He heals our wounds and turns our pain into sweet experiences. - Author: Horacio A. Tenorio
Time Heals All Wounds quotes by Horacio A. Tenorio
#34. Time heals all things but one: Time. - Author: Cynthia Ozick
Time Heals All Wounds quotes by Cynthia Ozick
#35. Time heals everything. Time corrects everything. Time is the solution to every problem, I believe. A lot of things can happen with time. All that has to be there is the intention. - Author: Mehcad Brooks
Time Heals All Wounds quotes by Mehcad Brooks
#36. A single word can brighten the face
of one who knows the value of words.
Ripened in silence, a single word
acquires a great energy for work.
War is cut short by a word,
and a word heals the wounds,
and there's a word that changes
poison into butter
and honey.
Let a word mature inside yourself.
Withhold the unripened thought.
Come and understand the kind of word
that reduces money and riches to dust.
Know when to speak a word
and when not to speak at all.
A single word turns the universe of hell
into eight paradises.
Follow the Way. Don't be fooled
by what you already know. Be watchful.
Reflect before you speak.
A foolish mouth can brand your soul.
Yunus, say one last thing
about the power of words –
Only the word "I"
divides me from God. - Author: Yunus Emre
Time Heals All Wounds quotes by Yunus Emre
#37. Time heals all and heels hurt to walk in, but they go with the clutch that you carry your lip gloss in. - Author: Drake
Time Heals All Wounds quotes by Drake
#38. I am really not "cyclonic" at all. Far from it. What I want is not here, nor can I longer bear this "cyclonic" atmosphere. This is the way to perfection, to strive to be perfect, and to strive to make perfect a few men and women. My idea of doing good is this: to evolve out a few giants, and not to strew pearls before swine, and so lose time, health, and energy. - Author: Swami Vivekananda
Time Heals All Wounds quotes by Swami Vivekananda
#39. He heals the brokenhearted and bandages their wounds. 4 He counts the stars and calls them all by name. 5 How great is our Lord! His power is absolute! His understanding is beyond comprehension! - Author: Anonymous
Time Heals All Wounds quotes by Anonymous
#40. They say time heals all, But time is our only enemy; breathe deep and find strength to smile tonight, for the morning may never come - Author: Michael Biondi
Time Heals All Wounds quotes by Michael Biondi
#41. Those who are wounded wound others. Moses was wounded profoundly when he lost his birth family, his heritage, and his history. In the years to come, he would come to know Jehovah-rophe, the Healer of life's sicknesses and sorrows. Exodus 15: 26b says, " ... for I am the Lord, who heals you." (from Under His Wings: Healing Truth for Adoptees of All Ages) - Author: Beth Willis Miller
Time Heals All Wounds quotes by Beth Willis Miller
#42. Funny how time heals. Like that bullet in my ribs. It's there, I know it's there, but I can barely feel it at all anymore. - Author: Lauren Oliver
Time Heals All Wounds quotes by Lauren Oliver
#43. I write and speak about personal and spiritual growth. One week I write about illness and another week I speak about relationships and another week I write about work and money and another week I speak to people with obesity issues. I write about whatever wounds seem to cry out for more enlightened solutions, and the love that heals them all. - Author: Marianne Williamson
Time Heals All Wounds quotes by Marianne Williamson
#44. What is this food in my head, anyway? Let's see...it's green and good for you and so delicious. It's prepared by angels with love. The minute you bite into it, it's savory, chewy, nourishing, and whole- some. You feel instantly revitalized. A small, tiny amount, just a few bites, rejuvenates every cell, deepens your breath, clears your mind, heals your wounds, and mends your heart. It's made from joyous plants that voluntarily separate themselves from their stalks, laying themselves at the feet of the approaching gardener who gathers them. They eagerly offer their vital energies to nourish living spirits. The angels in their chef hats, singing mantras, cook it tenderly to retain all the benefits of the generous plants. It's barely sweet, barely salty, and contains all the freshness of spring herbs, summer fruit, spreading leaves, and burgeoning seeds. It comes premade in bags or boxes...you just open it up, sit down, and enjoy. It's a full meal, enough maybe for a whole day, maybe for a week, maybe for your family, maybe for your friends and neighbors. It multiplies like loaves and fishes, in little biodegradable containers that vaporize instantly the moment you finish them, without any greenhouse emissions. Nothing to clean up! - Author: Kimber Simpkins
Time Heals All Wounds quotes by Kimber Simpkins
#45. There are no solutions to life, but there is an experience of wholeness, of bliss, of being, of the deathlessness of the Divine Self, of Silence in all its multifacted, diamond splendor that heals all grief, all wounds, all questions. - Author: Andrew Harvey
Time Heals All Wounds quotes by Andrew Harvey
#46. Away

There is no sorrow
Time heals never;
No loss, betrayal,
Beyond repair.
Balm for the soul, then,
Though grave shall sever
Lover from loved
And all they share.
See the sweet sun shines
The shower is over;
Flowers preen their beauty,
The day how fair!
Brood not too closely
On love, on duty;
Friends long forgotten
May wait you where
Life with death
Brings all to an issue;
None will long mourn for you,
Pray for you, miss you,
Your place left vacant,
You not there. - Author: Walter De La Mare
Time Heals All Wounds quotes by Walter De La Mare
#47. Once your heart has been broken, it's never really heals. The wounds may heal, but the scars remain there forever. That delicate tissue must be guarded and protected at all cost. - Author: K. Langston
Time Heals All Wounds quotes by K. Langston
#48. Time heals all things. - Author: Champ Bailey
Time Heals All Wounds quotes by Champ Bailey
#49. I don't know everything about life and marriage and happiness. But I do know what love is. And I do know that when love is real, and when love is in its strongest form, it is the most powerful thing on this earth. It kills, saves lives, heals wounds, and most of all, brings hope. That is what you have done for me, Lily. You have brought me hope."
-James Potter - Author: Mordred
Time Heals All Wounds quotes by Mordred
#50. She gives birth in pain, she heals males' wounds, she nurses the newborn and buries the dead; of man she knows all that offends his pride and humiliates his will. While inclining before him and submitting flesh to spirit, she remains on the carnal borders of the spirit; and she contests the sharpness of hard masculine architecture by softening the angles; she introduces free luxury and unforeseen grace. - Author: Simone De Beauvoir
Time Heals All Wounds quotes by Simone De Beauvoir
#51. Forgiveness heals all wounds and make you healthy. - Author: Lailah Gifty Akita
Time Heals All Wounds quotes by Lailah Gifty Akita
#52. It's not TIME that heals everything, it is SLEEP ...
Sleeping is the perfect answer to all doubts and troubles.
Leaving the world of reality behind and disappearing in to a world of make-believe and imaginations, is a solace you get from nothing else ... - Author: Sanhita Baruah
Time Heals All Wounds quotes by Sanhita Baruah
#53. They say, he whispers, his lips making the word-shapes on her shoulder, there is a river that heals all wounds. It is pure white, like snow or the blossoms of prarie-cotton. You are my white river. If I die, I will come back to wash my heart in you. - Author: Margaret Lawrence
Time Heals All Wounds quotes by Margaret Lawrence
#54. Her beauty is not just - or even primarily - physical. In her face, I see her wisdom, her compassion, her courage, her eternal glory. This other beauty, this spiritual beauty - which is the deepest truth of her - sustains me in times of fear and despair, as other truths might sustain a priest enduring martyrdom at the hands of a tyrant. I see nothing blasphemous in equating her grace with the mercy of God, for the one is a reflection of the other. The selfless love that we give to others to the point of being willing to sacrifice our lives for them, is all the proof I need that human beings are not mere animals of self-interest; we carry within us a divine spark, and if we chose to recognize it, our lives have dignity, meaning, hope. In her it is spark is bright, a light that heals rather than wounds me. - Author: Dean Koontz
Time Heals All Wounds quotes by Dean Koontz
#55. Laughter heals all wounds, and that's one thing that everybody shares. No matter what you're going through, it makes you forget about your problems. I think the world should keep laughing. - Author: Kevin Hart
Time Heals All Wounds quotes by Kevin Hart
#56. Human beings are made to forget things, otherwise they couldn't tolerate the pain of life. They say that time heals, but it's not time, it's some inner power all people have. - Author: Michael Molloy
Time Heals All Wounds quotes by Michael Molloy
#57. How about when you feel as if you are at a treacherous crossing, facing an area of life that hasn't even been on the map until recently. Suddenly there it is, right in front of you.
And so the time and space in between while you first get over the shock of it, and you have to figure out WHAT must be done feels excruciating. It's a nightmare you can't awaken from.
You might remember this time as a kind of personal D-day, as in damage, devastation, destruction, damnation, desolation – maybe a difficult divorce, or even diagnosis of some formidable disease. These are the days of our lives that whole, beautiful chapters of life go up in flames. And all you can do is watch them burn. Until you feel as though you are left only with the ashes of it all. It is at this moment you long for the rescue and relief that only time can provide.
It is in this place, you must remember that in just 365 days – you're at least partially healed self will be vastly changed, likely for the better. Perhaps not too unlike a caterpillar's unimaginable metamorphosis.
Better. Stronger. Wiser. Tougher. Kinder. More fragile, more firm, all at the same time as more free. You will have gotten through the worst of it – somehow. And then it will all be different. Life will be different. You will be different. It might or might not ever make sense, but it will be more bearable than it seems when you are first thrown, with no warning, into the kilns of life with the heat stoked up – or when - Author: Connie Kerbs
Time Heals All Wounds quotes by Connie Kerbs
#58. Time is the only magic, he said, "And Marids swim through time like the sea. Think: if you hurt yourself, and I bandage it, and after weeks and weeks it gets well and there's no scar, that's not magic at all. But if you hurt yourself and I touch you and it heals in a moment, you'd call me magic before your skin closed. It's not magic to cook a feast, roasting and baking and frying for hours, but if you blink and it's steaming in front of you, it's a spell. If you work for what you want and save for it and plan it out just as precisely as you possibly can, it's not even surprising if you get it on the other side of a month or a year. But if you snap your fingers and it happens as soon as you want t, every wizard will want to know you socially. If you life straight through a hundred years and watch yourself unfold at one second per second, one hour per hour, that's just being alive. If you go faster, you're a time traveler. If you jump over your unfolding and see how it all comes out, that's fate. But's all healing and cooking and planning and living, just the same. The only difference is time. - Author: Catherynne M. Valente
Time Heals All Wounds quotes by Catherynne M. Valente
#59. True love is a forever love. It is tested and tried all the time. It's sometimes broken, but it always, always heals itself. It stands strong during the storms, even when it feels like it is about to fall apart. Love's roots grow stronger and deeper after the storm. That's true love. There are ups and downs. You just weather them. - Author: Kelly Elliott
Time Heals All Wounds quotes by Kelly Elliott
#60. They say that time heals all things, they say you can always forget; but the smiles and the tears across the years they twist my heart strings yet! - Author: George Orwell
Time Heals All Wounds quotes by George Orwell
#61. Time has Answers to all your Questions!
So, give it Time.

One core question- of the purpose of our existence is revealed too, but sadly at the end. - Author: Somya Kedia
Time Heals All Wounds quotes by Somya Kedia

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