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#1. Aroma of fresh bread led me to a bakery where a deformed woman with no nose sold me a dozen crescent-moon pastries. Only wanted one, but thought she had enough problems. - Author: David Mitchell
Thurley Crescent quotes by David Mitchell
#2. You're entirely bonkers. But I'll tell you a secret. All the best people are. Lewis Carroll, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland - Author: Tara Crescent
Thurley Crescent quotes by Tara Crescent
#3. LOGAN: You see, Blake, the thing is, I don't give a sh*t what other people think. - Author: Sam Crescent
Thurley Crescent quotes by Sam Crescent
#4. A moment of happiness,
you and I sitting on the verandah,
apparently two, but one in soul, you and I.
We feel the flowing water of life here,
you and I, with the garden's beauty
and the birds singing.
The stars will be watching us,
and we will show them
what it is to be a thin crescent moon.
You and I unselfed, will be together,
indifferent to idle speculation, you and I.
The parrots of heaven will be cracking sugar
as we laugh together, you and I.
In one form upon this earth,
and in another form in a timeless sweet land. - Author: Rumi
Thurley Crescent quotes by Rumi
#5. SPIKE: I whistled at you.

STAR: I'm not a dog. Why would I respond to a whistle?

[He chuckled. He had been around too many club wh*res.] - Author: Sam Crescent
Thurley Crescent quotes by Sam Crescent
#6. Flocks of magpies have descended on our yard. I cannot sleep for all their raucous behavior. Perched on weathered fences, their green-black tales, long as rulers, wave up and down, reprimanding me for all I have not done.

I have done nothing for weeks. I have no work. I don't want to see anyone much less talk. All I want to do is sleep.

Monday, I hit rock-bottom, different from bedrock, which is solid, expansive, full of light and originality. Rock-bottom is the bottom of the rock, the underbelly that rarely gets turned over; but when it does, I am the spider that scurries from daylight to find another place to hide.

Today I feel stronger, learning to live with the natural cycles of a day and to not expect so much from myself. As women, we hold the moon in our bellies. It is too much to ask to operate on full-moon energy three hundred and sixty-five days a year. I am in a crescent phase. And the energy we expend emotionally belongs to the hidden side of the moon.... - Author: Terry Tempest Williams
Thurley Crescent quotes by Terry Tempest Williams
#7. The sun appeared between the twin spires of the cathedral as its light reflected off the crescent and star that rose out of the dome on top of the mosque. It was beautiful, and surreal. In one instant, the bells rang out from the cathedral and if I closed my eyes then I could easily imagine that I was back home in Europe, but in the next, the call to morning prayer sounded from the mosque, and it was a stark reminder of how far away I actually was from my true home. - Author: Tucker Elliot
Thurley Crescent quotes by Tucker Elliot
#8. Civilization began in the Fertile Crescent, not because it was an Edenic place overflowing with natural resources, but because it was so hostile to settlement that a village of any size needed careful management to survive. - Author: Susan Wise Bauer
Thurley Crescent quotes by Susan Wise Bauer
#9. PATTY: Hannah, what happened to me was awful, and it happened a long time ago, but I try not to dwell on it. It's with me, is who I am, but I won't allow it to shape me. - Author: Sam Crescent
Thurley Crescent quotes by Sam Crescent
#10. Stop glaring at me, baby. You were the one who attacked me and got you knocked up." Patrick turned to smile at her. He had a knack for reading her mind.
"I'm pregnant, and it's your fault."
"You took advantage of a sleeping man." He walked up to her, wrapped his arms around her waist, and dropped a kiss on her lips. "How was I to refuse a woman what she wanted?"
"Say no."
"When it comes to you that word doesn't exist to me. - Author: Sam Crescent
Thurley Crescent quotes by Sam Crescent
#11. She tucks the veil of her hair behind the crescent moon of her ear to reveal the stars in her eyes. - Author: Curtis Tyrone Jones
Thurley Crescent quotes by Curtis Tyrone Jones
#12. At last an authentic voice from Saudi Arabia. Al-Mohaimeed has written a remarkable, rhythmic, genuine novel. Wolves of the Crescent Moon throbs with sensuality and moral courage, as if it didn't take place in a society that denies the tick of the heart. - Author: Hanan Al-Shaykh
Thurley Crescent quotes by Hanan Al-Shaykh
#13. ....if you wanted something enough, you'd be willing to stand and fight for it, even if you got beat down. - Author: Sam Crescent
Thurley Crescent quotes by Sam Crescent
#14. The night was nippy and a few stars were out, dimmed by the grin of a crescent moon. - Author: E.E. Giorgi
Thurley Crescent quotes by E.E. Giorgi
#15. The streets were all named after poets - Wordsworth Lane, Shelley Close, Keats Rise - no doubt chosen by the building company's marketing department. They were all poets that the kind of person who'd aspire to own such a home would recognize, poets who wrote about urns and flowers and wandering clouds. Based on past experience, I'd be more likely to end up living in Dante Lane or Poe Crescent. - Author: Gail Honeyman
Thurley Crescent quotes by Gail Honeyman
#16. I tend to be a person who, when I get interested in something, I get obsessed by it ... What happens to me is that I will fall in love with a particular ingredient or a particular dish ... Once I make the decision that something has intrigued me enough to draw me in, there is no end to it. - Author: Crescent Dragonwagon
Thurley Crescent quotes by Crescent Dragonwagon
#17. On the road leading from his ranch to Samantha's, Wyat t drove his surrey up a small hill and caught his breath as the beauty of the large crescent moon dangling just out of reach over the crest A full moon would have been plump with luminescence, yet the pearly surface of the sickle still cast enough light to shadow his surroundings and seemed close enough that once he drove to the top of the hill, he'd be able to touch the bottom horn or at least toss a rope around it. He slackened the reins, slowing the horse, knowing that the higher he climbed, the sooner the illusion of closeness would disappear and he wanted to preserve for a moment the fantasy that the moon was within his grasp.
The stars, by contrast, were distant pricks of diamond light farther out than a man could dream. He sighed. Life as a rancher or as a rancher's wife was not moon and stars easy or romantic. What would put stars in Samantha's eyes? - Author: Debra Holland
Thurley Crescent quotes by Debra Holland
#18. Your mother, my mother, and mother of pearl walk into a bar, and the bartender says, "Hello, dad, you look more like whiskey than I remember. Have you been tanning?" To which all three mothers respond, "The French Revolution was the best thing to ever happen inside a croissant the shape of the Fertile Crescent, with a flaky crust like a politician with dandruff." Of course, when Orafoura told me this joke, I didn't laugh, because I don't like jokes involving politics, religion, or mother of pearl. - Author: Jarod Kintz
Thurley Crescent quotes by Jarod Kintz
#19. I always have this sense of food as triangular, in that one point is nourishment, one point is connection, and one point is pleasure, and I always come at it from the pleasure and connection points, and the nourishment follows. - Author: Crescent Dragonwagon
Thurley Crescent quotes by Crescent Dragonwagon
#20. Here is something you have to understand about stories: They point you in the right direction but they can't take you all the way there. Stories are crescent moons; they glimmer in the night sky, but they are most exquisite in their incomplete state. Because people crave the beauty of not-knowing, the excitement of suggestion, and the sweet tragedy of mystery. - Author: Diana Abu-Jaber
Thurley Crescent quotes by Diana Abu-Jaber
#21. It's 10:00 a.m., time for the second round of baking of the day. After feeding the fire with chunks of maple, he loads the bread and pastries according to cooking time: first the fat country rounds, then long, skinny loaves dense with nuts and dried fruit, and finally a dozen purple crescent moons: raspberry croissants pocked with chunks of white chocolate. - Author: Matt Goulding
Thurley Crescent quotes by Matt Goulding
#22. ....he has done nothing but prove to me that not only is he a good man, he's a man madly in love with my daughter, and will do anything to protect her. - Author: Sam Crescent
Thurley Crescent quotes by Sam Crescent
#23. Anon from the castle walls The crescent banner falls, And the crowd beholds instead, Like a portent in the sky, Iskander's banner fly, The Black Eagle with double head. And shouts ascend on high ... ' Long live Scanderbeg. - Author: Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
Thurley Crescent quotes by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
#24. Winter crescent resting in the high pine bough - you fly through the woods like a lone snow bird ... - Author: John Geddes
Thurley Crescent quotes by John Geddes
#25. Brisbane continued. "I have led a selfish life, and I have enjoyed it. I cannot imagine a life without my work, and I cannot imagine a life without you, and yet I cannot reconcile the two." My heart, which had given a joyous leap in the middle of his speech, faltered now as I realised what he was trying to say. "I never thought to ask you to give up your work," I began. "But how can I ask you to sit idly by and wait for me to return when every time I kiss you goodbye might be the last?" "Oh, don't!" I told him, fully enraged. "How dare you blame your cowardice upon me?" His lips went white, as did the tiny crescent moon scar high upon his cheekbone. "I beg your pardon?" "Cowardice," I said distinctly. "You hide behind this pretence of fine feeling because you will not declare yourself directly and this gives you a perfect excuse, does it not? Spare poor Julia the horror of being widowed a second time. Put her up on the shelf and keep her out of harm's way whilst you amuse yourself with your dashing adventures." He opened his mouth to speak, but I stepped forward, tipping my head up to rail at him. "I am quite disappointed that you have revealed yourself to be so thoroughly conventional in your philosophy. Have I not proven myself a capable partner?" I demanded. "Have I not stood, side by side, with you, facing peril with equal courage? If you thought for a moment that I would be the meek, quiet, obedient sort of woman who would sit quietly at home mending your socks while you - Author: Deanna Raybourn
Thurley Crescent quotes by Deanna Raybourn
#26. Real writers never show their teeth. Charlatans, in contrast, flash that sinister crescent when they smile. Check it out. Find photos of all the writers you respect, and you'll see that their teeth remain a permanently occult mystery. - Author: Valeria Luiselli
Thurley Crescent quotes by Valeria Luiselli
#27. LOGAN: ...Izzy could do whatever the hell she wanted. All she needed to do was not give a sh*t about fitting in. - Author: Sam Crescent
Thurley Crescent quotes by Sam Crescent
#28. I'm clenching my fists so tight my fingernails leave red crescent moons on my skin. I feel a surge, a heat roar up inside me. As bad as I'm hurting now, he'll hurt ten times worse. That's the only thing that keeps me going. - Author: Jenny Han
Thurley Crescent quotes by Jenny Han
#29. The smile that flickers on a baby's lips when he sleeps- does anyone know where it was born? Yes, there is a rumor that a young pale beam of a crescent moon touched the edge of a vanishing autumn cloud, and there the smile was first born in the dream of a dew-washed morning. - Author: Rabindranath Tagore
Thurley Crescent quotes by Rabindranath Tagore
#30. Their boots were black and shiny and your treasures gleamed like stars,
Bones from deep down in the fertile crescent. - Author: John Darnielle
Thurley Crescent quotes by John Darnielle
#31. Hurry up, he'll be coming back pretty soon!"

Lynda spelled with a "y" Corgill, who was two years behind Dara, Mackenzie, and Jennifer, and had just completed her sophomore year, squeezed the hot glue gun into the door lock of the headmaster's office. Shelby Andrews, her accomplice and the newest resident to be accepted at Wood Rose, stood watch.

"I see the lights of the truck. Hurry! He's coming back! Are you finished?"

Lynda gave the metal apparatus one last squeeze, filling the lock with the quick-drying cement glue guaranteed to harden on contact. "Finished."

In the soft illumination of the crescent moon high overhead, the two girls, barefooted and wearing dark blue pajamas, ran across the lawn crisscrossed by dark, elongated shadows and dampened by night-cooled air to the maintenance shed where they placed the glue gun on the top shelf where it was normally kept. With their task completed, they quickly returned to the dormitory, to the far end from where Ms. Larkins slept, and crawled through the open window. Within minutes they were back in their rooms, in their individual beds, and sound asleep. The sleep of innocent angels.

It would soon be light; and Wood Rose Orphanage and Academy for Young Women would start another day. - Author: Barbara Casey
Thurley Crescent quotes by Barbara Casey
#32. Sweet Crescent Moon ... ," he whispered, his lips barely able to form the words. He began to shiver. "Up in the sky ... " He hummed a few bars of a song, a lullaby that seemed barely familiar. "You sing your song ... so sweetly ... after sunshine passes ... - Author: Marissa Meyer
Thurley Crescent quotes by Marissa Meyer
#33. To hunger is to be alive and to hope. - Author: Crescent Dragonwagon
Thurley Crescent quotes by Crescent Dragonwagon
#34. There was just one moon. That familiar, yellow, solitary moon. The same moon that silently floated over fields of pampas grass, the moon that rose
a gleaming, round saucer
over the calm surface of lakes, that tranquilly beamed down on the rooftops of fast-asleep houses. The same moon that brought the high tide to shore, that softly shone on the fur of animals and enveloped and protected travelers at night. The moon that, as a crescent, shaved slivers from the soul
or, as a new moon, silently bathed the earth in its own loneliness. THAT moon. - Author: Haruki Murakami
Thurley Crescent quotes by Haruki Murakami
#35. I'm about to haul my packs into a tree to make camp when a silver parachute floats down and lands in front of me. A gift form a sponsor. But why now? I've been in fairly good shape with supplies. Maybe Haymitch's noticed my despondency and is trying to cheer me up a bit. Or could it be something to help my ear?

I open the parachute and find a small loaf of bread. It's not the fine white of the Capitol stuff. It's made of dark ration grain and shaped in a crescent. Sprinkled with seeds. I flashback to Peeta's lesson on the various district breads in the Training Center. This bread came from District 11. I cautiously lift the still warm loaf. What must it have cost the people of District 11 who can't even feed themselves? How many would've had to do without to scrape up a coin to put in the collection for this one loaf? It had been meant for Rue, surely. But instead of pulling the gift when she died, they'd authorized Haymitch to give it to me. As a thank-you? Or because, like me, they don't like to let debts go unpaid? For whatever reason, this is a first. A district gift to a tribute who's not your own.

I lift my face and step into the last falling rays of sunlight. "My thanks to the people of District Eleven," I say. I want them to know I know where it came from. That the full value of the gift has been recognized. - Author: Suzanne Collins
Thurley Crescent quotes by Suzanne Collins
#36. We were prime examples of the age old debate: nature versus nurture. I'd been brought up around muscle cars and crescent wrenches, and he'd been surrounded by neon lights and stilettos. In all likelihood, I should've been straight as an arrow, and Frank would've ended up as a showgirl. Yet, he was the top, if only in bed. We both knew who wore the pants in the relationship, even though they were big on me because they were his. - Author: Nicole Castle
Thurley Crescent quotes by Nicole Castle
#37. The sleep that flits on baby's eyes - does anybody know from where it comes? Yes, there is a rumour that it has its dwelling where, in the fairy village among shadows of the forest dimly lit with glow-worms, there hang two timid buds of enchantment. From there it comes to kiss baby's eyes.
The smile that flickers on baby's lips when he sleeps - does anybody know where it was born? Yes, there is a rumour that a young pale beam of a crescent moon touched the edge of a vanishing autumn cloud, and there the smile was first born in the dream of a dew-washed morning - the smile that flickers on baby's lips when he sleeps.
The sweet, soft freshness that blooms on baby's limbs - does anybody know where it was hidden so long? Yes, when the mother was a young girl it lay pervading her heart in tender and silent mystery of love - the sweet, soft freshness that has bloomed on baby's limbs. - Author: Rabindranath Tagore
Thurley Crescent quotes by Rabindranath Tagore
#38. II

A grief without a pang, void, dark, and drear,
A stifled, drowsy, unimpassioned grief,
Which finds no natural outlet, no relief,
In word, or sigh, or tear -
O Lady! in this wan and heartless mood,
To other thoughts by yonder throstle woo'd,
All this long eve, so balmy and serene,
Have I been gazing on the western sky,
And its peculiar tint of yellow green:
And still I gaze - and with how blank an eye!
And those thin clouds above, in flakes and bars,
That give away their motion to the stars;
Those stars, that glide behind them or between,
Now sparkling, now bedimmed, but always seen:
Yon crescent Moon as fixed as if it grew
In its own cloudless, starless lake of blue;
I see them all so excellently fair,
I see, not feel how beautiful they are!


My genial spirits fail;
And what can these avail
To lift the smothering weight from off my breast?
It were a vain endeavour,
Though I should gaze for ever
On that green light that lingers in the west:
I may not hope from outward forms to win
The passion and the life, whose fountains are within. - Author: Samuel Taylor Coleridge
Thurley Crescent quotes by Samuel Taylor Coleridge
#39. In my own worst seasons I've come back from the colorless world of despair by forcing myself to look hard, for a long time, at a single glorious thing: a flame of red geranium outside my bedroom window. And then another: my daughter in a yellow dress. And another: the perfect outline of a full, dark sphere behind the crescent moon. Until I learned to be in love with my life again. Like a stroke victim retraining new parts of the brain to grasp lost skills, I have taught myself joy, over and over again(15). - Author: Barbara Kingsolver
Thurley Crescent quotes by Barbara Kingsolver
#40. Morrie closed his eyes to absorb the notes. As my wife's loving voice filled the room, a crescent smile appeared 0n his face. And while his body was stiff as a sandbag, you could almost see him dancing inside it. - Author: Mitch Albom
Thurley Crescent quotes by Mitch Albom
#41. Eid Crescent
I feed on bitterness and satiety never comes.
Today sadness has renewed itself.
Let me narrate the story of two souls,
Whose love was struck by the evil eye,
In a twist which Fate had hidden.
Luck won't smile and Time will scorch.
Only the stars know what is wrong with me.
I almost sense them craning to wipe my tears away. - Author: Leila Aboulela
Thurley Crescent quotes by Leila Aboulela
#42. Sweet crescent moon, up in the sky. You sing your song sweetly sunshine passes by. ... - Author: Marissa Meyer
Thurley Crescent quotes by Marissa Meyer
#43. Rags, wretchedness, poverty and dirt, those signs and symbols that indicate the presence of [Muslim] rule more surely than the crescent-flag itself, abound. - Author: Mark Twain
Thurley Crescent quotes by Mark Twain
#44. And what if you weren't a jinni? What if you were free from their rules?"
I stare at him. His jaw tightens, his eyes steely with determination that frightens me to my core. A cloud drifts across the face of the crescent moon, and the courtyard darkens. Here and there, the grass is still bent where Aladdin and I danced just hours earlier. I drop my gaze and glare at it, shaking from head to toe.
"Don't say it, Aladdin. Don't you even think it." Dread rises in me like a storm cloud, dark and menacing.
Aladdin moves closer. He takes my hands. His skin is warm and crackling with energy, setting me on fire.
"I have one wish left," he murmurs. "And this one is for you."
"No, Aladdin! Don't speak it. Don't make the Forbidden Wish. The cost - "
"Damn the cost. Zahra, I wish - "
I stop him with a kiss.
Because it is the first thing I think of to stop the terrible words. Because he fills me with light and hope and deep, deep fear. Because I have been longing to for days. - Author: Jessica Khoury
Thurley Crescent quotes by Jessica Khoury
#45. Each that we lose takes part of us;
A crescent still abides,
Which like the moon, some turbid night,
Is summoned by the tides. - Author: Emily Dickinson
Thurley Crescent quotes by Emily Dickinson
#46. He lives for you, Laurel, and that's not some kind of figure of speech.He lives every day for you.Even after you moved to Crescent City,all he did every day was talk about you,worry about you, wonder what was happening, if he would ever see you again. And even what I told him I was sick of hearing about you, I could tell he was still thinking about you.Every moment of every day. - Author: Aprilynne Pike
Thurley Crescent quotes by Aprilynne Pike
#47. When I look over my past, I see that the stages in my life are like the phases of the moon. I've had periods where I was the waxing gibbous: fat with wealth and success. There have been other seasons when my happiness was like the waning crescent and I watched my joy fade away slowly, merging with the atmosphere around me as if it never existed. Then I felt as if I was left with nothing more than an illusion, but happiness returns in time and glows once more in corpulent fullness. It's time that makes the difference. - Author: Amy Neftzger
Thurley Crescent quotes by Amy Neftzger

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