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#1. No matter how this turns out, no matter how much we think we love each other, we will always live a lie. Never the real thing. What makes it truly sad is that I loved you regardless of the lies. I will never make that mistake again. - Author: M.D. Waters
Thing What quotes by M.D. Waters
#2. You get what you want and you become its slave. - Author: Ljupka Cvetanova
Thing What quotes by Ljupka Cvetanova
#3. Oscar Wilde said that conscience and cowardice are the same thing. What stops us from doing horrible things isn't our conscience but the fear of getting caught. - Author: Louise Penny
Thing What quotes by Louise Penny
#4. Oh, Daddy, I don't know what's wrong. I've tried to grow up - to be a good little girl, as you would say, but everywhere I turn I seem to walk deeper and deeper into some terrible despair. What's wrong, Daddy? What's wrong? Why is happiness such a precious thing? What have we done with our lives so that everywhere we turn - no matter how hard we try not to - we cause other people sorrow? - Author: William Styron
Thing What quotes by William Styron
#5. I am pessimistic about a picture's power to be the emissary of just one thing. What I hope is that the picture says, "Here I am, this is what I am like," and the person seeing the picture says in return, 'You know a lot but you don't know half of what I know.' - Author: Emmet Gowin
Thing What quotes by Emmet Gowin
#6. Fix me, this thing, what I've done- there's something wrong with me, Noah, fix it."
"I can't."
"Why not?"
"Because you're not broken. - Author: Michelle Hodkin
Thing What quotes by Michelle Hodkin
#7. To spend one's life being angry, and in the process doing nothing to change it, is to me ridiculous. I could be mad all day long, but if I'm not doing a damn thing, what difference does it make? - Author: Charles Fuller
Thing What quotes by Charles Fuller
#8. But here's the thing: what you do as a screenwriter is you sell your copyright. As a novelist, as a poet, as a playwright, you maintain your copyright. - Author: Beth Henley
Thing What quotes by Beth Henley
#9. Moving on, is a simple thing, what it leaves behind is hard. - Author: Dave Mustaine
Thing What quotes by Dave Mustaine
#10. I came seriously close to getting married four times, and each time I backed off in fear or for one reason or another. Each occasion was different, but in hindsight when I look at the people involved, it wasn't a bad thing what I did. I think it may have been more complex had the marriage taken place. - Author: Ratan Tata
Thing What quotes by Ratan Tata
#11. Much of magic as I understand it in the Western occult tradition is the search for the Self, with a capital S. This is understood as being the Great Work, as being the gold the alchemists sought, as being the Will, the Soul, the thing we have inside us that is behind the intellect, the body, the dreams. The inner dynamo of us, if you like. Now this is the single most important thing that we can ever attain, the knowledge of our own Self. And yet there are a frightening amount of people who seem to have the urge not just to ignore the Self, but actually seem to have the urge to obliterate themselves. This is horrific, but you can almost understand the desire to simply wipe out that awareness, because it's too much of a responsibility to actually posses such a thing as a soul, such a precious thing. What if you break it? What if you lose it? Mightn't it be best to anesthetize it, to deaden it, to destroy it, to not have to live with the pain of struggling towards it and trying to keep it pure? I think that the way that people immerse themselves in alcohol, in drugs, in television, in any of the addictions that our culture throws up, can be seen as a deliberate attempt to destroy any connection between themselves and the responsibility of accepting and owning a higher Self and then having to maintain it. - Author: Alan Moore
Thing What quotes by Alan Moore
#12. I met an Australian who said he loved to travel alone. He talked about his job as we drank by the sea. When a student gets it, when it first breaks across his face, it's so fucking beautiful, he told me. I nodded, moved, though I'd never taught anyone a single thing. What do you teach, I asked him. Rollerblading, he explained. - Author: Jenny Offill
Thing What quotes by Jenny Offill
#13. I think it's a very ephemeral thing, what makes a show a success. - Author: Douglas Carter Beane
Thing What quotes by Douglas Carter Beane
#14. There are two things that matter in a criminal investigation of a subject.What did the person do, and when they did that thing, what were they thinking? When you look at the hundred-years-plus of the Justice Department investigation and prosecution of mishandling of classified information, those two questions are obviously present. - Author: James Comey
Thing What quotes by James Comey
#15. Just tell me one thing. What are you doing not in your country right now? Why did you run off to America, Darling Nonkululeko Nkala, huh? Why did you just leave? If it's your country, you have to love it to live in it and not leave it. You have to fight for it no matter what, to make it right. Tell me, do you abandon your house because it's burning or do you find water to put out the fire? And if you leave it burning, do you expect the flames to turn into water and put themselves out? You left it, Darling, my dear, you left the house burning and you have the guts to tell me in that stupid accent that you were not even born with, that doesn't even suit you, that this is your country? - Author: NoViolet Bulawayo
Thing What quotes by NoViolet Bulawayo
#16. It all matters. That someone turns out the lamp, picks up the windblown wrapper, says hello to the invalid, pays at the unattended lot, listens to the repeated tale, folds the abandoned laundry, plays the game fairly, tells the story honestly, acknowledges help, gives credit, says good night, resists temptation, wipes the counter, waits at the yellow, makes the bed, tips the maid, remembers the illness, congratulates the victor, accepts the consequences, takes a stand, steps up, offers a hand, goes first, goes last, chooses the small portion, teaches the child, tends to the dying, comforts the grieving, removes the splinter, wipes the tear, directs the lost, touches the lonely, is the whole thing. What is most beautiful is least acknowledged. What is worth dying for is barely noticed. - Author: Laura McBride
Thing What quotes by Laura McBride
#17. Georgia took once a creative-writing course, and what the instructor told her was: Too many things. Too many things going on at the same time; also too many people. Think, he told her. What is the important thing? What do you want us to pay attention to? Think.
Eventually she wrote a story that was about her grandfather killing chickens, and the instructor seemed to be pleased with it. Georgia herself thought that it was a fake. She made a long list of all the things that had been left out and handed it in as an appendix to the story. The instructor said that she expected too much, of herself and of the process, and that she was wearing him out.
The course was not a total loss, because Georgia and the instructor ended up living together. - Author: Alice Munro
Thing What quotes by Alice Munro
#18. While the word "republic" derives etymologically from the Latin "res publica" - which literally means "the people's thing," what a republic or a "republican form of government" is today remains debatable; but what it is not is clear: No matter its political composition, a government that does not adhere to the rule of law, is ruled by a president who dictates, courts that legislate, and a legislature that is elected by a minority, led by the few, and administered by members who fail to embody the will of the people, represent party caucuses and factious special interests, overlook executive overreach, transfer legislative powers, and maintain monarchic lengths of time in office - and all of this to the detriment of justice, the Union, and the Constitution - is not a republic or republican form of government but something else. - Author: Anonymous
Thing What quotes by Anonymous
#19. Yet habit - strange thing! what cannot habit accomplish? - Author: Herman Melville
Thing What quotes by Herman Melville
#20. Rich kid," Shiva yelled, "you don't know one damn thing! What purpose, man? What thing in the whole sister-sleeping world got reason, yara? For what reason you're rich and I'm poor? Where's the reason in starving, man? God knows how many millions of damn fools living in this country, man, and you think there's a purpose! Man, I'll tell you
you got to get what you can, do what you can with it, and then you got to die. That's reason, rich boy. Everything else is only mother-sleeping wind! - Author: Salman Rushdie
Thing What quotes by Salman Rushdie
#21. I believe in letting karma do its thing. What comes around goes around. - Author: Tim Gunn
Thing What quotes by Tim Gunn
#22. I hate when models say 'Oh, plastic surgery is just a wrong thing. What are you talking about? You won the genetic lottery. You look like this specimen that's making people everywhere feel insecure and you're going to ridicule someone for getting plastic surgery? - Author: Tyra Banks
Thing What quotes by Tyra Banks
#23. And the lawyers! Of course, I say it's a pretty good thing what happened to them, because it was a bad thing for them, which couldn't help to be a good thing for everybody else. - Author: Kurt Vonnegut Jr.
Thing What quotes by Kurt Vonnegut Jr.
#24. She thinks she knows everything that goes on inside me, and she doesn't know a thing. What did she want from me – to tell the truth all the time? To run around saying it did matter to me that I live in a world where you can grow old and be alone and have to get down on your hands and knees and beg for friends? A place where people just sort of forget about you because you get a little old and your mind's a bit senile or silly? Did she think that didn't bother me underneath? - Author: Paul Zindel
Thing What quotes by Paul Zindel
#25. I clutched my chest, feeling my heart racing. You treacherous, treacherous thing. What have you done? - Author: Kiera Cass
Thing What quotes by Kiera Cass
#26. Perspective, as its inventor remarked, is a beautiful thing. What horrors of damp huts, where human beings languish, may not become picturesque through aerial distance! - Author: George Eliot
Thing What quotes by George Eliot
#27. It may be a mistake to say this, but I know my limitations as an actor and I know what I can and can not do. Robert De Niro can do everything. I can't. A 'Highlander' movie is basically my thing. What I'm attempting to do is develop my ability as an actor and try to be the best I can be in the fantasy/action genre. - Author: Christopher Lambert
Thing What quotes by Christopher Lambert
#28. Life itself is the real and most miraculous miracle of all. If one had never before seen a human hand and were suddenly presented for the first time with this strange and wonderful thing, what a miracle, what a magnificently shocking and inexplicable and mysterious thing it would be. - Author: Christopher Fry
Thing What quotes by Christopher Fry
#29. At least he hadn't completely blown it: she wasn't angry with him. That was the main thing. What - Author: Margaret Atwood
Thing What quotes by Margaret Atwood
#30. I love mythology and folklore, and I respect the time, money, and opportunity that a film gives to an audience. It's a chance to empathize, reflect, and learn, so I really want to understand before I sign onto a project: 'What's the potential of this thing? What are we seeing and learning? What are we empathizing to?' - Author: Brie Larson
Thing What quotes by Brie Larson
#31. Those people who have got wisdom are very lucky people, but wisdom comes from no source but your own understanding of life. When a person starts thinking, "Why am I doing such and such thing ? What is the effect of my doing ? What is the result of my behaviour ? Is it good for me or bad for me ? " , then wisdom comes. - Author: Nirmala Srivastava
Thing What quotes by Nirmala Srivastava
#32. This was the usual thing. What I asked for was facts: what I got was a sermon. - Author: Hilary Mantel
Thing What quotes by Hilary Mantel
#33. For you can grieve your heart out and in the end you are still where you were. All your grief hasn't changed a thing. What you have lost will not be returned to you. It will always be lost. You're only left with your scars to mark the void. All you can choose to do is go on or not. - Author: Charles Frazier
Thing What quotes by Charles Frazier
#34. The message of music was also the first thing what I learned from my first teacher. She was an organist too and she was very devoted to what she played, so she had a respect for every piece and she felt that she is not allowed to add something of her own. - Author: Kurt Masur
Thing What quotes by Kurt Masur
#35. She fit her head under his chin, and he could feel her weight settle into him. He held her tight and words spilled out of him without prior composition. And this time he made no effort to clamp them off. He told her about the first time he had looked on the back of her neck as she sat in the church pew. Of the feeling that had never let go of him since. He talked to her of the great waste of years between then and now. A long time gone. And it was pointless, he said, to think how those years could have been put to better use, for he could hardly have put them to worse. There was no recovering them now. You could grieve endlessly for the loss of time and the damage done therein. For the dead, and for your own lost self. But what the wisdom of the ages says is that we do well not to grieve on and on. And those old ones knew a thing or two and had some truth to tell, Inman said, for you can grieve your heart out and in the end you are still where you are. All your grief hasn't changed a thing. What you have lost will not be returned to you. It will always be lost. You're left with only your scars to mark the void. All you can choose to do is go on or not. But if you go on, it's knowing you carry your scars with you. Nevertheless, over all those wasted years, he had held in his mind the wish to kiss her on the back of her neck, and now he had done it. There was a redemption of some kind, he believed, in such complete fulfillment of a desire so long deferred. - Author: Charles Frazier
Thing What quotes by Charles Frazier
#36. I think jazz is a phenomenal creative force, because it's one man, one vote as you're playing, but it's a collective thing, what you're doing. You're listening to all the musicians around you and you're working within that structure. - Author: Herb Alpert
Thing What quotes by Herb Alpert
#37. I'm only fifteen. I'm not sure I ever want to get married. I'm neither messing around while waiting nor looking for some "real thing". What I want is much more complicated. I want somebody to talk about books, who would be my friend, and why couldn't we have sex as well if we wanted to? (And used contraception.) I'm not looking for romance. Lord Peter and Harriet would seem a pretty good model to me. I wonder if Wim has read Sayers? - Author: Jo Walton
Thing What quotes by Jo Walton
#38. In my experience, folk find it nigh on impossible to call a thing what it is. It - Author: Catherynne M Valente
Thing What quotes by Catherynne M Valente
#39. I think that the cinema is a physical thing. What I'm looking for is creating a physical shock with the audience. I don't care of the meaning. I don't care of the idea. I don't want to say something. I want to make a 'shock physique.' - Author: Bruno Dumont
Thing What quotes by Bruno Dumont
#40. Lots of artists who paint have the experience to one degree or another ... where their thinking doesn't precede their doing ... It's a funny thing, what I really hate yet I have to go through with it, is the preparation. - Author: Philip Guston
Thing What quotes by Philip Guston
#41. People are constantly telling me, whether they are friends who feel sorry for me, because I can't find a place to live, or real estate agents, "You can't afford an apartment the size you need with this many books. Why don't you just put some of your books in storage?" And I always say the same thing: "What if I told you I had four children? Would you say, 'You just can't afford to house four children. Why don't you just put two of them in storage?'" That's how I feel. - Author: Fran Lebowitz
Thing What quotes by Fran Lebowitz
#42. They were martyred. But what a martyrdom! I had long read about martyrdom in the lives of the saints--how the souls of the martyrs had gone home to Heaven, how they had been filled with glory in Paradise, how the angels had blown trumpets. This was the splendid martyrdom I had often seen in my dreams. But the martyrdom of the Japanese Christians I now describe to you was no such glorious thing. What a miserable and painful business it was! - Author: Shusaku Endo
Thing What quotes by Shusaku Endo
#43. Our potential is one thing. What we do with it is quite another. - Author: Angela Duckworth
Thing What quotes by Angela Duckworth
#44. A melancholy air can never be the right thing; what you want is a bored air. If you are melancholy, it must be because you want something, there is something in which you have not succeeded.
It is shewing your inferiority. If you are bored, on the other hand, it is the person who has tried in vain to please you who is inferior. - Author: Stendhal
Thing What quotes by Stendhal
#45. I'm not sure I ever want to get married. I'm neither messing around while waiting nor looking for some "real thing." What I want is much more complicated. I want somebody I can talk to about books, who would be my friend, and why couldn't we have sex as well if we wanted to? (And used contraception.) I'm not looking for romance. Lord Peter and Harriet would seem a pretty good model to me. - Author: Jo Walton
Thing What quotes by Jo Walton
#46. We did it," he muttered to Ekaterin, now perching on the chair arm. "Why didn't anybody stop us? Why aren't there more regulations about this sort of thing? What fool in their right mind would put me in charge of a baby? Two babies? - Author: Lois McMaster Bujold
Thing What quotes by Lois McMaster Bujold
#47. She never wished for the thing what she is experiencing. It is her inner voice that became her enemy. - Author: Durgesh Satpathy
Thing What quotes by Durgesh Satpathy
#48. When we get hurt, our bodies immediately start trying to heal that hurt. This works for emotions as well. If we were scarred socially, by an incident of rejection or bullying, we immediately start trying to heal. Like pus comes out of wounds, emotions flow from psychological wounds.

And what do we really need at that moment? When we are out of that dangerous situation that scarred us, and we become triggered by some little thing - what do we need? Do we need someone to look at us and say, "Wow, you're really sensitive, aren't you?" or "Hey, man, I didn't mean it like that."? Do we need someone to justify their actions or tell us to take it easy, because the situation didn't really require such a reaction?

And, from ourselves, do we really need four pounds of judgment with liberal helpings of shame? Do we need to run away, to suppress, to hate our "over-sensitivity" to situations that seem innocuous to others?

No. We do not need all of these versions of rejection of a natural healing process. You would not feel shame over a wound doing what it must do to heal, nor would you shame another. So why do we do this to our heart wounds? Why do we do it to ourselves? To others?

Next time some harmless situation triggers you or someone around you into an intense emotion - realize it's an attempt at emotional healing. Realize the danger is no longer there, but don't suppress the healing of old dangers and old pains. Allow the pain. Don't react - Author: Vironika Tugaleva
Thing What quotes by Vironika Tugaleva
#49. My niece was very much caught up in the vampire craze for young adults, and she thought having a vampire boyfriend would be a cool thing. What do you do on a first date? The more I thought about it, the more fun I had imagining what you'd serve a vampire for dinner. - Author: Deborah Harkness
Thing What quotes by Deborah Harkness
#50. God gently reached around His son, embracing him.
"Love takes risks, dear one. You have the freedom to say no to Us, no to Love, to turn your face away."
Adam frowned. "And if I did such a thing, what would happen?"
"In turning you would find within yourself a shadow. This darkening would become more real to you than I am. From then, until you re-turned your face to Mine, this empty nothingness would deceive you about everything, including who We are to you, and who you are to all creation. - Author: Wm. Paul Young
Thing What quotes by Wm. Paul Young
#51. Oh my God…How could he do such a thing? What kind of monster is he? (Kiara)
You think you're so unsullied. How dare you sit there like some high queen dispensing her judgment on us. Don't waste pity on Arast. If he'd been given the chance, he'd have raped you slowly and in ways you can't even conceive of, then cut you into little pieces and fed you to his dogs. All except your head with your contorted fear permanently twisted on your pretty little face – that he would have sent home to your father as a present, but only after he'd been paid. And that's nice compared to what he'd have done to Nykyrian. To what he's done to Nykyrian in the past. (Syn) - Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon
Thing What quotes by Sherrilyn Kenyon
#52. It's queer how the thing what attracted you to someone is the same as what you come to despise about them - Author: Lionel Shriver
Thing What quotes by Lionel Shriver
#53. My family never told me like you have to be one thing. What do you want to be when you grow up? They think it's the most ridiculous question. You can be many, many things. - Author: Hannah Simone
Thing What quotes by Hannah Simone
#54. I know, I know," Moore said. "Mad beliefs like that, eh? Must be some metaphor, right? Must mean something else?" Shook his head. "What an awfully arrogant thing. What if faiths are exactly what they are? And mean exactly what they say?"
"Stop trying to make sense of it and just listen," Dane said.
"And what," Moore said, "if a large part of the reason they're so tenacious is that they're perfectly accurate? - Author: China Mieville
Thing What quotes by China Mieville
#55. I stepped closer to him and lowered my voice. 'If you could change one thing, what would it be?'
He pulled the sheep pendant from his pocket. A question filled his eyes. I held out my hand. Riley placed it in my palm and I curled my finger around the necklace, pressing the metal into my skin. - Author: Maria V. Snyder
Thing What quotes by Maria V. Snyder
#56. It is this impulse to change the quality of experience that I recognize as central to creation ... Out of all that could be done, you choose one thing. What that one thing is, nothing else can tell you
you come at it over unmarked snow. - Author: William Stafford
Thing What quotes by William Stafford
#57. Money is very difficult to think about. So, we think about money as the opportunity cost of money. So, we at some point went to a Toyota dealership and we asked people, what will you not be able to do in the future if you bought this Toyota? Now, you would expect people to have an answer. But people were kind of shocked by the question. They never thought about it before. So, the most we got was people said, "Well, if I can't buy this Toyota, if I buy this Toyota, I can't buy a Honda." What is this thing? What is this value of price? Very hard to think about it. - Author: Dan Ariely
Thing What quotes by Dan Ariely
#58. What we do in life is one thing. What we do in the face of death is everything else. - Author: C. Robert Cargill
Thing What quotes by C. Robert Cargill
#59. The Sun-Paul must consider only one thing: what is the relation of this or that external reaction of the animal to the phenomena of the external world? - Author: Ivan Pavlov
Thing What quotes by Ivan Pavlov
#60. Writing from memory like this, I often feel a pang of dread. What if I've forgotten the most important thing? What if somewhere inside me there is a dark limbo where all the the truly important memories are heaped and slowly turning into mud? - Author: Haruki Murakami
Thing What quotes by Haruki Murakami
#61. Can you find out how owns C and R industries? They bought the old abandoned mental asylum downtown."
"That old thing? What are they going to do with it?"
"I don't know. I was hoping their overcompensating sign would say, but it just says 'private property' and shouts lots of threats in capital letters, all of which I plan to completely ignore later. - Author: Darynda Jones
Thing What quotes by Darynda Jones
#62. A guy friend I was speaking to said he was talking to a group of male producersand he was just shocked that they said, "But if we give women directors a job they're going to
take jobs away from the men." I almost fell out of my chair. But when I encounter this kind
of thing, what I try to do is give a chiropractic adjustment to the mind, quickly. - Author: Rose McGowan
Thing What quotes by Rose McGowan
#63. Is the buying-your-own-drinks thing what you use to give guys the polite brush-off, and now you're just offering me the seat because you feel sorry for me, or do I actually have a chance here? - Author: Chanel Cleeton
Thing What quotes by Chanel Cleeton
#64. The hub, it would allow the portable devices to become simpler. A lot of the functions that the devices tried to do, such as editing the video or pictures, they did poorly because they had small screens and could not easily accommodate menus filled with lots of functions. Computers could handle that more easily. And one more thing . . . What Jobs also saw was that this worked best when everything - the device, computer, software, applications, FireWire - was all tightly integrated. I became even more of a believer in providing end-to-end - Author: Walter Isaacson
Thing What quotes by Walter Isaacson
#65. It is not difficult to know a thing; what is difficult is to know how to use what you know - Author: Han Fei
Thing What quotes by Han Fei
#66. Of course the people in the metro didn't see a thing! ... what a joke! petrified ratlets! but they'll still come out to refute me! make claims! ... that nothing got bombed! ... squished! powdered! that the firmament was calm, and me, I imagined the whole thing! chrysanthemums, sprays, roses! why, there's no more any such thing as sky-hooking shrapnel than there is anal ice cream! it's all in my mind! hallucinations and bullshit! what a crook! but I repeat and reassert! shrapnel and fiery lace stretched from one end of the horizon to the other! with lots of glow-worms mixed in ... and dancing purple fireflies ... - Author: Louis Ferdinand Celine
Thing What quotes by Louis Ferdinand Celine
#67. Conor's grandma wasn't like other grandmas. He'd met Lily's grandma loads of times, and she was how grandmas were supposed to be: crinkly and smiley, with white hair and the whole lot. She cooked meals where she made three separate eternally boiled vegetable portions for everybody and would giggle in the corner at Christmas with a small glass of sherry and a paper crown on her head.

Conor's grandma wore tailored trouser suits, dyed her hair to keep out the grey, and said things that made no sense at all, like "Sixty is the new fifty" or "Classic cars need the most expensive polish." What did that even mean? She emailed birthday cards, would argue with waiters over wine, and still had a job. Her house was even worse, filled with expensive old things you could never touch, like a clock she wouldn't even let the cleaning lady dust. Which was another thing. What kind of grandma had a cleaning lady? - Author: Patrick Ness
Thing What quotes by Patrick Ness
#68. Such a strange thing. What was terrible for a healthy fetus has been wonderful at defeating the cancer cells. - Author: Geraldine Ferraro
Thing What quotes by Geraldine Ferraro
#69. I don't know about other people's cameras. Mine is a thing I had cobbled up, it holds together with tape and is always losing parts. All I need to set is the distance and that other thing - what do you call that other thing? - Author: Mario Giacomelli
Thing What quotes by Mario Giacomelli
#70. Just imagine, a cow on the balcony of the nation, what an awful thing, what a shitty country ... - Author: Gabriel Garcia Marquez
Thing What quotes by Gabriel Garcia Marquez
#71. Somehow, though, neither her clothes nor her features seemed to matter - they were the adornments of a painting or a picture, not the real thing. What made her so captivating was something else, not so easily named: the way she moved, the glance of her eyes, the manner and sound and form. All I wanted to do was sit and gape. If I'd let myself fall into her eyes, I think an army of constructs could have battered down the door and I wouldn't have noticed. - Author: Benedict Jacka
Thing What quotes by Benedict Jacka
#72. When honor dies - when trust is a useless thing - what use is life? - Author: Diane Duane
Thing What quotes by Diane Duane
#73. Death is not big thing, what is important is God's service. - Author: Radhanath Swami
Thing What quotes by Radhanath Swami
#74. What matters is the one thing I do know for certain: God is with me. - Author: Craig Groeschel
Thing What quotes by Craig Groeschel
#75. Faint and not so pleasant. "Okay," I said. "It's the pantry. Neat and fully stocked. You get an A in supply management, if there is such a thing." "What do you smell?" "Spices, mostly. Coffee. Maybe air freshener, too, I'm not sure. - Author: Stephen King
Thing What quotes by Stephen King
#76. If your house is on fire and you can only escape with your life and one thing, what one thing would you take out of your house? I got to think my laptop is the one thing that is totally irreplaceable. Either that or my son. Laptop. I'll go laptop. - Author: Anthony Jeselnik
Thing What quotes by Anthony Jeselnik
#77. Fix me," I commanded him. "This thing, what I've done - there's something wrong with me, Noah. Fix it."
Noah's expression broke my heart as he brushed my hair from my face, and skimmed the line of my neck. "I can't"
"Why not?" I asked, my voice threatening to crack.
"Because," he said, "You're not broken. - Author: Michelle Hodkin
Thing What quotes by Michelle Hodkin
#78. The spontaneous expansion of the Church reduced to its elements is a very simple thing ... What is necessary is faith. What is needed is the kind of faith which uniting a man to Christ, sets him on fire. - Author: Roland Allen
Thing What quotes by Roland Allen
#79. About four days a week, I do pretty good at having a morning prayer time. But even at that, it's a rambling sort of thing. What I have learned to do better is to try to keep my mind turned toward God and ear inclined toward God throughout the day, and I think I'm doing better at that, but I've got a long way to go. - Author: Max Lucado
Thing What quotes by Max Lucado
#80. I didn't mean to be a TV presenter, I just hated modeling. It feels very odd that it's turned into this 'It-girl' thing. What does that even mean? I wear clothes and I go out. It's so weird. - Author: Alexa Chung
Thing What quotes by Alexa Chung
#81. Reincarnation? There is such a thing. What could be more Mozartian than the Nutcracker Suite? - Author: Edward Abbey
Thing What quotes by Edward Abbey
#82. It went to show that no one knew, when they abandoned a thing, what misuses it would be put to later by others. - Author: Joe Hill
Thing What quotes by Joe Hill
#83. More than anyone in that room, I was aware of exactly the sort of person who did such a thing. What I hadnn't realized until that very moment, though, was that it wasn't just my mother who was guilty of all these offenses. I'd told myself that everything I'd done in the weeks before and since she left was to make sure I would never be like her. But it was too late. All I had to do was look at the way I'd reacted to what Cora had told me that morning- taking off, getting wasted, letting myself be left alone in a strange place- to know I already was...

Perhaps I was just like my mother. But looking up at Cora's hand, I had to wonder whether it was possible that this wasn't already decided for me, and if maybe, just maybe, this wasn't already decided for me, and if maybe, just maybe, this was my one last chance to trya nad prove it. There was no way to know. There never is. But I reached out and took it anyway.

~Ruby, pg 225 - Author: Sarah Dessen
Thing What quotes by Sarah Dessen
#84. But what if all the workers we went to said the same thing? What if, everywhere he [the boss] went, there were workers saying, 'We are worth so much,' and 'We will not be treated this way,' and 'You cannot take away our jobs unless there is a just reason for doing so'? What if all workers, everywhere, demanded this treatment? - Author: Cory Doctorow
Thing What quotes by Cory Doctorow
#85. I don't really inject the rock 'n' roll thing, what I take from rock 'n' roll is probably the melodies and the musical behind it. - Author: Cedric Gervais
Thing What quotes by Cedric Gervais
#86. I can't say a thing. What is there to say? I have given birth to a son! What more can I possibly hope for? I hear his footsteps crossing the front yard and gradually fading away, off into the distance. As the silence grows, I suddenly realize that hes gone. He's gone to someplace far away, and he's never coming back.(2007: 153) - Author: Hwang Sok-yong
Thing What quotes by Hwang Sok-yong
#87. Every decision has a cost. Do I have to make this decision at all or can I move on to the next thing? What we decided to leave out is almost as important as what we put in. - Author: Joshua Schachter
Thing What quotes by Joshua Schachter
#88. A sad thing! What it termed its concessions were our conquests; what it termed our encroachments were our rights. When the hour seemed to it to have come, the Restoration, supposing itself victorious over Bonaparte and well-rooted in the country, that is to say, believing itself to be strong and deep, abruptly decided on its plan of action, and risked its stroke. One morning it drew itself up before the face of France, and, elevating its voice, it contested the collective title and the individual right of the nation to sovereignty, of the citizen to liberty. In other words, it denied to the nation that which made it a nation, and to the citizen that which made him a citizen. This is the foundation of - Author: Victor Hugo
Thing What quotes by Victor Hugo
#89. What they call you is one thing. What you answer to is something else. - Author: Lucille Clifton
Thing What quotes by Lucille Clifton
#90. I've never doubted that you should be our leader. I've always believed that, ever since Firestar took you to the Skyrock to receive your nine lives. I challenged you, yes, so I could be sure of your conviction that you were doing the right thing. What SkyClan needs more than anything else is a leader who has faith in herself. Because only then could other cats have faith in her, too. - Author: Erin Hunter
Thing What quotes by Erin Hunter
#91. The most experienced psychologist or observer of human nature knows infinitely less of the human heart than the simplest Christian who lives beneath the Cross of Jesus. The greatest psychological insight, ability, and experience cannot grasp this one thing: what sin is. Worldly wisdom knows what distress and weakness and failure are, but it does not know the godlessness of man. And so it also does not know that man is destroyed only by his sin and can be healed only by forgiveness. Only the Christian knows this. In the presence of a psychiatrist I can only be a sick man; in the presence of a Christian brother I can dare to be a sinner. The psychiatrist must first search my heart and yet he never plumbs its ultimate depth. The Christian brother knows when I come to him: here is a sinner like myself, a godless man who wants to confess and yearns for God's forgiveness. The psychiatrist views me as if there were no God. The brother views me as I am before the judging and merciful God in the Cross of Jesus Christ. - Author: Dietrich Bonhoeffer
Thing What quotes by Dietrich Bonhoeffer
#92. What the day brings is one thing, what we ourselves contribute to the day is quite another - Author: Jose Saramago
Thing What quotes by Jose Saramago
#93. The only thing what happens in the Houses of Parliament is the debate about foxes, badgers and moles - Author: Wayne Wignall
Thing What quotes by Wayne Wignall
#94. The reason people like to watch ball games is because they don't really know exactly what's going to happen from moment to moment. That's why you watch the entire thing. - Author: Isaac Mizrahi
Thing What quotes by Isaac Mizrahi
#95. The last thing I expected to happen was for him to jump over the cliff, carrying me with him in the process. - Author: Brenda Pandos
Thing What quotes by Brenda Pandos
#96. The best thing Jay-Z ever taught me was patience. - Author: Rita Ora
Thing What quotes by Rita Ora
#97. The great thing about baking is that you can bring in an apple pie when you have company and say, 'I baked this for you,' and people love it. Men love it when you bake a pie for them. - Author: Jerry Hall
Thing What quotes by Jerry Hall
#98. I know that on LAPD they have used psychics. They used it on the Hillside strangler case. I'm not sure on the Richard Ramirez case. I can't say one thing or another about it. I've read about it. I really don't have a lot to say about if it works or if it doesn't. - Author: Mark Fuhrman
Thing What quotes by Mark Fuhrman
#99. A thing about poetry is, It takes cuts and pain to bleed words. The deeper the wound is, the more you bleed. And eventually, you will start falling in love with it. But the saddest part is, sometimes there comes a moment when you start to feel that all those wounds on your soul are not enough. And you start cutting yourself deeper, forgetting when to stop. - Author: Akshay Vasu
Thing What quotes by Akshay Vasu
#100. People, me included, have a truly emotional thing about this iPad. - Author: Barry Diller
Thing What quotes by Barry Diller
#101. It is a great thing to be at your age ... You are at a very specific time of age ... an age where you can follow all your dreams. But also at an age when you can change-you can change your dreams, you can change paths. When you start something when you're young, you should not decide 'this is it, this is my way and I will go all the way.' You have the age where you can change. You get experience, and maybe dislike it and go another way. Your age is still an age of exploration. - Author: Christian Louboutin
Thing What quotes by Christian Louboutin
#102. The so-called evils are evils only in relation to a certain thing, and that which is evil in relation to a certain existing thing, either includes the non-existence of that thing or the non-existence of some of its good conditions. - Author: Maimonides
Thing What quotes by Maimonides
#103. Now if there is any gift of the gods to men, it is reasonable that happiness should be god-given, and most surely god-given of all human things inasmuch as it is the best. But this question would perhaps be more appropriate to another inquiry; happiness seems, however, even if it is not god-sent but comes as a result of virtue and some process of learning and training, to be among the most god-like things; for that which is the prize and end of virtue seems to be the best thing in the world, and something god-like and blessed. - Author: Aristotle.
Thing What quotes by Aristotle.
#104. Courtney leans into Andrea, buries her face in Andrea's shoulder. Andrea pats her daughter's back. Courtney blubbers. Courtney sobs. Courtney wails. It is the best thing that has happened in months. - Author: Ellyn Bache
Thing What quotes by Ellyn Bache
#105. Now we have hands-free phones, so you can focus on the thing you're really supposed to be doing ... chances are, if you need both of your hands to do something, your brain should be in on it too. - Author: Ellen DeGeneres
Thing What quotes by Ellen DeGeneres
#106. I remain convinced that pardoning Nixon was the right thing to do. - Author: Gerald R. Ford
Thing What quotes by Gerald R. Ford
#107. The best thing about series TV is that everyone you work with is hand-picked, as compared to working on a film. - Author: Denis Leary
Thing What quotes by Denis Leary
#108. It's an interesting thing, Top Chef. Some of the contestants will make you one great dish, and then make you something on the next show that will make you say, "Is that the same person?" - Author: Wolfgang Puck
Thing What quotes by Wolfgang Puck
#109. Wickedness is too common in the world
for us to think much of why and wherefore.
It is more natural to ask about the rarer thing
and wonder why people sometimes do good. - Author: Barry Unsworth
Thing What quotes by Barry Unsworth
#110. The last thing we expect others to do, its the last thing they do before we learn we cannot trust them. - Author: Lauren Kate
Thing What quotes by Lauren Kate
#111. The 'Gossip Girl' idea and ideologies, like, they sort of encourage this certain kind of, like, materialism and superficiality that isn't, I would say, the best thing in the world. - Author: Penn Badgley
Thing What quotes by Penn Badgley
#112. I did a lot of good work for the rest of the forty years ... science is an incremental thing. Everything builds on everything else, it's a pattern, it's a mosaic. - Author: Gustav Nossal
Thing What quotes by Gustav Nossal
#113. For a long time I didn't want to do a solo thing, but there comes a point where everyone else is going outside of The Strokes and The Strokes filtering process. - Author: Julian Casablancas
Thing What quotes by Julian Casablancas
#114. No unique purpose for your life will fill your soul. The only thing that will fulfill and settle your soul is God himself. - Author: Jennie Allen
Thing What quotes by Jennie Allen
#115. That's one thing I never had to do on a Mike Bay set is sit around and pontificate about the next scene; there's no time for it. You're already in the next scene. - Author: Shia Labeouf
Thing What quotes by Shia Labeouf
#116. Yet in truth the big question Camus asked was never the Anglo-American liberal one: How can we make the world a little bit better tomorrow? It was the grander French one: Why not kill yourself tonight? That the answers come to much the same thing in the end-easy does it; tomorrow may be a bit better than today; and, after all, you have to have a little faith in people-doesn't diminish the glamour that clings to the man who turned the question over and look at it, elegantly, upside down. - Author: Adam Gopnik
Thing What quotes by Adam Gopnik
#117. I am now about to set seriously to work upon preparing for the press an account of my theory of Logic and Probabilities which in its present state I look upon as the most valuable if not the only valuable contribution that I have made or am likely to make to Science and the thing by which I would desire if at all to be remembered hereafter. - Author: George Boole
Thing What quotes by George Boole
#118. How a sip of water from a brass cup or a few drops from a brass spoon of the size of finger or how can one keep rose petals and marigold spreads between the pages of one's books for years or how the fresh shoot of barley could be put behind one's ears or how a dot of vermilion on the forehead or how fasting for a day or how praying or chanting or lightening an incense stick or how lighting a cotton wick dipped in mustard oil or how being blessed by priests and saints or how sitting in a lotus posture or how reading the holy books could kindle in one that thing called faith - Author: Aporva Kala
Thing What quotes by Aporva Kala
#119. There is no such thing as a self-cleaning oven. - Author: Wes Smith
Thing What quotes by Wes Smith
#120. You may find that knowledge is not so great a thing as belief or hope. - Author: Mark Rude
Thing What quotes by Mark Rude
#121. I grew into it. It grew into me. It and I blurred at the edges, became one amorphous, seeping, crawling thing. - Author: Marya Hornbacher
Thing What quotes by Marya Hornbacher
#122. Is there anyone out there that is crying alone tonight? Not crying out of pity for something or someone, but instead because they cannot help asking why they are living in the way that they are? Is there anyone that is feeling sentimental or guilty, needlessly? Don't be like that. I hope that you believe that these bitter days of crying alone will prove to be the most beautiful days of your life. You'll realize, with time, that your life is actually pretty alright. I promise you. In fact, I'll write you a guarantee! The most beautiful thing in all the world is right now. This moment. You. Don't ever forget that. - Author: Kim Jonghyun
Thing What quotes by Kim Jonghyun
#123. Painting' and 'religious experience' are the same thing. It is a question of the perpetual motion of a right idea. - Author: Ben Nicholson
Thing What quotes by Ben Nicholson
#124. By half-past one the last drop of pleasure had evaporated, leaving nothing but headaches. We perceived that we were not splendid inhabitants of a splendid world, but a crew of underpaid workmen grown squalidly and dismally drunk. We went on swallowing the wine, but it was only from habit, and the stuff seemed suddenly nauseating ...
Most of my Saturday nights went in this way. On the whole, the two hours when one was perfectly and wildly happy seemed worth the subsequent headache. For many men in the quarter, unmarried and with no future to think of, the weekly drinking-bout was the one thing that made life worth living. - Author: George Orwell
Thing What quotes by George Orwell
#125. The only thing an actor owes his public is not to bore them. - Author: Marlon Brando
Thing What quotes by Marlon Brando
#126. A lot of people who have depression understand that the last thing in the world you want to do when you're feeling that way is get up and exercise. It's virtually impossible to do that. It's like somebody beating you. - Author: Dorothy Hamill
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