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#1. I think the Greeks first took astrology to India and took from the Hindus the science of astronomy and carried it back with them from Europe. Because in India you will find old altars made according to a certain geometrical plan, and certain things had to be done when the stars were in certain positions, therefore I think the Greeks gave the Hindus astrology, and the Hindus gave them astronomy. - Author: Swami Vivekananda
The Science Of Astronomy quotes by Swami Vivekananda
#2. Says the Cardinal: "Freethought leads to Atheism, to the destruction of social and civil order, and to the overthrow of government." I accept the gentleman's statement; I credit him with much intellectual acumen for perceiving that which many freethinkers have failed to perceive: accepting it, I shall do my best to prove it, and then endeavor to show that this very iconoclastic principle is the salvation of the economic slave and the destruction of the economic tyrant.
Hence the freethinker who recognizes the science of astronomy, the science of mathematics, and the equally positive and exact science of justice, is logically forced to the denial of supreme authority. For no human being who observes and reflects can admit a supreme tyrant and preserve his self-respect. No human mind can accept the dogma of divine despotism and the doctrine of eternal justice at the same time; they contradict each other, and it takes two brains to hold them. The cardinal is right: freethought does logically lead to atheism, if by atheism he means the denial of supreme authority. - Author: Voltairine De Cleyre
The Science Of Astronomy quotes by Voltairine De Cleyre
#3. I study Astronomy because it is the loftiest form of science available. It is the highest possible reaches that we can go to with knowledge and understanding. Every day, we get to look into infinity, into the everlasting, into time, space, space-time and into both the past and the future. Every day, we redefine what exists; we dance on the borders of reality and the unreal. I hardly even dare say the word, "unreal." We have yet to prove that word. - Author: C. JoyBell C.
The Science Of Astronomy quotes by C. JoyBell C.
#4. Many psychiatrists, including psychoanalysts, have painted the picture of a "normal" personality which is never too sad, too angry, or too excited. They use words like "infantile" or "neurotic" to denounce traits of types of personalities that do not conform with the conventional pattern of a "normal" individual. This kind of influence is in a way more dangerous than the older and franker forms of name-calling. Then the individual knew at least that there was some person or some doctrine which criticized him and he could fight back. But who can fight back at "science"? - Author: Erich Fromm
The Science Of Astronomy quotes by Erich Fromm
#5. We do science because we want to understand the truth. It is a constant, ongoing pursuit to understand our own biology so that we can make smart choices at an individual and policy level. If the science of breastfeeding is used first and foremost as a tool for breastfeeding promotion, we compromise public trust in science. Biased information about breastfeeding also sets up infant feeding as a debate, which sometimes escalates to mommy war status, and it doesn't need to be either of these. - Author: Alice Callahan
The Science Of Astronomy quotes by Alice Callahan
#6. Mathematics may, be briefly defined as the science of quantities, and is one of the most important of disciplining studies which engage the practical student. - Author: Rufus Choate
The Science Of Astronomy quotes by Rufus Choate
#7. But the saddest difference between them was that Zazetsky, as Luria said, 'fought to regain his lost faculties with the indomitable tenacity of the damned,' whereas Dr P. was not fighting, did not know what was lost. But who was more tragic, or who was more damned
the man who knew it, or the man who did not? - Author: Oliver Sacks
The Science Of Astronomy quotes by Oliver Sacks
#8. I gather, young man, that you wish to be a Member of Parliament. The first lesson that you must learn is, when I call for statistics about the rate of infant mortality, what I want is proof that fewer babies died when I was Prime Minister than when anyone else was Prime Minister. That is a political statistic. - Author: Winston Churchill
The Science Of Astronomy quotes by Winston Churchill
#9. Botany, n. The science of vegetables - those that are not good to eat, as well as those that are. It deals largely with their flowers, which are commonly badly designed, inartistic in color, and ill-smelling. - Author: Ambrose Bierce
The Science Of Astronomy quotes by Ambrose Bierce
#10. I don't know how history is taught here in Japan, " he told the audience when he traveled there in 1985 to give an acceptance speech, "but in the United States in my college days, most of the time was spent on the study of political leaders and wars – Ceasars, Napoleons, and Hitlers. I think this is totally wrong. The important people and events of history are the thinkers and innovators, the Darwins, Newtons, Beethovens whose work continues to grow in influence in a positive fashion - Author: Jon Gertner
The Science Of Astronomy quotes by Jon Gertner
#11. Baptize yourself with the flow of rational thinking and the world is bound to become rational. - Author: Abhijit Naskar
The Science Of Astronomy quotes by Abhijit Naskar
#12. Reading wasn't an attempt to educate myself. It was my chief escape from a world that, although gorgeous in landscape and rich with mountain culture, didn't provide what I needed - the promise of adventure, a life beyond the perimeter of hills. I often fantasized that I'd been adopted and had mysterious powers such as flying or teleportation. Books offered the promise of a world in which misfits like me could flourish. Within the pages of a novel, I was unafraid: of my father, of dogs, snakes, and the bully across the creek; of older boys who drove hot rods close enough to make me jump in the ditch; of armed men parked near the bootlegger. - Author: Chris Offutt
The Science Of Astronomy quotes by Chris Offutt
#13. In enabling mechanism to combine together general symbols in successions of unlimited variety and extent, a uniting link is established between the operations of matter and the abstract mental processes of the most abstract branch of mathematical science. - Author: Ada Lovelace
The Science Of Astronomy quotes by Ada Lovelace
#14. However, the real beauty is not in the words themselves, but in the listener that has the power to understand them. - Author: Luis Marques
The Science Of Astronomy quotes by Luis Marques
#15. [T]he power of willful activity to shape the brain remains the working principle not only of early brain development, but also of brain function as an ongoing, living process. - Author: Jeffrey M. Schwartz
The Science Of Astronomy quotes by Jeffrey M. Schwartz
#16. I started as - well, I wanted to be Poet Laureate. And I wanted to be a naturalist. That's how I began. I didn't have any desire to go and be a scientist. Louis Leakey channeled me there. I'm delighted he did. I love science. I love analyzing and making sense of all these observations. So, it was the perfect rounding off of who I was into who I am. - Author: Jane Goodall
The Science Of Astronomy quotes by Jane Goodall
#17. The colleges of Edinburgh and Geneva as seminaries of science, are considered as the two eyes of Europe. While Great Britain and America give the preference to the former, all other countries give it to the latter. - Author: Thomas Jefferson
The Science Of Astronomy quotes by Thomas Jefferson
#18. But then, we have science, and with its help we shall discover Truth once more; then we shall accept it in full knowledge. Knowledge is of a higher order than feeling; awareness of life is of a higher order than life. Science will give us wisdom, wisdom will reveal to us the laws of nature, and knowledge of the laws of nature will confer upon us a happiness beyond happiness. - Author: Fyodor Dostoyevsky
The Science Of Astronomy quotes by Fyodor Dostoyevsky
#19. What I tried to make clear in Good Calories, Bad Calories was that nutrition and obesity research lost its way after the Second World War with the evaporation of the European community of scientists and physicians that did pioneering work in those disciplines. It has since resisted all attempts to correct it. As a result, the individuals involved in this research have not only wasted decades of time, and effort, and money but have done incalculable damage along the way. Their beliefs have remained imperious to an ever-growing body of evidence that refutes them while being embraced by public-health authorities and translated into precisely the wrong advice about what to eat and, more important, what not to eat if we want to maintain a healthy weight and live a long and healthy life. - Author: Gary Taubes
The Science Of Astronomy quotes by Gary Taubes
#20. Modern neurosis began with the discoveries of Copernicus. Science made men feel small by showing him that the earth was not the center of the universe. - Author: Mary McCarthy
The Science Of Astronomy quotes by Mary McCarthy
#21. I do believe that there is a conflict between science and religion ... the spirit or attitude toward the facts is different in religion from what it is in science. The uncertainty that is necessary in order to appreciate nature is not easily correlated with the feeling of certainty in faith. - Author: Richard P. Feynman
The Science Of Astronomy quotes by Richard P. Feynman
#22. Addiction to alcohol is also a neurological phenomenon, the result of a complex set of molecular alterations that take place in the brain when it's excessively and repeatedly exposed to the drug. The science of addiction is complicated, but the basic idea is fairly straightforward: alcohol appears to wreak havoc on the brain's natural systems of craving and reward, compromising the functioning of the various neurotransmitters and proteins that create feelings of well-being. - Author: Caroline Knapp
The Science Of Astronomy quotes by Caroline Knapp
#23. No scientist is as model minded as is the statistician; in no other branch of science is the word model as often and consciously used as in statistics. - Author: Hans Freudenthal
The Science Of Astronomy quotes by Hans Freudenthal
#24. The study of Zen is the study of energy, power, knowledge and balance. It is the science of energy conservation and control. We use energy to aid others, to see beauty, to discover love where we saw no love at all. - Author: Frederick Lenz
The Science Of Astronomy quotes by Frederick Lenz
#25. In darkness lies a mystery that has the power to shine brighter than true light. - Author: Luis Marques
The Science Of Astronomy quotes by Luis Marques
#26. I am extremely sorry for the remarks made during the recent Women in Science lunch at the world conference of science journalists in Seoul, Korea. - Author: Tim Hunt
The Science Of Astronomy quotes by Tim Hunt
#27. Every new discovery of science is a further 'revelation' of the order which God has built into His universe. - Author: Warren Weaver
The Science Of Astronomy quotes by Warren Weaver
#28. In fact, the belief that neurophysiology is even relevant to the functioning of the mind is just hypothesis. Who knows if we're looking at the right aspects of the brain at all. Maybe there are other aspects of the brain that nobody has even dreamt of looking at yet. That's often happened in the history of science. When people say that the mental is the neurophysiological at a higher level, they're being radically unscientific. We know a lot about the mental from a scientific point of view. We have explanatory theories that account for a lot of things. The belief that neurophysiology is implicated in these things could be true, but we have every little evidence for it. So, it's just a kind of hope; look around and you see neurons; maybe they're implicated. - Author: Noam Chomsky
The Science Of Astronomy quotes by Noam Chomsky
#29. If catastrophic geology had at times pushed Nature to almost indecent extremes of haste, uniformitarian geology, on the other hand, had erred in the opposite direction, and pictured Nature when she was 'young and wantoned [sic] in her prime', as moving with the lame sedateness of advanced middle age. It became necessary, therefore, as Dr. [Samuel] Haughton expresses it, 'to hurry up the phenomena'. - Author: William Johnson Sollas
The Science Of Astronomy quotes by William Johnson Sollas
#30. This is hard to accept in the age of the Internet. It has been very hard for me to explain that the more data you get, the less you know what's going on, and the more iatrogenics you will cause. People are still under the illusion that "science" means more data. - Author: Nassim Nicholas Taleb
The Science Of Astronomy quotes by Nassim Nicholas Taleb
#31. The observations and experiments of science are so wonderful that the truth that they establish can surely be accepted as another manifestation of God. God shows himself by allowing man to establish truth. - Author: Derek Barton
The Science Of Astronomy quotes by Derek Barton
#32. When two men of science disagree, they do not invoke the secular arm; they wait for further evidence to decide the issue, because, as men of science, they know that neither is infallible. But when two theologians differ, since there is no criteria to which either can appeal, there is nothing for it but mutual hatred and an open or covert appeal to force. - Author: Bertrand Russell
The Science Of Astronomy quotes by Bertrand Russell
#33. In the beginning (if there was such a thing), God created Newton's laws of motion together with the necessary masses and forces. This is all; everything beyond this follows from the development of appropriate mathematical methods by means of deduction. - Author: Albert Einstein
The Science Of Astronomy quotes by Albert Einstein
#34. The best road to correct reasoning is by physical science; the way to trace effects to causes is through physical science; the only corrective, therefore, of superstition is physical science. - Author: Frances Wright
The Science Of Astronomy quotes by Frances Wright
#35. The new science takes us from a colonial vision of nature as an enemy to pillage and enslave, to a new vision of nature as a community to nurture. The right to exploit, harness, and own nature in the form of property is tempered by the obligation to steward nature and treat it with dignity and respect. The utility value of nature is slowly giving way to the intrinsic value of nature. - Author: Jeremy Rifkin
The Science Of Astronomy quotes by Jeremy Rifkin
#36. The unpleasant image of the feminists today resembles less the feminists themselves than the image fostered by the interests who so bitterly opposed the vote for women... - Author: Betty Friedan
The Science Of Astronomy quotes by Betty Friedan
#37. No matter how hard you try, after the Day there will always be a Night ... - Author: Luis Marques
The Science Of Astronomy quotes by Luis Marques
#38. Lindbergh expressed these thoughts in a splendid speech while accepting the Wright Brothers Memorial Trophy at the Washington Aero Club in January 1946. Titling his speech "Honoring the Wright Brothers," he took as his theme "the way in which science was divorcing man from his old sense of independence and moral values."16 - Author: Winston Groom
The Science Of Astronomy quotes by Winston Groom
#39. In preparing the present volume, it has been the aim of the author to do full justice to the ample material at his command, and, where possible, to make the illustrations tell the main story to anatomists. The text of such a memoir may soon lose its interest, and belong to the past, but good figures are of permanent value. [Justifying elaborate illustrations in his monographs.] - Author: Othniel Charles Marsh
The Science Of Astronomy quotes by Othniel Charles Marsh
#40. Science can make a heart beat with ventilator, but there is only one power that makes it live, that is LOVE which is the purest form of FAITH. - Author: Vikrmn
The Science Of Astronomy quotes by Vikrmn
#41. BODY-SNATCHER, n. A robber of grave-worms. One who supplies the young physicians with that with which the old physicians have supplied the undertaker. - Author: Ambrose Bierce
The Science Of Astronomy quotes by Ambrose Bierce
#42. Psychoanalysis has changed American psychology from a diagnostic to a therapeutic science, not because so many patients are cured by the psychoanalytic technique, but because of the new understanding of psychiatric patients it has given us, and the new and different concept of illness and health. - Author: Karl A. Menninger
The Science Of Astronomy quotes by Karl A. Menninger
#43. By such methods, the A∴A∴ intends to make occult science as systematic and scientific as chemistry; to rescue it from the ill repute which, thanks both to the ignorant and dishonest quacks that have prostituted its name, and to the fanatical and narrow-minded enthusiasts that have turned it into a fetish, has made it an object of aversion to those very minds whose enthusiasm and integrity make them most in needs of its benefits, and most fit to obtain them. - Author: Aleister Crowley
The Science Of Astronomy quotes by Aleister Crowley

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