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#1. No," said Luis, "You can't date the Lord of the Night Court."
"Well, I'm not, he dumped me."
"You can't get dumped by the lord of the night court."
"Oh, yes, you can. You so completely can. - Author: Holly Black
The Night Court quotes by Holly Black
#2. His tunic was unbuttoned at the top, and he ran a hand through his blue-black hair before he wordlessly slumped against the wall across from me and slid to the floor.
"What do you want?" I demanded.
"A moment of peace and quiet," he snapped, rubbing his temples.
I paused. "From what?"
He massaged his pale skin, making the corners of his eyes go up and down, out and in. He sighed. "From this mess."
I sat up farther on my pallet of the hay. I'd never seen him so candid.
"That damned bitch is running me ragged," he went on, and dropped his hands from his temples to lean his head against the wall. "You hate me. Imagine how you'd feel if I made you serve in my bedroom. I'm High Lord of the Night Court - not her harlot."
So the slurs were true. And I could imagine very easily how much I would hate him - what it would do to me - to be enslaved to someone like that. "Why are you telling me this?"
The swagger and nastiness were gone. "Because I'm tired and lonely, and you're the only person I can talk to without putting myself at risk." He let out a low laugh. "How absurd: a High Lord of Prythian and a - "
"You can leave if you're just going to insult me."
"But I'm so good at it". He flashed one of his grins. I glared at him, but he sighted. "One wrong move tomorrow, Freyre, and we're all doomed. - Author: Sarah J. Maas
The Night Court quotes by Sarah J. Maas
#3. Rhys pulled back, his thumb stroking my cheek. People were weeping. Keening. But no more screams of terror. No more bloodshed and destruction. My mate murmured, "Feyre Cursebreaker, the Defender of the Rainbow." I slid my arms around his waist and sobbed. And even as his city wailed, the High Lord of the Night Court held me until I could at last face this blood-drenched new world. - Author: Sarah J. Maas
The Night Court quotes by Sarah J. Maas
#4. She's your mate, Amren bit at me, not your spy go get her. She is my mate and my spy, I said too quietly. And she is the high lady of the night court. Not a consort,not wife. Feyre is high lady of the night court, my equal in every way. - Author: Sarah J. Maas
The Night Court quotes by Sarah J. Maas
#5. I smelled jasmine first-then saw stars. A sea of stars flickering beyond glowing pillars of moonstone that framed the sweeping view of endless snowcapped mountains.
"Welcome to the Night Court. - Author: Sarah J. Maas
The Night Court quotes by Sarah J. Maas
#6. Say it," I gritted out.
"The High Lord of the Night Court is your mate. - Author: Sarah J. Maas
The Night Court quotes by Sarah J. Maas
#7. I stared at the nose I'd seen bleeding only hours before, the violet eyes that had been so filled with pain. "Why?" I asked.
He knew what I meant, and shurugged. "Because when the legends get written, I didn't want to be remembered for standing on the sidelines. I want my future offspring to know that I was there, and that I fought against her at the end, even if I couldn't do anything useful."
I blinked, this time not at the brightness of the sun.
"Because," he went on his eyes locked with mine, "I didn't want you to fight alone. Or die alone."
And for a moment, I remembered that faerie who had died in our foyer, and how I'd told Tamlin the same thing. "Thank you," I said, my throat tight.
Rhys flashed a grin that didn't quite reach his eyes. " I doubt you'll be saying that when I take you to the Night Court. - Author: Sarah J. Maas
The Night Court quotes by Sarah J. Maas
#8. She is my mate. And my spy,' I said too quietly. 'And she is the High Lady of the Night Court.'
'What?' Mor whsipered.
I caressed a mental finger down that bond now hidden deep, deep within us, and said, 'If they had removed her other glove, they would have seen a second tatoo on her right arm. The twin to the other. Inked last night, when we crept out, found a priestess, and I swore her in as my High Lady.' ( ... ) 'Not consort, not wife. Feyre is High Lady of the Night Court.' My equal in every way; she would wear my crown, sit on a throne beside mine. Never sidelined, never designated to breeding and parties and child rearing. My queen. - Author: Sarah J. Maas
The Night Court quotes by Sarah J. Maas
#9. The night court taught me to serve, and Delauney taught me to think; but from Melisande Shahrizai, I learned how to hate. - Author: Jacqueline Carey
The Night Court quotes by Jacqueline Carey
#10. I frowned at the eye in my palm. "What, literally shout at the tattoo?"
"You could try rubbing it on certain body areas and I might come faster. - Author: Sarah J. Maas
The Night Court quotes by Sarah J. Maas
#11. What time are we back in the training ring tomorrow?"
To his credit, Cassian didn't so much as glance at Nesta as he replied with a lazy smile, "I'd say dawn, but since I'm feeling rather grateful that you're back in one piece, I'll let you sleep in. Let's meet at seven."
"I'd hardly call that sleeping in," I said.
"For an Illyrian, it is," Mor muttered.
Cassian's wings rustled. "Daylight is a precious resource."
"We live in the Night Court," Mor countered - Author: Sarah J. Maas
The Night Court quotes by Sarah J. Maas
#12. Rhysand, High Lord of the Night Court, now stood beside me, darkness leaking from him like ink in water. He - Author: Sarah J. Maas
The Night Court quotes by Sarah J. Maas
#13. I fell in love with the darkroom, and that was part of being a photographer at the time. The darkroom was unbelievably sexy. I would spend all night in the darkroom. - Author: Annie Leibovitz
The Night Court quotes by Annie Leibovitz
#14. Think day and night, I am of the essence of that Supreme Existence, Knowledge, Bliss-what fear and anxiety have I? This body, mind, and intellect are all transient, and That which is beyond these is myself. - Author: Swami Vivekananda
The Night Court quotes by Swami Vivekananda
#15. What if this present were the world's last night' she said. 'The word present makes all the difference, don't you think? It makes it seem as if one's somehow in the thick of it, which we are, rather than simply contemplating a theoretical concept. - Author: Kate Atkinson
The Night Court quotes by Kate Atkinson
#16. Men find it difficult because I've got so much energy and hardly sleep at night, only four or five hours. I wake up in the early hours and potter around. - Author: Susannah York
The Night Court quotes by Susannah York
#17. I was inspired by a lot of people when I was young. Every band that came through town, to the theater, or the dance hall. I was at every dance, every night club, listened to every band that came through, because in those days we didn't have MTV, we didn't have television. - Author: Quincy Jones
The Night Court quotes by Quincy Jones
#18. …Yes, these were grand and boisterous evenings, full of life and filled to capacity with the rough joy of living. To-morrow? Well, perhaps the news would be bad again. But this was the day, and this was the hour to grasp and save and cherish. And as we walked back to our tents and felt the night breeze play on our faces and heard the little slapping of the lake water on the shore, I think that we all realised the extent of our happiness and knew that it could not be lasting. For things that last grow stale too soon, and joys are all the greater for their un-expected capture. - Author: Malcolm James
The Night Court quotes by Malcolm James
#19. And to have spent the night sleeping and awoken regretful, is better than to have spent the night standing (in prayer) and awaken impressed with oneself! - Author: Ibn Qayyim Al-Jawziyya
The Night Court quotes by Ibn Qayyim Al-Jawziyya
#20. I also enjoyed praying at night for forgiveness, secure in the knowledge I'd not really done anything in need of forgiving. - Author: Melanie Benjamin
The Night Court quotes by Melanie Benjamin
#21. I can be absolutely comfortable with an apocalyptic Jesus because he was simply wrong. As long as he's wrong I don't worry about him, and basically everyone else who was announcing in the year 2000 at midnight, the end of the world is coming, I expect them to be wrong. Now if they're right of course, I'll be very uncomfortable that night. But as long as everyone for 2000 years has been wrong about the apocalypse, I can be quite comfortable with it. It's space fiction. - Author: John Dominic Crossan
The Night Court quotes by John Dominic Crossan
#22. I worship the ground Eva walks on. I love her smile. I love the way she gets in a snit and her lips get all pinched up. I love the way she thinks she has to cook for me. I love the fact that she lets me butter her biscuit. I love the way she curls into me at night and lets me hold her. I also love how perfect it is when I'm making love to her. How I feel complete. - Author: Abbi Glines
The Night Court quotes by Abbi Glines
#23. We all hygger: gathered around a table for a shared meal or beside a fire on a dark night, when we sit in the corner of our local cafe or wrap ourselves in a blanket at the end of a day on the beach.
Lying spoons, baking in a warm kitchen, bathing by candlelight, being alone in bed with a hot water bottle and a good book - these are all ways to hygge.
Hygge draws meaning from the fabric of ordinary living.
It'a a way of acknowledging the sacred in the secular, of giving something ordinary a special context, spirit and warmth and taking time to make it extraordinary. - Author: Louisa Thomsen Brits
The Night Court quotes by Louisa Thomsen Brits
#24. We all like to look forward to things. Incentivize yourself with a reward - a massage, dinner with a friend, a night watching your favorite show, a yoga class on Saturday morning. Visualizing a reward at the end of the to-do tunnel may help with reaching goals/completing tasks. - Author: Samantha Ettus
The Night Court quotes by Samantha Ettus
#25. Deciding means jumping in all the way, doing whatever it takes, and going after your dreams with the tenacity of a dateless cheerleader a week before prom night. - Author: Jen Sincero
The Night Court quotes by Jen Sincero
#26. I look at an audience kind of like meeting my in-laws for the first time. You want to be yourself, but you still want to be somebody that they like. When I go on the stage each night, I try my best to outguess my audience. - Author: B.B. King
The Night Court quotes by B.B. King
#27. The night has always been my friend. When I go out I feel good, then I always score goals. - Author: Romario
The Night Court quotes by Romario
#28. Meanness inherits a set of silverware and keeps it in the bank. Economy uses it only on important occasions, for fear of loss. Thrift sets the table with it every night for pure pleasure, but counts the butter spreaders before they are put away. - Author: Phyllis McGinley
The Night Court quotes by Phyllis McGinley
#29. In the wilderness, God's covenant people struggled with a choice between feeding their bellies and nourishing their souls. God provided manna
a breadlike food that fell to the ground during the night
to sustain the wandering Israelites and to teach them how to value His Word more than physical fulfillment. - Author: Charles R. Swindoll
The Night Court quotes by Charles R. Swindoll
#30. She suggested I keep a log of my dreams as a way of tracking the 'waning intensity of suffering.'

'I don't like the term "dream journal,"' she told me at our in-person appointment in June. 'I prefer "night vision log. - Author: Ottessa Moshfegh
The Night Court quotes by Ottessa Moshfegh
#31. Bed in Summer
In winter I get up at night
And dress by yellow candle-light.
In summer quite the other way,
I have to go to bed by day.
I have to go to bed and see
The birds still hopping on the tree,
Or hear the grown-up people's feet
Still going past me in the street.
And does it not seem hard to you,
When all the sky is clear and blue,
And I should like so much to play,
To have to go to bed by day? - Author: Robert Louis Stevenson
The Night Court quotes by Robert Louis Stevenson
#32. Veda began it, but when she finished it, or whether she finished it, Mildred never quite knew. Little quivers went through her and they kept going through her the rest of the night, during the supper party, when Veda sat with the white scarf wound around her throat, during the brief half hour, while she undressed Veda, and put the costume away; in the dark, while she lay there alone, trying to sleep, not wanting to sleep.
This was the climax of Mildred's life. - Author: James M. Cain
The Night Court quotes by James M. Cain
#33. Well, I hope that I don't fall in love with you
Cause falling in love just makes me blue
Well, the music plays and you display your heart for me to see
I had a beer and now I hear you calling out for me
And I hope that I don't fall in love with you

Well, the room is crowded, people everywhere
And I wonder, should I offer you a chair?
Well, if you sit down with this old clown, I'll take that frown and break it
Before the evening's gone away, I think that we can make it
And I hope that I don't fall in love with you

Well, the night does funny things inside a man
These old tomcat feelings you don't understand
Well, I turn around to look at you, you light a cigarette
I wish I had the guts to bum one, but we've never met
And I hope that I don't fall in love with you

I can see that you are lonesome just like me
And it being late, you'd like some company
Well, I turn around to look at you, and you look back at me
The guy you're with he's up and split, the chair next to you is free
And I hope that you don't fall in love with me

Now it's closing time, the music's fading out
Last call for drinks, I'll have another stout
Well, I turn around to look at you, you're nowhere to be found
I search the place for your lost face, guess I'll have another round
And I think that I just fell in love with you - Author: Tom Waits
The Night Court quotes by Tom Waits
#34. The last person Jemma expected to welcome into her bedchamber that night was her husband. Though of course she would have to invite him in at some point if they were to embark on their heir-making activities. - Author: Eloisa James
The Night Court quotes by Eloisa James
#35. I froze all night. My back's killing me. I want home, and I'm scared to death. But I guess the view makes it all worth it."
"You're funny," Angel said - Author: Jayde Scott
The Night Court quotes by Jayde Scott
#36. The wind howled in defiance as viscous clouds suffocated the moon, taking the night as their own. - Author: J.D. Barker
The Night Court quotes by J.D. Barker
#37. I know fear. Fear that cripples you. Fear that takes everything from you. The loss of my dream in the middle of the night ain't the issue. The warmth of the heavy air don't bother me none. Being woken to the feeling of someone's whispered words on my lips wouldn't be disturbing, if I knew whose words they was. But - Author: Tara Brown
The Night Court quotes by Tara Brown
#38. I'd read somewhere that nine out of ten adults in Alaska had a drinking problem. I could believe it. Snow, ice, sleet, wind, the dark night of the soul: what else were you supposed to do? - Author: T.C. Boyle
The Night Court quotes by T.C. Boyle
#39. Sometimes, in the night, I thought of all the ways life could have been different. - Author: Julie Berry
The Night Court quotes by Julie Berry
#40. When the sun dipped behind the wall of trees, we lay down and the white night swallowed us. It has been night ever since. - Author: Linda Olsson
The Night Court quotes by Linda Olsson
#41. So when we met that first night," I said, "by the fence, you thought I was friendly?" "I didn't think you weren't," he said. "I wasn't very nice to you." "You were jumping a fence. I didn't take it personally. - Author: Sarah Dessen
The Night Court quotes by Sarah Dessen
#42. You've got to be on the ball from the minute you step out into that spotlight. You gotta know exactly what you're doing every second on that stage, otherwise the act goes right into the bathroom. It's all over. Good night. - Author: Frank Sinatra
The Night Court quotes by Frank Sinatra
#43. So much happiness!" said Dr. Meescham. "This is how it was when I was a girl in Blundermeecen. Like this. Always opening the door in the middle of the night and finding the face of someone you wanted to see. Well, not always. Sometimes it was the face of someone you did not want to see.
But always, always in Blundermeecen, you opened the door because you could not stop hoping that on the other side of it would be the face of someone you loved." Dr. Meescham looked at William Spiver and then at Tootie. She smiled. "And maybe, too, the face of someone you did not yet know but might come to love. - Author: Kate DiCamillo
The Night Court quotes by Kate DiCamillo
#44. You're enjoying this, aren't you?"
I'd feel better if I could guard your back."
You're going to do that with a rifle from the closest hill, remember."
Night vision and scope, fine, but I can't kill them all from a distance."
You couldn't kill them all if you were johnny on the spot, either," I said.
No but I'd feel better."
Worried about me?" He shrugged.
I'm your bodyguard. If you die under my protection, the other bodyguards will make fun of me." It took me a second to realize he was making a joke. Harley looked back at him with an almost surprised look. I don't think either of us heard humor from Edward much. - Author: Laurell K. Hamilton
The Night Court quotes by Laurell K. Hamilton
#45. The night was full of horrors, and he thought he knew how Christ must have felt as he walked through the world, like a psychiatrist through a ward full of nuts ... - Author: Joseph Heller
The Night Court quotes by Joseph Heller
#46. I hired Bob at Terrytoons. He was my assistant animator, and then became an animator himself. He had just come from Boston with his family and was a brilliant draftsman as well as a great jazz guitarist. We had lots of fun nights in Greenwich Village together and then later hanging in LA. Bob worked on Fritz the Cat , Heavy Traffic , Coonskin , and on Wizards . I am terribly saddened by his passing and will miss him dearly. - Author: Ralph Bakshi
The Night Court quotes by Ralph Bakshi
#47. Matt had his back to the house and his hands braced against a black Lexus. Holy fuck. This was textbook sketchy. Black car, strange man, middle of the night. Maybe I was about to be abducted. Maybe I was about to become one of those news stories that makes people say, I feel bad for the girl, but she was asking for trouble. - Author: M. Pierce
The Night Court quotes by M. Pierce
#48. Wanting is why people get up in the morning. It gives them something to dream of at night. The more I wanted, the more I became like them, the more real I became. - Author: Leigh Bardugo
The Night Court quotes by Leigh Bardugo
#49. A yellow fog swirls past the window-pane
As night descends upon this fabled street;
A lonely hansom splashes through the rain,
The ghostly gas lamps fail at twenty feet.
Here, though the world explode, these two survive,
And it is always eighteen ninety-five. - Author: Vincent Starrett
The Night Court quotes by Vincent Starrett
#50. Loneliness is black coffee and late-night television; solitude is herb tea and soft music. Solitude, quality solitude, is an assertion of self-worth, because only in the stillness can we hear the truth of our own unique voices. - Author: Pearl Cleage
The Night Court quotes by Pearl Cleage
#51. Birthdays? yes, in a general way;
For the most if not for the best of men:
You were born (I suppose) on a certain day:
So was I: or perhaps in the night: what then? - Author: James Kenneth Stephen
The Night Court quotes by James Kenneth Stephen
#52. Afterward (or, The Bridge)

Because desire always exceeds
its object. Because the energy you gave me

feels big enough to birth wings. Because
I want you to push into the wetness

and I know it. Because of the salt
and the wind. Because everything

that is supposed to happen
will happen, is happening, or

has already happened. Because
ambivalence is more beautiful

than justice. Because my heart is
shooting ahead, and I have no choice

but to follow it. Because I want you
to be happy, with or without me.

Because of the birds fleeing the storm.
Because the harbor is permeable

and shining. Because it felt like
that last night of my life

but it wasn't. Because a web of cables
is there to catch me if I blow

sideways, and always will be. Because
I walked across the bridge and was free. - Author: Maggie Nelson
The Night Court quotes by Maggie Nelson
#53. The truth is, I'm torn between wanting to tear her clothes off and fuck her senseless or wanting to sit somewhere quiet and talk to her the whole night. It's a curious war I'm fighting, but I'd be happy with either victory - Author: Karina Halle
The Night Court quotes by Karina Halle
#54. Gawain laid his hand on his son's shoulder. "Sir Perceval, when the priest reads the lesson, he says that he who would save his life must lose it. Good words for any man, for there are moments when cowardice will bring death more surely than boldness. But the ordinary man knows, when he goes out to meet the wolf in his road, that he may yet come home in peace. Not so the knights of the Round Table. We win through one deadly peril only to face another. If we banish one evil, we must go on to the next and after that, to the next - until death meets us in the path. We yield up our bodies every day, not for glory and fortune but so that those weaker than ourselves may live. Do you understand?"
"I do," said Sir Perceval. "And I say that there is no nobler calling. I am content." But then he thought of the Lady Blanchefleur kissing his brow on a night of fire and blood, and with a sudden ache of grief told himself that even a hundred years of peace would not be enough time to spend with her. - Author: Suzannah Rowntree
The Night Court quotes by Suzannah  Rowntree
#55. I hear voices. A shout. A laugh. Clay's laugh. I strained to see through the night. Fog had rolled in from Lake Ontario, but I could hear him laughing. The concrete turned to grass. The fog wasn't from the lake, but from a pond. Our pond. I was at Stonehaven, bounding through the back acres. Clay was running ahead of me. - Author: Kelley Armstrong
The Night Court quotes by Kelley Armstrong

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