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#1. Most men are followers, and implicitly rely upon the judgment of others. They mistake solemnity for wisdom, and regard a grave countenance as the title page and Preface to a most learned volume. So they are easily imposed upon by forms, strange garments, and solemn ceremonies. And when the teaching of parents, the customs of neighbors, and the general tongue approve and justify a belief or creed, no matter how absurd, it is hard even for the strongest to hold the citadel of his soul. In each country, in defence of each religion, the same arguments would be urged. - Author: Robert Green Ingersoll
The Judgment quotes by Robert Green Ingersoll
#2. They who prematurely put themselves forward to root out whatever is displeasing to them overthrow the judgment of God and rashly intrude upon the office of angels. - Author: John Calvin
The Judgment quotes by John Calvin
#3. Tie the strings to my life, my Lord, Then I am ready to go! Just a look at the horses - Rapid! That will do! Put me in on the firmest side, So I shall never fall; For we must ride to the Judgment, And it's partly down hill. - Author: Emily Dickinson
The Judgment quotes by Emily Dickinson
#4. Channel Firing
That night your great guns, unawares,
Shook all our coffins as we lay,
And broke the chancel window-squares,
We thought it was the Judgment-day

And sat upright. While drearisome
Arose the howl of wakened hounds:
The mouse let fall the altar-crumb,
The worms drew back into the mounds,

The glebe cow drooled. Till God called, "No;
It's gunnery practice out at sea
Just as before you went below;
The world is as it used to be:

"All nations striving strong to make
Red war yet redder. Mad as hatters
They do no more for Christés sake
Than you who are helpless in such matters.

"That this is not the judgment-hour
For some of them's a blessed thing,
For if it were they'd have to scour
Hell's floor for so much threatening....

"Ha, ha. It will be warmer when
I blow the trumpet (if indeed
I ever do; for you are men,
And rest eternal sorely need)."

So down we lay again. "I wonder,
Will the world ever saner be,"
Said one, "than when He sent us under
In our indifferent century!"

And many a skeleton shook his head.
"Instead of preaching forty year,"
My neighbour Parson Thirdly said,
"I wish I had stuck to pipes and beer."

Again the guns disturbed the hour,
Roaring their readiness to avenge,
As far inland as Stourton Tower,
And Camelot, - Author: Thomas Hardy
The Judgment quotes by Thomas Hardy
#5. The love of God. The mercy of God. The judgment of God. You take the shoes off your feet and stand as you would before a mountain or at the edge of the sea. But the friendship of God? It is not something God does. It is something Abraham and God, or Moses and God, do together. Not even God can be a friend all by himself apparently. You see Abraham, say, not standing at all but sitting down, loosening his prayer shawl, trimming the end off his cigar. He is not being Creature for the moment, and God is not being Creator. There is no agenda. They are simply being together, the two of them, and being themselves. - Author: Frederick Buechner
The Judgment quotes by Frederick Buechner
#6. I am so deaf I am debarred from hearing all the time articulation and have to depend on the judgment of others. - Author: Thomas A. Edison
The Judgment quotes by Thomas A. Edison
#7. But the plan of redemption had a yet broader and deeper purpose than the salvation of man. It was not for this alone that Christ came to the earth; it was not merely that the inhabitants of this little world might regard the law of God as it should be regarded; but it was to vindicate the character of God before the universe. To this result of his great sacrifice - its influence upon the intelligences of other worlds, as well as upon man - the Saviour looked forward when just before his crucifixion he said: "Now is the judgment of this world: now shall the prince of this world be cast out. And I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all unto [69] Me." John 12:31, 32. The act of Christ in dying for the salvation of man would not only make heaven accessible to men, but before all the universe it would justify God and his Son in their dealing with the rebellion of Satan. It would establish the perpetuity of the law of God and would reveal the nature and the results of sin. - Author: Ellen G. White
The Judgment quotes by Ellen G. White
#8. And this is the judgment, that the light is come into the world, and men loved the darkness rather than the light; for their works were evil. (St. John 3:19) - Author: St. John 3 19
The Judgment quotes by St. John 3 19
#9. PRINCIPLE is likewise such a law for action, except that it has not the formal definite meaning, but is only the spirit and sense of law in order to leave the judgment more freedom of application when the diversity of the real world cannot be laid hold of under the definite form of a law. - Author: Carl Von Clausewitz
The Judgment quotes by Carl Von Clausewitz
#10. We have a generation of people who think they can stand before the judgment seat of God despite their sins. - Author: R.C. Sproul
The Judgment quotes by R.C. Sproul
#11. True knowledge of good and evil as we possess is merely abstract or general, and the judgment which we pass on the order of things and the connection of causes, with a view to determining what is good or bad for us in the present, is rather imaginary than real. - Author: Baruch Spinoza
The Judgment quotes by Baruch Spinoza
#12. Every art is a church without communicants, presided over by a parish of the respectable. An artist is born kneeling; he fights to stand. A critic, by nature of the judgment seat, is born sitting. - Author: Hortense Calisher
The Judgment quotes by Hortense Calisher
#13. Any naturally self-aware self-defining entity capable of independent moral judgment is a human."

Eveningstar said, "Entities not yet self-aware, but who, in the natural and orderly course of events shall become so, fall into a special protected class, and must be cared for as babies, or medical patients, or suspended Compositions."

Rhadamanthus said, "Children below the age of reason lack the experience for independent moral judgment, and can rightly be forced to conform to the judgment of their parents and creators until emancipated. Criminals who abuse that judgment lose their right to the independence which flows therefrom."

(...) "You mentioned the ultimate purpose of Sophotechnology. Is that that self-worshipping super-god-thing you guys are always talking about? And what does that have to do with this?"

Rhadamanthus: "Entropy cannot be reversed. Within the useful energy-life of the macrocosmic universe, there is at least one maximum state of efficient operations or entities that could be created, able to manipulate all meaningful objects of thoughts and perception within the limits of efficient cost-benefit expenditures."

Eveningstar: "Such an entity would embrace all-in-all, and all things would participate within that Unity to the degree of their understanding and consent. The Unity itself would think slow, grave, vast thought, light-years wide, from Galactic mind to Galactic mind. Full understanding of that great - Author: John C. Wright
The Judgment quotes by John C. Wright
#14. Those who doubted whether Iraq or the world would be better off without Saddam Hussein, and those who believe today that we are not safer with his capture, don't have the judgment to be President, or the credibility to be elected President. No one can doubt or should doubt that we are safer - and Iraq is better - because Saddam Hussein is now behind bars. - Author: John F. Kerry
The Judgment quotes by John F. Kerry
#15. Memory depends very much on the perspicuity, regularity, and order of our thoughts. Many complain of the want of memory, when the defect is in the judgment; and others, by grasping at all, retain nothing. - Author: Thomas Fuller
The Judgment quotes by Thomas Fuller
#16. Though one should live through all the time from Adam and all the time to come before the judgment day doing good works, yet he who, energising in his highest, purest part, crosses from time to eternity, verily in the sight of God this man conceives and does far more than anyone who lives throughout all past and future time, because this now includes the whole of time. One master says that in crossing over time into the now each power of the soul will surpass itself ... - Author: Meister Eckhart
The Judgment quotes by Meister Eckhart
#17. Private soul-searching is not enough to determine your call to the ministry. The judgment of the people of God must be sought; long before the time when it must be given formally it should be sought informally. - Author: Edmund P. Clowney
The Judgment quotes by Edmund P. Clowney
#18. We know enough to stand here in truth - facing pain, cry and suffering of those who were murdered here. Face to face with the victims' families who are here today. Before the judgment of our own conscience. - Author: Aleksander Kwasniewski
The Judgment quotes by Aleksander Kwasniewski
#19. God could not consistently love men if He did not provide for the judgment of evildoers. - Author: Billy Graham
The Judgment quotes by Billy Graham
#20. Immoral is the judgment of the stalled ox on the gamboling lamb. - Author: Ambrose Bierce
The Judgment quotes by Ambrose Bierce
#21. The best way to protect young black, brown, men of color, women of color, is to actually stop profiling, stop the prejudice, and stop the judgment first. - Author: Hill Harper
The Judgment quotes by Hill Harper
#22. - 'twould almost damn those ears; The author's meaning is this: - That some people are thought wise whilst they keep silence; who, when they open their mouths, are such stupid praters, that the hearers cannot help calling them fools, and so incur the judgment denounced in the Gospel. - THEOBALD. - Author: William Shakespeare
The Judgment quotes by William Shakespeare
#23. The soul does not condemn us. It is not the God of our fathers.

Soul is the essence of existence and it is free and limitless. It gives all things the freedom to be, to grow, and eventually to know. It is not a judge, but a passive observer of all things.

The soul is the feeling of life, without the judgment and separation of the mind and ego. It has no commandments for us to follow, other than to live, learn, and grow in awareness of ourselves and life by experience.

When we accept ourselves as we are and the events of our life, we are following the soul of existence. We are given opportunities to learn, grow, and know our natural self, without judgment.

When we follow the god of the ego, we must judge our actions and our life. The soul is not a judge of life.

The soul allows us to fail in following its love and wisdom, without condemnation. - Author: Robert S. Cosmar
The Judgment quotes by Robert S. Cosmar
#24. Every master of slaves is born a petty tyrant. They bring the judgment of heaven on a Country. As nations can not be rewarded or punished in the next world they must be in this. By an inevitable chain of causes & effects providence punishes national sins, by national calamities. - Author: George Mason
The Judgment quotes by George Mason
#25. The enjoyment of power inevitably corrupts the judgment of reason, and perverts its liberty. - Author: Immanuel Kant
The Judgment quotes by Immanuel Kant
#26. But without the judgment of my left brain saying that I am a solid, my perception of myself returned to this natural state of fluidity. Clearly, we are each trillions upon trillions of particles in soft vibration. We exist as fluid-filled sacs in a fluid world - Author: Jill Bolte Taylor
The Judgment quotes by Jill Bolte Taylor
#27. Some people believe that everyone will experience judgment day. But it's my understanding that the Judgment Day or Rapture that I'm going to experience, as a nonbeliever, is not going to be the good part. That's the essential difference between the Singularity and what we're usually told about the fate of our eternal souls. - Author: Ron Currie Jr.
The Judgment quotes by Ron Currie Jr.
#28. Christ to Satan, we are cut from the same cloth, every one of us. And we have the choice to be in eternity anything we wish. Man or woman. Genius or idiot, and all between. Physical beauty means nothing. God sees the heart. Wealth is only a test of what we would do with it. It is a loan from God, as are our talents, a way to prove whether we will use them well or ill. The judgment is awaiting us. - Author: Anne Perry
The Judgment quotes by Anne Perry
#29. It is the judgment that intensifies any hard feelings and sometimes keeps us stuck. - Author: Jodi Aman
The Judgment quotes by Jodi Aman
#30. At the piping of all hands,When the judgment-signal's spread-When the islands and the landsAnd the seas give up their dead,And the South and North shall come;When the sinner is dismayed,And the just man is afraid,Then Heaven be thy aid,Poor Tom. - Author: John Gardiner Calkins Brainard
The Judgment quotes by John Gardiner Calkins Brainard
#31. They often say an idea is not as important as its execution, and that the judgment comes according to perspectives. I confess this be the truth of life. Well then, I should also calculate, that if I have an utterly cruel idea but execute it properly, people will judge me as a saviour, while if a heroic person like you fulfills his idea with the utmost sincerity, he shall be accused of villainy since he goes on extremes just to bring his idealistic vision to life. Aye, amigo – sincerity is rarely rewarded. Foxiness and hypocrisy win the hearts of the multitude, especially if one craftily hides their true intentions and desires with an innocent, hearty smile. - Author: Tamuna Tsertsvadze
The Judgment quotes by Tamuna Tsertsvadze
#32. Whenever we say a person's name, notice whether we have stated more than a fact. For example, the judgment, 'She's thoughtless' goes beyond the facts 'She said she'd call me and she didn't.' - Author: Joko Beck
The Judgment quotes by Joko Beck
#33. Success in past U.S. conflicts has not been strictly the result of military leadership but rather the judgment of the president in choosing generals and setting broad strategy. - Author: Robert Dallek
The Judgment quotes by Robert Dallek
#34. The impulse to perfection cannot exist where the definition of perfection is the arbitrary decision of authority. That which is born in loneliness and from the heart cannot be defended against the judgment of a committee of sycophants. - Author: Raymond Chandler
The Judgment quotes by Raymond Chandler
#35. he not honestly believed the contrary. And it is precisely on such a point that the judgment of an educated Chinaman will carry most weight. Other internal evidence is not far to seek. Thus in XIII. ss. 1, there is an unmistakable allusion to the ancient system - Author: Sun Tzu
The Judgment quotes by Sun Tzu
#36. Validity is the touchstone of inference, and truth of judgment: the fact that vichyssoise is cold ratifies the judgment that vichyssoise is, indeed, cold, and the judgment that vichyssoise is cold expresses the fact that vichyssoise is cold. - Author: David Berlinski
The Judgment quotes by David Berlinski
#37. I consider the positions of kings and rulers as that of dust motes. I observe treasure of gold and gems as so many bricks
and pebbles. I look upon the finest silken robes as tattered rags. I see myriad worlds of the universe as small seeds of
fruit, and the greatest lake in India as a drop of oil on my foot. I perceive the teachings of the world to be the illusion of,
magicians. I discern the highest conception of emancipation as golden brocade in a dream, and view the holy path of the
illuminated one as flowers appearing in one's eyes. I see meditation as a pillar of a mountain, Nirvana as a nightmare of
daytime. I look upon the judgment of right and wrong as the serpentine dance of a dragon, and the rise and fall of beliefs
as but traces left by the four seasons. - Author: Gautama Buddha
The Judgment quotes by Gautama Buddha
#38. I always feel that a viewer has an expectation about every moment of the film and where it's going, so if I act against that, I've created a twist. In fact it becomes a kind of game with the expectations of the viewer. This is the superficial appearance. In the layer beneath there is a hidden theme. The result of each twist is that the judgment of the audience member is challenged. - Author: Asghar Farhadi
The Judgment quotes by Asghar Farhadi
#39. In liberation theology, Marxism is never treated as a subject on its own but always from and in relation to the poor. Placing themselves firmly on the side of the poor, liberation theologians ask Marx: 'What can you tell us about the situation of poverty and ways of overcoming it?' Here Marxists are submitted to the judgment of the poor and their cause, and not the other way around. - Author: Leonardo Boff And Clodovis Boff
The Judgment quotes by Leonardo Boff And Clodovis Boff
#40. For years it never occurred to me to question the judgment of those in charge at the studio. - Author: Gene Tierney
The Judgment quotes by Gene Tierney
#41. Superstars strive for approbation; heroes walk alone. Superstars crave consensus; heroes define themselves by the judgment of a future they see it as their task to bring about. Superstars seek success in a technique for eliciting support; heroes pursue success as the outgrowth of inner values. - Author: Henry A. Kissinger
The Judgment quotes by Henry A. Kissinger
#42. A wise man's kingdom is his own breast: or, if he ever looks farther, it will only be to the judgment of a select few, who are free from prejudices, and capable of examining his work. Nothing indeed can be a stronger presumption of falsehood than the approbation of the multitude; and Phocion, you know, always suspected himself of some blunder when he was attended with the applauses of the populace. - Author: David Hume
The Judgment quotes by David Hume
#43. Good taste comes more from the judgment than from the mind. - Author: Francois De La Rochefoucauld
The Judgment quotes by Francois De La Rochefoucauld
#44. We need a leader who can lower taxes, protect small businesses, and increase job creation nationwide. I have no doubt that John McCain appreciates the important role Hispanics play not only in the economy, but in our nation's culture as well
he has a track record with Hispanics for more than 20 years as a senator from Arizona. The American people need a strong leader who has the experience and the judgment to be the next President of the United States, and that man is John McCain. - Author: Katie Barberi
The Judgment quotes by Katie Barberi
#45. The judgment day will determine who did what and what did who! - Author: Ernest Agyemang Yeboah
The Judgment quotes by Ernest Agyemang Yeboah
#46. Like the Church the individual Christian will not be able to escape the deep ambiguities of this-wordly existence whether in its cultural, social, political or other aspects, and he too will inevitably be a mixture of good and evil, with a compromised life, so that he can only live eschatologically in the judgment and mercy of God, putting off the old man and putting on Christ anew each day, always aware that even when he has done all that it is his duty to do he remains an unprofitable servant, but summoned to look away from himself to Christ, remembering that he is dead through the cross of Christ but alive and risen in Him. His true being is hid with Christ in God.
The whole focus of his vision and the whole perspective of his life in Christ's name will be directed to the unveiling of that reality of his new being at the parousia, but meantime he lives day by day out of the Word and Sacraments. As one baptized into Christ he is told by God's Word that his sins are already forgiven and forgotten by God, that he has been justified once for all, and that he does not belong to himself but to Christ who loved him and gave Himself for him. As one summoned to the Holy Table he is commanded by the Word of God to live only in such a way that he feeds upon Christ, not in such a way that he feeds upon his own activities or lives out of his own capital of alleged spirituality. He lives from week to week, by drawing his life and strength from the bread and wine of the Lord's Suppe - Author: Thomas F. Torrance
The Judgment quotes by Thomas F. Torrance
#47. He thought he was walking along a dusty road that showed white in the gathering darkness of a summer night. Whence and whither it led, and why he traveled it, he did not know, though all seemed simple and natural, as is the way in dreams; for in the Land Beyond the Bed surprises cease from troubling and the judgment is at rest. - Author: Ambrose Bierce
The Judgment quotes by Ambrose Bierce
#48. fundamental to the concept of an elite is the idea that its members must merit their status in the judgment of others and that they must continually prove by their behavior and actions that they deserve their superior position in society. - Author: Thomas R. Martin
The Judgment quotes by Thomas R. Martin
#49. The judgment that human life is worth living, or rather can and ought to be made worth living, ... underlies all intellectual effort; it is the a priori of social theory, and its rejection (which is perfectly logical) rejects theory itself. - Author: Herbert Marcuse
The Judgment quotes by Herbert Marcuse
#50. Is not the history of real civilization the slow and gradual emancipation of the intellect, of the judgment, from the mastery of passion? Is not that man civilized whose reason sits the crowned monarch of his brain - whose passions are his servants? - Author: Robert Green Ingersoll
The Judgment quotes by Robert Green Ingersoll
#51. The judgment means a lot. As a journalist being accused of invading someone's privacy, there is always a risk that it will stick to your name. - Author: Asne Seierstad
The Judgment quotes by Asne Seierstad
#52. What is more insane than to be partakers of the Sacraments of the Lord and not partakers of the words of the Lord? These men truly have to say: "In Thy Name we have eaten and drunk," and they will have to hear: "I do not know you!" (Luke 13:26-27). They eat and drink His Body and Blood in the Sacrament and do not recognize in the Gospel His members spread over the whole world, and for this reason they are not numbered among them at the Judgment. - Author: Saint Augustine
The Judgment quotes by Saint Augustine
#53. The habit of doubt; of distrusting his own judgment and of totally rejecting the judgment of the world; the tendency to regard every question as open; the hesitation to act except as a choice of evils; the shirking of responsibility; the love of line, form, quality; the horror of ennui; the passion for companionship and the antipathy to society
all these are well-known qualities of New England character in no way peculiar to individuals but in this instance they seemed to be stimulated by the fever, and Henry Adams could never make up his mind whether, on the whole, the change of character was morbid or healthy, good or bad for his purpose. - Author: Henry Adams
The Judgment quotes by Henry Adams
#54. Heat and animosity, contest and conflict, may sharpen the wits, although they rarely do; they never strengthen the understanding, clear the perspicacity, guide the judgment, or improve the heart. - Author: Walter Savage Landor
The Judgment quotes by Walter Savage Landor
#55. The problem with most Christians today is that they would rather be on the judgment seat than on the witness stand. Anonymous - Author: Britt Merrick
The Judgment quotes by Britt Merrick
#56. People with bad consciences always fear the judgment of children. - Author: Mary McCarthy
The Judgment quotes by Mary McCarthy
#57. In the end, man is an event which cannot judge itself, but, for better or worse, is left to the judgment of others - Author: Jung
The Judgment quotes by Jung
#58. Did the Redeemer so identify himself with his brothers, the sinners, that he will not distinguish himself from them in the presence of God, with the result that, like a lightning rod, he draws the judgment of God - a judgment upon the reality of opposition to God in the world - on to himself? Let no one object that the notion of an angry God is archaic and obsolete since a loving Father has given his Son for the world's sake (Jn 3:16; Rom 8:32). Nothing hinders God, who loves the sinner, from being angry on account of the sin he hates. - Author: Hans Urs Von Balthasar
The Judgment quotes by Hans Urs Von Balthasar
#59. A man's "interests" depend on the kind of goals he chooses to pursue, his choice of goals depends on his desires, his desires depend on his values - and, for a rational man, his values depend on the judgment of his mind. - Author: Ayn Rand
The Judgment quotes by Ayn Rand
#60. Metaphysicians have been learning their lessons for the last four thousand years, and it is high time that they should now begin to teach us something. Can any of the tribe inform us why all the operations of the mind are carried on with undiminished strength and activity in dreams, except the judgment, which alone is suspended and dormant? - Author: Charles Caleb Colton
The Judgment quotes by Charles Caleb Colton
#61. Biography can be the most middle-class of all forms, the judgment of little people avenging themselves on the great. - Author: Edmund White
The Judgment quotes by Edmund White
#62. As a Texas loyalist who followed Bush to Washington with great hope and personal affection and as a proud member of his administration, I was all too ready to give him and his highly experienced foreign policy advisers the benefit of the doubt on Iraq. Unfortunately, subsequent events have showed that our willingness to trust the judgment of Bush and his team was misplaced. - Author: Scott McClellan
The Judgment quotes by Scott McClellan
#63. That as my sister-in-law at Colchester had said, beauty, wit, manners, sense, good humour, good behaviour, education, virtue, piety, or any other qualification, whether of body or mind, had no power to recommend; that money only made a woman agreeable; that men chose mistresses indeed by the gust of their affection, and it was requisite
to a whore to be handsome, well-shaped, have a good mien and a graceful behaviour; but that for a wife, no deformity would shock the fancy, no ill qualities the judgment; the money was the thing; the portion was
neither crooked nor monstrous, but the money was always agreeable, whatever the wife was. - Author: Daniel Defoe
The Judgment quotes by Daniel Defoe
#64. The judgment of music, like the inspiration for it, must come slow and measured, if it comes with truth. - Author: Lillian Hellman
The Judgment quotes by Lillian Hellman
#65. As we have seen with reference to the experiences of Gauss and Poincare, the mathematicians also discovered the fact that our representations are "ordered" before we become aware of them. B.L. van der Waerden, who cites many examples of essential mathematical insights arising from the unconscious, concludes: " ... the unconscious is not only able to associate and combine, but even to judge. The judgment of the unconscious is an intuitive one, but it is under favorable circumstances completely sure. - Author: C. G. Jung
The Judgment quotes by C. G. Jung
#66. I think when we think about the judgment of someone who might want World War III, we might think about someone who might shut down a bridge because they don't like their friends; - Author: Rand Paul
The Judgment quotes by Rand Paul
#67. The senses do not deceive us, but the judgment does. - Author: Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
The Judgment quotes by Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
#68. Months of preparation, one of those few opportunities, and the judgment of a split second are what makes some pilot an ace, while others think back on what they could have done. - Author: Pappy Boyington
The Judgment quotes by Pappy Boyington
#69. It is better to try to form a learned opinion than to dispense an ill-conceived one and rush to the judgment of others. - Author: Dodinsky
The Judgment quotes by Dodinsky
#70. But whatever the quality of my works may be, read them as if I were still seeking, and were not aware of, the truth, and were seeking it obstinately, too. For I have sold myself to no man; I bear the name of no master. I give much credit to the judgment of great men; but I claim something also for my own. For these men, too, have left to us, not positive discoveries, but problems whose solution is still to be sought. - Author: Seneca.
The Judgment quotes by Seneca.
#71. The lack of goodness in the young gun's heart was oxygen to the fire, and so he burned for a good long while before I woke. The dream stoked my faith in the judgment and justice that will come someday or this afternoon soon. I turn up the collar of my white robe, relieved to know that God's got me covered 'cause I'm good, but not that good. - Author: Nikki Grimes
The Judgment quotes by Nikki Grimes
#72. Be aware of anxiety. Next to sin, thee is nothing that so troubles the mind, stains the heart, distresses the soul, and confuses the judgment. - Author: William Bernard Ullathorne
The Judgment quotes by William Bernard Ullathorne
#73. The Senator from Massachusetts has given us ample grounds to doubt the judgment and the attitude he brings to bear on vital issues of national security. - Author: Dick Cheney
The Judgment quotes by Dick Cheney
#74. For fidelity, devotion, love, many a two-legged animal is below the dog and the horse. Happy would it be for thousands of people if they could stand at last before the Judgment Seat and say, I have loved as truly and have lived as decently as my dog, and yet we call them only brutes. - Author: Henry Ward Beecher
The Judgment quotes by Henry Ward Beecher
#75. To exist is to stand out, away from the background," The Preacher said. "You aren't thinking or really existing unless you're willing to risk even your own sanity in the judgment of your existence. - Author: Frank Herbert
The Judgment quotes by Frank Herbert
#76. To deny oneself is to act no more from the standing ground of self.... No longing after the praise of men influence a single throb of the heart.
Right deeds, and not the judgment thereupon; true words, and not what reception they may have, shall be our concern. - Author: George MacDonald
The Judgment quotes by George MacDonald
#77. Reason, in a strict sense, as meaning the judgment of truth and falsehood, can never, of itself, be any motive to the will, and can have no influence but so far as it touches some passion or affection. Abstract relations of ideas are the object of curiosity, not of volition. And matters of fact, where they are neither good nor evil, where they neither excite desire nor aversion, are totally indifferent, and whether known or unknown, whether mistaken or rightly apprehended, cannot be regarded as any motive to action. - Author: David Hume
The Judgment quotes by David Hume
#78. The chief good is the suspension of the judgment [especially negative judgement], which tranquillity of mind follows like its shadow. - Author: Diogenes
The Judgment quotes by Diogenes
#79. Nothing is beautiful, except man alone: all aesthetics rests upon this naïveté, which is its first truth. Let us immediately add the second: nothing is ugly except the degenerating man - and with this the realm of aesthetic judgment is circumscribed. Physiologically, everything ugly weakens and saddens man. It reminds him of decay, danger, impotence; it actually deprives him of strength. One can measure the effect of the ugly with a dynamometer. Wherever man is depressed at all, he senses the proximity of something "ugly." His feeling of power, his will to power, his courage, his pride - all fall with the ugly and rise with the beautiful. In both cases we draw an inference: the premises for it are piled up in the greatest abundance in instinct. The ugly is understood as a sign and symptom of degeneration: whatever reminds us in the least of degeneration causes in us the judgment of "ugly." Every suggestion of exhaustion, of heaviness, of age, of weariness; every kind of lack of freedom, such as cramps, such as paralysis; and above all, the smell, the color, the form of dissolution, of decomposition - even in the ultimate attenuation into a symbol - all evoke the same reaction, the value judgment, "ugly." A hatred is aroused - but whom does man hate then? There is no doubt: the decline of his type. Here he hates out of the deepest instinct of the species; in this hatred there is a shudder, caution, depth, farsightedness - it is the deepest hatred there is. It is be - Author: Friedrich Nietzsche, Twilight Of The Idols
The Judgment quotes by Friedrich Nietzsche, Twilight Of The Idols
#80. Our success in life is determined by one primary objective: how functionally transformed into Christ's likeness have we become? If He sees that we were forgiving even when wounded; if He sees in us a heart that holds fast its faith even in times of adversity; if He finds us to be truly repentant and genuinely humble, even when we could boast; and if He sees we are... committed to a life of love, we will have fulfilled the purpose of God. We will receive a great reward. If, however, the Lord sees in us a soul easily offended or that we blame others for our joyless, angry attitude; if He scans our inner man and finds we are self-righteous and judgmental; or if our conscience alternately either accuses or defends ourselves, then we will render an account for our life at the judgment seat of Christ (Rom. 1:29, 2:5; 2 Cor. 5:10; Heb. 9:27). Thus, it is of the utmost importance that we settle the eternal goal for our lives. Are we seizing life's opportunities to appropriate Christ or are we mostly coasting? Let us say with vision and assurance, I am preparing myself for God. - Author: Francis Frangipane
The Judgment quotes by Francis Frangipane
#81. If, in all the cities, every house that is past repairing could be pulled down or burned up, how great would be the crash, how heaven-high the conflagration. It would be a veritable crack of Doom and glare of the Judgment. - Author: Albion Fellows Bacon
The Judgment quotes by Albion Fellows Bacon
#82. Verse 12 [of Ex. 12) tells us that the judgment of Yahweh is not only on the Egyptians but also on their deities. This is probably an allusion to the fact that Egyptians would often pray for the safety of their firstborn, particularly firstborn sons, as was the custom in many ancient patriarchal cultures. The death of the firstborn would be seen as a sign of the anger or perhaps the impotence of their gods. This is worth pondering when it comes to the death of Jesus as God's only begotten, or beloved, Son. Would Jesus' contemporaries have assumed his death was a manifestation of God's wrath? Probably so. In any event, Yahweh is showing his superiority over the spirits behind the pagan deities, and thus we should not overlook the supernatural struggle that is implied to be behind the contest of wills between Moses and Pharaoh. - Author: Ben Witherington III
The Judgment quotes by Ben Witherington III
#83. You don't have the judgment after you've had the drink. If something truly catastrophic had happened that evening, I don't know how I could have lived with myself. I feel like I've gotten a second chance. - Author: Tracey Gold
The Judgment quotes by Tracey Gold
#84. No more self-defeating device could be discovered than the one society has developed in dealing with the criminal. It proclaims his career in such loud and dramatic forms that both he and the community accept the judgment as a fixed description. He becomes conscious of himself as a criminal, and the community expects him to live up to his reputation, and will not credit him if he does not live up to it. - Author: Frank Tannenbaum
The Judgment quotes by Frank Tannenbaum
#85. Those who seek to listen to their own inner voice forget to listen to the judgment of others. - Author: Vironika Tugaleva
The Judgment quotes by Vironika Tugaleva
#86. The problem with every judgment of sexual behavior is that it is made by people who aren't being stimulated as they are making the judgment. A jury that sees a woman in a sterile courtroom, asks her what she wanted, and then assumes that anything else she did was the responsibility of the man is insulting not only the woman but the power of sex. - Author: Warren Farrell
The Judgment quotes by Warren Farrell
#87. When we look at the cross we see the justice, love, wisdom and power of God. It is not easy to decide which is the most luminously revealed, whether the justice of God in judging sin, or the love of God in bearing the judgment in our place, or the wisdom of God in perfectly combining the two, or the power of God in saving those who believe. For the cross is equally an act, and therefore a demonstration, of God's justice, love, wisdom and power. The cross assures us that this God is the reality within, behind and beyond the universe. - Author: John Stott
The Judgment quotes by John Stott
#88. Our time has been distinguished, more than by anything else, by a mastery, a control, of the external world, and by an almost total forgetfulness of the internal world. If one estimates human evolution from the point of view of knowledge of the external world, then we are in many respects progressing. If our estimate is from the point of view of the internal world, and of oneness of internal and external, then the judgment must be very different. - Author: R.D. Laing
The Judgment quotes by R.D. Laing
#89. Governments too steady and uniform, as they are seldom free, so are they, in the judgment of some attended with another sensible inconvenience: they abate the active powers of men; depress courage, invention, and genius; and produce a universal lethary in the people. - Author: David Hume
The Judgment quotes by David Hume
#90. When the heart flies out before the understanding, it saves the judgment a world of pains. - Author: Laurence Sterne
The Judgment quotes by Laurence Sterne
#91. ...fiction is as useful as truth, for giving us matter, upon which to exercise the judgment of value. - Author: G.E. Moore
The Judgment quotes by G.E. Moore
#92. In 1902, a sociologist named Charles Horton Cooley devised a concept called the looking-glass self, which posits that s person's sense of identity is shaped by interaction with social groups and the ways in which the individual thinks he or she is perceived by others. Cooley believed this process involved three steps: •You imagine how you appear to other people. •You imagine the judgment of other people. •You base your feelings about yourself on how you think [you] appear to other people. - Author: Steven Hyden
The Judgment quotes by Steven Hyden
#93. We have too much legislating by clamor, by tumult, by pressure. Representative government ceases when outside influence of any kind is substituted for the judgment of the representative. - Author: Calvin Coolidge
The Judgment quotes by Calvin Coolidge
#94. Intuitive cognition of a thing is cognition that enables us to know whether the thing exists or does not exist, in such a way that, if the thing exists, then the intellect immediately judges that it exists and evidently knows that it exists, unless the judgment happens to be impeded through the imperfection of this cognition. - Author: William Of Ockham
The Judgment quotes by William Of Ockham
#95. School is about learning to wait your turn, however long it takes to come, if ever. And how to submit with a show of enthusiasm to the judgment of strangers, even if they are wrong, even if your enthusiasm is phony. - Author: John Taylor Gatto
The Judgment quotes by John Taylor Gatto
#96. The judgment of the intellect is, at best, only the half of truth. - Author: Carl Jung
The Judgment quotes by Carl Jung
#97. Alexander once made himself supremely ridiculous. Coming across Epicurus's Principal Doctrines, the most admirable of his books, as you know, with its terse presentment of his wise conclusions, he brought it into the middle of the marketplace, there burned it on a figwood fire for the sins of its author, and cast its ashes into the sea. He issued an oracle on the occasion:
"The dotard's doctrines to the flames be given."
The fellow had no conception of the blessings conferred by that book upon its readers, of the peace, tranquility, and independence of mind it produces, of the protection it gives against terrors, phantoms, and marvels, vain hopes and insubordinate desires, of the judgment and candor that it fosters, or of its true purging of the spirit, not with torches and squills and such rubbish, but with right reason, truth, and frankness. - Author: Lucian Of Samosata
The Judgment quotes by Lucian Of Samosata
#98. Certainly 'The Judgment of Paris' was the novel in which I found my own voice. - Author: Gore Vidal
The Judgment quotes by Gore Vidal
#99. For action, whatever its immediate purpose, also implies relief at doing something, anything, and the joy of exertion. This is the optimism that is inherent in, and proper and indispensable to action, for without it nothing would ever be undertaken. It in no way suppresses the critical sense or clouds the judgment. On the contrary this optimism sharpens the wits, it creates a certain perspective and, at the last moment, lets in a ray of perpendicular light which illuminates all one's previous calculations, cuts and shuffles them and deals you the card of success, the winning number. - Author: Blaise Cendrars
The Judgment quotes by Blaise Cendrars
#100. Authority to dream is not given, it is taken. Take it. Do not let the judgment of others be the final word. Without a doubt, if there is a one-word, one-step cure for bad peg moments, that word is perseverance. Let that be your final word. - Author: J. Loren Norris
The Judgment quotes by J. Loren Norris
#101. Louis Armstrong playing trumpet on the Judgment Day. - Author: Al Stewart
The Judgment quotes by Al Stewart
#102. FAREWELL. Tie the strings to my life, my Lord, Then I am ready to go! Just a look at the horses - Rapid! That will do! Put me in on the firmest side, So I shall never fall; For we must ride to the Judgment, And it's partly down hill. But never I mind the bridges, And never I mind the sea; Held fast in everlasting race By my own choice and thee. Good-by to the life I used to live, And the world I used to know; And kiss the hills for me, just once; Now I am ready to go! - Author: Emily Dickinson
The Judgment quotes by Emily Dickinson
#103. Part of the reason the Savior suffered in Gethsemane was so that he would have an infinite compassion for us as we experience our trials and tribulations. Through his suffering in Gethsemane, the Savior became qualified to be the perfect judge. Not one of us will be able to approach him on the Judgment Day and say, 'You don't know what it was like.' He knows the nature of our trials better than we do, for he 'descended below them all. - Author: Glenn L. Pace
The Judgment quotes by Glenn L. Pace
#104. Those who turn against the Church do so to play to their own private gallery, but when, one day, the applause has died down and the cheering has stopped, they will face a smaller audience, the judgment bar of God. - Author: Neal A. Maxwell
The Judgment quotes by Neal A. Maxwell
#105. The Bible teaches that woman brought sin and death into the world, that she precipitated the fall of the race, that she was arraigned before the judgment seat of Heaven, tried, condemned and sentenced. Marriage for her was to be a condition of bondage, maternity a period of suffering and anguish, and in silence and subjection, she was to play the role of a dependent on man's bounty for all her material wants, and for all the information she might desire on the vital questions of the hour, she was commanded to ask her husband at home. Here is the Bible position of woman briefly summed up. - Author: Elizabeth Cady Stanton
The Judgment quotes by Elizabeth Cady Stanton
#106. Christianity, Christ, heaven, hell, the judgment, sin, holiness, God,
these, and whether they be true, or false, and our personal relations to them, whether they be right or wrong, are things to know about, not to be doubting or guessing about. - Author: Herrick Johnson
The Judgment quotes by Herrick Johnson
#107. The judgment is an utensil proper for all subjects, and will have an oar in everything. - Author: Michel De Montaigne
The Judgment quotes by Michel De Montaigne
#108. Never trust the judgment of an enthusiastic man; never trust the promises of a lazy one. - Author: Mason Cooley
The Judgment quotes by Mason Cooley
#109. Mercy among the virtues is like the moon among the stars ... It is the light that hovers above the judgment seat. - Author: Edwin Hubbel Chapin
The Judgment quotes by Edwin Hubbel Chapin
#110. Publishing is not, of course, dependent on the individual taste of the publisher," Perkins replied to one reader of Hemingway's novel. "He is under an obligation to his profession which binds him to bring out a work which in the judgment of the literary world is significant in its literary qualities and is a pertinent criticism of the civilization of the time. - Author: A. Scott Berg
The Judgment quotes by A. Scott Berg
#111. No, you do not have to live; it is your basic act of choice; but if you choose to live, you must live as a man - by the work and the judgment of your mind. - Author: Ayn Rand
The Judgment quotes by Ayn Rand
#112. Political realism refuses to identify the moral aspirations of a particular nation with the moral laws that govern the universe. As it distinguishes between truth and opinion, so it distinguishes between truth and idolatry. All nations are tempted - and few have been able to resist the power for long - to clothe their own aspirations and action in the moral purposes of the universe. To know that nations are subject to the moral law is one thing, while to pretend to know with certainty what is good and evil in the relations among nations is quite another. There is a world of difference between the belief that all nations stand under the judgment of God, inscrutable to the human mind, and the blasphemous conviction that God is always on one's side and that what one wills oneself cannot fail to be willed by God also. - Author: Hans J. Morgenthau
The Judgment quotes by Hans J. Morgenthau
#113. So, yeah, I have to admit, I had my doubts. But they were without merit. Yet, I waited for the judgment strike of the clock to hit. For Mom to find out Sampson's secret.... -Abrielle, from Made for Me - Author: Pamela Schloesser Canepa
The Judgment quotes by Pamela Schloesser Canepa
#114. Cruel and cold is the judgment of man, Cruel as winter, and cold as the snow; But by-and-by will the deed and the plan Be judged by the motive that lieth below. - Author: John L. Bates
The Judgment quotes by John L. Bates
#115. The Beautiful arises from the perceived harmony of an object, whether sight or sound, with the inborn and constitutive rules of the judgment and imagination: and it is always intuitive. - Author: Samuel Taylor Coleridge
The Judgment quotes by Samuel Taylor Coleridge
#116. In real friendship the judgment, the genius, the prudence of each party become the common property of both. - Author: Maria Edgeworth
The Judgment quotes by Maria Edgeworth
#117. It is our duty to endeavor always to promote the general good; to do to all as we would be willing to be done by were we in their circumstances; to do justly, to love mercy, and to walk humbly before God. These are some of the laws of nature which every man in the world is bound to observe, and which whoever violates exposes himself to the resentment of mankind, the lashes of his own conscience, and the judgment of Heaven. This plainly shows that the highest state of liberty subjects us to the law of nature and the government of God. - Author: Samuel West
The Judgment quotes by Samuel West
#118. I hope I have a few years left in my 'last days,' but whether I do or do not, I want it absolutely clear when I stand before the judgment bar of God that I declared to the world, in the most straightforward language I could summon, that the Book of Mormon is true, that it came forth the way Joseph said it came forth and was given to bring happiness and hope to the faithful in the travail of the latter days. - Author: Jeffrey R. Holland
The Judgment quotes by Jeffrey R. Holland
#119. Imagination in a poet is a faculty so wild and lawless that, like a high ranging spaniel, it must have clogs tied to it, lest it outrun the judgment. The great easiness of blank verse renders the poet too luxuriant. He is tempted to say many things which might better be omitted, or, at least shut up in fewer words. - Author: John Dryden
The Judgment quotes by John Dryden
#120. Just as you would when making a new work of art, don't ask for help or seek the judgment of others. You don't want to be subjected to another person's limitations or expectations. - Author: Jackie Battenfield
The Judgment quotes by Jackie Battenfield
#121. But over time people break apart, no matter how enormous the love they feel for one another is, and it is through the breaking and the reconciliation, the love and the doubting of love, the judgment and then the coming together again, that we find our own identity and define our relationships. - Author: Ann Patchett
The Judgment quotes by Ann Patchett
#122. He said he would not yield his judgment to anything proposed by the Church, or any individuals of the Church, or even the Great I Am, given through the appointed organ, as revelation, but would always act upon his own judgment, let him believe in whatever religion he might. He stated he would always say what he pleased, for he was a Republican, and as such would do, say, act, and believe what he pleased.
Mark such republicanism as this! A man to oppose his own judgment to the judgment of God, and at the same time to profess to believe in that same God, who has said: "The foolishness of God is wiser than man; and the weakness of God is stronger, than man."
[DHC3:66] - Author: Joseph Smith Jr.
The Judgment quotes by Joseph Smith Jr.
#123. I have to expose myself and then accept the judgment that audiences and critics will have. And that's okay. I appreciate the elliptical nature of it. Sometimes people are more in the mood to be nice to me than others, and that's great. - Author: Claire Danes
The Judgment quotes by Claire Danes
#124. Enthusiasm is that temper of the mind in which the imagination has got the better of the judgment. - Author: William Warburton
The Judgment quotes by William Warburton
#125. He that will write well in any tongue, must follow this counsel of Aristotle, to speak as the common people do, to think as wise men do: and so should every man understand him, and the judgment of wise men allow him. - Author: Roger Ascham
The Judgment quotes by Roger Ascham
#126. is the veil of our fleshly fallen nature living on, unjudged within us, uncrucified and unrepudiated. It is the close-woven veil of the self-life which we have never truly acknowledged, of which we have been secretly ashamed, and which for these reasons we have never brought to the judgment of the cross. It is not too mysterious, this opaque veil, nor is it hard to identify. We have but to look in our own hearts and we shall see it there, sewn and patched and repaired it may be, but there nevertheless, an enemy to our lives and an effective block to our spiritual progress. - Author: A.W. Tozer
The Judgment quotes by A.W. Tozer
#127. When we have begged and demanded from God all that we can, and when he still doesn't change our situation, we're left with a choice, we can choose offense with him, or we can choose obedience.

Offense is a terror of a thing: it puts us in the judgment seat over God. We strong-arm God, we yell at him, we tell him all the things he's not. And while it's good to be honest with God, there is a difference between heart-felt honesty and hostile honesty. Heartfelt honesty comes to God on its knees. Hostile honesty comes to God pointing the finger. - Author: Ann Swindell
The Judgment quotes by Ann Swindell
#128. If indeed you [really] fulfill the royal Law in accordance with the Scripture, You shall love your neighbor as [you love] yourself, you do well. [Lev. 19:18.] 9 But if you show servile regard (prejudice, favoritism) for people, you commit sin and are rebuked and convicted by the Law as violators and offenders. 10 For whosoever keeps the Law [as a] whole but stumbles and offends in one [single instance] has become guilty of [breaking] all of it. 11 For He Who said, You shall not commit adultery, also said, You shall not kill. If you do not commit adultery but do kill, you have become guilty of transgressing the [whole] Law. [Exod. 20:13, 14; Deut. 5:17, 18.] 12 So speak and so act as [people should] who are to be judged under the law of liberty [the moral instruction given by Christ, especially about love]. 13 For to him who has shown no mercy the judgment [will be] merciless, but mercy [full of glad confidence] exults victoriously over judgment. - Author: Anonymous
The Judgment quotes by Anonymous
#129. That which is asserted universally, by everyone, cannot possibly be totally false. For a false opinion is a kind of infirmity of the understanding, just as a false judgment concerning a proper sensible happens as the result of a weakness of the sense power involved. But defects, being outside the intention of nature, are accidental. And nothing accidental can be always and in all things; the judgment about savors given by every tasting cannot be false. Thus, the judgment uttered by everyone concerning truth cannot be erroneous. - Author: Thomas Aquinas
The Judgment quotes by Thomas Aquinas
#130. It is a sad thing when men have neither the wit to speak well nor the judgment to hold their tongues. - Author: Jean De La Bruyere
The Judgment quotes by Jean De La Bruyere
#131. Through his suffering, he peers into the core of things and sees that the judgment of man is thistle-down in the wind. - Author: Stephen Crane
The Judgment quotes by Stephen Crane
#132. Gen. de Gaulle is only concerned about history, and no jury can dictate the judgment of history. Georges Pompidou - Author: Mark Kurlansky
The Judgment quotes by Mark Kurlansky
#133. Nonjudgmentalism is not really nonjudgmental. It is the judgment that ... everything is the same, nothing is better. This is as barbaric and untruthful a doctrine as has yet emerged from the fertile mind of man. - Author: Theodore Dalrymple
The Judgment quotes by Theodore Dalrymple
#134. If it is permitted to the enlightened but baffled Statesman, when deserted and fallen from his place, to appeal from the voices of the moment to the judgment of more impartial times, with what right can we call in question the loftier form of the same prophetic trust which looks to a present God rather than to future men? - Author: James Martineau
The Judgment quotes by James Martineau
#135. I believe that the Hurricane Katrina was, in fact, the judgment of God against the city of New Orleans ... I believe that New Orleans had a level of sin that was offensive to God, and they are - were recipients of the judgment of God for that ... There was to be a homosexual parade there on the Monday that the Katrina came. And the promise of that parade was that it was going to reach a level of sexuality never demonstrated before in any of the other Gay Pride parades ... The Bible teaches that when you violate the law of God, that God brings punishment sometimes before the day of judgment. - Author: John Hagee
The Judgment quotes by John Hagee
#136. If advertising has invaded the judgment of children, it has also forced its way into the family, an insolent usurper of parental function, degrading parents to mere intermediaries between their children and the market. This indeed is a social revoluation in our time! - Author: Jules Henry
The Judgment quotes by Jules Henry
#137. All women, from the countess to the cook-maid, are put into high good humor with themselves when a man is taken with them at firstsight. And be they ever so plain, they will find twenty good reasons to defend the judgment of such a man. - Author: Samuel Richardson
The Judgment quotes by Samuel Richardson
#138. Would you be free from the condemnation of the sins that are past, from the power of the temptations that are to come? Then take your stand on the Rock of Ages. Let death, let the grave, let the judgment come, the victory is Christ's and yours through Him. - Author: Dwight L. Moody
The Judgment quotes by Dwight L. Moody
#139. The prophet himself stands under the judgment which he preaches. If he does not know that, he is a false prophet. - Author: Reinhold Niebuhr
The Judgment quotes by Reinhold Niebuhr
#140. God judges mankind by the standard of the only God-man who ever lived, Jesus Christ. Jesus, the innocent Lamb of God, stands between our sin and the judgment of God the Father. - Author: Billy Graham
The Judgment quotes by Billy Graham
#141. At 20 years of age the Will reigns; at 30 the Wit; at 40 the Judgment. - Author: Benjamin Franklin
The Judgment quotes by Benjamin Franklin
#142. I take it that the judgment is an essential point in every conviction, let the punishment be fixed or not. - Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon
The Judgment quotes by Sherrilyn Kenyon
#143. What he fervently believed in up to the end was success, the chief standard of 'good society' as he knew it... His conscience was indeed set at rest when he saw the zeal and eagerness with which 'good society' everywhere reacted as he did. He did not need to 'close his ears to the voice of conscience,' as the judgment has it, not because he had none, but because his conscience spoke with a 'respectable voice,' with the voice of respectable society around him. - Author: Hannah Arendt
The Judgment quotes by Hannah Arendt
#144. It's outrageous to me when I see people hate on someone because of their sexuality. I hate the intolerance. I hate the judgment. I hate it so much. - Author: Ariana Grande
The Judgment quotes by Ariana Grande
#145. I learned you can't trust the judgment of good friends. - Author: Carl Sandburg
The Judgment quotes by Carl Sandburg
#146. Every historian, whether he is a Christian or not, ought to take account of this strange fact - that a certain Jesus, a man who lived in the first century in Palestine, was actually convinced, as He looked out upon the men who thronged about Him, that He would one day sit on the judgment-seat of God and be their judge and the judge and ruler of all the world. - Author: J. Gresham Machen
The Judgment quotes by J. Gresham Machen
#147. For the judgment was accomplished not only upon all the men of the Christian church, but also upon all who are called Mohammedans, and, moreover, upon all the Gentiles in the whole world. - Author: Emanuel Swedenborg
The Judgment quotes by Emanuel Swedenborg
#148. ONE MORE CHNCE. Words that my mother heard, more than once. Words that women debate. Whether you CAN forgive and whether you SHOULD trust. I think of all the judgment from society, friends, and family, the overwhelming consensus seeming to be that you should not grant someone who betrayed you a second chance. That you should do everything you can to keep the knife out of your back, and to protect your heart and pride. Cowards give second chances. Fools give second chances. And I am no coward, no fool. - Author: Emily Giffin
The Judgment quotes by Emily Giffin
#149. The Germans, in the age of Tacitus, were unacquainted with the use of letters; and the use of letters is the principal circumstance that distinguishes a civilised people from a herd of savages incapable of knowledge or reflection. Without that artificial help, the human memory soon dissipates or corrupts the ideas intrusted to her charge; and the nobler faculties of the mind, no longer supplied with models or with materials, gradually forget their powers; the judgment becomes feeble and lethargic, the imagination languid or irregular. - Author: Edward Gibbon
The Judgment quotes by Edward Gibbon
#150. The judgment: You are now before Yama, King of the Dead. In vain will you try to ... deny or conceal the evil deeds you have done ... the mirror in which Yama seems to read your past is your own memory, and also his judgment is your own. It is you yourself who pronounce your own judgment, ... - Author: Gautama Buddha
The Judgment quotes by Gautama Buddha
#151. In the judgment of the most competent living mathematicians, Fraulein Noether was the most significant mathematical genius thus far produced since the higher education of women began. - Author: Albert Einstein
The Judgment quotes by Albert Einstein
#152. It is no little wisdom for you to keep yourself in silence and in good peace when evil words are spoken to you, and to turn your heart to God and not to be troubled with the judgment of others. - Author: Thomas A Kempis
The Judgment quotes by Thomas A Kempis
#153. Thus united to them in the fellowship of life, he will both understand the things revealed to them by God and, thenceforth escaping the peril that threatens sinners in the judgment, will receive that which is laid up for the saints in the kingdom of heaven. - Author: Athanasius
The Judgment quotes by Athanasius
#154. The author concedes that the body of Christ may often judge wrongly , but he says that the judgment of the body as a whole is more sound that is one's ability to judge self objectively. - Author: Charles Haddon Spurgeon
The Judgment quotes by Charles Haddon Spurgeon
#155. An appellate court which reverses the judgment of a popular author's contemporaries, the appellant being his obscure competitor. - Author: Ambrose Bierce
The Judgment quotes by Ambrose Bierce
#156. Not basing your principles of sex based on the judgment of other or on hearsay, uphold yourself to virtues that you believe in. Before any laws created by man, religion, and culture; the universe has always held us under the principles of love in all endeavors in life, and this applies to sex as well. Sex is a very personal experience and the morals you follow under this act are a personal notion that you create yourself for the sake of your personal happiness. - Author: Forrest Curran
The Judgment quotes by Forrest Curran
#157. Do you not know that you are Eve? The judgment of God upon this sex lives on in this age; therefore, necessarily the guilt should live on also. You are the gateway of the devil; you are the one who unseals the curse of that tree, and you are the first one to turn your back on the divine law; you are the one who persuaded him whom the devil was not capable of corrupting; you easily destroyed the image of God, Adam. Because of what you deserve, that is, death, even the Son of God had to die. - Author: Tertullian
The Judgment quotes by Tertullian
#158. To know whether you can trust a particular intuitive judgment, there are two questions you should ask: Is the environment in which the judgment is made sufficiently regular to enable predictions from the available evidence? The answer is yes for diagnosticians, no for stock pickers. Do the professionals have an adequate opportunity to learn the cues and the regularities? The answer here depends on the professionals' experience and on the quality and speed with which they discover their mistakes. - Author: Daniel Kahneman
The Judgment quotes by Daniel Kahneman
#159. The decision to leave [Iraq] should be based solely on the judgment of the combatant commanders on the ground who say, "My Iraqi counterparts can now handle this particular area of the country on their own with minimum American support or with no American support." When they can do that, we should leave. - Author: Duncan Hunter
The Judgment quotes by Duncan Hunter
#160. I felt like the Last Man, neglected of the judgment, and left pinnacled in mid-heaven, a forgotten relic of a vanished world. - Author: Mark Twain
The Judgment quotes by Mark Twain
#161. There are six canons of conservative thought:

1) Belief in a transcendent order, or body of natural law, which rules society as well as conscience. Political problems, at bottom, are religious and moral problems. A narrow rationality, what Coleridge called the Understanding, cannot of itself satisfy human needs. "Every Tory is a realist," says Keith Feiling: "he knows that there are great forces in heaven and earth that man's philosophy cannot plumb or fathom." True politics is the art of apprehending and applying the Justice which ought to prevail in a community of souls.

2) Affection for the proliferating variety and mystery of human existence, as opposed to the narrowing uniformity, egalitarianism, and utilitarian aims of most radical systems; conservatives resist what Robert Graves calls "Logicalism" in society. This prejudice has been called "the conservatism of enjoyment"--a sense that life is worth living, according to Walter Bagehot "the proper source of an animated Conservatism."

3) Conviction that civilized society requires orders and classes, as against the notion of a "classless society." With reason, conservatives have been called "the party of order." If natural distinctions are effaced among men, oligarchs fill the vacuum. Ultimate equality in the judgment of God, and equality before courts of law, are recognized by conservatives; but equality of condition, they think, means equality in servitude and boredom.

4) P - Author: Russell Kirk
The Judgment quotes by Russell Kirk
#162. Be wary of passing the judgment: obscure. To find something obscure poses no difficult, elephants and poodles find many things obscure. - Author: Georg C. Lichtenberg
The Judgment quotes by Georg C. Lichtenberg
#163. A distinguished man should be as particular about his last words as he is about his last breath. He should write them out on a slip of paper and take the judgment of his friends on them. He should never leave such a thing to the last hour of his life, and trust to an intellectual spurt at the last moment to enable him to say something smart with his latest gasp and launch into eternity with grandeur. - Author: Mark Twain
The Judgment quotes by Mark Twain
#164. So long as we find anything beautiful, we feel that we have not yet exhausted what [life] has to offer [ ... ] That forward-looking element is ... inseparable from the judgment of beauty. - Author: Alexander Nehamas
The Judgment quotes by Alexander Nehamas
#165. I think silence is the condition you accept as the judgment on your crimes. - Author: Don DeLillo
The Judgment quotes by Don DeLillo
#166. The privilege of opening the first trial in history for crimes against the peace of the world imposes a grave responsibility. The wrongs which we seek to condemn and punish have been so calculated, so malignant and so devastating, that civilization cannot tolerate their being ignored because it cannot survive their being repeated. That four great nations, flushed with victory and stung with injury stay the hand of vengeance and voluntarily submit their captive enemies to the judgment of the law is one of the most significant tributes that Power ever has paid to Reason. - Author: Robert H. Jackson
The Judgment quotes by Robert H. Jackson
#167. May your P&L account of deeds for humanity be in profits; for you have to present the your Balance Sheet on the Judgment Day. - Author: Vikrmn
The Judgment quotes by Vikrmn
#168. Happiness isn't wanting what you can get, but wanting what you have. - Author: Beverly Lewis
The Judgment quotes by Beverly Lewis
#169. The judgment day in your journey of appraising divine consciousness is the level of Truth Consciousness you achieve and become Soul-Realised to Enter Heaven. - Author: Vishal Chipkar
The Judgment quotes by Vishal Chipkar
#170. The world will accept the judgment you place on yourself. - Author: Jason Capital
The Judgment quotes by Jason  Capital
#171. When we all stand before the judgment seat of Christ, we will have our true motives revealed. - Author: Billy Graham
The Judgment quotes by Billy Graham
#172. I looked Mikey right in the eye, and I said, "We gotta let 'em go." It was the stupidest, most southern-fried, lamebrained decision I ever made in my life. I must have been out of my mind. I had actually cast a vote which I knew could sign our death warrant. I'd turned into a fucking liberal, a half-assed, no-logic nitwit, all heart, no brain, and the judgment of a jackrabbit. - Author: Marcus Luttrell
The Judgment quotes by Marcus Luttrell
#173. In the earliest times of the discovery of the faculty of judgment, every new judgment was a find. The worth of this find rose, the more practical and fertile the judgment was. Verdicts which now seem to us very common then still demanded an unusual level of intellectual life. One had to bring genius and acuity together in order to find new relations using the new tool. Its application to the most characteristic, interesting, and general aspects of humanity necessarily aroused exceptional admiration and drew the attention of all good minds to itself. In this way those bodies of proverbial sayings came into being that have been valued so highly at all times and among all peoples. It would easily be possible for the discoveries of genius we make today to meet with a similar fate in the course of time. There could easily come a time when all that would be as common as moral precepts are now, and new, more sublime discoveries would occupy the restless spirit of men. - Author: Novalis
The Judgment quotes by Novalis
#174. You know, we'll hardly get our feet out of time [and] into eternity that we'll bow our heads in shame and humiliation. We'll gaze on eternity and say, 'My God! Look at all the riches there were in Jesus Christ, and I've come to the Judgment Seat almost a pauper! - Author: Aiden Wilson Tozer
The Judgment quotes by Aiden Wilson Tozer
#175. My feeling is, personally, I want to die first ... because I believe that when you die, your soul goes immediately up for judgment - and I don't want my wife up there first. No, the judgment will be horrendous. - Author: Bill Cosby
The Judgment quotes by Bill Cosby
#176. I said, 'If the quarterback is a runner, it'll work.' But if your quarterback's not a runner, in my judgment and in the judgment of most of the people, it wouldn't work without the quarterback running the ball. - Author: Frank Broyles
The Judgment quotes by Frank Broyles
#177. Christ's fourth indirect claim was to judge the world. This is perhaps the most fantastic of all his statements. Several of his parables imply that he will come back at the end of the world, and that the final day of reckoning will be postponed until his return. He will himself arouse the dead, and all the nations will be gathered before him. He will sit on the throne of his glory, and the judgment will be committed to him by the Father. He will then separate men from one another as a shepherd separates his sheep from his goats. Some will be invited to come and inherit the kingdom prepared for them from the foundation of the world. Others will hear the dreadful words, 'Depart from me, you cursed, into the eternal fire prepared for the devil and his angels.' Not only will Jesus be the judge, but the criterion of judgment will be men's attitude to him as shown in their treatment of his 'brethren' or their response to his word. Those who have acknowledged him before men he will acknowledge before his Father: those who have denied him, he will deny. Indeed, for a man to be excluded from heaven on the last day, it will be enough for Jesus to say, "I never knew you. - Author: John R.W. Stott
The Judgment quotes by John R.W. Stott
#178. Why was the judgment of the disapproving so valuable? - Author: Shannon Hale
The Judgment quotes by Shannon Hale
#179. Give me the judgment of balanced minds in preference to laws every time. Codes and manuals create patterned behavior. All patterned behavior tends to go unquestioned, gathering destructive momentum. - Darwi Odrade - Author: Frank Herbert
The Judgment quotes by Frank Herbert
#180. [ ... ] The problems I've discussed are not limited to psychiatry, although they reach their most florid form there. Similar conflicts of interest and biases exist in virtually every field of medicine, particularly those that rely heavily on drugs or devices. It is simply no longer possible to believe much of the clinical research that is published, or to rely on the judgment of trusted physicians or authoritative medical guidelines. I take no pleasure in this conclusion, which I reached slowly and reluctantly over my two decades as an editor of The New England Journal of Medicine.
(Drug Companies & Doctors: A Story of Corruption, Jan 15 2009) - Author: Marcia Angell
The Judgment quotes by Marcia Angell
#181. To compensate a little for the treachery and weakness of my memory, so extreme that it has happened to me more than once to pick up again ... books which I have read carefully a few years before. I have adopted the habit for some time now of adding at the end of each book the time I finished reading it and the judgment I have derived of it as a whole, so that this may represent to me at least the sense and general idea I had conceived of the author in reading it. - Author: Michel De Montaigne
The Judgment quotes by Michel De Montaigne
#182. This holy staircase is composed of eight-and-twenty steps, said to have belonged to Pontius Pilate's house and to be the identical stair on which Our Saviour trod, in coming down from the judgment-seat. Pilgrims ascend it, only on their knees. It is steep; and, at the summit, is a chapel, reported to be full of relics; into which they peep through some iron bars, and then come down again, by one of two side staircases, which are not sacred, and may be walked on. - Author: Charles Dickens
The Judgment quotes by Charles Dickens
#183. Passion and hunger are the two ingredients that I look for in first making the judgment on - whether an athlete, an assistant coach, or a horse trainer or anybody I do business with. - Author: Rick Pitino
The Judgment quotes by Rick Pitino
#184. A decree of death has been passed on America. The judgment of God has been rendered, and she must be destroyed. - Author: Louis Farrakhan
The Judgment quotes by Louis Farrakhan
#185. If one took no chances, one would not fly at all. Safety lies in the judgment of the chances one takes. - Author: Charles Lindbergh
The Judgment quotes by Charles Lindbergh
#186. Harmony of period and melody of style have greater weight than is generally imagined in the judgment we pass upon writing and writers. As a proof of this, let us reflect what texts of scripture, what lines in poetry, or what periods we most remember and quote, either in verse or prose, and we shall find them to be only musical ones. - Author: William Shenstone
The Judgment quotes by William Shenstone
#187. The real difference between a man's scientific judgments about himself and the judgment of others about him is he has added sources of knowledge. - Author: Edward Thorndike
The Judgment quotes by Edward Thorndike
#188. The judgment that every voter is making of every one of us [running for presidency] who has the experience, who has the vision, who has the judgment to be commander in chief. That is the most important decision for the voters to make. That's a standard I'm held to. And it's a standard everyone else is held to. - Author: Ted Cruz
The Judgment quotes by Ted Cruz
#189. I will seek the presidency with nothing to fall back on but the judgment of the people of the United States, and nowhere to go but the White House or home. - Author: Bob Dole
The Judgment quotes by Bob Dole
#190. The world is as it used to be:

"All nations striving strong to make
Red war yet redder. Mad as hatters
They do no more for Christés sake
Than you who are helpless in such matters.

"That this is not the judgment-hour
For some of them's a blessed thing,
For if it were they'd have to scour
Hell's floor for so much threatening....

"Ha, ha. It will be warmer when
I blow the trumpet (if indeed
I ever do; for you are men,
And rest eternal sorely need). - Author: Thomas Hardy
The Judgment quotes by Thomas Hardy
#191. If we fail now, then we will have forgotten in abundance what we learned in hardship: that democracy rests on faith; freedom asks more than it gives; and the judgment of God is harshest on those who are most favored. - Author: Lyndon B. Johnson
The Judgment quotes by Lyndon B. Johnson
#192. You come before the judgment seat of God full of rebellion and mistakes. Because of his justice he cannot dismiss your sin, but because of his love he cannot dismiss you. So, in an act which stunned the heavens, he punished himself on the cross for your sins. God's justice and love are equally honored. And you, God's creation, are forgiven. - Author: Max Lucado
The Judgment quotes by Max Lucado
#193. Where do you think my new novel is? In the waste basket. I can see myself that it's no good on earth, and when a loving author realizes this, what would be the judgment of a critical public? - Author: Jean Webster
The Judgment quotes by Jean Webster
#194. In place of the old beliefs of a civilization based on godliness, judgment and historical loyalty, young people are given the new beliefs of a society based on equality and inclusion, and are told that the judgment of other lifestyles is a crime ... The "non-judgmental" attitude towards other cultures goes hand-in-hand with a fierce denunciation of the culture that might have been one's own - Author: Roger Scruton
The Judgment quotes by Roger Scruton
#195. The minister today preached about death and judgment, and what would become of those who behaved improperly - and somehow it scared me. He preached such an awful sermon I didn't think I should ever see you again until the Judgment Day. The subject of perdition seemed to please him somehow. - Author: Emily Dickinson
The Judgment quotes by Emily Dickinson
#196. So numerous indeed and so powerful are the causes which serve to give a false bias to the judgment, that we, upon many occasions, see wise and good men on the wrong as well as on the right side of questions of the first magnitude to society. This circumstance, if duly attended to, would furnish a lesson of moderation to those who are ever so much persuaded of their being in the right in any controversy. - Author: Alexander Hamilton
The Judgment quotes by Alexander Hamilton
#197. And this is the judgment: the light has come into the world, and people loved the darkness rather than the light because their works were evil. - Author: Anonymous
The Judgment quotes by Anonymous
#198. Romances, in general are calculated rather to fire the imagination than to inform the judgment. - Author: Samuel Richardson
The Judgment quotes by Samuel Richardson
#199. I am aware that a philosopher's ideas are not subject to the judgment of ordinary persons, because it is his endeavour to seek the truth in all things, to the extent permitted to human reason by God. - Author: Nicolaus Copernicus
The Judgment quotes by Nicolaus Copernicus
#200. In the fallen there is danger of pride and vainglory, since they prefer their own judgment to the judgment of everyone else, usurping what is not their own by setting themselves up as judges in their own cause when the rightful judge is their superior. - Author: Saint Ignatius
The Judgment quotes by Saint Ignatius
#201. For retirement brings repose, and repose allows a kindly judgment of all things. - Author: John Sharp Williams
The Judgment quotes by John Sharp Williams
#202. Every now and then go away and have a little relaxation. To remain constantly at work will diminish your judgment. Go some distance away, because work will be in perspective and a lack of harmony is more readily seen. - Author: David Allen
The Judgment quotes by David Allen
#203. It is essential to employ, trust, and reward those whose perspective, ability, and judgment are radically different from yours. It is also rare, for it requires uncommon humility, tolerance, and wisdom. - Author: Dee Hock
The Judgment quotes by Dee Hock
#204. Strength, wanting judgment and policy to rule, overturneth itself. - Author: Horace
The Judgment quotes by Horace
#205. When gratitude replaces judgment, peace spreads throughout your body, gentleness embraces your soul, & wisdom fills your mind. - Author: Neale Donald Walsch
The Judgment quotes by Neale Donald Walsch
#206. I'd accepted my judgment without question. Agreed to live a mortal life. I didn't know my memories would come with me; didn't know I'd relive them every day.
Death would have been more merciful. - Author: Christine Fonseca
The Judgment quotes by Christine Fonseca
#207. TOLERANCE Neither accept people as they are nor tolerate them. Many people think tolerance is a virtue but tolerance is actually a negative term. If you like something, you do not have to tolerate it. Tolerance indicates a deep sense of dislike that can at any time turn into hatred. It indicates a sense of separateness, small-mindedness, a limitation of consciousness. When you tolerate, it is a temporary state. Tolerance is a potential volcano. If you are tolerating, it means you are just holding on. Acceptance is also negative. You accept that which is not lovable. Tolerance and acceptance come with judgment and separation. Question: "But aren't we supposed to accept people as they are?" If you do not love them, then you have to accept them. I tell you, do not accept people as they are. Just love them as they are. - Author: Sri Sri Ravi Shankar
The Judgment quotes by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar
#208. One who habitually jumps to conclusions to impress others with their knowledge, is offering opinions without reasoned judgment and wisdom. - Author: RJ Intindola – (Gandolfo) – 2016
The Judgment quotes by RJ Intindola – (Gandolfo) – 2016
#209. And diff'ring judgments serve but to declare that truth lies somewhere, if we knew but where. - Author: William Cowper
The Judgment quotes by William Cowper
#210. It's not exactly a big surprise that women mature earlier than men do. As a result, they tend to display better judgment, particularly when it comes to money. - Author: Jean Chatzky
The Judgment quotes by Jean Chatzky
#211. No, you simply sit there with your arms crossed nodding with that timeless patience that communicates condescension and judgment without exposing you to responsibility for insinuating anything aloud. - Author: David Foster Wallace
The Judgment quotes by David Foster Wallace
#212. When you forgive somebody, when you are generous, when you withhold judgment, when you love and when you stand up to injustice, you are, in that moment, bringing heaven to earth. - Author: Rob Bell
The Judgment quotes by Rob Bell
#213. Poetry is to hold judgment on your soul. - Author: Henrik Ibsen
The Judgment quotes by Henrik Ibsen
#214. Four D's of Disconnection: 1. Diagnosis (judgment, analysis, criticism, comparison); 2. Denial of Responsibility; 3. Demand; 4. 'Deserve' oriented language. - Author: Marshall B. Rosenberg
The Judgment quotes by Marshall B. Rosenberg
#215. Exposing any subject that is unpleasant or controversial means risking judgment and making some people feel uncomfortable. - Author: Carre Otis
The Judgment quotes by Carre Otis
#216. His mind remained freakishly pin-point sharp until his last days, but his body had shut-down a good six months before. He surprised his hospice doctor and nurses by clinging to life long after he should have expired. It was a fear of dying, driven by guilt over something he did early on. He was afraid of judgment day. His strict Catholic upbringing wreaked havoc in his brain and kept his will from preventing his body to die. - Author: Stephen Joseph Mitskavich
The Judgment quotes by Stephen Joseph Mitskavich
#217. Judgment is not upon all occasions required, but discretion always is. - Author: Lord Chesterfield
The Judgment quotes by Lord Chesterfield
#218. In presence, there is no right or wrong, because there is no duality. There is no judgment. - Author: Leonard Jacobson
The Judgment quotes by Leonard Jacobson
#219. Socrates condemned art because he preferred philosophy and only after much internal struggle did Plato accept this judgment. - Author: Friedrich Nietzsche
The Judgment quotes by Friedrich Nietzsche
#220. I learned that good judgment comes from experience and that experience grows out of mistakes. - Author: Omar N. Bradley
The Judgment quotes by Omar N. Bradley
#221. I'm sure I have a lot to atone for, if there is a judgment day. It's gonna be a long list for me. It goes right up until I was about 18, and then I sort of straightened out. - Author: Ryan Reynolds
The Judgment quotes by Ryan Reynolds
#222. Teach me good judgment and knowledge, for I believe in your commandments. Psalms 119:66 - Author: Tim Kerr
The Judgment quotes by Tim Kerr
#223. I don't pass judgment on anybody, but personally, I prefer a more natural look. I think it's helping my longevity in my career because I'm playing my age. - Author: Andie MacDowell
The Judgment quotes by Andie MacDowell
#224. Women, after a certain age, never look at you anymore with absolute faith showing in their eyes. Those candles are for children. Rather, paradoxically, when a women is beginning to have faith in you, she eyes you with doubt, as if she were weighing you in as trustworthy, but against her better judgment. - Author: Louis B. Jones
The Judgment quotes by Louis B. Jones
#225. Fortune is for all, judgment is theirs who have won it for themselves. - Author: Aeschylus
The Judgment quotes by Aeschylus
#226. Make no judgment of others but yourself. - Author: Abdulazeez Henry Musa
The Judgment quotes by Abdulazeez Henry Musa
#227. They cry because they care about your opinion, but you don't. - Author: Aryan Jain
The Judgment quotes by Aryan Jain
#228. Experts often possess more data than judgment. - Author: Colin Powell
The Judgment quotes by Colin Powell
#229. Any judgment is past oriented, and existence is always herenow, life is always herenow. All judgments are coming from your past experiences, your education, your religion, your parents - which may be dead, but their judgments are being carried by your mind and they will be given as a heritage to your children. Generation after generation, every disease is being transferred as a heritage. Only a non-judgmental mind has intelligence, because it is spontaneously responding to reality. - Author: Rajneesh
The Judgment quotes by Rajneesh
#230. But I also slaughtered you real mother and father. In a moment of mad rage, I took their lives and left you an orphan. If you choose to take my life as a payment for theirs, you will be within your rights and no vampire will hold it against you. Pass judgment on me, Gavner Purl, and let your hand rise or fall as destiny decides it must. -Larten Crepsley - Author: Darren Shan
The Judgment quotes by Darren Shan
#231. Value judgments are destructive to our proper business, which is curiosity and awareness. - Author: John Cage
The Judgment quotes by John Cage
#232. Knowledge being to be had only of visible and certain truth, error is not a fault of our knowledge, but a mistake of our judgment, giving assent to that which is not true. - Author: John Locke
The Judgment quotes by John Locke
#233. [Entrepreneurship] is by no means hunch or gamble. But it also is not precisely science. Rather, it is judgment. - Author: Peter Drucker
The Judgment quotes by Peter Drucker
#234. Everyone complains of his memory, and nobody complains of his judgment. - Author: Francois De La Rochefoucauld
The Judgment quotes by Francois De La Rochefoucauld
#235. As Secretary of State, we need someone with sound judgment, ask tough questions, and should not be willing to just read talking points. - Author: John Barrasso
The Judgment quotes by John Barrasso
#236. Washington must have seen that Hamilton, for all his brains and daring, sometimes lacked judgment and had to be supervised carefully. - Author: Ron Chernow
The Judgment quotes by Ron Chernow
#237. A true Christian does not judge whether a person is worthy of help, but only judges a need and how to best meet that need. - Author: Toni Sorenson
The Judgment quotes by Toni Sorenson
#238. Never judge a man without putting yourself in his place." This old proverb makes all judgment impossible, for we judge someone only because, in fact, we cannot put ourselves in his place. - Author: Emil M. Cioran
The Judgment quotes by Emil M. Cioran

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