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#1. I led her into the newsroom, removed the sheet, and pointed to the statue of the Bombinating Beast. She gestured to me that I should be the one to take it. I gestured back that she was the chaperone and the leader of this caper. She gestured to me that I shouldn't argue with her. I gestured to her that I was the one who had gotten us into the house in the first place. She gestured to me that my predecessor knew that the apprentice should never argue with the chaperone or complain and that I might model my own behavior after his. I gestured to her asking what the 'S' stood for in her name, and she replied with a very rude gesture, and I grabbed the statue and tucked it into my vest. - Author: Lemony Snicket
The Apprentice quotes by Lemony Snicket
#2. With that, the hologram did dissolve and PROXY returned to his normal appearance and size.
"Ugh," the droid said with a shudder. "I hate being him."
The apprentice stood, deep in thought and nodded. "I think he does too. - Author: Sean Williams
The Apprentice quotes by Sean Williams
#3. I was completely surrounded by religion from a young time. I was taught by my father. I engaged in discussions with him and many of these scholars who visited and came around the dining table, the lunch table, and attended many lectures with my dad. And so I learned the apprentice way. - Author: Feisal Abdul Rauf
The Apprentice quotes by Feisal Abdul Rauf
#4. Thanks to NBC News and thanks to the NBC primetime TV network, Donald Trump has been in living rooms for 11 years being who he is. The Donald Trump running for president is not an unknown quantity. The Donald Trump running for president is the Donald Trump everybody's gotten to know, and quite a lot of people watch those Donald Trump TV shows, The Apprentice and whatever else on there. - Author: Rush Limbaugh
The Apprentice quotes by Rush Limbaugh
#5. B looked down the shaft, at a metal ladder and darkness beyond. "Me first?"
Of course. You're the apprentice, so you always go first into the unknown. If anyone's going to be eaten by a grue, it should be you."
Tough job. But at least the hours are terrible. - Author: Tim Pratt
The Apprentice quotes by Tim Pratt
#6. Fireheart tensed, waiting for whatever had hunted down these apprentices to emerge from the trees and attack, but nothing stirred. Feeling as if his legs hardly belonged to him, he sprang down and stumbled across to Swiftpaw.
The apprentice lay on his side, his legs splayed out. His black-and-white fur was torn, and his body was covered with dreadful wounds, ripped by teeth far bigger than any cat's. His jaws still snarled and his eyes glared. He was dead, and Fireheart could see that he had died fighting. - Author: Erin Hunter
The Apprentice quotes by Erin Hunter
#7. I was the apprentice of Robert James Bakker. I'm sure you've heard of him. I am a sorcerer. I was there when Bakker died. We ... made it happen. I too have met death, and did not have to peel the bones away from my chest to survive the encounter. I am also, and incidentally, the Midnight Mayor, the blue electric angels, the fire in the wire, the song in the telephones, and we are having a bad week. Be smart; fear us. - Author: Kate Griffin
The Apprentice quotes by Kate Griffin
#8. Like the American correspondents, jazz seemed a naturally gregarious force - one that was a little unruly and prone to say the first thing that popped into its head, but generally of good humor and friendly intent. In addition, it seemed decidedly unconcerned with where it had been or where it was going - exhibiting somehow simultaneously the confidence of the master and the inexperience of the apprentice. Was there any wonder that such an art had failed to originate in Europe? The - Author: Amor Towles
The Apprentice quotes by Amor Towles
#9. Be warned, the ink you use is magical and your oath will be binding. If you carry falsehoods in your heart, the ink will know and it will signal us. The punishment for a false oath will be harsh, I assure you."
Haung paused to give the troops a hard stare and then he waved the first one forward, watching as the man approached the sorcerer's apprentice who stood behind the desk. The apprentice placed a pre-prepared sheet of paper in front of the man and handed him the brush pen. With a trembling hand, the man dipped the brush into the ink bowl and shakily signed his name. The ink stayed as ink and there was an audible sigh, echoed by the other recruits, from the man.
Four more times this happened. When the fifth shaking and nervous man approached, he took the brush, dipped it into the ink and drew the character for his name. As he handed the brush back the ink on the page hissed and bubbled giving off an acrid blue smoke. Guards grabbed the man and dragged him, kicking, screaming and pleading his innocence into the dark room behind the desk. There was more shouted pleading and then a chilling, bone grating, scream erupted from the doorway followed by silence. The guards re-appeared, wiping their daggers with sword-cloth and replacing them in their belt scabbards. - Author: G.R. Matthews
The Apprentice quotes by G.R. Matthews
#10. All knowledge that takes special training to acquire is the province of the Magician energy. Whether you are an apprentice training to become a master electrician and unraveling the mysteries of high voltage; or a medical student, grinding away night and day, studying the secrets of the human body and using available technologies to help your patients; or a would-be stockbroker or a student of high finance; or a trainee in one of the psychoanalytic schools, you are in exactly the same position as the apprentice shaman or witch doctor in tribal societies. You are spending large amounts of time, energy, and money in order to be initiated into rarefied realms of secret power. You are undergoing an ordeal testing your capacities to become a master of this power. And, as is true in all initiations, there is no guarantee of success. [Magician energy] - Author: Robert Moore
The Apprentice quotes by Robert Moore
#11. It is the privilege and the labor of the apprentice of creation to come with his imagination into the unimaginable, and with his speech into the unspeakable. - Author: Wendell Berry
The Apprentice quotes by Wendell Berry
#12. The apprentice and the master love the master in different ways. - Author: Friedrich Nietzsche
The Apprentice quotes by Friedrich Nietzsche
#13. Jessica Simpson is the youth ambassador for Operation Smile, and an episode of The Apprentice featured a team managing a charity concert she put on. Donald Trump came on stage and pledged a donation. - Author: Roma Downey
The Apprentice quotes by Roma Downey
#14. Almost all of the stories in The Matchmaker, the Apprentice, and the Football Fan are told in the first person, yet, depending on the angle and distance of the narrator, they exert different effects. The best are those in which the speaker never poses as an objective outsider. ( ... ) Other stories are damaged by the urge to distance the narrator. - Author: Yiyun Li
The Apprentice quotes by Yiyun Li
#15. Caslon or Garamond or Baskerville is shouted as the compositors search for as many cases of these types as can be found. But never is there enough of those metal letters. The apprentice is charged to clean the ones just used so he can distribute a constant supply, lest a compositor be forced into some fancy spelling for the want of Es. With his uppercase upper and his lowercase lower, the compositor, standing at his frame with his stick held in his hand, like an artist with his palette, looks first to the handwritten copy, before click, click, clicking metal letters into a line. Then, line by line, each page is built up upon a form and the metal words are banged home with a mallet, tightened and spaced with slugs of wood, then locked within this frame by the teeth of quoins. And when the page is set, 'Proof" is yelled at the door. - Author: Andrea Levy
The Apprentice quotes by Andrea Levy
#16. NBC executives say that if Donald Trump does run for president, they will not renew The Apprentice. So some good may come out of this. - Author: Conan O'Brien
The Apprentice quotes by Conan O'Brien
#17. The rivers stank, the marketplaces stank, the churches stank, it stank beneath the bridges and in the palaces. The peasant stank as did the priest, the apprentice as did his master's wife, the whole of the aristocracy stank, even the king himself stank, stank like a rank lion, and the queen like an old goat, summer and winter. - Author: Patrick Suskind
The Apprentice quotes by Patrick Suskind
#18. I do respect them; I have great respect for women. In fact, one of the reasons 'The Apprentice' was such a successful show for so many years, the audience of women was fantastic. - Author: Donald Trump
The Apprentice quotes by Donald Trump
#19. He heard Tamara scream his name, and Jasper yell, "We're supposed to stay here," but Call didn't slow. He was going to be the apprentice that Aaron thought he was, the one who there was nothing wrong with. He was going to do the kind of things that got you mysterious heroic achievements on your wristband. He was going to throw himself right into the fray.
He tripped over a loose stone, fell, and rolled to the bottom of the hill, banging his elbow hard on a tree root. Okay, he thought, not the best start. - Author: Cassandra Clare
The Apprentice quotes by Cassandra Clare
#20. Throughout our youth, whenever we had a dispute, Li Wei and I would apologize to each other by exchanging gifts. Mine would be in the form of drawings, crudely done with whatever natural supplies I could find. His would always be carvings. There was only one time the exchange didn't happen, the day I told him I was accepting the apprentice position and would never be able to marry him. - Author: Richelle Mead
The Apprentice quotes by Richelle Mead
#21. Had it not been for 'The Apprentice' and Donald Trump, I wouldn't have met my wife through an interview with 'E! News.' - Author: Bill Rancic
The Apprentice quotes by Bill Rancic
#22. This is my life, I thought ... I have excised the cancer from my past, cut it out; I have crossed the high plains, descended into the desert, traversed oceans, and planted my feet in new soil; I have been the apprentice, paid my dues, and have just become master of my ship. But when I look down, why do I see the ancient, tarred, mud-stained slippers that I buried at the start of the journey still stuck to my feet? - Author: Abraham Verghese
The Apprentice quotes by Abraham Verghese
#23. targets destroyed, the training, the discipline, the hours of study, all led to this moment. This cold, bright afternoon in January 2061 marked the true beginning. A clear mind and cool blood. The apprentice knew these elements were as vital as skill, as wind direction, humiture, and speed. Under the cool blood lived an eagerness ruthlessly suppressed. The mentor had arranged all. Efficiently, and with an attention to detail that was also vital. The room in the clean, middle-class hotel - Author: J.D. Robb
The Apprentice quotes by J.D. Robb
#24. On the platform in the opposite corner of the bar, the jazz ensemble was playing a perky little tune. Admittedly, when the Count had first encountered jazz, he hadn't much of an affinity for it. He had been raised to appreciate music of sentiment and nuance, music that rewarded patience and attention with crescendos and diminuendos, allegros and adagios artfully arranged over four whole movements – not a fistful of notes crammed higgledy-piggledy into thirty measures.
And yet…
And yet, the art form had grown on him. Like the American correspondents, jazz seemed a naturally gregarious force – one that was a little unruly and prone to say the first thing that popped into its head, but generally of good humor and friendly intent. In addition, it seemed decidedly unconcerned with where it had been or where it was going – exhibiting somehow simultaneously the confidence of the master and the inexperience of the apprentice. Was there any wonder that such an art had failed to originate in Europe? - Author: Amor Towles
The Apprentice quotes by Amor Towles
#25. It's my life. It just continues to go forward from 'The Apprentice.' - Author: Donald Trump
The Apprentice quotes by Donald Trump
#26. In the wars it had been different. Men dropped from the columns all the time on the long marches, in the cold months. First they fell to the back, then they fell behind, then they fell over. The cold, the sick, the wounded. Logen shivered and hunched his shoulders. At first he'd tried to help them. Then he became grateful he wasn't one of them. Then he stepped over the corpses and hardly noticed them. You learn to tell when someone isn't getting up again. He looked at Malacus Quai. One more death in the wild was nothing to remark upon. You have to be realistic, after all.

The apprentice started from his fitful sleep and tried to push himself up. His hands were shaking bad. He looked up at Logen, eyes glittering bright. "I can't get up," he croaked.

"I know. I'm surprised you made it this far." It didn't matter so much now. Logen knew the way. If he could find that track he might make twenty miles a day.

"If you leave me some of the food… perhaps… after you get to the library… someone…"

"No," said Logen, setting his jaw. "I need the food."

Quai made a strange sound, somewhere between a cough and a sob.

Logen leaned down and set his right shoulder in Quai's stomach, pushed his arm under his back. "I can't carry you forty miles without it. - Author: Joe Abercrombie
The Apprentice quotes by Joe Abercrombie
#27. I will tell you this: I have fun, a lot of fun with 'The Apprentice.' When I did the books - and now we have a book out. And all the time, books are prestigious. But there's sort of nothing like having the big hot show on television. - Author: Donald Trump
The Apprentice quotes by Donald Trump
#28. I'm still very much in the apprentice stage of writing. I read somewhere that you need to write a million words before you know what you're doing - so I'm headed that way, but I'm nowhere near there. - Author: Tana French
The Apprentice quotes by Tana French
#29. I used to watch 'The Apprentice' all the time and I thought Bill was a fox. That was that, we didn't see each other for years, and then we saw each other and 45 minutes after the cameras stopped rolling, we were still talking. - Author: Giuliana Rancic
The Apprentice quotes by Giuliana Rancic
#30. The Apprentice: the candidates' combination of being desperate, totally pointless yet surprisingly pompous is extremely watchable - Author: Karl Wiggins
The Apprentice quotes by Karl Wiggins
#31. Little girls ought to be taught and brought up with boys, so that they might be always together. A woman ought to be trained so that she may be able, like a man, to recognise when she's wrong, or she always thinks she's in the right. Instil into a little girl from her cradle that a man is not first of all a cavalier or a possible lover, but her neighbour, her equal in everything. Train her to think logically, to generalise, and do not assure her that her brain weighs less than a man's and that therefore she can be indifferent to the sciences, to the arts, to the tasks of culture in general. The apprentice to the shoemaker or the house painter has a brain of smaller size than the grown-up man too, yet he works, suffers, takes his part in the general struggle for existence. We must give up our attitude to the physiological aspect, too -- to pregnancy and childbirth, seeing that in the first place women don't have babies every month; secondly, not all women have babies; and, thirdly, a normal countrywoman works in the fields up to the day of her confinement and it does her no harm. Then there ought to be absolute equality in everyday life. If a man gives a lady his chair or picks up the handkerchief she has dropped, let her repay him in the same way. I have no objection if a girl of good family helps me to put on my coat or hands me a glass of water -- - Author: Anton Chekhov
The Apprentice quotes by Anton Chekhov
#32. The apprentice Christian may not rise so high but, once his heart is governed by Faith, it is reasonable for Faith to draw on his other capacities to support him. Sebond's doctrine of illumination helps us to do so effectively and to draw religious strength from a knowledge of God's creation: [God] has left within these lofty works the impress of his Godhead: only our weakness stops us from discovering it. He tells us himself that he makes manifest his unseen workings through those things which are seen. ('Apology', p. 498) - Author: Michel De Montaigne
The Apprentice quotes by Michel De Montaigne
#33. Those who guide us, who inspire us, having gone our way before, are now partners with us in building a better world. Any success we have is theirs as well as ours. To copy or imitate them should be only the beginning-the apprentice stage of life. It is fine to think, "what will a Shaker do? What would Scott Nearing have said? What would Gandhi have thought?" These are good exercises for the mind, a way of weighing ideas and contemplated actions, valuable so long as we do not follow anyone blindly.
Only by standing on their shoulders can we build a better world, but we should use the wise as advisers, not masters. - Author: William Coperthwaite
The Apprentice quotes by William Coperthwaite
#34. Winning 'The Apprentice' changed my life in ways I could never have imagined. It has been an amazing experience working for Donald Trump and I am very grateful for the whole opportunity. - Author: Bill Rancic
The Apprentice quotes by Bill Rancic
#35. Copying is the greatest form of flattery, I guess. I am actually a little surprised that Vincent Lo didn't try and make a deal to be on The Apprentice,. - Author: Donald Trump
The Apprentice quotes by Donald Trump
#36. What we recognize and applaud as honesty and transparency in an individual is actually the humble demeanor of the apprentice, someone paying extreme attention, to themselves, to others, to life, to the next step, which they may survive or they may not; someone who does not have all the answers but who is attempting to learn what they can, about themselves and those with whom they share the journey, someone like everyone else, wondering what they and their society are about to turn into. We are neither what we think we are nor entirely what we are about to become, we are neither purely individual nor fully a creature of our community, but an act of becoming that can never be held in place by a false form of nomenclature. - Author: David Whyte
The Apprentice quotes by David Whyte
#37. Ever since 'The Apprentice,' my life has gotten so much busier. - Author: Donald Trump
The Apprentice quotes by Donald Trump
#38. Online, everyone - the artist and the curator, the master and the apprentice, the expert and the amateur - has the ability to contribute something. - Author: Austin Kleon
The Apprentice quotes by Austin Kleon
#39. Shokaku is a crane of some kind.'
'For lifting things?' Will asked.
'For flying. A crane is a large bird,' she corrected him ...
'Seems like a logical thing for a crane to do,' Halt mused. 'I suppose you wouldn't expect it to mean 'a hiking crane' or 'a waddling crane. - Author: John Flanagan
The Apprentice quotes by John Flanagan
#40. I wanted to bring something to 'Celebrity Apprentice' to let America know that you don't have to be back-stabbing and mean-spirited in order to a challenge. - Author: Cheryl Tiegs
The Apprentice quotes by Cheryl Tiegs
#41. I was involved in school plays, but when I left school I did a couple of odd jobs as a baker's apprentice and then as a fruit market porter in Manchester. - Author: John Thaw
The Apprentice quotes by John Thaw
#42. I am just an apprentice. - Author: Frederik, Crown Prince Of Denmark
The Apprentice quotes by Frederik, Crown Prince Of Denmark
#43. What kind of spell did I put over you?" he asked gently, his voice that pure, mesmerizing, hypnotic cadence she couldn't seem to resist. "How should I know?" she asked petulantly. "For all I know, you studied with Merlin." She regarded him with suspicion. "You didn't, did you?" "Actually, honey, he was my apprentice," he said. She put both hands over her ears, - Author: Christine Feehan
The Apprentice quotes by Christine Feehan
#44. Me?" Penny's voice, surprised. "Well, I'm Penny Ngwenya, Matthew's butt-kicking, life-saving, totally awesome apprentice. Um. Hi. - Author: Kate Griffin
The Apprentice quotes by Kate Griffin
#45. Will looked up angrily, shaking his head in disbelief.
Will you shut up? he said tautly.
Horace shrugged in apology. 'I'm sorry' he said, I sneezed. A person can't help it when they sneeze.
Perhaps not. But you could try to make it sound a little less like an elephant trumpeting in agony; Will told him. - Author: John Flanagan
The Apprentice quotes by John Flanagan
#46. We sacrifice our youth in order to gain needed experience. When we gain experience, we continue to grind just as hard as we did during our apprenticeships. - Author: Kilroy J. Oldster
The Apprentice quotes by Kilroy J. Oldster
#47. You're right, Halt,' she said, and he nodded acklowledgement of her backing down.
'Nice to hear someone else saying that for a change,' Will said cheerfully. 'Seems like I've said those words an awful lot in my time.'
Halt turned a bleak gaze on him. 'And you've always been right. - Author: John Flanagan
The Apprentice quotes by John Flanagan
#48. You think I'm wasting my time, " I accuse his flawless profile. "You think Sammy's dead."
"How could I know that, Cassie?"
"I'm not saying you know that. I'm saying you THINK that."
"Does it matter what I think?"
"No, so shut up."
"I wasn't saying anything. YOU said
"Don't ... say ... anything."
"I'm not."
"You just did."
"I'll stop."
"But you're not. You say you will, then you just keep going."
He starts to say something, then shuts his mouth so hard, I hear his teeth click. - Author: Rick Yancey
The Apprentice quotes by Rick Yancey
#49. Got Bin Laden AND interrupted Celebrity Apprentice? Win for Obama all around. - Author: Jimmy Fallon
The Apprentice quotes by Jimmy Fallon
#50. I never should have done 'Celebrity Apprentice.' I didn't want to do it because I didn't want Donald Trump to say, 'You're fired.' - Author: Sinbad
The Apprentice quotes by Sinbad
#51. There is no easy way to train an apprentice. My two tools are example and nagging. - Author: Lemony Snicket
The Apprentice quotes by Lemony Snicket
#52. Men cannot grieve as dogs do. But they grieve for many years. - Author: Robin Hobb
The Apprentice quotes by Robin Hobb
#53. When by habit a man cometh to have a bargaining soul, its wings are cut, so that it can never soar. It bindeth reason an apprentice to gain, and instead of a director, maketh it a drudge. - Author: Sir George Savile, 8th Baronet
The Apprentice quotes by Sir George Savile, 8th Baronet
#54. As Seth's apprentice, I've learned wisdom of which you've never dreamed. - Author: Janet Morris
The Apprentice quotes by Janet Morris
#55. Will raised both eyebrows. 'Well, you learn a new thing everyday,' he said reflectively.
'In your case, that's no exaggeration,' Halt said, completely straight-faced. - Author: John Flanagan
The Apprentice quotes by John Flanagan
#56. It's very brave going from a position of authority to one where you are an apprentice. - Author: Eleanor Catton
The Apprentice quotes by Eleanor Catton
#57. You went full-on bitchy and made a dramatic exit?" He sounded way too gleeful over my histrionics. "I have taught you well, my young apprentice. - Author: T.J. Klune
The Apprentice quotes by T.J. Klune
#58. How Plagueis would have mocked him for allowing himself to become personally involved in such a seemingly trivial matter; but then his Master had never foreseen that his onetime apprentice would become Emperor. - Author: James Luceno
The Apprentice quotes by James Luceno
#59. A man may by custom fortify himself against pain, shame, and suchlike accidents; but as to death, we can experience it but once, and are all apprentices when we come to it - Author: Michel De Montaigne
The Apprentice quotes by Michel De Montaigne
#60. Crowley shook his head. "I sometimes wonder if it was a good idea having Halt train apprentices. He seems to teach them no respect for authority."
"Oh, he teaches us to respect authority," Gilan said innocently. "He just teaches us to ignore it when necessary. - Author: John Flanagan
The Apprentice quotes by John Flanagan
#61. Who are you, gaijin? What do you know about honor?'
'I'm called Chocho,' Will said ...
'Chocho?' Arisaka shouted, goaded beyond control. 'Butterfly? Then die, Butterfly! - Author: John Flanagan
The Apprentice quotes by John Flanagan
#62. Well, future apprentice or not, no one is going to sway me but me. - Author: Rachel E. Carter
The Apprentice quotes by Rachel E. Carter
#63. You have to roll up your sleeves and be a stonecutter before you can become a sculptor - command of craft always precedes art: apprentice, journeyman, master. - Author: Philip Gerard
The Apprentice quotes by Philip Gerard
#64. He must become an apprentice to ordinary life. - Author: Paul C. Nagel
The Apprentice quotes by Paul C. Nagel
#65. Ah, Signor Halt,' he said uncertainly, 'you are making a joke, yes?'
'He is making a joke, no,' Will said. 'But he likes to think he is making a joke, yes. - Author: John Flanagan
The Apprentice quotes by John Flanagan
#66. My first published novel, 'American Rust,' took three and a half years of full-time work to write. But I wrote two apprentice novels before that. - Author: Philipp Meyer
The Apprentice quotes by Philipp Meyer
#67. Some might have taken him for a mere apprentice enchanter who had run away from his master out of defiance, boredom, fear and a lingering taste for heterosexuality. - Author: Terry Pratchett
The Apprentice quotes by Terry Pratchett
#68. Always two there are, a master and an apprentice. - Author: Frank Oz
The Apprentice quotes by Frank Oz
#69. It's called a sea anchor,' [Evanlyn] explained. 'It'll stop us drifting too far.'
Alyss was impressed. 'And you said you were pig-ignorant when it came to boats.'
'I don't remember saying that,' Evanlyn replied with a frown.
Alyss shrugged. 'Oh? Well, it must have been me. - Author: John Flanagan
The Apprentice quotes by John Flanagan
#70. You have been an apprentice long enough; it is now time to shed your protective skin. Trust! - Author: Mooji
The Apprentice quotes by Mooji
#71. My Apprentice is a PathFinder," Septimus said. "I am beginning to realise that means she can go pretty much anywhere she wants to. - Author: Angie Sage
The Apprentice quotes by Angie Sage
#72. Half?" Ceony asked. "How do you have half of an apprentice? - Author: Charlie N. Holmberg
The Apprentice quotes by Charlie N. Holmberg
#73. Well, you know, I love being an entrepreneur and when I did 'Celebrity Apprentice' with Mr. Trump, he taught us a lot about starting businesses. - Author: NeNe Leakes
The Apprentice quotes by NeNe Leakes
#74. We need women to go through apprentice programs. I've seen women who did, and who are now highly trained electricians and welders. These are jobs that women are capable of doing. - Author: Hilda Solis
The Apprentice quotes by Hilda Solis
#75. Easy climb, Kurokuma. You do it easily.'
'Not on your life,' Horace said ... 'That's what we have Rangers for. They climb up sheer rock walls and crawl along narrow, slippery ledges. I'm a trained warrior, and I'm far to valuable to risk such shenanigans.'
'We're not valuable?' Will said, feigning insult.
Horace looked at him. 'We've got two of you. We can always afford to lose one,' he said firmly. - Author: John Flanagan
The Apprentice quotes by John Flanagan
#76. MSNBC host Lawrence O'Donnell is saying Donald Trump lied when he said he made $20 million a year off his 'Apprentice' series on NBC. NBC also denied Trump's claim, saying, 'We don't have $20 million. We're NBC.' - Author: Jimmy Fallon
The Apprentice quotes by Jimmy Fallon
#77. Keep practicing," he told her.
"Until I get it right?" she said. But he corrected her.
"No. Until you don't get it wrong. - Author: John Flanagan
The Apprentice quotes by John Flanagan
#78. Only fools, pure theorists, or apprentices fail to take public opinion into account. - Author: Jacques Necker
The Apprentice quotes by Jacques Necker

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