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#1. In the American way of life pleasure involves comfort, convenience, and sexual stimulation. Pleasure, so defined, has little to do with the past and views the future as no more than a repetition of a hedonistically driven present. This market morality stigmatizes others as objects for personal pleasure or bodily stimulation. The reduction of individuals to objects of pleasure is especially evident in the culture industries
television, radio, video, music. Like all Americans, African Americans are influenced greatly by the images of comfort. These images contribute to the predominance of the market-inspired way of life over all others and thereby edge out nonmarket values
love, care, service to others
handed down by preceding generations. The predominance of this way of life among those living in poverty-ridden conditions, with a limited capacity to ward of self-contempt and self-hatred, results in the possible triumph of the nihilistic threat in black America. - Author: Cornel West
The American Way quotes by Cornel West
#2. The notion that moving toward renewable energy will kill jobs is an absurdity on its face. The notion that we have to live smaller lifestyles; not have the American way of life or give up the American Dream is just ridiculous. It is the opposite of the case; a new energy paradigm will create opportunity. - Author: Marshall Herskovitz
The American Way quotes by Marshall Herskovitz
#3. Yes, believers and non-believers and skeptics can all live together and get along. But there cannot be an imperialistic imposition of religion by the state or by the church. All people must be equal
believers, skeptics, disbelievers, atheists, and those who chose religion. Unless we are all deemed equal, and unless the morality of disbelief is deemed the equivalent of the morality of belief, we will simply be tolerated, and that is not the American way. - Author: Alan Dershowitz
The American Way quotes by Alan Dershowitz
#4. Some people accuse me of exaggeration, so let me be clear. Those people seek nothing less than the complete and utter destruction of the American way of life. - Author: Al Gore
The American Way quotes by Al Gore
#5. Healthy disagreement, debate, leading to compromise has always been the American way. - Author: Donald L. Carcieri
The American Way quotes by Donald L. Carcieri
#6. They know that as long as they keep us undereducated, or with an inferior education, it's impossible for us to compete with them for job openings. And as long as we can't compete with them and get a decent job, we're trapped. We are low-wage earners. We have to live in a run-down neighborhood, which means our children go to inferior schools. They get inferior education. And when they grow up, they fall right into the same cycle again. This is the American way. This is the American democracy that she tries to sell to the whole world as being that which will solve the problems of other people too. - Author: Malcolm X
The American Way quotes by Malcolm X
#7. People believe that through the American way of life they can work together to encourage wider ownership of economic activities. In this way, they believe they can develop an economy of abundance which will provide a maximum of security and freedom. - Author: Murray D. Lincoln
The American Way quotes by Murray D. Lincoln
#8. The last great escape. I was done gambling, done betting on a ship that would never come in. I would cash in my chips while I was ahead. I didn't want to suffer the growing old, didn't want to wait until my memory went. It was all so tiresome. I would just go out in a blaze of glory before the parasites of sadness got at me and made me bitter. After that's the American way: take your own life before everything else takes it from you. - Author: Brian James
The American Way quotes by Brian James
#9. The North American church at present is conspicuous for replacing the Jesus way with the American way. - Author: Eugene H. Peterson
The American Way quotes by Eugene H. Peterson
#10. It is the American way to reward ability. - Author: Judd Gregg
The American Way quotes by Judd Gregg
#11. It isn't the oceans which cut us off from the world - it's the American way of looking at things. - Author: Henry Miller
The American Way quotes by Henry Miller
#12. If I had the flag that Betsy Ross worked so hard on, I wouldn't destroy it. I'd put it up on EBay because it's gotta be worth some serious coin. And that is the American way. - Author: Paul Provenza
The American Way quotes by Paul Provenza
#13. Reporters treat religion as beneath mention, as personally distasteful, or as a clear and present threat to the American way of life. - Author: Robert Bork
The American Way quotes by Robert Bork
#14. Becoming a porn star is pretty much exactly like becoming a superhero. One day, an intrepid, fresh-faced young woman discovers that she has a talent. She chooses a new name – something over the top, flamboyant, a little arrogant, with a tinge of the epic. Somebody makes her a costume – skintight – revealing, a flattering color, nothing much left to the imagination. She explores her power, learns a specialty move or two, sweats her way through a training montage, throwing out punny quips here, there, and everywhere. She inhabits an archetype. She takes every blow that comes her way like she doesn't even feel it. Then she goes out into the big, bad night and saves people from loneliness. From the assorted villanies that plague the common man. From despair and bad dreams. From tedium. Oh, sure, her victories are short-lived. She finishes off her foes in one glorious masterstroke, but the minute she's gone, all the wickedness and darkness of the scheming, teeming world comes rushing back in. But when you need her, here she comes to save the day, doing it for Truth, Justice, and the American Way. - Author: Catherynne M. Valente
The American Way quotes by Catherynne M. Valente
#15. Used to the conditions of a capitalistic environment, the average American takes it for granted that every year business makes something new and better accessible to him. Looking backward upon the years of his own life, he realizes that many implements that were totally unknown in the days of his youth and many others which at that time could be enjoyed only by a small minority are now standard equipment of almost every household. He is fully confident that this trend will prevail also in the future. He simply calls it the American way of life and does not give serious thought to the question of what made this continuous improvement in the supply of material goods possible. - Author: Ludwig Von Mises
The American Way quotes by Ludwig Von Mises
#16. Certainly we disagree with the Communist Party, as we disagree with other political parties who are trying to maintain the American way of life. - Author: Dorothy Day
The American Way quotes by Dorothy Day
#17. Yeah, I think that's sort of the American way. And it's also the Polish way, it turns out. - Author: Bill Murray
The American Way quotes by Bill Murray
#18. The problem in Hollywood is that they try to become the only kind of cinema in the world, okay? The imposition everywhere of a unique culture, which is Hollywood culture, and a unique way of life, which is the American way of life. - Author: Bernardo Bertolucci
The American Way quotes by Bernardo Bertolucci
#19. Pat, did you notice yesterday the ACLU, and all the Christ-haters, People For the American Way, NOW, etc. were totally disregarded by the Democrats and the Republicans in both houses of Congress as they went out on the steps and called out on to God in prayer and sang "God Bless America" and said "let the ACLU be hanged"? In other words, when the nation is on its knees, the only normal and natural and spiritual thing to do is what we ought to be doing all the time - calling upon God. - Author: Jerry Falwell
The American Way quotes by Jerry Falwell
#20. The author writes that the central conflict within journalist and seller of the American way Henry Luce was between his curiosity and his certitude. - Author: David Halberstam
The American Way quotes by David Halberstam
#21. 1990 was a totally political time. George Bush was president, people were dying of AIDS, a lot of our friends, and there was no money being spent by the government either on AIDS or art. So a lot of extreme sexual and political work was made at that time. It was in response to the situation. But that kind of "edgy" political work wasn't exactly what I was doing. I felt a little like my mother. I just wasn't surprised that the government wouldn't support this work. What would you expect. I had personally grown up in a world of total censorship so I wasn't surprised to see politicians wanting to take money away from the art that was explicitly talking about this entire reality of ours. It seemed like the real desire from them (the politicians) was to have no description. That's what they would have paid for. ...Doing their business, wars or whatever, behind the scenes and meanwhile propagating a giant nothing which has become a something the government and the media have only perfected since. To a very large extent people don't even know. I mean it's kind of the great product of this country. The American Way. A big nothing. A cataclysmic unawareness in the face of evil. - Author: Eileen Myles
The American Way quotes by Eileen Myles
#22. And the word is capitalism. We are too mealy-mouthed. We fear the word capitalism is unpopular. So we talk about the free enterprise system and run to cover in the folds of the flag and talk about the American Way of Life. - Author: Eric Johnston
The American Way quotes by Eric Johnston
#23. The violence of hierarchy is the violence that the powerful use against the dispossessed to keep them subordinated. As an example, the violence committed for wealth is socially invisible or committed at enough of a distance that its beneficiaries don't have to be aware of it. This type of violence has defined every imperialist war in the history of the US that has been fought to get access to "natural resources" for corporations to turn into the cheap consumer goods that form the basis of the American way of life. - Author: Lierre Keith
The American Way quotes by Lierre Keith
#24. Followers of another political party tell us that we will strengthen ourselves by ignoring our history, our traditions, our mythologies, our culture and vision, and by following the American way. - Author: B.W. Powe
The American Way quotes by B.W. Powe
#25. Maybe we should consider this for a second. Maybe, instead of surrendering the fight because a Marine made a mistake, maybe we should train Santiago. What do you think, I'm just spit-balling, but maybe we, as officers, have a responsibility to this country to see that the men charged with its security are trained professionals. Maybe we have that responsibility to other members of the Corps. Yes, yes, I'm certain I once read something like that. See, and now I'm trying to think about how I'd feel if some Marine got hurt or killed because a Pfc. in my command didn't know what the fuck he was doing. And I'm trying to think about how the other members of his unit might feel, putting their lives in the hands of a man they can't count on ... and this brief meditation has brought me around to thinking that your suggestion of transferring Private Santiago off base, while expeditious, and certainly painless, might not be, in a manner of speaking, the "American Way". - Author: Aaron Sorkin
The American Way quotes by Aaron Sorkin
#26. Yes we need enhanced border control. Yes we need to focus our efforts on those who pose a threat to our country. But let's not fall into the trap set by the Tea Party and others who would tell you that every single undocumented individual is a drug smuggler, a terrorist, or a threat to the American way of life. That is simply not true. - Author: Michael Nutter
The American Way quotes by Michael Nutter
#27. That's the American way. If little kids don't aspire to make money like I did, what the hell good is this country? - Author: Lee Iacocca
The American Way quotes by Lee Iacocca
#28. On a certain level, I don't think there is an answer to what the American way is, because it is constantly being re-defined. It's also been exploited and capitalized upon and politicized by one side or the other to the point that a certain degree of cynicism has attached itself to that term. - Author: J. Michael Straczynski
The American Way quotes by J. Michael Straczynski
#29. There are members of our body politic who tell us that the public interest is best served when government action is reduced to a minimum and especially when it is kept negative in character. But just now, the nation as a whole seems to be moving rather swiftly and decisively - as is the world as a whole - in the opposite direction. More and more, we Americans are initiating new forms of positive government action for the common good. Between these two tendencies the struggle becomes every day more open and more intense. And as we wage that conflict it is well to remember that the logic of the Constitution gives no backing to either of the two combatants, as against the other. We are left free, as any self-governing people must leave itself free, to determine by specific decisions what our economy shall be. It would be ludicrous to say that we are committed by the Constitution to the economic cooperations of socialism. But equally ludicrous are those appeals by which, in current debate, we are called upon to defend the practices of capitalism, of "free enterprise," so-called, as essential to the freedom of the American Way of Life. The American Way of Life is free because it is what we Americans freely choose - from time to time - that it shall be. - Author: Alexander Meiklejohn
The American Way quotes by Alexander Meiklejohn
#30. Pray a little more, work a little harder, save, wait, be patient and, most of all, live within our means. That's the American way. It's not spending ourselves into prosperity or taxing ourselves into prosperity. - Author: Mike Huckabee
The American Way quotes by Mike Huckabee
#31. The American way of life is not sustainable. It doesn't acknowledge that there is a world beyond America. - Author: Arundhati Roy
The American Way quotes by Arundhati Roy
#32. The "Warrior Ethos" emphasizes placing the mission first, not accepting defeat, and being disciplined physically and mentally. Why? Because an American Soldier is a "guardian of freedom and the American way of life. - Author: Dan Smee
The American Way quotes by Dan Smee
#33. The difference between past and present immigration experience is the existence of a defiant anti-assimilationist lobby that encourages legal and illegal aliens to resist adapting to the American way of life. - Author: Michelle Malkin
The American Way quotes by Michelle Malkin
#34. The most serious dangers for American freedom and the American way of life do not come from without. - Author: Ludwig Von Mises
The American Way quotes by Ludwig Von Mises
#35. I'm not an American but I have always had the outsiders' respect for the American people and the American way. - Author: Christiane Amanpour
The American Way quotes by Christiane Amanpour
#36. Those who misrepresent the normal experiences of life, who decry being controversial, who shun risk, are the enemies of the American way of life, whatever the piety of their vocal professions and the patriotic flavor of their platitudes. - Author: Henry Wriston
The American Way quotes by Henry Wriston
#37. The American Way is an amalgam of our compassion, our strengths, our failings and our attempts to build a better world, a more perfect union. - Author: J. Michael Straczynski
The American Way quotes by J. Michael Straczynski
#38. Let the rabbit of free enterprise out of its velveteen bag and too many people would have to be fired, too much idiocy exposed to the light of judgment or ridicule, too much vanity sacrificed to the fires of efficiency. Such a catastrophe obviously would threaten the American way of life, to say nothing of the belief in free markets. - Author: Lewis H. Lapham
The American Way quotes by Lewis H. Lapham
#39. Appleby was a fair-haired boy from Iowa who believed in God, Motherhood and the American Way of Life, without ever thinking about any of them, and everybody who knew him liked him. - Author: Joseph Heller
The American Way quotes by Joseph Heller
#40. Anyway, if you needed something really dangerous, get a gun. It's easy, it's cheap, and it's the American way. - Author: Craig Ferguson
The American Way quotes by Craig Ferguson
#41. The American way is to criticize and debate openly, not to accept unthinkingly the doings of government officials of this or any other country. - Author: Michael Parenti
The American Way quotes by Michael Parenti
#42. I love the American way of life. - Author: Juan Pablo Montoya
The American Way quotes by Juan Pablo Montoya
#43. I do not believe that my generation, my cousins who have been educated in the American way, all of whom are MDs or PhDs, have any comparable learning ... I am not saying anything so trite as that life is fuller when people have myths to live by. I mean rather that a life based on the Book is closer to the truth, that it provides the material for deeper research in and access to the real nature of things. Without the great revelations, epics, and philosophies as part of our natural vision, there is nothing to see out there, and eventually little left inside. The Bible is not the only means to furnish a mind, but without a book of similar gravity, read with the gravity of the potential believer, it will remain unfurnished. - Author: Allan Bloom
The American Way quotes by Allan Bloom
#44. Stayed up and watched a little spanktrovision. It's the American way. There's really nothing wrong with spanktrovision. One of the best inventions of the 1900s, 20th century. - Author: David Spade
The American Way quotes by David Spade
#45. Desert Storm created the pattern for the American way of war that eventually prevailed in Kosovo. America learned from Vietnam that unilateral use of force eventually forfeits international legitimacy and domestic support. Desert Storm demonstrated the political necessity of coalition warfare. - Author: Michael Ignatieff
The American Way quotes by Michael Ignatieff
#46. People always kept moving, her mother had said, it's the American way. Moving west, moving south, marrying up, marrying down, getting divorced - but moving... - Author: Elizabeth Strout
The American Way quotes by Elizabeth Strout
#47. In the United States, after World War II, it took about two decades for the message to slowly seep in that inflation was going to be a permanent fact of the American way of life. - Author: Murray Rothbard
The American Way quotes by Murray Rothbard
#48. I tend to be a great optimist when it comes to the United States and the American way of life, I think precisely because I wasn't born into it. - Author: Paullina Simons
The American Way quotes by Paullina Simons
#49. From Zachary Blake? Not a chance in hell. All his cases are high-profile. And these days, he's got a Midas touch. Every case he touches turns to gold. Blake is on a personal crusade for civil justice and safety - truth, justice, and the American way, don't you know? Guns are an excellent target issue for someone like him. - Author: Mark M. Bello
The American Way quotes by Mark M. Bello
#50. ...America went off the track somewhere--back around the time of the Civil War, or pretty soon afterwards. Instead of going ahead and developing along the line in which the country started out, it got shunted off in another direction...Suddenly we realize that America has turned into something ugly...and the worst of it is the intellectual dishonesty which all this corruption has bred...People are afraid to think straight--afraid to face themselves...We've become like a nation of advertising men, all hiding behind catch phrases like "prosperity" and "rugged individualism" and "the American way." And the real things like freedom, and equal opportunity and the integrity and worth of the individual...they have become just words too. - Author: Thomas Wolfe
The American Way quotes by Thomas Wolfe
#51. Beer commercials are so patriotic: Made the American Way. What does that have to do with America? Is that what America stands for? Feeling sluggish and urinating frequently? - Author: Evelyn Waugh
The American Way quotes by Evelyn Waugh
#52. Totalizing and dangerous views of "American culture" and "nationhood" can be found in current attempts to portray "Christian values" or particular constructions of "family values" as constitutive of "American culture" and "the American way of life." Views of "American culture" that picture American society as comprised of "free individuals," and of American institutions as already fair and egalitarian, obscure the ways in which various forms of institutional discrimination impede the entry and flourishing of members of marginalized groups. - Author: Uma Narayan
The American Way quotes by Uma Narayan
#53. 'The more expensive the better' is kind of the American way, and if you spent $600 for a sweatshirt, then that makes it better. - Author: Macklemore
The American Way quotes by Macklemore
#54. I never saw anything like it. He was like the bit in the movie where Tom Cruise is a lawyer and he's decided he's really going to win this case, for the sake of justice and the American way, and that? And it's suddenly like bang-bang-bang - grabbing files off shelves and slamming them down on the desk and punching numbers in the telephone and shaking out the phone cord dramatically , and you know, snapping out instructions to all the assistants around the desk, like: "Get me all the phone records of the President of the United States for the last fifty years," and "Get me the names of every client who ever ate a banana," and "Let's get some Chinese take-out up here, on the double! - Author: Jaclyn Moriarty
The American Way quotes by Jaclyn Moriarty
#55. THE AMERICAN WAY OF LIFE. Even what they eat and drink, these palefaces who don't know what wine istheir uglinesstheir pink sausage skin, horrible, they only live because there is penicillin, ... the world as an Americanized vacuumtheir fake health, their fake youthfulnessthe way they use cosmetics even on corpses, their whole pornographic attitude to death. - Author: Max Frisch
The American Way quotes by Max Frisch
#56. The American way is the way most law-abiding Americans live - in debt. Does this make a balanced budget un-American? - Author: Cullen Hightower
The American Way quotes by Cullen Hightower
#57. It didn't take a Harvard economist to figure out that it'd be a hell of a lot cheaper spending money on helping keep kids safe when they were younger than it was to put them in jail when they were older. That was the American way, though. Spend a million dollars rescuing some kid who's fallen down a well, but God forbid you spend a hundred bucks up front to cap the well so the kid never falls down it in the first place. - Author: Karin Slaughter
The American Way quotes by Karin Slaughter
#58. Yes, I'm a patriotic person. For these people who disgrace the American way and burn our flag and do all of these things ... I say, don't live here and disgrace my country. Go live in the Middle East and see how you like it. - Author: Payne Stewart
The American Way quotes by Payne Stewart
#59. The remedy [for the Great Depression] is to give the workers access to the means of production, and let them produce for themselves, not for others, ... the American way. - Author: Upton Sinclair
The American Way quotes by Upton Sinclair
#60. The American white man (not to speak of the Indian, the Negro, the Mexican) hasn't a ghost of a chance. If he has any talent he's doomed to have it crushed one way or another. The American way is to seduce a man by bribery and make a prostitute of him. Or else to ignore him, starve him into submission and make a hack of him. - Author: Henry Miller
The American Way quotes by Henry Miller
#61. I'm saying the American way is to overcome, to conquer, to come out on top. And we do it by spending and eating and screwing our women harder than anyone else. That's all I'm saying. - Author: Neil LaBute
The American Way quotes by Neil LaBute
#62. Americans are very easygoing people. If the added attention and great visibility that I have been able to generate can help open doors and expose more Chinese to American values and the American way of life, that is great. - Author: Gary Locke
The American Way quotes by Gary Locke
#63. Truth, justice and the American way. The American way is: truth and justice maybe say hello in the hallway, send each other a Christmas card, but that's about the extent of their relationship. - Author: Don Winslow
The American Way quotes by Don Winslow
#64. Obviously you follow the law of the land, there are many laws I disagree with, but you follow the law. You fight to change the law, you don't break the law. I believe that's the American way. - Author: George Pataki
The American Way quotes by George Pataki
#65. Ray: What else did they get rid of, truth, justice and the American way?
Leto jr.: Nah, truth ended when they shot M.L.K.. The American way died over in Vietnam.
Mitch: And Justice?
Leto jr.: Shit, man, there's no justice ... There's just us. - Author: Brian K. Vaughan
The American Way quotes by Brian K. Vaughan
#66. Look! I've been in the Pentagon like four times, but I'm not really even sure what the Pentagon does! I'm supposed to fight crime, but I don't even know how laws get passed! I mean... Truth, Justice and the American Way? I stopped taking social studies when I was like fifteen!
I grew up in Westchester, and have never traveled anywhere else without this stupid domino mask on my face! Am I the only one who's scared that people are looking to me for answers because I can lift a car over my head?! This is crazy! - Author: Brennan Lee Mulligan
The American Way quotes by Brennan Lee Mulligan
#67. Surrogate experience and surrogate environments have become the American way of life. Distinctions are no longer made, or deemed necessary, between the real and the false; the edge usually goes to the latter, as an improved version with defects corrected - accessible and user-friendly ... - Author: Ada Louise Huxtable
The American Way quotes by Ada Louise Huxtable
#68. I think that all of us, as Americans, are due due process and have a right to a fair trial, and have a right to be considered innocent until proven guilty. I think that is the American way and it's the foundation upon which this country was built. - Author: Wesley Snipes
The American Way quotes by Wesley Snipes
#69. Wang-mu was surprised to hear Peter sound so oriental. The American way was to make excuses, to stay and argue. - Author: Orson Scott Card
The American Way quotes by Orson Scott Card
#70. In films, we are trained by the American way of moviemaking to think we must understand and 'get' everything right away. But this is not possible. When you eat a potato, you don't understand each atom of the potato! - Author: Jean-Luc Godard
The American Way quotes by Jean-Luc Godard
#71. Much of what we consider the American way of life is rooted in the period of remarkably broad, shared economic growth, from around 1900 to about 1978. - Author: Adam Davidson
The American Way quotes by Adam Davidson
#72. To all organic conceptions of life Americans oppose a mechanistic conception. In a society which has 'started from scratch', everything has the characteristic of being fabricated. In American society appearances are masks, not faces. At the same time, proponents of the American way of life are hostile to personality. - Author: Julius Evola
The American Way quotes by Julius Evola
#73. People have no tolerance. They think all bugs are bad. It's the American way. If you don't like something, kill it. - Author: Carl Olson
The American Way quotes by Carl Olson
#74. People must learn that the accumulation of wealth by the successful
conduct of business is the corollary of the improvement of their own standard of
living and vice versa. They must realize that bigness in business is not an evil, but both the cause and effect of the fact that they themselves enjoy all those amenities
whose enjoyment is called the American way of life. - Author: Ludwig Von Mises
The American Way quotes by Ludwig Von Mises
#75. I was raised to speak out about politics and the world around me. I would do it whether I was in the public or not. It is the way I was taught. The American way. - Author: Judy Collins
The American Way quotes by Judy Collins
#76. There must be a renewal of the spirit of our forefathers, an
appreciation of the American way of life, a strengthening of muscle and sinew and the character of the nation. America needs guts as well as guns.
National character is the core of national defense. - Author: Ezra Taft Benson
The American Way quotes by Ezra Taft Benson
#77. My father couldn't speak English when he went to the first grade and I had to work in a factory over Christmas and summer vacations. And I think that's the American way and one of the things that excites me about this race is that pretty much everything I've done I've started at the bottom and been able to finish at the top. - Author: George Pataki
The American Way quotes by George Pataki
#78. Far from being freaks, the Hell's Angels are a logical product of the culture that now claims to be shocked at their existence. The generation represented by the editors of Time has lived so long in a world full of Celluloid outlaws hustling toothpaste and hair oil that it is no longer capable of confronting the real thing. For twenty years they have sat with their children and watched yesterday's outlaws raise hell with yesterday's world ... and now they are bringing up children who think Jesse James is a television character. This is the generation that went to war for Mom, God and Apple Butter, the American Way of Life. When they came back, they crowned Eisenhower and then retired to the giddy comfort of their TV parlors, to cultivate the subtleties of American history as seen by Hollywood. - Author: Hunter S. Thompson
The American Way quotes by Hunter S. Thompson
#79. It's the American way: if you don't vote, you don't get to whine. - Author: Dan Rather
The American Way quotes by Dan Rather
#80. Not many French producers work the American way. In France, the director decides everything, he has final cut. I'm trying to do things differently, without the Luc Besson solution. - Author: Thomas Langmann
The American Way quotes by Thomas Langmann
#81. The American way is to not need help, but to help. - Author: Anne Lamott
The American Way quotes by Anne Lamott
#82. The alleged music preached of the wrongs democracy had perpetrated on the people and how to protest against the causes of their pain, which would be, according to the fascist propagandists, the police, the military, the rich and the current American government. His ballads were to call for youth and the downtrodden to unite and fight against poverty, injustice and social ills - by destroying the American way of life. Radio - Author: Louis L'Amour
The American Way quotes by Louis L'Amour
#83. Whatever else the religious Right may be, it is a bonanza for its opponents ... Reports of the great terror that is upon us are raising millions of dollars in fund appeals by Planned Parenthood, the American Civil Liberties Union, the National Organization for Women, Norman Lear's People for the American Way, and others who claim to believe that the religious Right is the greatest peril to American democracy since Joe McCarthy. - Author: Richard John Neuhaus
The American Way quotes by Richard John Neuhaus
#84. The American way was for commerce, personal relationships, and religion to be voluntary. No one was forced to participate in something he didn't want. - Author: Harry Browne
The American Way quotes by Harry Browne
#85. Justice will be served
And the battle will rage
This big dog will fight
When you rattle his cage
And you'll be sorry that you messed with
The U.S. of A.
'Cause we'll put a boot in your *ss
It's the American way - Author: Toby Keith
The American Way quotes by Toby Keith
#86. The word 'equality' shows up too much in our founding documents for anyone to pretend it's not the American way. - Author: Martha Plimpton
The American Way quotes by Martha Plimpton
#87. The American way of life, as I see it, is really the American way of death. Everything is determined by greed and the insatiable desire to be the richest and most powerful. And that desire is limitless. - Author: Lydia Lunch
The American Way quotes by Lydia Lunch
#88. If any of my competitors were drowning, I'd stick a hose in their mouth and turn on the water. It is ridiculous to call this an industry. This is not. This is rat eat rat, dog eat dog. I'll kill 'em, and I'm going to kill 'em before they kill me. You're talking about the American way - of survival of the fittest. - Author: Ray Kroc
The American Way quotes by Ray Kroc
#89. A Frenchman, Alexis de Tocqueville, came to America more than a century ago and made some astute observations about the American way. He said that we have a misleading idea at the very head of our Constitution: the pursuit of happiness. One can not pursue happiness; if he does he obscures it. If he will proceed with the human task of life, the relocation of the center of gravity of the personality to something greater outside itself, happiness will be the outcome. - Author: Karl Marlantes
The American Way quotes by Karl Marlantes
#90. He struck a mighty blow for equality, freedom and the American way of life. Jackie Robinson was a good citizen, a great man, and a true American champion. - Author: Ronald Reagan
The American Way quotes by Ronald Reagan
#91. An argument ensued about abundance, leisure, work, nature, and what a second girl kept calling 'the American way.' When I asked her what she meant by 'the American way,' she said, 'Basically the destruction of everything
the world, your happiness, your soul, everything. The complete package. Evil and war. That's who we are, Mr. Countryman.' - Author: David Guterson
The American Way quotes by David Guterson
#92. The death of a social machine has never been heralded by a disharmony or a dysfunction; on the contrary, social machines make a habit of feeding on the contradictions they give rise to, on the crises they provoke, on the anxieties they engender, and on the infernal operations they regenerate. Capitalism has learned this, and has ceased doubting itself, while even socialists have abandoned belief in the possibility of capitalism's natural death by attrition. No one has ever died from contradictions. And the more it breaks down, the more it schizophrenizes, the better it works, the American way. - Author: Gilles Deleuze
The American Way quotes by Gilles Deleuze
#93. The American Way is so restlessly creative as to be essentially destructive; the American Way is to carry common sense itself almost to the point of madness. - Author: Louis Kronenberger
The American Way quotes by Louis Kronenberger
#94. You're not going to college to get educated. You're going there to get trained. They'll train you to want what you don't need. They'll train you to manipulate words so they don't mean anything anymore. They'll train you to forget what it is that you already know. They'll train you so good, you'll start believing what they tell you about equal opportunity and the American way and all that shit. They'll give you a corner office and invite you to fancy dinners, and tell you you're a credit to your race. Until you want to actually start running things, and then they'll yank on your chain and let you know that you may be a well-trained, well-paid nigger, but you're a nigger just the same. - Author: Barack Obama
The American Way quotes by Barack Obama
#95. Most people considered options a good thing, the American way, but one tended to squander those choices, or to choose badly, and then to call a bad outcome fate, as if the choices made had nothing to do with it. - Author: Scott Lasser
The American Way quotes by Scott Lasser
#96. By extension, anyone who liked smelling the daisies, and having daisies to smell, and eating mercury-free fish, and who objected to giving birth to three-eyed infants via the toxic sludge in their drinking water was a demon-possessed Satanic minion of darkness, hell-bent on sabotaging the American Way and God's Holy Oil, which were one and the same. - Author: Margaret Atwood
The American Way quotes by Margaret Atwood
#97. History textbooks still present Union and Confederate sympathizers as equally idealistic. The North fought to hold the Union together, while the South fought, according to 'The American Way', 'for the preservation of their rights and the freedom to decide for themselves'. Nobody fought to preserve racial slavery; nobody fought to end it. As one result, unlike the Nazi swastika, which lies disgraced, even in the North whites still proudly display the stars and bars of the Confederacy on den walls, license plates, t-shirts, and high school logos. Even some (white) Northerners vaguely regret the defeat of the 'lost cause'. It is as if racism against blacks could be remembered with nostalgia. In this sense, long after Appomattox, the Confederacy finally won. - Author: James W. Loewen
The American Way quotes by James W. Loewen
#98. President [Bush] believes that [high-energy consumption] is an American way of life, and that it should be the goal of policymakers to protect the American way of life. The American way of life is a blessed one. - Author: Ari Fleischer
The American Way quotes by Ari Fleischer
#99. Much of the rest of the world has already learned some English. They pretty much understand the American way of doing things, because our culture has been ubiquitous and has been the 500-pound gorilla in the global economy. But the world is far more interrelated than ever before, and no one culture can thrive without the knowledge of how to function in other cultures. - Author: Bill Vaughan
The American Way quotes by Bill Vaughan
#100. Silence does not equal patriotism. Obedience is not the American way. - Author: Janeane Garofalo
The American Way quotes by Janeane Garofalo
#101. The question of whether we were misled into the war in Iraq isn't a liberal or conservative or Republican or Democratic question, it's an American one. Protecting the democracy that we ask our sons and daughters to die for is our responsibility and our trust. Demanding accountability from our leaders is our job as citizens. It's the American way. So may the truth win out. - Author: Bruce Springsteen
The American Way quotes by Bruce Springsteen
#102. The white youth of today have begun to react to the fact that the American Way of Life is a fossil of history. What do they care if their old baldheaded and crew-cut elders don't dig their caveman mops? They couldn't care less about the old, stiff-assed honkies who don't like their new dances: Frog, Monkey, Jerk, Swim, Watusi. All they know is that it feels good to swing to way-out body-rhythms instead of dragging across the dance floor like zombies to the dead beat of mind-smothered Mickey Mouse music. - Author: Eldridge Cleaver
The American Way quotes by Eldridge Cleaver
#103. Some labeled Jerry Falwell an American version of the Ayatollah Khomeni. People for the American Way, a group organized to counter the Moral Majority, launched a slick media campaign attaching the Nazi slur to the religious right. - Author: Charles Colson
The American Way quotes by Charles Colson
#104. All cultures forged by nations - the noble indigenous past of America, the brilliant civilization of Europe, the wise history of Asian nations, and the ancestral wealth of Africa and Oceania - are corroded by the American way of life. In this way, neoliberalism imposes the destruction of nations and groups of nations in order to reconstruct them according to a single model. This is a planetary war, of the worst and cruelest kind, waged against humanity. - Author: Subcomandante Marcos
The American Way quotes by Subcomandante Marcos
#105. It is easy to be mindless in America, because dreaming of and living for a better tomorrow is the American way ... The problem is, in the second half of the twentieth century, we have gotten so good at living for tomorrow that most of us spend very little time in the present. - Author: Barbara De Angelis
The American Way quotes by Barbara De Angelis
#106. Convenience is the American way. - Author: Cheech Marin
The American Way quotes by Cheech Marin
#107. I think of Superman as the ultimate vanilla hero. He's this perfect refugee, this perfect immigrant from another planet who embodies the American dream. - Author: Antje Traue
The American Way quotes by Antje Traue
#108. There might be people who have never even tweeted before who are just working on their great American tweet. It will be so good that we'll all have to stop Twitter right away. I would like to write the great American tweet. I don't think the great American tweet has been written yet. We'd know. - Author: Megan Amram
The American Way quotes by Megan Amram
#109. How many watched the President's speech last night? [half-hearted audience applause] How many watched American Idol ? [thundering applause] Okay, there you go! You get the government you deserve. - Author: Jay Leno
The American Way quotes by Jay Leno
#110. U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt has been described as founder of the Bull Moose Party, the man who led his troops up San Juan Hill in the Spanish-American War, a big game hunter, family man, civic servant and a host of other things. - Author: Zig Ziglar
The American Way quotes by Zig Ziglar
#111. It's easy to see from commercials the sorts of activities I should presumably be engaged in, but I'm fairly certain that American manhood is vague, internally contradictory and largely nonsensical. - Author: Tycho Brahe
The American Way quotes by Tycho Brahe
#112. I was always intrigued with European cinema, and hated most American cinema. I didn't like the one, two, three - boom! style, with a neat and tidy ending. That was never my scene. - Author: Lee Daniels
The American Way quotes by Lee Daniels
#113. Entire generations of Americans have come of age since the ancient time when the president's power was constrained by a duty of candor to the American people. - Author: James Bovard
The American Way quotes by James Bovard
#114. I said, "And then, when those all-American Joes get out and some of them fucking turn into monsters? What happens then?"
Amy said, "Then we will once again err on the side of not letting people be murdered. You take the choice in front of you, and then you keep picking the non-murder choices as long as you can. - Author: David Wong
The American Way quotes by David Wong
#115. And they can appreciate, through personal experience, that the really decisive battleground of American freedom is in the hearts and minds of our own people ... The path we travel is narrow and long, beset with many dangers. Each day we must ask that Almighty God will set and keep His protecting hand over us so that we may pass on to those who come after us the heritage of a free people, secure in their God-given rights and in full control of a Government dedicated to the preservation of those rights ... - Author: Dwight D. Eisenhower
The American Way quotes by Dwight D. Eisenhower
#116. There is a segment of the American population that has been excluded from the national myth, and that should be redressed. - Author: Edward Zwick
The American Way quotes by Edward Zwick
#117. In the Soviet Union, capitalism triumphed over communism. In this country, capitalism triumphed over democracy. - Author: Fran Lebowitz
The American Way quotes by Fran Lebowitz
#118. The cigar-box which the European calls a 'lift' needs but to be compared with our elevators to be appreciated. The lift stops to reflect between floors. That is all right in a hearse, but not in elevators. The American elevator acts like a man's patent purge-it works. - Author: Mark Twain
The American Way quotes by Mark Twain
#119. As to the reserved and withdrawn areas, excluding and excepting only the national parks, it is manifest that justice, equality, and dignity for these States require that ultimately all should be ceded to the States wherein they lie. The theory that the Western States can not intelligently and wisely administer these areas, for example, the forest reserves, is based on the delinquencies and wastefulness of the States to the eastward which had their resources and their opportunity, and in some cases, as States, misused and abused their rights. This constitutes no reason as to why the same right which they enjoyed should be denied to the Western states. - Author: Charles Edwin Winter
The American Way quotes by Charles Edwin Winter
#120. I've said before that the Ryder Cup is not the European Tour versus the American Tour. It's Europe's best golfers against the US. - Author: Lee Westwood
The American Way quotes by Lee Westwood
#121. Personal identity seems like it's just such an American archetype, from Holly Golightly re-inventing herself in 'Breakfast At Tiffany's' to Jay Gatsby in 'The Great Gatsby.' It seems like the sort of archetypal American issue. If you're given the freedom to be anything, or be anyone, what do you do with it? - Author: Chuck Palahniuk
The American Way quotes by Chuck Palahniuk
#122. Many years ago, a large American shoe company sent two sales reps to different parts of the Australian outback. A while later, the company received a telegram from each. The first said, 'No business here - the natives don't wear shoes.' The second said, 'Great opportunity here - the natives don't wear shoes.' - Author: John Capozzi
The American Way quotes by John Capozzi
#123. Since the Civil War...the most unruly, the most independent, the most republican of American citizens have been the small farmer. - Author: Walter Karp
The American Way quotes by Walter Karp
#124. That is the heart and soul of the American dream, homeownership, the idea of being able to buy a house and start to build your family. - Author: Wendell Pierce
The American Way quotes by Wendell Pierce
#125. NASCAR and the Daytona 500 are about as American as you can get. - Author: Rick Santorum
The American Way quotes by Rick Santorum
#126. One of the things that made 'American Pie' great was also the sexiness of it. - Author: Hayden Schlossberg
The American Way quotes by Hayden Schlossberg
#127. The M & M sees avoiding error as largely a matter of will - of staying sufficiently informed and alert to anticipate the myriad ways that things can go wrong and then trying to head off each potential problem before it happens. It isn't damnable that an error occurs, but there is some shame to it. In fact, the M & M's ethos can seem paradoxical. On the one hand, it reinforces the very American idea that error is intolerable. On the other hand, the very existence of the M & M, its place on the weekly schedule, amounts to an acknowledgement that mistakes are an inevitable part of medicine. - Author: Atul Gawande
The American Way quotes by Atul Gawande
#128. The American Dream that has lured tens of millions of all nations to our shores in the past century has not been a dream of material plenty, though that has doubtlessly counted heavily. It has been a dream of being able to grow to fullest development as a man and woman, unhampered by the barriers which had slowly been erected in the older civilizations, unrepressed by social orders which had developed for the benefit of classes rather than for the simple human being of any and every class. - Author: James Truslow Adams
The American Way quotes by James Truslow Adams
#129. One Saturday morning last May, I joined the presidential motorcade as it slipped out of the southern gate of the White House. A mostly white crowd had assembled. As the motorcade drove by, people cheered, held up their smartphones to record the procession, and waved American flags. To be within feet of the president seemed like the thrill of their lives. I was astounded. An old euphoria, which I could not immediately place, gathered up in me. And then I remembered, it was what I felt through much of 2008, as I watched Barack Obama's star shoot across the political sky. I had never seen so many white people cheer on a black man who was neither an athlete nor an entertainer. And it seemed that they loved him for this, and I thought in those days, which now feel so long ago, that they might then love me, too, and love my wife, and love my child, and love us all in the manner that the God they so fervently cited had commanded. - Author: Ta-Nehisi Coates
The American Way quotes by Ta-Nehisi Coates
#130. We collectively have a special place in our heart for the manned space flight program - Apollo nostalgia is one element, but that is only part of it. American culture worships explorers - look at the fame of Lewis and Clark, for example. The American people want to think of themselves as supporting exploration. - Author: Nathan Myhrvold
The American Way quotes by Nathan Myhrvold
#131. Bruce Sutter and his new pitch, the split finger fastball, fascinate the manager of the Cuban national teams. 'We must find out about this new weapon,' he said. 'Are the American hitters plotting to murder him? - Author: Thomas Boswell
The American Way quotes by Thomas Boswell
#132. She was disappointed in herself for being the typical girl. She never wants to be that girl. That girl…is an emotional wreck. That girl…was an excuse for men who cheat and lose respect for women. That girl…is weak and needy. Troy was better than That Girl! Troy was stronger than That Girl. - Author: Iesha S. Walker
The American Way quotes by Iesha S. Walker
#133. Nowadays, the work of Alfred Hitchcock is admired all over the world. Young people who are just discovering his art through the current rerelease of Rear Window and Vertigo, or through North by Northwest, may assume his prestige has always been recognized, but this is far from being the case.

In the fifties and sixties, Hitchcock was at the height of his creativity and popularity. He was, of course, famous due to the publicity masterminded by producer David O. Selznick during the six or seven years of their collaboration on such films as Rebecca, Notorious, Spellbound, and The Paradine Case.

His fame had spread further throughout the world via the television series Alfred Hitchcock Presents in the mid-fifties. But American and European critics made him pay for his commercial success by reviewing his work with condescension, and by belittling each new film.
In examining his films, it was obvious that he had given more thought to the potential of his art than any of his colleagues. It occurred to me that if he would, for the first time, agree to respond seriously to a systematic questionnaire, the resulting document might modify the American critics' approach to Hitchcock.
That is what this book is all about. - Author: Francois Truffaut
The American Way quotes by Francois Truffaut
#134. With the NDAA, his failure to close Guantanamo Bay and the ramping use of drones, President Obama looks suspiciously like President Bush, a man on a quest for American Empire. - Author: Justin Sane
The American Way quotes by Justin Sane
#135. Language is the thing that exceeds us all, being not merely conduit or message, but a placeless frieze of timeless resonance, a maze of etymology in which its ancient users and misusers whisper to us with dead glottises. - Author: Paul West
The American Way quotes by Paul West
#136. There is no one story that will replace the American dream, but stories
like this one - and there are thousands - can inform the myth or myths
we create for building and preserving the next culture. In order to do so,
however, we must recognize that we cannot live without myth, for it is an
essential part of our humanity. If we attempt to do so - given the fact that
something in us needs myth - we
will only create more myths that echo
the American dream - with themes of heroism, greed, entitlement, narcissism,
exploitation, exceptionalism, and myriad abuses of power. How we prepare for and navigate collapse will provide the raw materials for the myths we make and will live by in a postindustrial world. - Author: Carolyn Baker
The American Way quotes by Carolyn Baker
#137. When one begins to think about it, America depends rather heavily on women's passive dependence, their femininity. Femininity, if one still wants to call it that, makes American women a target and a victim of the sexual sell. - Author: Betty Friedan
The American Way quotes by Betty Friedan
#138. For every American who died, the Japanese lost 6 people, the Germans 11, and the Russians 92. - Author: Andrew Roberts
The American Way quotes by Andrew Roberts
#139. In hunter-gatherer times, [the amount of energy human beings use each day] was about 2,500 calories, all of it food. That is the daily energy intake of a common dolphin. A modern human being uses 31,000 calories a day, most of it in the form of fossil fuel. That is the intake of a pilot whale. And the average American uses six times that-as much as a sperm whale. We have become, in other words, different from the people we used to be.... We've ... gotten bigger. We appear to be the same species, with stomachs of the same size, but we aren't.1o - Author: Daniel Bodansky
The American Way quotes by Daniel Bodansky
#140. Washington-based industry lobby group, reported that in 1999 American biotech companies spent more than half of the sector's revenues, $11 billion in total, on research. No other industrial group spends anything near that proportion of total revenues on research, not even the major pharmaceutical companies, which are usually named as the world's biggest R&D spenders. - Author: George Wolff
The American Way quotes by George Wolff
#141. You don't sit up in a cave and write the Great American Novel and know it is utterly superb, and then throw it page by page into the fire. You just don't do that. You send it out. You have to send it out. - Author: Theodore Sturgeon
The American Way quotes by Theodore Sturgeon
#142. I was playing a defensive guard in 'My All American' who is a really fast runner, so a lot of my training was running. I wasn't too worried about bulking up because he was supposed to be on the small side. - Author: Finn Wittrock
The American Way quotes by Finn Wittrock
#143. It is always a fashion to advise disputants to sit round a table and solve disputes by dialogue and discussion, and not to resort to violent confrontation and wars. Whether in national disputes or in international conflicts parties are being constantly advised to avoid wars and to negotiate, while governments continue to oppress, persecute, and even commit genocide.

No doubt, it is a very salutary advice and a noble ideal, quite often well-meaning, too. Nobody fights a war for the pleasure of it. But the trouble is, it has never been pragmatic ideal, and never will be so long as governments being what they are and the tyranny of the majority and armed might being the ruling principle of democracy…The weaker is left to its own devices to shake off tyranny and oppression.

If the weaker side listened to this idealistic advice and waited till the end of time for a solution to its problems there would have been no wars of independence. If the American colonies of George III's England listened to such advice and continued to be governed by England and to pay taxes to England without representation in the Parliament at Westminster, there would have been no American War of Independence, no American Declaration of Independence, and there would be no United States of America today…" (pp.279-280) - Author: V. Navaratnam
The American Way quotes by V. Navaratnam
#144. There's a lot of American kids think their food comes from the grocery store and the concept of seasonality has no meaning to them whatsoever. - Author: Peter Senge
The American Way quotes by Peter Senge
#145. Once you run current-account deficits, you depend on the kindness of strangers. This might be the beginning of the end of the American empire. - Author: Nouriel Roubini
The American Way quotes by Nouriel Roubini
#146. If asked to list my ten favorite American fiction writers, Gail Godwin would be among them. In this, her latest ... she evokes in a short book the long married life of two artists. Evenings at Five is a strong tale of love-after-death. - Author: Ned Rorem
The American Way quotes by Ned Rorem
#147. The importation and sale of marijuana is condemned and punished as a serious crime, but we accept as legitimate the manufacture and sale of an infinitely more addictive and deadly drug: the nicotine in cigarettes that cost the lives of 390,000 American citizens last year. - Author: Jimmy Carter
The American Way quotes by Jimmy Carter
#148. Although Herbert Hoover in many ways prefigured him, it was Franklin D. Roosevelt who first tried to create an explicit corporate state in America with his National Recovery Administration (NRA). With its fascist-style Blue Eagle emblem, the NRA coordinated big business and labor in a central plan, and outlawed competition. The NRA even employed vigilante groups to spy on smaller businesses and report if they violated the plan. Just as in Mussolini's Italy, the beneficiaries of the U.S. corporate state were - in addition to the government itself - established economic interest groups. NRA cheerleaders included the National Association of Manufacturers, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the American Bar Association, the United Mine Workers, the Amalgamated Clothing Workers, and - above all - Gerard Swope of General Electric, who helped draft the NRA act. Only - Author: Ludwig Von Mises
The American Way quotes by Ludwig Von Mises
#149. The longtime standard for American TV was 525 lines from top to bottom of the image. As a practical matter, that was roughly equivalent to 350 thousand pixels - pretty crude, given that photos made with your iPhone boast five million pixels. - Author: Seth Shostak
The American Way quotes by Seth Shostak
#150. The family has always been the cornerstone of American society. Our families nurture, preserve, and pass on to each succeeding generation the values we share and cherish, values that are the foundation of our freedoms. - Author: Ronald Reagan
The American Way quotes by Ronald Reagan
#151. When you ask most American parents why they want to have kids, it's to bring more joy into their lives. So, when you don't feel that all-encompassing joy, it must be that something is wrong with you. I think it's dissatisfaction that the expectation was different than the reality. - Author: Jessica Valenti
The American Way quotes by Jessica Valenti
#152. It was not very unusual at Washington for a lady to take the arm of a gentleman, who was neither her husband, her father, norher brother. This remarkable relaxation of American decorum has been probably introduced by the foreign legations. - Author: Frances Trollope
The American Way quotes by Frances Trollope

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