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#1. The secret of wisdom is to be overly curious, like a cat--to take the time to look closely, to use all your senses to see and to touch and to taste and to smell and to hear, and to die because you were overly curious. To keep on wondering...about the afterlife. That is our only mission. Only one. If we don't wonder, then we will never, ever be curious. Then, if like the cat, you wondered too simply no longer will have to ever wonder again. Your mission will be fulfilled. All because of curiosity.

--from The Wise-ass Man who butchered Eve Merriam's wisdom...and Her Secret - Author: Stan Sudan
The Afterlife quotes by Stan Sudan
#2. If we do survive death, then the next world is veiled from us for a purpose. Regardless of our endless conjecture, each of us will make this discovery individually, whether we wish to or not. However, we do know the conditions of the world around us and its inhabitants; we know these in detail. We can only conclude, then, that we are meant to focus on this world in which we live, and not groundless speculation about the next. History shows that an obsession with the afterlife smothers our concern for the living. - Author: J.L. Bryan
The Afterlife quotes by J.L. Bryan
#3. It is what we see when we imagine what the afterlife must be like: our happiest triumphs, our most sincere moments, stolen from the seam of our lives, a respite just before the onset of imminent tragedy. - Author: Joe Meno
The Afterlife quotes by Joe Meno
#4. I remember when I first encountered anthropocentrism. I was in primary school and, in preparation for our confirmation, the class was learning about the afterlife. - Author: John Burnside
The Afterlife quotes by John Burnside
#5. I woke up dead.
Not only dead...but in hell.
I had always been somewhat sketchy on what the afterlife - were there actually such a thing - would be like for a person such as I. From all accounts and all my imaginings, I figured it would be one of two things. Either I would be surrounded by great, burning masses that were endlessly immolating souls in torment... or else I would find myself trapped within my own mind as a helpless bystander, condemned to watching me live out my life over and over again and powerless to do anything to change any of it. When idle speculation prompted me to dwell on these two options, I would find myself drawn invariably to the former, since the later was just too hideous to contemplate.
I was almost afraid to open my eyes, because once I did, I would know one way or the other. Perhaps I could have just lain there forever. Perhaps I was supposed to. Perhaps that was my true condemnation: to simply reside in hell with my eyes closed afraid of opening them lest matters deteriorate even further than they already had. This, in turn, made me dwell on the fact that every time I had believed things couldn't get worse, they promptly had done so with almost gleeful enthusiasm . - Author: Peter David
The Afterlife quotes by Peter David
#6. I don't believe in the afterlife. - Author: W.P. Kinsella
The Afterlife quotes by W.P. Kinsella
#7. No matter what we survivors like to tell ourselves about the afterlife, when someone dies, everything is over. - Author: Jodi Picoult
The Afterlife quotes by Jodi Picoult
#8. Entrust yourself in finding purpose when all seems lost and you have no idea on what to do. It was the same for me once, however, it is always the smallest things that got me to find a purpose of why I was sent here by the Gods in the Afterlife. - Author: Lunar Brogley
The Afterlife quotes by Lunar Brogley
#9. If you force me to pay a debt that is not mine, let me thank you in the afterlife - Author: Miguel El Portugues
The Afterlife quotes by Miguel El Portugues
#10. He walked out with the inner lightness of an author who has delivered. He wore a green tweed with flap pockets, cast into the river at Rosnaree, began his heart attack, and entered the Afterlife just after his fly was taken. - Author: Niall Williams
The Afterlife quotes by Niall Williams
#11. Reincarnation?"
He shrugged. "I've never seen any evidence that it's real. But I've never seen anything that disproves it either. I believe the afterlife is better than what we have here - and it would take something extraordinary to make someone willing to come back. - Author: Patricia Briggs
The Afterlife quotes by Patricia Briggs
#12. When he would try to reason with her, she would tell him she did not want to be without him in the afterlife; he was all she had in this world and all she wanted for the next. - Author: Ramita Navai
The Afterlife quotes by Ramita Navai
#13. Over time, my belief in many things has wavered: marriage, the afterlife, Woody Allen. - Author: Lena Dunham
The Afterlife quotes by Lena Dunham
#14. I have a traditional view of the afterlife ... heaven, hell and judgments. But the accounts of those places are scant, and I believe it's on purpose. We aren't supposed to try to figure out the architecture of the afterlife, since the big game is here in this life. - Author: Doug TenNapel
The Afterlife quotes by Doug TenNapel
#15. A long time after, while the Afterlife continued on, the Universe was coming to its end. The expanding universe had long since started to slow, then it had started to collapse back on itself. - Author: Larry Yoakum III
The Afterlife quotes by Larry Yoakum III
#16. The cure for sex is marriage;the cure for love is marriage;the cure for infidelity is divorce;the cure for unhappiness is work;the cure for extreme unhappiness is drink;the cure for death is a frail belief in the afterlife. - Author: Julian Barnes
The Afterlife quotes by Julian Barnes
#17. Comparing what we're looking for misses the point. It's wanting to know that makes us matter. Otherwise we're going out the way we came in. That's why you can't believe in the afterlife, Valentine. Believe in the after, by all means, but not the life. Believe in God, the soul, the spirit, the infinite, believe in angels if you like, but not in the great celestial get-together for an exchange of views. If the answers are in the back of the book I can wait, but what a drag. Better to struggle on knowing that failure is final. - Author: Tom Stoppard
The Afterlife quotes by Tom Stoppard
#18. I believe there's more than this-that maybe when we die our brains conjure up some kind of shutdown experience, and that's what people try to sum up as the afterlife. Something else is going to happen and it's going to be crazy and confusing and weird, and we probably won't know what it's all about. It'll just be another place where we're trying to understand why we exist at all. - Author: Flying Lotus
The Afterlife quotes by Flying Lotus
#19. I promise to love you forever in this life and wherever we go in the afterlife, because I know I can't go on in any life unless you're in it too. - Author: J.A. Redmerski
The Afterlife quotes by J.A. Redmerski
#20. I've talked to people who felt very strongly that Chris has done things for them since he died. The stories move me, even though I don't really know what to think about them.
I guess if you think of how Chris acted as protector during his life, and how he wanted the people he loved to be happy, it makes sense that he might spend some of his energy in the afterlife to keep doing that. I could easily see him talking God into letting him come back from time to time to take care of things down here.
I'm sure there are rules to follow--but knowing Chris, if there's a way around them, he's figured it out. - Author: Taya Kyle
The Afterlife quotes by Taya Kyle
#21. The daughter of Sin was determined to go
To the dark house, dwelling of Erkalla's god,
To the house which those who enter cannot leave,
On the road where travelling is one-way only,
To the house where those who enter are deprived of light,
Where dust is their food, clay their bread.
They see no light, they dwell in darkness,
They are clothed like birds, with feathers. - Author: Stephanie Dalley
The Afterlife quotes by Stephanie Dalley
#22. Great, I thought. The afterlife is just like Hollywood, with nobodies passing themselves off as somebodies. My ongoing strategy of postponing death had been vindicated. - Author: Duke Haney
The Afterlife quotes by Duke Haney
#23. Nothing in this or the next world was worse than physical pain. In the afterlife, as no more than a soul, he would be without a body to beat, skin to peel, blood to flow, eyes to gouge, fingernails to pry, lungs to drown, ventricles to stop, and so the retribution of God would always be gentler than the retribution of man. - Author: Anthony Marra
The Afterlife quotes by Anthony Marra
#24. Ove looks at the group assembled around him, as if he's been kidnapped and taken to a parallel universe. For a moment he thinks about swerving off the road, until he realises that the worst case scenario would be that they all accompanied him into the afterlife. - Author: Fredrik Backman
The Afterlife quotes by Fredrik Backman
#25. Human knowledge hasn't been complete enough to understand the afterlife if it hasn't been through the valley of death. - Author: Toba Beta
The Afterlife quotes by Toba Beta
#26. Continued traveling is far from productive. It begins with wearing away the soles of the shoes, and making the feet sore, and erelong it will wear a man clean up, after making his heart sore into the bargain. I have observed that the afterlife of those who have traveled much is very pathetic. - Author: Henry David Thoreau
The Afterlife quotes by Henry David Thoreau
#27. She said that everything that disappeared from our side went over to theirs, where they kept living normal lives, waiting for the things still lingering with us to join them, and make the world whole once more. - Author: Alexandra Kleeman
The Afterlife quotes by Alexandra Kleeman
#28. Did my father talk to me? It's true, he didn't say a lot to me, but I knew what had to be done. No need for big speeches. He taught me the fundamentals of our religion: My son, Islam is simple: you are alone responsible for yourself before God, so if you are good, you will find goodness in the afterlife, and if you are bad, you'll find that instead. There's no mystery: everything depends on how you treat people, especially the weak, the poor, so Islam, that means you pray, you address the Creator and don't do evil around you, don't lie, don't steal, don't betray your wife or your country, don't kill- but do I really need to remind you of this? - Author: Tahar Ben Jelloun
The Afterlife quotes by Tahar Ben Jelloun
#29. I'll never tire of her warm smile or bright green eyes. She's mine, in sickness and in health, till death do us part-scratch that- even in the afterlife she's mine and I'll fight any spirity-ghost bastard that attempts to fuck this up. - Author: Skyla Madi
The Afterlife quotes by Skyla Madi
#30. The afterlife mattered to me. Heaven and hell and reincarnation. As much as I wanted to know how Alaska had died, I wanted to know where she was now, if anywhere. - Author: John Green
The Afterlife quotes by John Green
#31. What if in the afterlife you did not meet God? Could you still believe in God? - Author: Ross Friedman
The Afterlife quotes by Ross Friedman
#32. Taking on the afterlife one soul at a time. - Author: Tite Kubo
The Afterlife quotes by Tite Kubo
#33. They come to understand, with awe, the complexity of the compound identity that existed on the Earth. They conclude with a shudder that the Earthly you is utterly lost, unpreserved in the afterlife. You were all these ages, and you were none. - Author: David Eagleman
The Afterlife quotes by David Eagleman
#34. In fact we do not try to picture the afterlife, nor is it our selves in our nervous tics and optical flecks that we wish to perpetuate; it is the self as the window on the world that we can't bear to thinkof shutting. My mind when I was a boy of ten or eleven sent up its silent scream at the thought of future aeons
at the thought of the cosmic party going on without me. The yearning for an afterlife is the opposite of selfish: it is love and praise of the world that we are privileged, in this complex interval of light, to witness and experience. - Author: John Updike
The Afterlife quotes by John Updike
#35. In the afterlife you don't have to worry about looking for work. - Author: Ed Wood
The Afterlife quotes by Ed Wood
#36. Everyone fears the cut of the blade. It doesn't matter after that. I know the spirit survives as there is so much evidence of the survival of the personality in the afterlife. - Author: Dan Aykroyd
The Afterlife quotes by Dan Aykroyd
#37. The young boys I speak with say to me: Why would I want to live in this world - where they rely on charity, dry pieces of bread and water, where they are subjected to harsh treatment, when they can be free and be the envy of their colleagues in the afterlife. They are only too eager to sign on the dotted line and join the ranks of the Taliban. - Author: Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy
The Afterlife quotes by Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy
#38. Love in the Afterlife [10w]
Maybe I'll love you in the afterlife.
This life, fuhgeddaboudit. - Author: Beryl Dov
The Afterlife quotes by Beryl Dov
#39. I snapped to consciousness with the incandescent realization that somewhere, deep in our dreams, or deep in unconsciousness, or deep in the afterlife, all conflicts and acrimonies are resolved. That it was consciousness that so unrelentingly afflicted us with suffering. - Author: Rex Pickett
The Afterlife quotes by Rex Pickett
#40. He loved his job, which allowed time to do it without comparing his performance to others'. He loved the economics of death: hastening a person's passage into the afterlife not only provided him with a good living: it gave work to coroners, beat cops, detectives, crime scene technicians, the people who made fingerprint powder and luminal and other sundry chemicals and devices - not to mention firearm, ammunition, coffin, and tissue manufacturers - obituary writers, crime reporters, novelists. - Author: Robert Liparulo
The Afterlife quotes by Robert Liparulo
#41. I was gonna be super pissed in the afterlife if I died a virgin in this crap hole. - Author: Jennifer L. Armentrout
The Afterlife quotes by Jennifer L. Armentrout
#42. What scares me least? The Afterlife. Really. Who cares? I'm going to be a good person no matter what is supposed to happen after I die. - Author: Sherman Alexie
The Afterlife quotes by Sherman Alexie
#43. Right or wrong is nonexistent in the eye of the universe. It doesn't matter who is right or who is wrong because the universe never cares for both. The universe lets both happen and the universe lets both end. A natural disaster claims all lives. Life and resources is the one that matters. No matter who you are or what you are, you must never harm life and you must never spend resources. These are what matters. I don't know about the afterlife. I don't know whether the afterlife exists, but in this existence, these are what matters. - Author: Andreas Laurencius
The Afterlife quotes by Andreas Laurencius
#44. This is your life and the afterlife merged together in one perfect, endless existence. - Author: Drew Magary
The Afterlife quotes by Drew Magary
#45. If this was the afterlife, he thought, it was a lot like the House on the Rock: part diorama, part nightmare. - Author: Neil Gaiman
The Afterlife quotes by Neil Gaiman
#46. Psalm 111:10. The fear of God. The awe and dread of all that spooky action at a distance. And the Devil was understood to be less an adversary than a particularly evil employee of God. He was that bastard in the Human Resources Department who looks for ways to screw with your life. Satan was real. And he wandered around each day with an eye out for opportunities to tempt ordinary people into sinning. And God allowed it. There was presumably a housing crisis in Heaven or something, and he let Satan roam the earth, tricking people out of their renting privileges in the afterlife. - Author: Warren Ellis
The Afterlife quotes by Warren Ellis
#47. Nirvana is this moment seen directly. There is no where else than here. The only gate is now. The only doorway is your own body and mind. There's nowhere to go. There's nothing else to be. There's no destination. It's not something to aim for in the afterlife. It's simply the quality of this moment. - Author: Gautama Buddha
The Afterlife quotes by Gautama Buddha
#48. As the days and the years of your life go by, I will keep watch over you, and when your blossom closes its petals, finally surrendering to the night, I will meet you at the dawn of your new existence and I will be your new guide in the afterlife. - Author: Colleen Houck
The Afterlife quotes by Colleen Houck
#49. The evening air was cool and slick tickling across her bare chest. She kneeled beside Guillermo's grave, and under her breath, for long minutes afterwards she mumbled prayers to guide him from the afterlife . . . She bent forward, bracing herself on her forearms, knees locked, ass hitched high like a puta patiently waiting to be mounted . . . Even before she finished [praying]. . . [h]e slid her pants down around her thighs; his fingers, feeling like they were coiled in tight, spiral vines brushed between her legs, making her whimper. - Author: Cèsar Sanchez Zapata Dia De LosMuertos
The Afterlife quotes by Cèsar Sanchez Zapata Dia De LosMuertos
#50. It is no coincidence that precisely when things started going downhill with the gods, politics gained its bliss-making character. There would be no reason for objecting to this, since the gods, too were not exactly fair. But at least people saw temples instead of termite architecture. Bliss is drawing closer; it is no longer in the afterlife, it will come, though not momentarily, sooner or later in the here and now - in time.
The anarch thinks more primitively; he refuses to give up any of his happiness. "Make thyself happy" is his basic law. It his response to the "Know thyself" at the temple of Apollo in Delphi. These two maxims complement each other; we must know our happiness and our measure. - Author: Ernst Junger
The Afterlife quotes by Ernst Junger
#51. From adult diapers to bedpans? Move over, Elvis, I'm the afterlife of the party! - Author: Rachel Vincent
The Afterlife quotes by Rachel Vincent
#52. Criticizing a person's ideas about God and the afterlife is thought to be impolitic in a way that criticizing his ideas about physics or history is not. - Author: Sam Harris
The Afterlife quotes by Sam Harris
#53. Ancient Egyptians believed that upon death they would be asked two questions and their answers would determine whether they could continue their journey in the afterlife. The first question was, 'Did you bring joy?' The second was, 'Did you find joy? - Author: Leo Buscaglia
The Afterlife quotes by Leo Buscaglia
#54. I think I do believe in the afterlife; I have heard stories from people who I can completely trust that have seen ghosts. - Author: Saoirse Ronan
The Afterlife quotes by Saoirse Ronan
#55. Dad passed away in 2000, but he visits me all the time. He comes to me in different ways. So I have that connection with him, and that comforts me, to know that in time I can come back and still have that with my kids. It's not unfamiliar to me, that connection with the afterlife. I know it's real; I experience it all the time. - Author: Deborah Mailman
The Afterlife quotes by Deborah Mailman
#56. Death comes to me again, a girl
in a cotton slip, barefoot, giggling.
It's not so terrible she tells me,
not like you think, all darkness
and silence. There are windchimes
and the smell of lemons, some days
it rains, but more often the air is dry
and sweet. I sit beneath the staircase
built from hair and bone and listen
to the voices of the living. I like it,
she says, shaking the dust from her hair,
especially when they fight, and when they sing. - Author: Dorianne Laux
The Afterlife quotes by Dorianne Laux
#57. I still think that maybe the "afterlife" is just something we made up to ease the pain of loss, to make our time in the labyrinth bearable. Maybe we are just matter, and matter gets recycled - Author: John Green
The Afterlife quotes by John Green
#58. I just bought some long-lasting deodorant. You know, for the afterlife. Eternity is a long time to have stinky armpits. - Author: Jarod Kintz
The Afterlife quotes by Jarod Kintz
#59. As C. S. Lewis says in The Great Divorce, if in this life you never say to God, "Thy will be done," then eventually God will say to you for the afterlife, "All right, then thy will be done." If you want freedom from God, you will quite justly get what you hope for. - Author: Timothy J. Keller
The Afterlife quotes by Timothy J. Keller
#60. You must understand that in the afterlife, our personalities reflect an adult situation anyway, so we can say for sure that there will be no children in hell. - Author: J.P. Moreland
The Afterlife quotes by J.P. Moreland
#61. People live their lives now in fear of the afterlife, and in the process, they forget that they are still alive! And for as long as you are alive, my friend, you have the chance to break free from any bondages whatsoever, that your fellow man has put you in. Your passion should not come from any one religion; your passion should come and should be fueled by, the fact that you are human and that you have been given this life to leave your stamp of beauty and of progress upon mankind! - Author: C. JoyBell C.
The Afterlife quotes by C. JoyBell C.
#62. When you have a regime that would be happier in the afterlife than in this life, this is not a regime that is subject to classic theories of deterrence. - Author: John Bolton
The Afterlife quotes by John Bolton
#63. I will take my leave of you, but I will remember you always because you are the ones who encouraged me and lifted me up high. I will remember you forever, forever, even in the afterlife. - Author: Samia Gamal
The Afterlife quotes by Samia Gamal
#64. King Edmund of East Anglia is now remembered as a saint, as one of those blessed souls who live forever in the shadow of God. Or so the priests tell me. In heaven, they say, the saints occupy a privileged place, living on the high platform of God's great hall where they spend their time singing God's praises. Forever. Just singing. Beocca always told me that it would be an ecstatic existence, but to me it seems very dull. The Danes reckon their dead warriors are carried to Valhalla, the corpse hall of Odin, where they spend their days fighting and their nights feasting and swiving, and I dare not tell the priests that this seems a far better way to endure the afterlife than singing to the sound of golden harps. I once asked a bishop whether there were any women in heaven. "Of course there are, my lord," he answered, happy that I was taking an interest in doctrine. "Many of the most blessed saints are women."

"I mean women we can hump, bishop."

He said he would pray for me. Perhaps he did. - Author: Bernard Cornwell
The Afterlife quotes by Bernard Cornwell
#65. I thought about the afterlife and wondered if people shared death stories. If so, i'd have the coolest story ever. You died in your sleep? Drunk driver? Cancer, huh? World War 2? Well... yeah, those deaths are great and all, but wit till I tell you what happened to me. Yeah... that's right... I said a kraken. - Author: Colleen Houck
The Afterlife quotes by Colleen Houck
#66. I thought at first she was just dead. Just darkness. Just a body being eaten by bugs. I thought about her a lot like that, as something's meal. What was her-green eyes, half a smirk, the soft curves of her legs-would soon be nothing, just the bones I never saw. I thought about the slow process of becoming bone and then fossil and then coal that will, in millions of years, be mined by humans of the future, and how they would their homes with her, and then she would be smoke billowing out of a smokestack, coating the atmosphere.

I still think that, sometimes. I still think that, sometimes, think that maybe "the afterlife" is just something we made up to ease the pain of loss, to make our time in the labyrinth bearable. Maybe she was just a matter, and matter gets recycled. - Author: John Green
The Afterlife quotes by John Green
#67. Housework hassles go on, are never resolved, and will probably extend into the afterlife ('Why am I the one who takes the clouds to the dry cleaners?'). - Author: Marni Jackson
The Afterlife quotes by Marni Jackson
#68. Okay," I confessed. "You got me. I don't want to die. I'm terrified of death. I fear there's nothing beyond it and that this existence is the only one I'll ever possess. That's why I'm here."
He patted my leg to give me reassurance. "That's why they're all here. Even the ones that believe in heaven and seventy-two virgins and every other good thing supposedly waiting for them in the afterlife. - Author: Drew Magary
The Afterlife quotes by Drew Magary
#69. A Knock On The Door

They ask me if I've ever thought about the end of
the world, and I say, "Come in, come in, let me
give you some lunch, for God's sake." After a few
bites it's the afterlife they want to talk about.
"Ouch," I say, "did you see that grape leaf
skeletonizer?" Then they're talking about
redemption and the chosen few sitting right by
His side. "Doing what?" I ask. "Just sitting?" I
am surrounded by burned up zombies. "Let's
have some lemon chiffon pie I bought yesterday
at the 3 Dog Bakery." But they want to talk about
my soul. I'm getting drowsy and see butterflies
everywhere. "Would you gentlemen like to take a
nap, I know I would." They stand and back away
from me, out the door, walking toward my
neighbors, a black cloud over their heads and
they see nothing without end. - Author: James Tate
The Afterlife quotes by James Tate
#70. I do not fear death. I fear dying before reaching my full potential. I dread setting my feet in the afterlife before I radiate all of the richness I have within, before exploring all of the opportunities life can offer me. - Author: Ahmed Ghrib
The Afterlife quotes by Ahmed Ghrib
#71. He'd never asked for an exciting life. What he really liked, what he sought on every occasion, was boredom. The trouble was that boredom tended to explode in your face. Just when he thought he'd found it he'd be suddenly involved in what he supposed other people - thoughtless, feckless people - would call an adventure. And he'd be forced to visit many strange lands and meet exotic and colourful people, although not for very long because usually he'd be running. He'd seen the creation of the universe, although not from a good seat, and had visited Hell and the afterlife. He'd been captured, imprisoned, rescued, lost and marooned. Sometimes it had all happened on the same day. - Author: Terry Pratchett
The Afterlife quotes by Terry Pratchett
#72. I remember watching Mel Gibson on some show once, and he was being asked about his belief in the afterlife. Gibson said: 'Well, I can't believe this is all there is'. And I thought: 'Wait a minute. You're Mel Gibson. You have millions of dollars. You're a great-looking chap with every conceivable blessing that could be bestowed upon a man. And that's not good enough ?' - Author: Hugh Laurie
The Afterlife quotes by Hugh Laurie
#73. I tend to believe in the traditional architecture of life and the afterlife. This world is a journey of discovery and purification. The next world consists of two destinations: One is a palace for the spirit and an endless kingdom of wonder, while the other is cold and dark and unthinkable. - Author: Dean Koontz
The Afterlife quotes by Dean Koontz
#74. In The Highland Book of Platitudes, Marlais, there's an entry that reads, "Not all ghosts earn our memory in equal measure." I think about this sometimes. I think especially about the word "earn," because it implies an ongoing willful effort on the part of the dead, so that if you believe the platitude, you have to believe in the afterlife, don't you? Following that line of thought, there seem to be certain people - call them ghosts - with the ability to insinuate themselves into your life with more belligerence and exactitude than others - it's their employment and expertise. - Author: Howard Norman
The Afterlife quotes by Howard Norman
#75. The whites who administered Native American subjugation claimed to be recruiting the Indians to join them in a truer, more coherent worldview - but whether it was about spirituality and the afterlife, the role of women, the nature of glaciers, the age of the world, or the theory of evolution, these white Victorians were in a world topsy-turvy with change, uncertainty and controversy. Deference was paid to Christianity and honest agricultural toil, but more than few questioned the former, and most, as the gold rushes, confidence men, and lionized millionaires proved, would gladly escape the latter. So the attempt to make Indians into Christian agriculturists was akin to those contemporary efforts whereby charities send cast-off clothing to impoverished regions: the Indians were being handed a system that was worn out ... - Author: Rebecca Solnit
The Afterlife quotes by Rebecca Solnit
#76. In the world of oratory, the cunning atheist declares himself a believer so as to preserve access to the rich fund of tales from religious texts and to powerful concepts like God, fate, angels, the soul, & the afterlife. - Author: Agona Apell
The Afterlife quotes by Agona Apell
#77. From conversations with her husband she was aware that the static came from a number of sources such as the atmosphere, other electrical equipment and even, incredibly, an amount from the noise of radiation emitted in the origin of the universe's Big Bang. To her however, it was the sounds of the souls of countless millions of people who had perished in this international disaster, brushing past her in the ether on their way to the afterlife. - Author: Antony J. Stanton
The Afterlife quotes by Antony J. Stanton
#78. The afterlife looks different to every soul," he said, "depending on whatthey believe. For that guy, Egypt must've made a strong impression when he was young , maybe."
"And if someone doesn't believe in any afterlife?" i asked.
Walt gave me a sad look. "Then that's what they experience. - Author: Rick Riordan
The Afterlife quotes by Rick Riordan
#79. Don't tell me," I snickered. "You're in a club that gathers together like raving Trekkies to share secrets of the afterlife. I bet you even have an Enigma CD you crank up to get in the mood." "Don't be silly." His face lit up with an enormous grin. "We listen to Enya, not Enigma. - Author: J.A. Saare
The Afterlife quotes by J.A. Saare
#80. People only get in the afterlife what they have most wanted-either to have God as Savior and Master or to be their own Saviors and Masters. - Author: Timothy Keller
The Afterlife quotes by Timothy Keller
#81. I think someone could be near on at their deathbed, barely able to get out of bed in their final throes, and still not be able to resist the smell of frying bacon and hot coffee on a wet morning. They would postpone the afterlife for one last breakfast; - Author: Michael Hiebert
The Afterlife quotes by Michael Hiebert
#82. The first things I saw upon dying were Persephone's breasts and nipples. Or at least one nipple, but there was definitely a nipple.
Something seemed wrong about that being the first thing I saw in the afterlife. - Author: Jennifer L. Armentrout
The Afterlife quotes by Jennifer L. Armentrout
#83. Revenge requires taking oneself apart from the noise of men and of things, even from what resembles them; only the twisted soul remains. The consequences of my actions can not be remedied nor can they be wiped away. Eight deaths I must atone for in the afterlife. I'm cursed in both worlds. But one more job and my obligation ends. One more kill and I am free. – Akira Sato, Twisted Threads - Author: Kaylin McFarren
The Afterlife quotes by Kaylin McFarren
#84. She was pretty sure that if you died in the South, you'd have a layover in Atlanta before you reached the afterlife. - Author: Ilona Andrews
The Afterlife quotes by Ilona Andrews
#85. What's that map?" I asked.
"Spells of Coming Forth by Day," he said. "Don't worry. It's a good copy."
I looked at Carter for a translation.
"Most people call it The Book of the Dead," he told me. "Rich Egyptians were always buried with a copy, so they could have directions through the Duat to the Land of the Dead. It's like an Idiot's Guide to the Afterlife."
The captain hummed indignantly. "I am no idiot, Lord Kane."
"No, no, I just meant ... " Carter's voice faltered. "Uh, what is that? - Author: Rick Riordan
The Afterlife quotes by Rick Riordan
#86. RIDER FOR THE FUNERAL OF AMY SCHUMER: . . . The actual body of AMY SCHUMER should be propped up on a chair in the northwest corner of the room, wearing aviator sunglasses and her trusted snow hat that reads, 'No Coffee, No Workee," a motto in life that she will continue to stand by in the afterlife. - Author: Amy Schumer
The Afterlife quotes by Amy Schumer
#87. Such growth will move humans into ever-higher energy states, ultimately transforming our bodies into spiritual form and uniting this dimension of existence with the afterlife dimension, ending the cycle of birth and death. - Author: James Redfield
The Afterlife quotes by James Redfield
#88. The living are made of nothing but flaws. The dead, with each passing day in the afterlife, become more and more impeccable to those who remain earthbound. - Author: Anna Godbersen
The Afterlife quotes by Anna Godbersen
#89. I think you should enjoy this life that you are given on this earth because we really don't know what it is in the afterlife. We can definitely prove that this life is this life here because we wake up every day and do the same thing that we do. - Author: Charlie Benante
The Afterlife quotes by Charlie Benante
#90. The banana flavour of his accidental conception, and the banana theme of his accidental death, now all seemed to conspire against him and rather suggest the universe, Mr Fate or whoever did have some sort of master plan after all. Despite all his earlier conjecturing, maybe the universe, Mr Fate or whoever was laughing its fat and meddling head at him. The outlandish evidence did seem to speak for itself, truly suggesting a mocking narrative devised by some mischievous author because quite simply a banana condom had brought Midnight into the world and a banana skin had seen him out. Putting those two seeming truths together, Midnight was once again forced to ask such confused and searching questions like:
What is this place, where am I heading? And what's the deal with all the ruddy bananas? - Author: Tom Conrad
The Afterlife quotes by Tom Conrad
#91. Phoebe asked me, "Tell me, what do you think of the afterlife?"
I was a bit nonplussed. I had no idea what she thought, but I knew that the question must be of greater interest to someone of her age than to me. But our conversation had been completely honest, and before I could speak, honesty and tact had joined hands in my answer. "I have no faith at all," I said, "but sometimes I have hope."
I rather think," she replied, "that total annihilation is the most comfortable position."
I was shaken. The horse clopped on. The children laughed behind us.
When I die," she said, "I don't expect to see any of my loved ones again. I'll just become a part of all this." She waved her hand at the surrounding countryside. "That's all right with me. - Author: Sena Jeter Naslund
The Afterlife quotes by Sena Jeter Naslund
#92. I wondered if I might be dead, and I felt no sorrow, only worry over the afterlife, if it was going to be just like this, just as boring. If I'm dead, I thought, let this be the end. The silliness. - Author: Ottessa Moshfegh
The Afterlife quotes by Ottessa Moshfegh
#93. There was no attack on religion because people were generally indifferent to religion. They were neither hot nor cold. They were the tepid, the materialistic, who hoped that by Sunday churchgoing they would be taking care of the afterlife, if there were an afterlife. Meanwhile they would get everything they could in this. - Author: Dorothy Day
The Afterlife quotes by Dorothy Day
#94. This is what is meant by last words: they are keys to unlock the afterlife. They're not last words but passwords, and as soon as they're spoken you can go. - Author: Daniel Wallace
The Afterlife quotes by Daniel Wallace
#95. I had a vision of the afterlife of Homo sapiens: I saw a galactic ice sheet so vast and barren that, stumbling through the cold, you might only encounter another soul once in a lifetime. But this is eternity, a billion lifetimes, and though you walk endlessly alone, eventually you'll cross paths with everyone you lost touch with, every person who stood beside you in a grocery line, every distant uncle and forgotten friend, every human that's ever been. You walk and walk and fall and walk again, and when, at last, you near the warmth of another human heart, regardless of their race or language, age or appearance, you clutch them for all you're worth. The - Author: Adam Johnson
The Afterlife quotes by Adam Johnson
#96. We can be rescued from Hell only on this side of life, not in the afterlife. - Author: Billy Graham
The Afterlife quotes by Billy Graham
#97. the rest are secrets save for oriole which is a color in the afterlife - Author: Donald Revell
The Afterlife quotes by Donald Revell
#98. When he got to the afterlife, after that particular Polish life, Milo found that Suzie had a perfect copy of the entire pornography collection.
"You risked your life for this?" she asked.
The expressions on her face were dramatic and varied widely. Some of the drawings and photographs were quite surprising. Some of them involved ponies.
"When people try to destroy art or thought," Milo explained, "it makes all forms of art and thought valuable. It's a slippery slope once we start saying what people should or shouldn't use. It's a real evil, a thing with substance and power. I was helping to preserve people's chance to see and to choose."
"I see," she whispered. "I understand."
For a solid month, every time he turned around she had one of those books open.
"I'm fighting evil." she'd say.
"Rozumiem," he'd answer, in Polish. "I understand. - Author: Michael Poore
The Afterlife quotes by Michael Poore
#99. Even by the end of the seventeenth century, fifty years before our starting point, there was no shortage of people in Europe who felt that the Christian religion had been gravely discredited. Protestants and Catholics had been killing each other in the hundreds of thousands, or millions, for holding opinions that no one could prove one way or the other. The observations of Kepler and Galileo transformed man's view of the heavens, and the flood of discoveries from the New World promoted an interest in the diversity of customs and beliefs found on the other side of the Atlantic. It was obvious to many that God favored diversity over uniformity and that Christianity and Christian concepts - like the soul and a concentration on the afterlife - were not necessarily crucial elements since so many lived without them. - Author: Peter Watson
The Afterlife quotes by Peter Watson
#100. The obsession with the afterlife is born of a panic at not having memories of a before-life. - Author: Dean Cavanagh
The Afterlife quotes by Dean Cavanagh
#101. When you look at what C.S. Lewis is saying, his message is so anti-life, so cruel, so unjust. The view that the Narnia books have for the material world is one of almost undisguised contempt. At one point, the old professor says, 'It's all in Plato' - meaning that the physical world we see around us is the crude, shabby, imperfect, second-rate copy of something much better. I want to emphasize the simple physical truth of things, the absolute primacy of the material life, rather than the spiritual or the afterlife.

[The New York Times interview, 2000] - Author: Philip Pullman
The Afterlife quotes by Philip Pullman
#102. Animals are not supposed to have the power to reason and therefore don't care whether there is life after death. But imagine animals trying to cheer themselves up in the same way that our own ancestors did when faced with death, by believing that there is life after death. How would they resolve the problem that in the afterlife they might once more be eaten by man? - Author: Pramoedya Ananta Toer
The Afterlife quotes by Pramoedya Ananta Toer
#103. Your pets can feel your grief after they pass away but it will not harm them or keep them from continuing on their journey in the afterlife. - Author: Karen A. Anderson
The Afterlife quotes by Karen A. Anderson
#104. Sonny pulled Lucky up short and swung around to face Fennrys. I'm not afraid to die. I just don't want to die surprised. And I swear to all the gods, if the last thought that goes through my mind is 'What the hell was that?' I will hunt you down in the afterlife and punch you in the face throughout eternity. - Author: Lesley Livingston
The Afterlife quotes by Lesley Livingston
#105. I had to get rid of any idea of hell or any idea of the afterlife. That's what held me, kept me down. So now I just have nothing but contempt for the institution of the church. - Author: Frank McCourt
The Afterlife quotes by Frank McCourt
#106. When I began writing The Night Bookmobile, it was a story about a woman's secret life as a reader. As I worked it also became a story about the claims that books place on their readers, the imbalance between our inner and outer lives, a cautionary tale of the seductions of the written word. It became a vision of the afterlife as a library, of heaven as a funky old camper filled with everything you've ever read. What is this heaven? What is it we desire from the hours, weeks, lifetimes we devote to books? What would you sacrifice to sit in that comfy chair with perfect light for an afternoon in eternity, reading the perfect book, forever? - Author: Audrey Niffenegger
The Afterlife quotes by Audrey Niffenegger
#107. humour
is water of the afterlife
mixed with the wine of this life - Author: Jean Arp
The Afterlife quotes by Jean Arp
#108. Life itself means to separate and to be reunited, to change form and condition, to die and to be reborn. It is to act and to cease, to wait and to rest, and then to begin acting again, but in a different way. And there are always new thresholds to cross: the threshold of summer and winter, of season or a year, of a month of a night; the thresholds of birth, adolescence, maturity and old age; the threshold of death and that of the afterlife -- for those who believe in it. - Author: Arnold Van Gennep
The Afterlife quotes by Arnold Van Gennep
#109. The idea of quick methods to success in this life or the Afterlife is a deception, unrealistic and unislamic. - Author: Abu Muawiyah Ismail Kamdar
The Afterlife quotes by Abu Muawiyah Ismail Kamdar
#110. My life will never be extravagant; it will be simple, but I promise it will be filled with love, laughter, and stars released from jars, when I catch enough fireflies. ~Elijah Dirk "Epitaphs from the Afterlife - Author: Autumn Rosen
The Afterlife quotes by Autumn Rosen
#111. I reached out blindly, clasped a warm hand, faded from life and into peace.
Well, that was what was supposed to happen ... Except an annoying, distracting tug kept pulling and yanking ...
When I woke, I thought I had overcome the pull and stayed in the afterlife. Whiteness billowed over me in soft waves. My body was cushioned and cocooned in warmth. I stretched my legs and then tried to raise my arms, but my left arm wouldn't budge. Rolling over, I encountered a number of very unpleasant realities.
I was alive. I was in a room. I was naked except for a blood-stained bandage wrapped tight around my stomach. Kerrick lay beside me. And his hand trapped mine.
Kill. Me. Now. - Author: Maria V. Snyder
The Afterlife quotes by Maria V. Snyder
#112. You are the closest I will ever come to heaven, either here on Earth or in the afterlife, and I will not regret it, not even at the cost of your tears.
So I go to my grave an unrepentant sinner, I'm afraid. There is no use in mourning one such as I, dearest ...
-Simon to Lucy in a letter before the last duel. - Author: Elizabeth Hoyt
The Afterlife quotes by Elizabeth Hoyt
#113. The riot had taken on a beauty of its own now. Arcs of gasoline fire under the crescent moon. Crimson tracer in mystical parabolas. Phosphorescence from the barrels of plastic bullet guns. A distant yelling like that of men below decks in a torpedoed prison ship. The scarlet whoosh of Molotovs intersecting with exacting surfaces. Helicopters everywhere: their spotlights finding one another like lovers in the Afterlife.
And all this through a lens of oleaginous Belfast rain. - Author: Adrian McKinty
The Afterlife quotes by Adrian McKinty
#114. I still think that, sometimes, think
that maybe "the afterlife" is just something we made up to ease the pain of loss, to make our time in the labyrinth bearable. - Author: John Green
The Afterlife quotes by John Green
#115. She stood beside me for years, or was it a moment? I cannot remember. Maybe I loved her, maybe I didn't. There was a house, and then no house. There were trees, but none remain. When no one remembers, what is there? You, whose moments are gone, who drift like smoke in the afterlife, tell me something, tell me anything. - Author: Mark Strand
The Afterlife quotes by Mark Strand
#116. Whether or not Project Gilgamesh succeeds, from a historical perspective it is fascinating to see that most late-modern religions and ideologies have already taken death and the afterlife out of the equation. Until the eighteenth century, religions considered death and its aftermath central to the meaning of life. Beginning in the eighteenth century, religions and ideologies such as liberalism, socialism and feminism lost all interest in the afterlife. - Author: Yuval Noah Harari
The Afterlife quotes by Yuval Noah Harari
#117. I believe that everybody, whether you believe in the afterlife or the chance of a near-death experience and you come back and you see someone [on the other side] - whether that has happened or not, I don't know, but certainly everyone has thought about it at some point or another in time. It's a fantasy that if there is anything out there like that, it would be just terrific, but that remains to be seen. - Author: Clint Eastwood
The Afterlife quotes by Clint Eastwood
#118. I want to sit around a fire with rascals and bank robbers and ex-prisoners and Gypsies and Gurkhas and Aztecs and Apaches and talk about the afterlife and Voodoo and Witchcraft and prophesies and genius and star clusters.

I want to sit with these people and discuss their anxieties and indecisions and what scares them.

And I want to laugh at our spontaneity. - Author: Karl Wiggins
The Afterlife quotes by Karl Wiggins
#119. Life is a " vale of tears" a period of trial and suffering, an unpleasant but necessary preparation for the afterlife where alone man could expect to enjoy happiness - Archibald T. MacAllister (The Inferno; Dante Alighieri translated by John Ciardi) - Author: Dante Alighieri
The Afterlife quotes by Dante Alighieri
#120. While many ethnic and religious groups are mainly focused on the afterlife and downplaying this world, Jews view wealth and success as a blessing and gift from God. - Author: H.W. Charles
The Afterlife quotes by H.W. Charles
#121. The question that must be asked is if we are judged when we are in the process of moving from the nowlife to the afterlife, why aren't we judged or split up when we are moving from the beforelife to the nowlife. - Author: M.B. Julien
The Afterlife quotes by M.B. Julien
#122. It is our diffidence about the afterlife that leads us to religion - Author: Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
The Afterlife quotes by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
#123. I'm raising the question of whether focusing on the afterlife beyond history can unintentionally but tragically lead to the abandonment of this earth and this life. - Author: Brian D. McLaren
The Afterlife quotes by Brian D. McLaren
#124. Tiny: did someone die?
me: yeah, i did.
he smiles again at that.
tiny: well, then ... welcome to the afterlife. - Author: David Levithan
The Afterlife quotes by David Levithan
#125. I have a novel that I can write. It's about three soldiers from Somalia. Some babies have been disappearing up on 144th Street, and I speculate later on what happened to them and how they might have been got back. These guys are dead, all three, and they have a chance in the afterlife to do something they should have done when they were alive. - Author: Gil Scott-Heron
The Afterlife quotes by Gil Scott-Heron
#126. I am travelling with this mystique myself, I know. It has grown out of childhood, and adolescent reading. This looking-glass Tibet is a realm of ancient learning lost to the rest of the world, ruled by a lineage of monks who are reincarnations of divinity. Recessed beyond the greatest mountain barrier on earth, in plateaux of cold purity, it floats in its own time. It is a land forbidden to intruders not by human agency but by some mystical interdiction. So it resonates like the memory of something lost, a survival from a purer time, less a country than a region in the mind. Perhaps it holds the keys to the afterlife - Author: Colin Thubron
The Afterlife quotes by Colin Thubron
#127. Likewise the leader of any state has to do the same, he has to enforce Shariah firmly, for he will be held in account later in the afterlife if he fails. - Author: Abu Bakar Bashir
The Afterlife quotes by Abu Bakar Bashir
#128. There's already been some trouble for Osama bin Laden in the afterlife. There was a mix up and he was greeted by 72 vegans. - Author: David Letterman
The Afterlife quotes by David Letterman
#129. Tension means hurry, fear, doubt. Tension means a constant effort to protect, to be secure, to be safe. Tension means preparing for the tomorrow now, or for the afterlife - afraid tomorrow you will not be able to face the reality, so be prepared. Tension means the past that you have not lived really but only somehow bypassed; it hangs, it is a hangover, it surrounds you. - Author: Rajneesh
The Afterlife quotes by Rajneesh
#130. The afterlife is to die for. - Author: John S. Weiss
The Afterlife quotes by John S. Weiss
#131. I don't believe in the afterlife, so I do think when somebody passes, it's worthy of note. - Author: Harvey Fierstein
The Afterlife quotes by Harvey Fierstein
#132. My father could out-weather anybody. Like people anywhere, there were times when it was the only topic where people here felt comfortably expressive, and my father could go on earnestly, seemingly forever. When the current weather was exhausted, there was all the weather that had occurred in recorded history, weather lived through or witnessed by a relative, or even heard about on the news. Catastrophic weather of all types. And when that was done, there was all the weather that might possibly occur in the future. I'd even heard him speculate about weather in the afterlife. - Author: Louise Erdrich
The Afterlife quotes by Louise Erdrich
#133. The afterlife is not so much a place but rather what happens to me, to the others left behind, after Ben's life. - Author: Sophie Hardcastle
The Afterlife quotes by Sophie Hardcastle
#134. She had seen it done. Wherever they glittered in the afterlife – flying among the high rafters of heaven, swimming with her mother in an undersea cave – she hoped the tigers had known it, and roared. - Author: Leslie Parry
The Afterlife quotes by Leslie Parry
#135. It might be a long trip, so be careful not to wear your shoes out: you might need them in the afterlife. - Author: Francis Bacon
The Afterlife quotes by Francis Bacon
#136. He tells people that they can no more expect justice in the afterlife than in the mortal plane, but he doesn't do this to dissuade them from worshipping God; on the contrary, he encourages them to do so. What he insists on is that they not love God under a misapprehension, that if they wish to love God, they be prepared to do so no matter His intentions. God is not just, God is not kind, God is not merciful, and understanding that is essential to true devotion. - Author: Ted Chiang
The Afterlife quotes by Ted Chiang
#137. The overarching message of Boqol Sawm was that this life is temporary. If you lived outside the dictates of the Prophet you would burn in hell for the duration of your real life, the afterlife. But if you lived righteously, Allah would reward you in paradise. And men in particular would receive special blessings if they became warriors for Allah. - Author: Ayaan Hirsi Ali
The Afterlife quotes by Ayaan Hirsi Ali
#138. If the afterlife really is a big war," Kaladin said, "then I hope I end up in Damnation. At least there I might be able to get a wink or two of sleep. - Author: Brandon Sanderson
The Afterlife quotes by Brandon Sanderson
#139. I want to know what's coming in the afterlife
before I sign off on arguments
in the kitchen & the sight of him
fleeing to the car
once he sees how far & wide,
how dark & deep
this frigid female mind can go. - Author: Analicia Sotelo
The Afterlife quotes by Analicia Sotelo
#140. Which was why the Sadducees in particular were so infuriated with this sect, Ezra realized. The Sadducees were convinced the afterlife did not exist at all. Man lived, man died. The candle was snuffed out. Finished. A very Greek philosophy, it was one that found favor only with the highly educated, the rich, the well traveled. The average Judean despised the Sadducees for this and for how they had allied themselves with the Romans. - Author: Janette Oke
The Afterlife quotes by Janette Oke
#141. My father took my hand and said, "let's go. What happened next was magical and beyond my wildest expectations. - Author: Stephen Joseph Mitskavich
The Afterlife quotes by Stephen Joseph Mitskavich
#142. I never trust the airlines from those countries where the pilots believe in the afterlife. You are safer when they don't. - Author: Muriel Spark
The Afterlife quotes by Muriel Spark
#143. I have seen people paralyze their entire existence around that greatest of mysteries, shaping their every movement, their every word, in a desperate attempt to find the answers to the unanswerable. They fool themselves, either through their interpretations of ancient texts or through some obscure sign from a natural event, into believing that they have found the ultimate truth, and thus, if they behave accordingly concerning that truth, they will surely be rewarded in the afterlife. This must be the greatest manifestation of that fear of death, the errant belief that we can somehow shape and decorate eternity itself, that we can curtain its windows and place its furniture in accordance with our own desperate desires.

Perhaps the greatest evil I see in this existence is when supposedly holy men prey upon the basic fears of death of the common folk to take from them. 'Give to the church!' they cry. 'Only then will you find salvation!'. Even more subtle are the many religions that do not directly ask for a person's coin, but insist that anyone of goodly and godly heart who is destined for their particular description of heaven, would willingly give that coin over.

And of course, the world is ripe with 'Doomsdayers'. people who claim that the end of the world is at hand, and cry for repentance and for almost slavish dedication.

I can only look on it all and sigh, for as death is the greatest mystery, so it is the most personal of revelations. W - Author: R.A. Salvatore
The Afterlife quotes by R.A. Salvatore
#144. The heaven-and-hell framework has four central elements: the afterlife, sin and forgiveness, Jesus's dying for our sins, and believing. - Author: Marcus J. Borg
The Afterlife quotes by Marcus J. Borg
#145. I could have said something profound, but you would have forgotten it in 15 minutes - which is the afterlife of a graduation speech. - Author: Art Buchwald
The Afterlife quotes by Art Buchwald
#146. He would have died rather quickly to not lose track of his wife in the afterlife. - Author: Laura Gentile
The Afterlife quotes by Laura   Gentile
#147. Ideas should be freely and dispassionately considered on their own merits, since after all, one generation's heretic is another generation's hero. Mystics like the Ramchal disagreed with rationalists like the Rambam on what exactly is the highest mode of being. The Rambam believed that the ultimate existence is purely spiritual, in Olam HaBah, while the Ramchal believed it to be corporeal resurrection in this world.1 In his time, the Ramchal was labeled a heretic and had his works burned by fellow Jews, but nevertheless lives on today as one of the most respected Jewish philosophers in history. The Rambam before him suffered the same fate, not just for his views on the afterlife, in which corporeal resurrection only played a minor role, but also for his "radical" belief that God does not have a body. It seems possible that his debate may find a sister in modern times: I would not be surprised if future generations view the figurative nature of Olam HaBah with the same certainty as modern Jews now view the Rambam's "heresy" about the nature of God. Because frankly, these Talmudic passages make no sense unless viewed as metaphor, and the Rambam provides a kind of Rabbinic precedent to do so. It is precisely the same dialectic: as our scientific view of reality expands and sharpens, our religious teachings must evolve and conform. If the evidence confirms a literal reading, then so be it. If it refutes it, then so be it. Truth is truth, and we must cherish our integrity just as - Author: Shmuel Pernicone
The Afterlife quotes by Shmuel Pernicone
#148. It was a short session of the simple being-ness that he had long coveted for The Afterlife. What Glynis had called "doing nothing," The smelling and seeing and hearing and small noticings of sheer animal presence in the world surely constituted activity of a sort, perhaps the most important kind. This was a form of companionship that he'd been especially cherishing with Glynis of late: devoid of conversation, but so surprising in its contrast to being by yourself. - Author: Lionel Shriver
The Afterlife quotes by Lionel Shriver
#149. The afterlife I'm not so sure about. So, I don't understand why you'd want to hurt other people in thinking that you'll go on in the afterlife to have bliss. I just don't understand it. - Author: Charlie Benante
The Afterlife quotes by Charlie Benante
#150. He took me down and out into the afterlife of the brightly lit streets, a haze of rain around each streetlight like a galaxy, the whole street a universe spread out like a banquet. - Author: Michael Montoure
The Afterlife quotes by Michael Montoure
#151. We neither fear death nor look forward to it, but revere it as a most exalted experience. Life, death and the afterlife are all part of our path to perfect oneness with God. - Author: Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami
The Afterlife quotes by Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami
#152. Singularity is seen as an event horizon. There's everything that comes before it and everything that comes after it and never the twain shall meet, in much the same way that Judeo-Christian theology presents its notion of the afterlife - there's a very clear and impermeable demarcation there. - Author: Ron Currie Jr.
The Afterlife quotes by Ron Currie Jr.
#153. It is harder in many ways to live in the middle than at the edges. Much harder to interpret as you see fit, because then you have no assurance you are doing right in the eyes of God, no confidence you will be rewarded in the afterlife - Author: Camilla Gibb
The Afterlife quotes by Camilla Gibb
#154. This concept of the afterlife really functions as a substitute for wisdom. It functions as a substitute for really absorbing our predicament, which is that everyone is going to die; there are circumstances that are just catastrophically unfair; evil sometimes wins and injustice sometimes wins, and that the only justice we are going to find in the world is the justice we make.
We have an ethical responsibility to absorb this, really down to the soles of our feet. And this notion of an afterlife, of how it's all going to work out and its all part of god's plan, is a way of shirking that responsibility. - Author: Sam Harris
The Afterlife quotes by Sam Harris
#155. I don't believe in any particular definition of the afterlife, but I do believe we're spiritual creatures and more than our biology and that energy cannot be destroyed, but can change. I don't know what the afterlife is going to be, but I'm not afraid of it. - Author: Alan Ball
The Afterlife quotes by Alan Ball
#156. The practice of designing gardens had originated in the temples of China, where the work was done by monks. Gardens were created to approximate the idea of a paradise in the afterlife. - Author: Tan Twan Eng
The Afterlife quotes by Tan Twan Eng
#157. You think the world is one way, then you find out it's much bigger and stranger than you ever imagined. If you can't expand your thinking, you're not going to do well in the afterlife. - Author: Rick Riordan
The Afterlife quotes by Rick Riordan
#158. It's an insidious idea, this notion that there is life after death. The promise of a reward in the afterlife has been used as an excuse to deny help to the poor, helpless and oppressed; to explain away human misery rather than deal with it. It is an idea that is used to encourage young men and women to kill themselves, and others, so that they can become martyrs. It allows victims of injustice to be told not to worry because justice will be done in the afterlife. It depresses me to think that so many people on the planet live their lives with this notion. Can we truly fulfill our potential as a species as long as we hold on to, and encourage, the perpetuation of the lie of life after death? - Author: Alom Shaha
The Afterlife quotes by Alom Shaha
#159. What wise God would consign a man to Hell for ignorance, instead of teaching him better in the afterlife? - Author: Marion Zimmer Bradley
The Afterlife quotes by Marion Zimmer Bradley
#160. Politicians will promise some pretty ridiculous things. They will promise a chicken in every pot. They'll promise that they'll keep Social Security solvent. They'll promise drugs for old people. They'll promise lots of stuff. But it doesn't come near the kind of promises that religion makes. The Mormons promise that if you're good while you're on Earth, you get to rule over your own planet in the afterlife. Now, there's an entitlement that goes a little bit beyond prescription drugs for old people. - Author: Bill Maher
The Afterlife quotes by Bill Maher
#161. Reuben says in many cultures, the wedding ceremony and all of it's rituals are much the same as a funeral: a transition into another phase of life.
It is like dying and being reborn, if you believe in the afterlife. If you don't believe in an afterlife, then you are toast - Author: Suzanne Finnamore
The Afterlife quotes by Suzanne Finnamore
#162. Every religion is just a different interpretation of nature, but many people have strong beliefs in a religion they seem to know nothing about. If this applies to you, stop and think for a moment. Do you really believe what you have been taught, or have you just accepted an opinion that the majority of people around you share? Do you think your religion is the truth, or do you fear that if it is the truth and you do not believe it, that you will be punished in the afterlife? - Author: Joseph P. Kauffman
The Afterlife quotes by Joseph P. Kauffman
#163. The workman cut to the left, still laying on his horn, and roared around the drunkenly weaving limousine. He invited the driver of the limo to perform an illegal sex act on himself. To engage in oral congress with various rodents and birds. He articulated his own proposal that all persons of Negro blood return to their native continent. He expressed his sincere belief in the position the limo driver's soul would occupy in the afterlife. He finished by saying that he believed he had met the limodriver's mother in a New Orleans house of prostitution. - Author: Stephen King
The Afterlife quotes by Stephen King
#164. Pets in the Afterlife [10w]
All dogs go to heaven;
all iguanas go to hell. - Author: Beryl Dov
The Afterlife quotes by Beryl Dov
#165. What I'm talking about here, by the way, is salvation. The latin root, salve, means 'health.' The Teutonic cognates 'health' and 'holy' share the same root. Being agnostic about the afterlife, I look for salvation here - not to be saved from life, but to be saved by life, in life, for life. - Author: Forrest Church
The Afterlife quotes by Forrest Church
#166. We have no reliable guarantee that the afterlife will be any less exasperating than this one, have we? - Author: Noel Coward
The Afterlife quotes by Noel Coward
#167. If I lie down on my bed I must be here,
But if I lie down in my grave I may be elsewhere. - Author: Stevie Smith
The Afterlife quotes by Stevie Smith
#168. I finally decided that people believed in an afterlife because they couldn't bear not to. three - Author: John Green
The Afterlife quotes by John Green
#169. My children didn't when they were little because I thought that they had to be of a certain age. I hoped they liked me well enough not to want to see me in that sort of a spot. - Author: Fay Wray
The Afterlife quotes by Fay Wray
#170. How easy it would be just to let go, to go willingly into all that wonderful energy. - Author: Adrienne Wilder
The Afterlife quotes by Adrienne Wilder
#171. Faith is, by its very definition, belief without proof. - Author: Stephen King
The Afterlife quotes by Stephen King
#172. I don't know what happens after we die. It doesn't seem to me like there can be much past this. But I suppose I can conceive that what we make and do can last beyond us. Maybe in a different place, on another plane. - Author: Ally Condie
The Afterlife quotes by Ally Condie
#173. Can I ask you about Caroline Mathers?"
"And you say there's no afterlife. - Author: John Green
The Afterlife quotes by John Green
#174. There is a sort of mental treason
That smothers dreams outside of reason - Author: Mike Corbett
The Afterlife quotes by Mike Corbett
#175. I wouldn't call us henchmen.'
'Then what's m job title?'
Anne thought this over for a moment. 'Trainee With Afterlife Transition Senses.'
'That spells T.W.A.T.S'
'Does it?' Anne asked innocently. - Author: Dave Turner
The Afterlife quotes by Dave Turner
#176. I believe that no matter what happens, or where we go, or if there's an afterlife, that we'll always be connected. Not even death can make me forget you, or forget that I love you. - Author: J.A. Redmerski
The Afterlife quotes by J.A. Redmerski
#177. Sometimes things go wrong. You need to accept that. You need to know that you will be okay. You're amazing. You can have an amazing life if you choose to live it. - Author: Trish Marie Dawson
The Afterlife quotes by Trish Marie Dawson
#178. I would like to believe in an afterlife; it makes things more palatable. But I'm not banking on it. - Author: Jarvis Cocker
The Afterlife quotes by Jarvis Cocker
#179. I will miss her dearly, and I hope that she is up in heaven right now watching us and smiling, even though deep down I know that if there is an afterlife, she's a pretty much open-and-shut case for hell. - Author: Mindy Kaling
The Afterlife quotes by Mindy Kaling
#180. Once you die, that's it – game over. - Author: Abhijit Naskar
The Afterlife quotes by Abhijit Naskar
#181. What if life after death is all based within memory: you die, and you don't ascend on a bed of clouds to Jesus, but your brain has a terrain that it can use to propel itself further. It's more of a theoretical afterlife. If that's true, all of these theoretical afterlives of people could potentially interact or network. That space seems way more powerful and exciting than reality. This potential boundlessness is more of what god is to me. - Author: Blake Butler
The Afterlife quotes by Blake Butler
#182. Life's short when compared to eternity, but eternity is only worth it because of life. - Author: Scott Thompson
The Afterlife quotes by Scott Thompson
#183. Kill him with your blessings of healing. - Author: H. L. Balcomb
The Afterlife quotes by H. L. Balcomb
#184. Work for your terrestrial life in proportion to your location in it, and work for your afterlife in proportion to your eternity in it. - Author: Al-Ghazali
The Afterlife quotes by Al-Ghazali
#185. How do you convince someone they're not thinking clearly, when they're not thinking clearly? What we're actually saying is no magic, no afterlife, no higher moral authoritative father-figure, no security, and no happy ever after. This is a tough sell. - Author: Phil Plait
The Afterlife quotes by Phil Plait
#186. We are such skeptics that we find it difficult to believe in God and angels and a spiritual afterlife, but a moment of fear makes our spirit so vulnerable that it allows us to believe in something beyond that. - Author: Guillermo Del Toro
The Afterlife quotes by Guillermo Del Toro
#187. That was a double negative, Jemail. By saying that you haven't seen nobody, you're actually saying that you have seen somebody. - Author: Michael Monroe
The Afterlife quotes by Michael Monroe
#188. Humanism inspires a lot of enthusiasm for everyday life and urges people to be better to one another, to work towards a better future and a common good. If I believed there was an afterlife I would have so much less motive for filling this life with every experience that is offered up to me. - Author: Stephen Fry
The Afterlife quotes by Stephen Fry
#189. And here we see again that we do not decide our own lives. Dieneke, even if we won't see each other again on earth, we will never be sorry for what we did, that we took this stand. - Author: Diet Eman
The Afterlife quotes by Diet Eman
#190. Ask very pointed questions. Sharp as sword blades, or laser blasts, if you catch my meaning. - Author: Michael Monroe
The Afterlife quotes by Michael Monroe
#191. Heaven is spectacular, some would say paradise. A magnificent city surrounded by walls of gold and rainbow paths all dazzling in Gods light. There is no fear in Heaven, nor is there pain, and most really have found serenity there - Author: Stacey Field
The Afterlife quotes by Stacey Field
#192. Yes, stop your beliefs for a few moments now and then and Be-Life. - Author: Stanley Victor Paskavich
The Afterlife quotes by Stanley Victor Paskavich
#193. My understanding of life is very existential. I think that we are our bodies. There's nothing else, and when we die, that's it. No afterlife. - Author: David Cronenberg
The Afterlife quotes by David Cronenberg
#194. I also don't believe that whatever come after life depends on my correctly reciting a list of my transgressions-that sounds too much like an Erudite afterlife to me, all accuracy and no feeling. - Author: Veronica Roth
The Afterlife quotes by Veronica Roth
#195. You only live once. Maybe twice. - Author: Stephanie Arnold
The Afterlife quotes by Stephanie Arnold
#196. Be prepared for a bit of a stinker! My little lambs always start bleating when told they're not going to Heaven. - Author: E.A.A. Wilson
The Afterlife quotes by E.A.A. Wilson
#197. I don't believe in an afterlife, but I'm taking an extra pair of underwear just in case. - Author: Woody Allen
The Afterlife quotes by Woody Allen
#198. Things are so beautiful and wonderful, you feel there must be another life where you will see more - hear more - and know more. All of it cannot die. - Author: Kate Greenaway
The Afterlife quotes by Kate Greenaway
#199. Do your thoughts continue and repeat a cycle
Seed, growth, bloom, and seed again - Author: Richard L. Ratliff
The Afterlife quotes by Richard L.  Ratliff
#200. If critics and fanboys weren't suckers for simplistic nihilism and high-pressure marketing, Afterlife would be universally acclaimed as a visionary feat, superior to Inception and Avatar on every level. - Author: Armond White
The Afterlife quotes by Armond White
#201. There's no such thing as a number of heartbeats. As long as your heart knows what forever means, it's possible that even in afterlife, it may still be beating. - Author: Jessamine Verzosa
The Afterlife quotes by Jessamine Verzosa
#202. I might accept immortality, if I had to do it. But I would prefer - if there is any afterlife - to know nothing whatever about Borges, about his experiences in this world. - Author: Jorge Luis Borges
The Afterlife quotes by Jorge Luis Borges
#203. how does religion weigh us down?" "If you believe in an afterlife where you will live forever in paradise, why bother going to so much trouble to make a paradise here and live forever in it now? That's a lot of work for nothing. - Author: Jasper T. Scott
The Afterlife quotes by Jasper T. Scott
#204. Well, there's another place - another country, isn't there? We go there when we sleep; at other times, too; and when we die. - Author: Richard Adams
The Afterlife quotes by Richard Adams
#205. For anyone with a library in their head and love in their heart, - Author: Kevin Ansbro
The Afterlife quotes by Kevin Ansbro
#206. It's amazing how much easier it is to bake a cake when you've got an eternity to get it right. - Author: Holly Walrath
The Afterlife quotes by Holly Walrath
#207. It was like I'd stepped out into an afterlife. Only there were no angels. - Author: Lucy Christopher
The Afterlife quotes by Lucy Christopher
#208. Living was a sad and empty thing - Author: E.E. Holmes
The Afterlife quotes by E.E. Holmes
#209. In a world where people are too languid to make something of themselves out of effort, I sell them hope. What they do with it is up to them. Invariably they drink it and then hurl it down a gutter, but that's their choice and their freedom. I won't judge them. - Author: E.A.A. Wilson
The Afterlife quotes by E.A.A. Wilson
#210. We'd been bankrupt since we'd left home; we'd secure our own society. Retirement was an afterlife we didn't believe in and that we expected yesterday. - Author: Kristopher Jansma
The Afterlife quotes by Kristopher Jansma

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