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It was a special feeling, irreplaceable, that was priceless. No queen on the throne could feel more important than me. ~ Kiera Cass
That Was Priceless quotes by Kiera Cass
We had fallen in love; that was still true. But given the right psychological conditions, a person could fall in love with anyone or anything. A wooden desk - always on all fours, always prone, always there for you. What was the lifespan of these improbable loves? An hour. A week. A few months at best. The end was a natural thing, like the seasons, like getting older, fruit turning. That was the saddest part - there was no one to blame and no way to reverse it. ~ Miranda July
That Was Priceless quotes by Miranda July
He'd never been an optimist. He saw the world as it was, or he tried to. That was a problem, though, when the truth he saw was so terrible. ~ Brandon Sanderson
That Was Priceless quotes by Brandon Sanderson
I was honest with her."
"You gave her your version-or mine?"
She flushed with angry color. How short that truce was! He expected her to play the role of the happy bride when he couldn't keep his insults to himself?
"I gave her facts,not assumptions. And this isn't going to work if you're going to continue to deliberately provoke me at every turn!"
He raked an exasperated hand through his long hair. "I'm sorry,that was unintentional. I will make every effort to guard my tongue in mixed company."
She narrowed her eyes on him, guessing, "But not when we're alone?"
"The pretense is for others, not ourselves. Neither of us is delusional."
"Of course not,far be it for me to think there's any reality in this. But if you think I can portray genuine smiles and bubbly happiness while around others when I'm so furious that I'm plotting your demise,well, think again! ~ Johanna Lindsey
That Was Priceless quotes by Johanna Lindsey

Clowns? "Really?" I tried to imagine a tiny Aiden crying over men and women with overly painted faces and red noses, but I couldn't.

The big guy was still facing me. His expression clear and even, as he dipped his chin. "Eh."

God help me, he'd gone Canadian on me. I had to will my face not to react at the fact he'd gone with the one word he usually used only when he was super relaxed around other people. "I thought they were going to eat me."

Now imagining that had me cracking a little smile. I slid my palm under my cheek. "How old were you? Nineteen?"

Those big chocolate-colored eyes blinked, slow, slow, slow. His dark pink lips parted just slightly. "Are you making fun of me?" he drawled.

"Yes." The fractures of my grin cracked into bigger pieces.

"Because I was scared of clowns?" It was like he couldn't understand why that was amusing.

But it was. "I just can't imagine you scared of anything, much less clowns. Come on. Even I've never been scared of clowns."

"I was four."

I couldn't help but snicker. "Four… fourteen, same difference."

Based on the mule-ish expression on his face, he wasn't amused. "This is the last time that I come over to save you from the boogeyman."

Shocked out of my mind for a split second, I tried to pretend like I wasn't, but… I was. He was joking with me. Aiden was in bed joking around. With me. "I'm sorry. I'm ~ Mariana Zapata
That Was Priceless quotes by Mariana Zapata
If one's intellectual equipment was not great, one's spiritual experience not deep, the result of doing one's very best could only seem very lightweight in comparison with the effort involved. But perhaps that was not important. The mysterious power that commanded men appeared to him to ask of them only obedience and the maximum of effort and to remain curiously indifferent as to the results. ~ Elizabeth Goudge
That Was Priceless quotes by Elizabeth Goudge
I had played sports all my life, and I thought that was going to be the way. But I saw where the potential in football was going to end. When it comes to decision-making, I just follow my gut at the end of the day. And if I don't, I get in trouble. I wanted to become a filmmaker. ~ Jason Wiles
That Was Priceless quotes by Jason Wiles
She was knowingly punishing herself. That was the only reasonable explanation. There was no use in acting naive. What happened earlier in the day was proof that she was going to give in to his flirtation. It appeared she'd thrown caution to the wind and opened her arms to embrace everything that could go wrong in her life. What's one more problem to add to the pile? ~ Emem Uko
That Was Priceless quotes by Emem Uko
She was considered timid and morose. Only in the country, her skin tanned by the sun and her belly full of ripe fruit, running through the fields with Pedro Tercero, was she smiling and happy. Her mother said that that was the real Blanca, and that the other one, the one back in the city, was a Blanca in hibernation. ~ Isabel Allende
That Was Priceless quotes by Isabel Allende
For awhile, I thought that was love.
-Gaara ~ Masashi Kishimoto
That Was Priceless quotes by Masashi Kishimoto
Some of the choices teenagers make are morally and practically wrong. Some of my characters do things I hope my child won't. There are occasionally words my characters choose that I wouldn't utter in my mother's presence. But when I was sixteen, or twelve, hanging out with my friends? That was different. For a story to feel real, I have to respect what a character would really do or say. ~ Rachel Vail
That Was Priceless quotes by Rachel Vail
I tried to kill myself when I was thirteen but failed. That was the greatest failure of my life. ~ S.A. Tawks
That Was Priceless quotes by S.A. Tawks
But the community knew Blade, and everybody but us was shocked at the box office, and subsequently the DVD. That was the beginning of the DVD revolution, and Blade was just like wildfire. ~ Avi Arad
That Was Priceless quotes by Avi Arad
My last album as J. Tillman, 'Singing Ax,' that was really a premeditated death rattle of the aesthetic precedent I had set. I realized I wasn't creating spontaneously; I was enforcing all these parameters. I was too self-loathing or something, and there was this obvious dissonance between my conversational voice and creative voice. ~ J. Tillman
That Was Priceless quotes by J. Tillman
For every citizen that was robbed, I had failed. ~ Babatunde Fashola
That Was Priceless quotes by Babatunde Fashola
Mari was what was known as an underachiever, which even an underachiever knew was sociology code for "overfailer." She was famous in the Lore for the simple fact that one day she might be worth being famous. All hype-no substance. That was Mari. ~ Kresley Cole
That Was Priceless quotes by Kresley Cole
That was the thing about being bereaved. People were overcome with sympathy. They did things for you without even considering whether or not it was the right thing to do. ~ Brenna Yovanoff
That Was Priceless quotes by Brenna Yovanoff
I hear women are posting their phone numbers on the site for you." Accompanied by sexy videos and photos.
Judd's eyes gleamed. "Not after Brenna hacked the site and plastered a message on their homepage pointing out that I'm very happily mated to a wolf with sharp teeth, razored claws, and a wild case of insane jealousy." A small smile that was nonetheless, quietly satisfied. "She also uploaded several gruesome photos of feral wolf kills. ~ Nalini Singh
That Was Priceless quotes by Nalini Singh
Sometimes love didn't make sense. And that was okay. It was far better to know love and accept love than try to understand it. ~ Rachel Higginson
That Was Priceless quotes by Rachel Higginson
I'm a huge fan of horror. I can't handle all the blood and gore, but that's what The Following was meant to be. It was meant to be a genre show, a little movie, a little scary genre film every week. That was our goal. That's what Kevin Bacon and I wanted to do. ~ Kevin D. Williamson
That Was Priceless quotes by Kevin D. Williamson
When I saw the Cameron Crowe film We Bought A Zoo, it got me to thinking about how our lives are structured the same way as the zoo that was purchased by Benjamin Mee totally changed ~ Mike Vardy
That Was Priceless quotes by Mike Vardy
Hey." I twisted my wrist free. "I'm just the messenger here, pal. You knew this was coming. Your pastor made the arrangements. I don't think a big ole scene in church is going to help your case."
"You know why that bitch lawyer and the pastor wanted us to meet in church?" LaBreque asked. "So I wouldn't be tempted to cut your Chink ass into little pieces and stuff you in the fucking sewer."
Oh boy.
That was my morning. Maybe later I could poke myself in the eye three or four hundred times just for fun. ~ Amanda Kyle Williams
That Was Priceless quotes by Amanda Kyle Williams
thought that was the whole idea of the German Reformation. To abolish priestly intercession. ~ Philip Kerr
That Was Priceless quotes by Philip Kerr
The workers and peasants must, as quickly as possible, seize everything that was created by them over many centuries and use it for their own interests. ~ Maria Nikiforova
That Was Priceless quotes by Maria Nikiforova
That's how I'd ended up lying flat on my back, Archer's sword still clutched in my hand, my head aching. Maybe I could just li here and wait for Mom to find me. That would be convenient.
I sighed as the wind rustled the leaves overhead. Yep, that was a solid plan. Lie here on the ground and wait for someone to come to me. ~ Rachel Hawkins
That Was Priceless quotes by Rachel Hawkins
No one was praying for the night to pass quickly. The stars were but sparks of the immense conflagration that was consuming us. ~ Elie Wiesel
That Was Priceless quotes by Elie Wiesel
That was the worst of growing up, she thought; they couldn't share things as they used to share them. ~ Virginia Woolf
That Was Priceless quotes by Virginia Woolf
There are so many things to grieve ... All the dogs & cats & birds & snakes we have loved & lost, & old lovers, but what else? ... it took me forever to see that one of them was my own daughter, my baby, a young woman I thought of only as a girl, a child, & there she was, suddenly a woman, & I felt this ache gnaw at me as if I hadn't eaten in a year ... I stood there watching my daughter gesture & move & laugh with the grace of a grown-up, & I just started crying like a baby. It wasn't unlike the same type of sorrow we all feel when we realize something we once had that was very precious is not longer there. That it is forever lost, changed, deceased. Like a baby, gone, except in your memory ... My own daughter is now a woman. I get it. Another passage, another form of loss, another reason to grieve, another part of this life process. ~ Kris Radish
That Was Priceless quotes by Kris Radish
And then I noticed the small cake that still sat uneaten next to him. And another in front of his mother. That was the last straw. I fully disliked them. How dare they leave perfectly good cake untouched? ~ Tarun Shanker
That Was Priceless quotes by Tarun Shanker
It was said that the Old Folk controlled the power of fire, among other things, but that was in the Long and Long Ago. Before that, the fathers of the Old Folk caught a spark with flint and steel and their own desire to live. It was also said that the world was a great wheel, and everything came round to what it once had been, and so Steven Boughmount knelt in the snow with rocks in his hands, trying to catch a flame. He was having little luck. Just over the low hills, beyond this scrub of forest, the village was warm and sleeping behind its wall.
That's where I should be, Steven thought as he scraped the edge of one rock against the other. Not in bed, not yet, but stretched out in my chair with my feet up, a pipe smoking just right in my hand and Heather curled up beside me. The boys are all asleep, but maybe we'll stay up for a while. Maybe we'll move to the bedroom, maybe not. That's where I should be, not up to my ass in snow trying to light a fire.
"C'mon, bastard," he said, and drug the sharp edge of the rock in his right hand against the flat of the one in his left. A white spark flew, and then died before it could reach the stripped branches and dried moss he had laid out on the frozen ground.
Snow crunched somewhere off to the left of him. Steven heard soft, bare footsteps. They were coming, all right. And they were in a hurry, running toward a village protected by two drunks on either side of a leaning gate. That was why Steven sat in the snow. When ~ Michael Kanuckel
That Was Priceless quotes by Michael Kanuckel
A man needed all of his wits dealing with a woman. Too often even that was not enough; ~ Robert Jordan
That Was Priceless quotes by Robert Jordan
They locked him in the stockade for four days. No other prisoners occupied the other cells that ran the length of the room. He was alone, and that was fine with him. He needed to think, and that was best done in a place where he wouldn't see Ginesse Braxton - Ginesse, not Mildred - because she did things to his thought processes, such as dammed them up completely.
She acted and he reacted: viscerally, irrepressibly, and ruinously.
She fell in the water; he dove in after her. She laughed; he smiled. She mentioned the beauty of the sunset; he saw colors in it he hadn't ever noticed. She peeked at him from under her gold-tipped lashes; he grew hard as Damascus steel. Pomfrey said something derogatory; he wanted to kill the sonofabitch with his bare hands.
Things like that. ~ Connie Brockway
That Was Priceless quotes by Connie Brockway
She said that she did not wish for any monuments to the Hurlbird family. At the time I thought that that was because of a New England dislike for necrological ostentation. ~ Ford Madox Ford
That Was Priceless quotes by Ford Madox Ford
Shake hands, we shall never be friends; give over:
I only vex you the more I try.
All's wrong that ever I've done and said,
And nought to help it in this dull head:
Shake hands, goodnight, goodbye.
But if you come to a road where danger
Or guilt or anguish or shame's to share,
Be good to the lad that loves you true
And the soul that was born to die for you,
And whistle and I'll be there. ~ A.E. Housman
That Was Priceless quotes by A.E. Housman
I think,to add to the festive occasion, we ought to turn on the lights and siren." He turned to Delia. "What do you say?"
"Oh,heavens,no." She covered her mouth with her hand before giving it a second thought. "Sorry.That was the old Delia. The new Delia says yes.That would be so exciting."
Beside her,Marilee said sternly, "The old Marilee says you'll be breaking the law."
Wyatt winked. "This old rebel says he doesn't care. A celebration requires some noise."
The two exchanged a long look, then broke out into peals of laughter.
As they sped along the open highway, lights flashing,siren blasting, Delia found herself laughing along with them in absolute delight. Despite all the heartache,and all the turmoil,she was sharing a ride with Coot's grandson, heading out to Coot's ranch for the first time in over fifty years,and having the time of her life. ~ R.C. Ryan
That Was Priceless quotes by R.C. Ryan
I owe my first inkling of the problem of infinity to a large biscuit tin that was a source of vertiginous mystery during my childhood. ~ Jorge Luis Borges
That Was Priceless quotes by Jorge Luis Borges
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