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#1. Whatever is going to happen is already happening. - Author: Ted Berrigan
Ted Polhemus quotes by Ted Berrigan
#2. I always wish for the same thing. a boyfriend, someone to love or love me. This year, I think I'm going to wish for something else. The wisdom and the maturity to realise that I won't find what I want by looking for it, not expect someone else to give me what I never gave myself, that I'm not a half, waiting to be made a whole, and even if that special person never comes along, I'll be just fine. - Author: Ted Schmidt
Ted Polhemus quotes by Ted Schmidt
#3. Ted Cruz is a nice guy, a likeable guy. He's not crazy. He's not nasty. And he certainly is not - he's not a liar. He's a down - down the middle guy that I - anybody could trust. He has got plenty of integrity. - Author: Rush Limbaugh
Ted Polhemus quotes by Rush Limbaugh
#4. How can you hope to recognize good and evil for what they truly are if you have no belief in a moral authority greater than yourself? - Author: Ted Dekker
Ted Polhemus quotes by Ted Dekker
#5. Though being freed from sin, most remain slaves, blinded and gagged by their own deception. - Author: Ted Dekker
Ted Polhemus quotes by Ted Dekker
#6. The thing with being on a series that runs that long is that the writers run out of things to do. - Author: Ted Shackelford
Ted Polhemus quotes by Ted Shackelford
#7. These are some huge donuts... - Author: Ted Danson
Ted Polhemus quotes by Ted Danson
#8. More than four thousand programs produced and consumed. Some of them were pretty good, a great many of them were forgettable; but a handful may even be worth a book. - Author: Ted Koppel
Ted Polhemus quotes by Ted Koppel
#9. I love Texas, I can't wait in a couple of days to be home to the great state. - Author: Ted Cruz
Ted Polhemus quotes by Ted Cruz
#10. Well, the senators I've enjoyed working with the most would be Ted Kennedy and Kent Conrad, because they were both either chairman or ranking member of the committee I was chairman or ranking member of. And in both instances they were just great people to work with. - Author: Judd Gregg
Ted Polhemus quotes by Judd Gregg
#11. The moral sentiments that constrain economic life also promote it. - Author: Ted Malloch
Ted Polhemus quotes by Ted Malloch
#12. We try to exert a Ted Williams kind of discipline. In his book The Science of Hitting, Ted explains that he carved the strike zone into 77 cells, each the size of a baseball. Swinging only at balls in his "best" cell, he knew, would allow him to bat .400; reaching for balls in his "worst" spot, the low outside corner of the strike zone, would reduce him to .230. In other words, waiting for the fat pitch would mean a trip to the Hall of Fame; swinging indiscriminately would mean a ticket to the minors. - Author: Warren Buffett
Ted Polhemus quotes by Warren Buffett
#13. The typical output deal from a studio is 10 to 14 movies a year. - Author: Ted Sarandos
Ted Polhemus quotes by Ted Sarandos
#14. I have a job to pay attention. It is my number one duty as a human being - to earn an experiment in self-government every day by spotlighting cockroaches who violate their oath to the US constitution and wipe their ass with the US Constitution - Author: Ted Nugent
Ted Polhemus quotes by Ted Nugent
#15. To make art is to sing with the human voice. To do this you must first learn that the only voice you need is the voice you already have. - Author: David Bayles And Ted Orland
Ted Polhemus quotes by David Bayles And Ted Orland
#16. I fantasize about everything; being a fireman, an Indian chief, climbing mountains. Anything is possible. - Author: Ted Turner
Ted Polhemus quotes by Ted Turner
#17. My love is like a tire iron. - Author: Ted Nugent
Ted Polhemus quotes by Ted Nugent
#18. Some nights, I was so good that I could have become an egotist. - Author: Ted Lindsay
Ted Polhemus quotes by Ted Lindsay
#19. I really have a great deal of humility in that department, and a great deal of respect for people who spend their lives learning how to make these amazing preparations. - Author: Ted Allen
Ted Polhemus quotes by Ted Allen
#20. To the naked eye, our oceans are beautiful. But scientists tell us that all of the world's fisheries will collapse by 2048, unless we change how we manage them. Help protect our oceans so the next generation can also enjoy their bounty. - Author: Ted Danson
Ted Polhemus quotes by Ted Danson
#21. A one year study by the Washington Post has documented 620 cases in which experimental drugs have been implicated in the deaths of cancer patients ... And they amount to merely a fraction of the thousands of people who in recent years have died or suffered terribly from cancer experiments ... - Author: Ted Gup
Ted Polhemus quotes by Ted Gup
#22. I have to write in order to keep from playing. It's a simple formula. If I play I lose even if I win. If I write I win even if I lose. - Author: Ted Heller
Ted Polhemus quotes by Ted Heller
#23. Donald Trump tweeted out to the world a quote allegedly from Senator Tom Coburn impugning my honesty. Within hours, Tom Coburn came out publicly and said, "That quote was an utter fabrication." - Author: Ted Cruz
Ted Polhemus quotes by Ted Cruz
#24. We need to learn from history. These same leaders - [Barack] Obama,[Hillary] Clinton, and far too many Republicans - want to topple [Bashar] Assad. Assad is a bad man. Gadhafi was a bad man. Mubarak had a terrible human rights record. But they were assisting us - at least [Muammar]Gadhafi and[Hosni] Mubarak - in fighting radical Islamic terrorists. - Author: Ted Cruz
Ted Polhemus quotes by Ted Cruz
#25. I'm not Bill Gates. And I'm not Ted Turner. - Author: James Jannard
Ted Polhemus quotes by James Jannard
#26. For those minutes courage flowed like wine out of the November dusk, and he was the eternal hero, one with the sea-rover on the prow of a Norse galley, one with Roland and Horatius, Sir Nigel and Ted Coy, scraped and stripped into trim and then flung by his own will into the breach, beating back the tide, hearing from afar the thunder of cheers . . . finally bruised and weary, but still elusive, circling an end, twisting, changing pace, straight-arming . . . falling behind the Groton goal with two men on his legs, in the only touchdown of the game. THE - Author: F Scott Fitzgerald
Ted Polhemus quotes by F Scott Fitzgerald
#27. In terms of my own work ethic, I've always been a determined person. When I'm focused on something, I try to see it through. - Author: Ted Alexandro
Ted Polhemus quotes by Ted Alexandro
#28. The progress of any writer is marked by those moments when he manages to outwit his own inner police system. - Author: Ted Hughes
Ted Polhemus quotes by Ted Hughes
#29. In Matthew, chapter 6, verse 21, the scriptures teach us that where your treasure is, there will your heart be also. My friends, any man who aspires to be our president should keep both his treasure and his heart in the United States of America. - Author: Ted Strickland
Ted Polhemus quotes by Ted Strickland
#30. A happy birthday this evening, I sat by an open window and read till the light was gone and the book was no more than a part of the darkness. I could easily have switched on a lamp, but I wanted to ride the day down into night, to sit alone, and smooth the unreadable page with the pale gray ghost of my hand - Author: Ted Kooser
Ted Polhemus quotes by Ted Kooser
#31. I feel like if we can use the combination of basically data-driven hunches and bet on really first-class talent to deliver the shows, that I think we could do as well as the networks do, who basically have a 75 to 80 percent failure rate for new shows anyway - even after all that development and pilot work. - Author: Ted Sarandos
Ted Polhemus quotes by Ted Sarandos
#32. Fortunately, as it pertains to guns, my dad and uncle introduced me to guns the way it needs to be done: smart, slow and safe. - Author: Ted Nugent
Ted Polhemus quotes by Ted Nugent
#33. It seems as though we Christians have developed a nasty habit of leading people into a radical encounter with God's unconditional love, forgiveness, acceptance, and union only to spend the ensuing years teaching them how to become close to God to earn his approval. - Author: Ted Dekker
Ted Polhemus quotes by Ted Dekker
#34. Once born into childlike faith, brimming with belief, typical people begin to lose their faith. Society mocks them. Their friends smirk. They come to change the world, but over time the world changes them. Soon they forget who they were; they forget the faith they once had. Then one day someone tells them the truth, but they don't want to go back, because they're comfortable in their new skin. Being a stranger in this world is never easy. - Author: Ted Dekker
Ted Polhemus quotes by Ted Dekker
#35. Some word - from before this translation - Author: Ted Hughes
Ted Polhemus quotes by Ted Hughes
#36. Oh, I know that. Or at least I think I know that," she stammers. "I mean, you seem like a decent guy, but then again, lots of serial killers probably seem decent too when you first meet them. Did you know that Ted Bundy was actually really charming?" Her eyes widen. "How messed up is that? Imagine you're walking along one day and you meet this really cute, charming guy, and you're like, oh my God, he's perfect, and then you're over at his place and you find a trophy dungeon in the basement with skin suits and Barbie dolls with the eyes ripped out and - "
"Jesus," I cut in. "Did anyone ever tell you that you talk a lot? - Author: Elle Kennedy
Ted Polhemus quotes by Elle Kennedy
#37. When I sit down to write a novel, I am exploring my own relationship with God, with the struggle between good and evil, my own purpose. - Author: Ted Dekker
Ted Polhemus quotes by Ted Dekker
#38. If you talk about people that lie, this Ted Cruz, this is the biggest liar I've ever seen. - Author: Donald Trump
Ted Polhemus quotes by Donald Trump
#39. Where do you think you're going? - Author: Ted Bundy
Ted Polhemus quotes by Ted Bundy
#40. I'll tell you whose view on [Bashar] Assad is the same as mine. It's Prime Minister [Benjamin] Netanyahu. Prime Minister Netanyahu has said Israel doesn't have a dog in that fight because Assad is a puppet of Iran, a Shia radical Islamic terrorist, but at the same time, Prime Minister Netanyahu doesn't want to see Syria governed by ISIS. - Author: Ted Cruz
Ted Polhemus quotes by Ted Cruz
#41. I am always writing music. I have got unlimited ideas because I have been clean and sober for my entire life. - Author: Ted Nugent
Ted Polhemus quotes by Ted Nugent
#42. The purpose of computers is human freedom. - Author: Ted Nelson
Ted Polhemus quotes by Ted Nelson
#43. Dance is the only art of which we ourselves are the stuff of which it is made. - Author: Ted Shawn
Ted Polhemus quotes by Ted Shawn

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