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Though we do need more women to graduate with technical degrees, I always like to remind women that you don't need to have science or technology degrees to build a career in tech. ~ Susan Wojcicki
Tech 9 quotes by Susan Wojcicki
Her darling little tech-savvy, consumerist savages. ~ Liane Moriarty
Tech 9 quotes by Liane Moriarty
...there is a danger of churning out students who are rapid processors of information but may not necessarily be more reflective, thoughtful, and able to give sustained consideration to the information that matters most. ~ Karen Bohlin
Tech 9 quotes by Karen Bohlin
I was about to embark on a high-tech version of what I'd done in my first week there, twenty years ago, randomly taking trains out to see if they went back home. I took a deep breath, chose a train line, and started scrolling along it. ~ Saroo Brierley
Tech 9 quotes by Saroo Brierley
That's right - a kid's brain on tech looks like a brain on drugs. ~ Nicholas Kardaras
Tech 9 quotes by Nicholas Kardaras
Understanding and respecting your roots is critical not only to winning the tech talent wars but leaving a legacy that transcends bottom lines. ~ Ryan Holmes
Tech 9 quotes by Ryan Holmes
I would never have called myself tech-savvy. ~ Debra Messing
Tech 9 quotes by Debra Messing
A world without huge regions of total wilderness would be a cage; a world without lions and tigers and vultures and snakes and elk and bison would be - will be - a human zoo. A high-tech slum. ~ Edward Abbey
Tech 9 quotes by Edward Abbey
Then eventually Westwood arrived. He looked nothing like Reacher expected, but the reality fit the bill just as well as the preconceptions had. He was an outdoors type, not a lab rat, and sturdy rather than pencil-necked. He looked like a naturalist or an explorer. He had short but unruly hair, fair going gray, and a beard of the same length and color. He was red in the face from sunburn and had squint lines around his eyes. He was forty-five, maybe. He was wearing clothing put together from high-tech fabrics and many zippers, but it was all old and creased. He had hiking boots on his feet, with speckled laces like miniature mountain-climbing ropes. He was toting a canvas bag about as big as a mail carrier's. ~ Lee Child
Tech 9 quotes by Lee Child
History is replete with examples of tech firms that were marginalized by new companies and technologies. ~ Barry Ritholtz
Tech 9 quotes by Barry Ritholtz
Technology should improve the quality of life for all mankind. The few people running billion-dollar tech companies should not be allowed to control the movement or development of digital goods and services. It was like a medieval lord telling the serfs that they were not only renting their land, but had to pay for the use of sickles and scythes by the hour. ~ Rachel Sharp
Tech 9 quotes by Rachel Sharp
Now that I'm on Broadway, it's like NASA engineering with the costumes. I was very grateful for the slightly more high-tech ones in my show, 'Venus in Fur'; our costume designer Anita Yavich is kind of a genius. ~ Nina Arianda
Tech 9 quotes by Nina Arianda
The old botanical metaphors for memory, with their emphasis on continual, indeterminate organic growth, are, it turns out, remarkably apt. In fact, they seem to be more fitting than our new, fashionably high-tech metaphors, which equate biological memory with the precisely defined bits of digital data stored in databases and processed by computer chips. Governed by highly variable biological signals, chemical, electrical, and genetic, every aspect of human memory - the way it's formed, maintained, connected, recalled - has almost infinite gradations. Computer memory exists as simple binary bits - ones and zeros - that are processed through fixed circuits, which can be either open or closed but nothing in between. ~ Nicholas Carr
Tech 9 quotes by Nicholas Carr
Electric vehicles won't displace ICE vehicles because they save money (except in the commercial realm), or even because of their very real environmental benefits. They will win out in the end because they're better. They're more fun and more convenient to drive, they're safer, they require less maintenance, they offer more interior space, and their technological superiority enables all kinds of high-tech features that will someday seem as necessary as the AC and the stereo do today. ~ Charles Morris
Tech 9 quotes by Charles Morris
Her parents didn't get it. Life was different now. The future, her future and that of everyone else her age, had blown up in slow motion. She lived the way she did because greed had sucked the juice out of the world and it was no longer possible to get one of those humble but promising jobs that led, with hard work and perseverance, to something that might be considered a career. Instead you competed with ambitious, underpaid people on the Indian subcontinent for the sucky customer service jobs, or you might choose to go the tech route and work as a coding slave, or sign noncompete and binding arbitration agreements with some major corporation that still required human bodies to do their dirty work for them. ~ Jean Thompson
Tech 9 quotes by Jean Thompson
I can't apply $3 billion in capital to the tech industry. It wouldn't work. But in infrastructure, education, I can make a real difference. I can change someone's life, for the better, permanently. If I can improve a kid's education, I can increase their salary later on and for decades. ~ Dustin Moskovitz
Tech 9 quotes by Dustin Moskovitz
My parents were always involved in community theatre, and I'd do the tech work and play the child. ~ Mark Linn-Baker
Tech 9 quotes by Mark Linn-Baker
An effective technology advocate is someone who possesses strong communication skills and who has the respect of his or her colleagues. The technology advocate needs to be able to communicate with both the Office of Technology & Information Systems and their colleagues about various technology projects and plans. The building technology advocate will facilitate communication between your department and the staff at his or her building. A technology advocate does not need to be the most tech-savvy person in the building, but a good understanding of technology is vital for success in the position. ~ Mike Daugherty
Tech 9 quotes by Mike Daugherty
So I now see upgrading as a type of hygiene: You do it regularly to keep your tech healthy. ~ Kevin Kelly
Tech 9 quotes by Kevin Kelly
It's not that gays and diversity equal high technology. But if your culture is not such that it can accept difference, and uniqueness and oddity and eccentricity, you will not get high tech industry. ~ Richard Florida
Tech 9 quotes by Richard Florida
Please?" asked the girl.


"I…didn't know it was broken."

Uriel's face became more animated, his speech faster.

Tech 9 quotes by Scott   Alexander
Unfortunately, the Best Lord had condemned both vehicles as unsafe and instead I now leased a Pack Jeep I called Hector. Equipped with dual engines, Hector worked during magic or tech. He didn't go very fast, especially during magic, but so far he hadn't stalled on me either. As long as our high-speed chases stayed under forty-five miles an hour, we would be all set. ~ Ilona Andrews
Tech 9 quotes by Ilona Andrews
Without grounding, it's easy to embrace the 'baller' lifestyle: dropping out of tech, throwing money at cars, boats and real estate, and slipping into a cycle of spending and indulgence. ~ Ryan Holmes
Tech 9 quotes by Ryan Holmes
We ought to increase legal immigration for our country's advantage. The high-tech world we are now dominating is dependent on educated folks, but we're short ... of workers. It is to our nation's advantage to encourage high-powered, smart people to come into our country. ~ George H. W. Bush
Tech 9 quotes by George H. W. Bush
Kevyn, I'm promoting you from Tech Sergeant to Munitions Commander. I want you to take responsibility for all Company weapons.
Munitions Commander? Why me?
I don't know. Call it "suspicion of extreme competence" on my part.
-Captain Tagon & Commander Kevyn Andreyasn ~ Howard Tayler
Tech 9 quotes by Howard Tayler
When you just wing it, you are aware of the risk and the uncertainty, and inclined to be more cautious. When you have a high-tech tool giving you an illusion of omniscience, I am concerned that it will lead to greater risk-taking. LYONS: ~ Neal Stephenson
Tech 9 quotes by Neal Stephenson
Green-tech could be the largest economic opportunity of the 21st Century. ~ John Doerr
Tech 9 quotes by John Doerr
And what these winners wanted was for the world to be changed in ways that had their buy-in - think charter schools over more equal public school funding, or poverty-reducing tech companies over antitrust regulation of tech companies. The entrepreneurs were willing to participate in making the world better if you pursued that goal in a way that exonerated and celebrated and depended on them. ~ Anand Giridharadas
Tech 9 quotes by Anand Giridharadas
When our eyes are set on eternity, the news that someone has come to know the Savior means a great deal more than the news of a salary raise or the prospect of getting the latest high-tech gadget. ~ Randy Alcorn
Tech 9 quotes by Randy Alcorn
I picked up the largest of the rocks that littered the ground and chucked them at the flaming metal balls. "What are you doing?" Logan said. "Going low-tech. ~ A&E Kirk
Tech 9 quotes by A&E Kirk
What I love about what I get to do is that I'm allowed to create the stories that I want to tell with minimal interference by some very big corporations like Microsoft and Sprint and EA and BioWare. The advantage that these tech companies have is that they understand the space organically, versus traditional media companies. ~ Felicia Day
Tech 9 quotes by Felicia Day
I've developed a much greater respect for our politicians and every high-tech CEO. It's very easy to read about the things they did that you, of course, would have avoided in hindsight. ~ Michael J. Saylor
Tech 9 quotes by Michael J. Saylor
My favorite piece of tech gear is my SRM power meter. It's the most accurate power meter on the market. ~ Timothy O'Donnell
Tech 9 quotes by Timothy O'Donnell
Tech is important, but if you look at even the successful tech start-ups, you see they employ only dozens of people at most. Tech is never going to have the impact on the job market that manufacturing has. ~ Stef Wertheimer
Tech 9 quotes by Stef Wertheimer
In 1983 Colonel Burns wrote a poem in which he envisioned how his fledgling communications network might one day influence the world.

Imagine the emergence of a new meta-culture.
Imagine all kinds of people everywhere
getting committed to human excellence,
getting committed to closing the gap
between the human condition
and the human potential...
And imagine all of us hooked up
with a common high tech communications system.
That's a vision that brings tears to the eyes.
Human excellence is an ideal
that we can embed
into every formal human structure
on our planet.
And that's really why we're going to do this.
And that's also why
The Meta Network is a creation
we can love.

Notwithstanding Colonel Burns's failure to foresee that people would use the Internet mostly to access porn and look themselves up on Google, his prescience was admirable. ~ Jon Ronson
Tech 9 quotes by Jon Ronson
The Tech Humanist mindset is about aligning your business goals with broader human goals so that the more you succeed, the more you bring humanity with you. ~ Kate O'Neill
Tech 9 quotes by Kate   O'Neill
there are no jaded, bored people in the high-tech industry, in the land of really good hardcore geeks. They all have a kind of intensity about what they're doing that makes it impossible for them to be bored or passionless. They are pretty driven, and they get a lot of joy from what they do, and it comes through, ~ Neal Stephenson
Tech 9 quotes by Neal Stephenson
With a far-future setting merging Chinese and American culture, 'Firefly' also saw high-tech futurism blended with the traditional Wild West. ~ Jay Kristoff
Tech 9 quotes by Jay Kristoff
People don't want the raw data, but instead want marketers to decipher the tech speak for them and present the valuable insights. ~ Jim Sterne
Tech 9 quotes by Jim Sterne
I want to shine a spotlight on a new generation of women, who are creating, funding and managing some of the hottest companies in tech today. But I wanted to do more than share their professional stories. I wanted to share their personal journeys, too. ~ Willow Bay
Tech 9 quotes by Willow Bay
Unfortunately, it seems that we, as a society, have entered into a Faustian deal. Yes, we have these amazing handheld marvels of the digital age - tablets and smartphones - miraculous glowing devices that connect people throughout the globe and can literally access the sum of all human knowledge in the palm of our hand. But what is the price of all this future tech? The psyche and soul of an entire generation. The sad truth is that for the oh-so-satisfying ease, comfort and titillation of these jewels of the modern age, we've unwittingly thrown an entire generation under the virtual bus. ~ Nicholas Kardaras
Tech 9 quotes by Nicholas Kardaras
We need a cybersecurity renaissance in this Country that promotes cyber hygiene and a security centric corporate culture applied and continuously reinforced by peer pressure ~ James Scott
Tech 9 quotes by James         Scott
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