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It's as simple as this. When people don't unload their opinions and feel like they've been listened to, they won't really get on board. ~ Patrick Lencioni
Teamwork And Morale quotes by Patrick Lencioni
An army's effectiveness depends on its size, training, experience, and morale, and morale is worth more than any of the other factors combined. ~ Napoleon Bonaparte
Teamwork And Morale quotes by Napoleon Bonaparte
It's a negative for the country. It implicates dozens of private companies, many of which are made up of honest people. It besmirches the office of the U.S. Senate and is bad for the country's morale. Dishonest politicians hurt all politicians. Americans need to trust their leaders. This would be an ugly investigation ~ Dan Brown
Teamwork And Morale quotes by Dan Brown
Alright, we'll have 20 'Foxtrot' pushups," the SCC roared, "are you ready?" "Yes sir," the Squadron shouted. "1," he said, and bent down for a pushup. "Foxtrot," we hollered, and did a pushup. "2," he shouted and this continued with everyone being their loudest in the end. This was a kind of energy instilling act, which kept up the morale of the Squadron. ~ Rajat Mishra
Teamwork And Morale quotes by Rajat Mishra
Synergy is the highest activity of life; it creates new untapped alternatives; it values and exploits the mental, emotional, and psychological differences between people. ~ Stephen Covey
Teamwork And Morale quotes by Stephen Covey
The power of one, if fearless and focused, is formidable, but the power of many working together is better. ~ Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo
Teamwork And Morale quotes by Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo
I'm a very big believer in collaboration and teamwork. ~ Barbara Boxer
Teamwork And Morale quotes by Barbara Boxer
Modernizing the postal service was particularly important for the soldiers, who relied on letters, newspapers, and magazines from home to sustain morale. ~ Doris Kearns Goodwin
Teamwork And Morale quotes by Doris Kearns Goodwin
And we are understanding - we're beginning to understand that the Nigerian military is now better on. And also, probably even more importantly, Michel, morale is higher amongst the military. I mean, you had Nigerian soldiers being accused of cowardice, running away from Boko Haram and not having the will to fight. ~ Ofeibea Quist-Arcton
Teamwork And Morale quotes by Ofeibea Quist-Arcton
You can always find reasons to work. There will always be one more thing to do. But when people don't take time out, they stop being productive. They stop being happy, and that affects the morale of everyone around them. ~ Carisa Bianchi
Teamwork And Morale quotes by Carisa Bianchi
At the very least, I hope it means I will get my Briony back again. I know, I'll hold a party for her--and take her on a pony ride--I think that will be quite in order, if I can be spared from my official duties for the afternoon."

"You're the King," Taris reminded him with a smile.

"But you're my conscience, Taris, you know that."

"Then your conscience says we should keep his highness's current location secret, but an announcement of his escape is most desirable. Therefore, a party is quite in order--if not essential--for the morale of the nation."

"Excellent. I really should promote you, old friend. Only trouble is, there's nowhere to go but down from your office."

"I am well aware of that, Your Majesty. ~ Julia Golding
Teamwork And Morale quotes by Julia Golding
Nothing is more deflating to morale than to have a poor outcome pinned on someone who doesn't deserve it. It lacks integrity and overvalues the outcome at the expense of the people as well as the process. ~ Tony Dungy
Teamwork And Morale quotes by Tony Dungy
Not finance. Not strategy. Not technology. It is teamwork that remains the ultimate competitive advantage, both because it is so powerful and so rare. ~ Patrick Lencioni
Teamwork And Morale quotes by Patrick Lencioni
The DSS offices are not given enough funding, their staff are poorly paid and are driven to distraction by the amount of work they have to do. There is frequent turnover of staff. Morale is extremely low. Working with desperate people all day is very dispiriting; their unhappiness rubs off on you. ~ Sue Townsend
Teamwork And Morale quotes by Sue Townsend
I've always valued and encouraged teamwork, and that collaborative spirit of we versus I is core to Intuit's success. Innovation has been part of Intuit's DNA for nearly 30 years. ~ Brad D. Smith
Teamwork And Morale quotes by Brad D. Smith
We will try to create conditions where persons could come together in a spirit of teamwork, and exercise to their heart's desire their technological capacity. ~ Akio Morita
Teamwork And Morale quotes by Akio Morita
The worst of these comments came in mid-April from the Senate majority leader, Harry Reid, who said in a press conference, "This war is lost" and "The surge is not accomplishing anything." I was furious and shared privately with some of my staff a quote from Abraham Lincoln I had written down long before: "Congressmen who willfully take actions during wartime that damage morale and undermine the military are saboteurs and should be arrested, exiled, or hanged. ~ Robert M. Gates
Teamwork And Morale quotes by Robert M. Gates
Teamwork is better than isolation, especially for a columnist. ~ Allan Sloan
Teamwork And Morale quotes by Allan Sloan
The punch line is 'knock the morale of an employee and organizational productivity is punctured'. ~ Henrietta Newton Martin
Teamwork And Morale quotes by Henrietta Newton Martin
When building an organization, build teams. Assign different colors to each team so they create identities, affiliate, and merge to produce all that is needed for success. Balance the colors. ~ Jennifer Ritchie Payette
Teamwork And Morale quotes by Jennifer Ritchie Payette
When you want to take over a city, you have to destroy the illusion of safety it provides. You have to hit the large well-protected establishments, find the powerful people who run them and are viewed as invincible, and kill them. You want to destroy the morale first. Once the people's resolve is gone and everyone is scared for their own skin, the city is yours. ~ Ilona Andrews
Teamwork And Morale quotes by Ilona Andrews
Although our grammar schools are teaching a whole generation computer language to adjust to the technological needs of a Stage II [post survival-focused] society, we have neglected to teach this generation relationship language and conflict resolution skills to address the social and psychological needs of a Stage II society. And when it is taught, in countries like Germany, although called social competence it focuses on workplace teamwork
still on survival, breadwinner oriented work goals. ~ Warren Farrell
Teamwork And Morale quotes by Warren Farrell
She built a close-knit team of talented people who bonded with one another and felt passion for the mission. Soon her group became one of the parent bank's most desirable places to work. She developed strong relationships with senior executives who helped her deal with tensions in the middle, and she communicated well and often about why her unit needed to be different. Her creativity, vision, teamwork, and persistence helped this group succeed and become a national role model, while other banks' efforts faltered. ~ Harvard Business School Press
Teamwork And Morale quotes by Harvard Business School Press
The lessons I learned in Vietnam and in the NFL reinforced one another:
teamwork, sacrifice, responsibility, accountability, and leadership. ~ Rocky Bleier
Teamwork And Morale quotes by Rocky Bleier
The contest of strength is not only a contest of military and economic power, but also a contest of human power and morale. Military and economic power is necessarily wielded by people. ~ Mao Zedong
Teamwork And Morale quotes by Mao Zedong
Presidents and other politicians manage the appearance of things, largely by manipulating the air and hope. ~ George Friedman
Teamwork And Morale quotes by George Friedman
It is good to stop by the track for a space, put aside the knapsack, wipe the brows, and talk a little of the upper slopes of the mountain we think we are climbing, would but the trees let us see it. ~ H.G.Wells
Teamwork And Morale quotes by H.G.Wells
Today, our teacher told us about the number zero, which has no worth," she said.
"But put it next to another number, and it makes that number important. The more zeros you add, the bigger the number gets. So know that if you are feeling like a zero, you do have great worth with teamwork. ~ Katrell Christie
Teamwork And Morale quotes by Katrell Christie
Most blitz leaders have felt that by sacrificing a degree of intelligence or logistics support they gained a greater advantage in the areas of surprise or massing of effort at a critical point. No commander attacks unless he feels that he can win, though on occasion defeat locally may help to gain victory elsewhere. But the decision to attack means that the factors have all been weighed and that superiority lies in better morale, better control for the massing of effort or for quicker reaction, or better weapons. Control is often a more than adequate substitute for supply. There may be risk, but there is no rashness, where advantages outweigh disadvantages. ~ Wesley W. Yale
Teamwork And Morale quotes by Wesley W. Yale
And what always struck me about that war period was how even Churchill had to talk socialism to keep up people's morale. ~ Barbara Castle
Teamwork And Morale quotes by Barbara Castle
A military coup needs a sacrifice and courage that you can't find in an army without morale. ~ Jalal Talabani
Teamwork And Morale quotes by Jalal Talabani
I am convinced more than ever that good communication and leadership are all about connecting. If you can connect with others at every level -one-on-one, in groups, and with an audience-your relationships are stronger, your sense of community improves, your ability to create teamwork increases, your influence increases, and your productivity skyrockets. ~ John C. Maxwell
Teamwork And Morale quotes by John C. Maxwell
Members of trusting teams accept questions and input about their areas or responsibility, appreciate and tap into one another's skills and experiences, and look forward to meetings and other opportunities to work as a group. ~ Patrick Lencioni
Teamwork And Morale quotes by Patrick Lencioni
And of one thing I have no doubt: the more you train, the better your feeling. Tennis is, more than most sports, a sport of the mind; it is the player who has those good sensations on the most days, who manages to isolate himself best from his fears and from the ups and downs in morale a match inevitably brings, who ends up being world number one. ~ Rafael Nadal
Teamwork And Morale quotes by Rafael Nadal
Teamwork is me helping you build a brick wall that will come between us and forever divide us. Division through unity. ~ Jarod Kintz
Teamwork And Morale quotes by Jarod Kintz
Individuals score points, but teams win games. This is true in athletic events and in life. If you make it in life, your "team" of parents, teachers, ministers, etc., will have played a major role in your success. ~ Zig Ziglar
Teamwork And Morale quotes by Zig Ziglar
With my team I am an absolute czar. My men know it. I order plays and they obey. If the don't, I fine them. ~ John McGraw
Teamwork And Morale quotes by John McGraw
The traveler took a long pull and stepped confidently onto the water, only to sink and flounder desperately before he regained the shore.
"Hey," he shouted at the wizards, "why didn't that wine work for me?"
"The wine's fine," a wizard called back. "But if you'd told us you wanted to cross, we'd have told you where the rocks just below the surface were. ~ Jack Maguire
Teamwork And Morale quotes by Jack Maguire
One thing I learned early on in the news business is that a good story requires a reporter and photographer working together. Teamwork. ~ Jim Heath
Teamwork And Morale quotes by Jim  Heath
Hundreds of social networks and websites such as Facebook and Twitter are trying to weaken people's morale and decrease their participation in the elections. ~ Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
Teamwork And Morale quotes by Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
I can do things you cannot, you can do things I cannot; together we can do great things. ~ Mother Teresa
Teamwork And Morale quotes by Mother Teresa
Sport fosters many things that are good; teamwork and leadership. ~ Daley Thompson
Teamwork And Morale quotes by Daley Thompson
Soloist are inspiring in Opera and perhaps even in small entreprenurial ventures, but there is no place for them in large corporations. ~ Norman Ralph Augustine
Teamwork And Morale quotes by Norman Ralph Augustine
I don't necessarily have to like my players and associates but as their leader I must love them. Love is loyalty, love is teamwork, love respects the dignity of the individual. This is the strength of any organization. ~ Vince Lombardi
Teamwork And Morale quotes by Vince Lombardi
I have worked with a lot of different great people. One of the things my partner, my manager Judy Weinstein, instilled in [David] Morales and myself is that the quality goes in before the name goes home. ~ Frankie Knuckles
Teamwork And Morale quotes by Frankie Knuckles
People expect their Leaders to help them to achieve the common task. to build the synergy of teamwork and to respond to individuals and meet their needs ~ John Adair
Teamwork And Morale quotes by John Adair
For all its beauty, honesty, and effectiveness at improving the human condition, science demands a terrible price - that we accept what experiments tell us about the universe, whether we like it or not. It's about consensus and teamwork and respectful critical argument, working with, and through, natural law. It requires that we utter, frequently, those hateful words - 'I might be wrong.' ~ David Brin
Teamwork And Morale quotes by David Brin
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