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Downtown Toronto is a very good place to talk about the neutrality of modernist architecture. I'm sure this kind of box-building was interesting in the Twenties, Thirties and Forties, but I think it's absolutely ridiculous to build like this in 2013. ~ Stefan Sagmeister
Tattooists In Toronto quotes by Stefan Sagmeister
Briggs was living in Toronto at the time and had started a studio called Thunder Sound. He recorded the Massey Hall show. He thought this live show should have come out right away and was disappointed and disagreed with my decision to instead put out Harvest-he thought it was not as good as the Massey Hall recording.
"It's great, Neil," Briggs said. "Put it out there." But that was not to be.
When I heard the show thirty-four years later while reviewing tapes for my archive performance series, I was a little shocked-I agreed with David. After listening, I felt his frustration. This was better than Harvest. It meant more. He was right. I had missed it. He understood it. David was usually right, and when I disagreed with him, I was usually wrong. Every time I go into the studio or onstage, he is missed. ~ Neil Young
Tattooists In Toronto quotes by Neil Young
For me, selfishly, Toronto is my favorite city in the world. It's the greatest city and you have the whole world here. ~ Kristen Hager
Tattooists In Toronto quotes by Kristen Hager
Starting on February 1, 2010, and running through until May 30, I will be Toronto Public Library's Writer in Residence, working out of the Merril Collection of Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Speculation at the Lillian H. Smith branch at College and Spadina. ~ Karl Schroeder
Tattooists In Toronto quotes by Karl Schroeder
How easy it is for life to become tiny. How cleanly the world falls away. The subway platform in Toronto. That was the first. Will was a toddler then. Even today, "safe" in her bedroom, Diane still couldn't summon the incident in her mind without panic spreading in her like laughter in a crowd. She knew she'd brushed against true madness that day because it was huge and blunt and screaming. ~ Michael Christie
Tattooists In Toronto quotes by Michael Christie
His work "The Pasture" features cast bronze cows in Toronto's financial district I wanted to remind stockbrokers what real stock is. ~ Joe Fafard
Tattooists In Toronto quotes by Joe Fafard
Or maybe just an amphetamine freak? Clark's thoughts wandered to a particularly exciting week in Toronto, eighteen or nineteen years old, when he and Arthur had accepted some pills from a new friend at a dance club and stayed up for seventy-two hours straight. ~ Emily St. John Mandel
Tattooists In Toronto quotes by Emily St. John Mandel
The work of PME-ART is highly collaborative and is also very much about collaboration, about people working together, trying to negotiate what is meaningful to them, where and how they disagree, and how such agreements and disagreements might be evocatively conveyed. Collaboration is definitely not easy. As a teenager in Toronto I would see many one-person shows and think the reason there is only one person onstage has little to do with art and much to do with economics. I would see many shows where the people onstage felt like employees primarily doing what they had been told. Instead I wanted to see people onstage doing what they wanted to do, and felt that this wanting should include active, alive ways of working together.

However, looking back over the past twenty years, I also have to admit that I'm not completely sure collaboration is the place for me. It seems I am temperamentally ill-suited for it. Twenty years of doing something I'm ill-suited for and justifying it to myself through compelling artistic results. (This book is in many ways the story of this struggle.) Because though collaboration has never felt good, I still believe in it. Perhaps I believe in it even more because I find it so difficult. Perhaps I believe in it too much. We are all here on this planet, in our various societies and communities, and like it or not we must find ways to work together. The fact that it is often not easy makes it all that much more necessary.

I sometime ~ Jacob Wren
Tattooists In Toronto quotes by Jacob Wren
I have very happy memories of fairy tales. My mother used to take me to the library in Toronto to check out the fairy tales. And she was an actress, so she used to act out for me the different characters in all these fairy tales. ~ Mike Myers
Tattooists In Toronto quotes by Mike Myers
During the Vietnam era, more than 30,000 draft dodgers and deserters sought harbor in cities like Montreal and Toronto, where public opposition to the war was strong and most residents didn't question their motives. ~ Wil S. Hylton
Tattooists In Toronto quotes by Wil S. Hylton
Kensington Market is a must visit place in Toronto. ~ Mary Elizabeth Winstead
Tattooists In Toronto quotes by Mary Elizabeth Winstead
I'm being told it saves money to shoot in Toronto, because of tax benefits, the crews are cheaper, but what I save in the bottom line, I lose in a million other ways. ~ Griffin Dunne
Tattooists In Toronto quotes by Griffin Dunne
Look, you know i don't wanna come on ungrateful, but that warren report, you know as well as me, just didn't make it. You know, like they might as well have asked some banana salesman from des moines, who was up in toronto on the big day, if he saw anyone around looking suspicious/ ... ~ Bob Dylan
Tattooists In Toronto quotes by Bob Dylan
When I was 16, I used to drive huge loads of laundry in a three ton truck. I would turn round at night to drive back and see the band in a place north of Toronto called Dunn's Pavilion. I would drive that truck all day and they drive back and all the way until one day I wrecked the truck. I fell asleep and wrecked it. I was OK and so was my helper. I called my dad and the first words out of his mouth were, "are you OK?" I was really lucky I had a kind father. ~ Gordon Lightfoot
Tattooists In Toronto quotes by Gordon Lightfoot
It's wonderful. It's amazing. I mean we have such a great music scene and art scene and there's just a great group of young people, you know, temping their way through their 20's doing other amazing things. And I've been in ... I spent like 10 years working here without ever having been shooting in Toronto. And it's so frustrating because it's a great city. And I remember seeing Montreal actually used as Montreal in that Ed Norton-Robert DeNiro ... ~ Alison Pill
Tattooists In Toronto quotes by Alison Pill
I have an amazing 1930s dress I picked up in Toronto at Cabaret on Queen West. It's a red knee-length tea dress, and it's absolutely beautiful. It makes me happy every time I put it on. ~ Lindy Booth
Tattooists In Toronto quotes by Lindy Booth
Actually, I'm frequently described as the UK's only translator of Korean literature, but even that isn't accurate - Agnita Tennant is UK-based, Janet Poole is British though lives in Toronto, Brother Anthony was born here though is now a naturalised Korean citizen. There's also Chi-young Kim and Sora Kim-Russell, who are younger and do fiction for commercial houses. ~ Deborah Smith
Tattooists In Toronto quotes by Deborah Smith
But I know that in Toronto and Vancouver there are all the comforts of America, and yet there's a difference in the people, and I had health care. ~ Aaron McGruder
Tattooists In Toronto quotes by Aaron McGruder
There was actually a camera on your face. I don't know so much about the animation process but the camera was in our face so it could get expressions from our faces that would eventually arrive on the gnomes. It almost felt like you were cheating at times because it was a wee bit too much fun. You were in that box on your own. Kelly [Asbury] was in Toronto, I was in LA, so I was just on my own. I thought: "I can't be getting paid for this as well!" ~ Ashley Jensen
Tattooists In Toronto quotes by Ashley Jensen
He is talking to people in Toronto, trying to find out if I am guilty; but he won't find it out that way. He doesn't understand yet that guilt comes to you not from the things you've done, but from the things that other have done for you. ~ Margaret Atwood
Tattooists In Toronto quotes by Margaret Atwood
Q: Bigfoot, when my Guinea pig wake up? Parents say he sleeping in box in ground in bakc garden.
Suzie, Ag 9, Toronto, Canada
A: Actually Suzie Guinea pig dead and Bigfoot already dig up and eat. If want back Bigfoot probably poop out bones and fur ni day or so. Very delicious, raise him right, he taste like love. ~ Graham Roumieu
Tattooists In Toronto quotes by Graham Roumieu
Toronto is hard to capture in a few strokes. ~ Michael Helm
Tattooists In Toronto quotes by Michael Helm
I sit in front of the fireplace, with his arm around me solid as the back of a chair. I walk along the breakwater in the soothing Vancouver drizzle, the halftones of the seashore, the stroking of the small waves. In front of me is the Pacific, which sends up sunset after sunset, for nothing; at my back are the improbable mountains, and beyond them an enormous barricade of land.

Toronto lies behind it, at a great distance, burning in thought like Gomorrah. At which I dare not look. ~ Margaret Atwood
Tattooists In Toronto quotes by Margaret Atwood
I think the situation in Toronto is such that there are funding organizations which make it easy for a film to raise more money than it needs and very often that works against a film. ~ Atom Egoyan
Tattooists In Toronto quotes by Atom Egoyan
I had spent years working in radio at different stations in Toronto; I wasn't in the stage company of Second City. ~ Rick Moranis
Tattooists In Toronto quotes by Rick Moranis
If you're going to do a movie about the Village, it's pretty nice to shoot in the village and not be in Toronto. ~ Robin Williams
Tattooists In Toronto quotes by Robin Williams
60 advocates of unorthodox therapies whose credentials are given in the ACS book (above).( Of these 60, thirty-nine or almost two-thirds, hold ... medical degrees from such universities as Harvard, Illinois, Northwestern, Yale, Dublin, Oxford, or Toronto. Two are osteopaths. 3 ... also hold ... (PhD's) ... scientific ... reputable ... 8 others received PhD's in such fields as chemistry, physiology, bacteriology, parasitology, or medical physics, from ... Yale, Johns Hopkins, UC Berkeley, Columbia, and NYU. Thus over 75% ... are medical doctors or doctors of philosophy in scientific areas. ~ Ralph W. Moss
Tattooists In Toronto quotes by Ralph W. Moss
I know what it's like to live in a cold climate. I grew up in the Snow Belt, north of Toronto in Canada, and I did years and years of running outside. ~ Victoria Pratt
Tattooists In Toronto quotes by Victoria Pratt
It's a beautiful city, and the waterfront area is fantastic. I haven't had time to visit the theatre, but I find it remarkable that Toronto has the third-largest English-speaking theatre district in the world, after New York and London. I once noticed a fellow sitting on a bench, then I realized it was a statue of Glenn Gould. It's very realistic. ~ Donald Trump
Tattooists In Toronto quotes by Donald Trump
I was born in Toronto and studied with the National Ballet of Canada. I went to school to study dance, slept on the floor, ate nothing, waitressed - and then there was a Mary J. Blige audition. ~ Laurieann Gibson
Tattooists In Toronto quotes by Laurieann Gibson
The Yankees won the pennant, we went on to the World Series, 41 years after that in the city of Toronto. The great city of Toronto, and all the provinces in Canada, everybody reached out and they were excited because we won the first World Series ever, across the border. ~ Dave Winfield
Tattooists In Toronto quotes by Dave Winfield
When the Taliban took over in 1996, the news of their crimes hit the Toronto papers. As a feminist and as an anti-war activist, I heard about what was happening to women, and I wanted to do something to support those folks. ~ Deborah Ellis
Tattooists In Toronto quotes by Deborah Ellis
Twenty years earlier, in a life [Kirsten] mostly couldn't remember, she had had a small nonspeaking role in a short-lived Toronto production of King Lear. Now she walked in sandals whose soles had been cut from an automobile tire, three knives in her belt. ~ Emily St. John Mandel
Tattooists In Toronto quotes by Emily St. John Mandel
If you're big in Montreal, you're big in Quebec. If you're big in Toronto, you're big in Canada. But if you're big in New York, you're big in the rest of the world. ~ Shane Smith
Tattooists In Toronto quotes by Shane Smith
I had to learn how to drive because I didn't drive in Toronto. ~ Kevin McDonald
Tattooists In Toronto quotes by Kevin McDonald
I am in Toronto, shooting a movie for NBC. ~ Paula Abdul
Tattooists In Toronto quotes by Paula Abdul
I always look forward to playing in Toronto because it's such a historic city when it comes to hockey. ~ Alexander Ovechkin
Tattooists In Toronto quotes by Alexander Ovechkin
I'll be vilified if I shoot a film in Toronto for New York. And rightfully so! ~ Spike Lee
Tattooists In Toronto quotes by Spike Lee
It's a sort of piss-take on culture, because a drag queen is a clown - a parody of our society. It's a sarcastic spoof on culture, which allows us to laugh at ourselves - but in a way that is inclusive of everyone. ~ RuPaul
Tattooists In Toronto quotes by RuPaul
I think professionally I admire people and the way they've handled their careers and being in the media. But the people that I used to inspire me and keep me going were my peers in Toronto - I would see the same girls going to audition after audition, and their resilience to do it again, and I found that inspiring. ~ Anna Silk
Tattooists In Toronto quotes by Anna Silk
I think I am staying in Toronto. It keeps me grounded and I can be with my family and friends. ~ Dakota Goyo
Tattooists In Toronto quotes by Dakota Goyo
Yeah, I was born in Montreal and I go back to Vancouver and Toronto a lot, so I have a sense of being Canadian, and I was raised by two Canadians, and my wife is Canadian, so yeah, I feel it. ~ Jason Reitman
Tattooists In Toronto quotes by Jason Reitman
I trained in Toronto with a private acting teacher, who was wonderful, for years growing up. ~ Megan Park
Tattooists In Toronto quotes by Megan Park
I want so badly to help you realize, Elizabeth Anne, how difficult and puzzling and full of wonder it all is: some day I will tell you how I learned to watch the shifting light of autumn days or smelled the earth through snow in March; how one winter morning God vanished from my life and how one summer evening I sat in a Ferris wheel, looking down on a man that hurt me badly; I will tell you how I once travelled to Rome and saw all the soldiers in that city of dead poets; I will tell you how I met your father outside a movie house in Toronto, and how you came to be. Perhaps that is where I will begin. On a winter afternoon when we turn the lights on early, or perhaps a summer day of leaves and sky, I will begin by conjugating the elemental verb. I am. You are. It is. ~ Richard B. Wright
Tattooists In Toronto quotes by Richard B. Wright
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