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Sometimes he feels a pull towards Francesca. She was the reason he came into the group. It was her misery that united them and somehow her personality that kept them together when everyone split. She's the one that writes the letter to kept the world informed. She listens to the news every hour to make sure everyone's safe. So tonight he walks away even though she's moved forward to give him a hug. Because he wants to kiss her, and knows she'll hate him for it and that he'll hate himself. He knows it's for all the wrong reasons and that he'll end up thinking of Tara Finke and her Brazilian peacekeeper and will Trombal and how he doesn't do romance, but it eats the space between him and Francesca every time he's in the room with her. ~ Melina Marchetta
Tara Finke quotes by Melina Marchetta
It's fucking Meerkat Manor in my pants. ~ Tara Sivec
Tara Finke quotes by Tara Sivec
Go after what gives you goosebumps. ~ Tara Stiles
Tara Finke quotes by Tara Stiles
Just to sit for a moment, herself, no one claiming her time or her thoughts or the product of her mind and hands. What other word to call that if not freedom? ~ Tara Conklin
Tara Finke quotes by Tara Conklin
Tara moved into the kitchen and went still at the condition of it. "Formica countertops," she said as if she'd discovered asbestos. ~ Jill Shalvis
Tara Finke quotes by Jill Shalvis
I'm too intense. I feel too much. And when I experience certain sensations, I act. Even if the situation is one I should probably walk away from. But you know what?" She was feeling a little better. "I'm never going to walk away, not from any of it. I can't. I am what I am. I'm intense, just as my fiance said. I feel everything around me, and I'm glad about that. I can't imagine life without the depth, without the magic that accompanies the pain. ~ Tara Taylor Quinn
Tara Finke quotes by Tara Taylor Quinn
There are certain moments in life you can't miss. ~ Tara Kelly
Tara Finke quotes by Tara Kelly
I went to some classes. Vampire was in the Hair of Magical Magic Creatures. He looked all depressed because Draco had disappeared and he had used to be in love with Draco. He was sucking some blood from a Hufflepuff. ~ Tara Gilesbie
Tara Finke quotes by Tara Gilesbie
Attachment to praise and avoidance of criticism keeps us from doing innovative, controversial work and--more simply--from following the paths we feel called toward, whether or not those around s understand or approve. ~ Tara Mohr
Tara Finke quotes by Tara Mohr
I was wrong to tell you that this is a story about the failures of love. No, it is about real love, true love. Imperfect, wretched, weak love. No fairy tales, no poetry. It is about the negotiations we undertake with ourselves in the name of love. Every day we struggle to decide what to give away and what to keep, but every day we make that calculation and we live with the results. This then is the true lesson: there is nothing romantic about love. Only the most naive believe it will save them. Only the hardiest of us will survive it ~ Tara Conklin
Tara Finke quotes by Tara Conklin
Another good thing about Legos(LIFE). If it falls apart, it doesn't mean it's destroyed. It just means you have to pick up the pieces and start again. ~ Tara Sivec
Tara Finke quotes by Tara Sivec
Who are you?" I asked the kid with my eyes when I finally found my voice.
"I'm Gavin Morgan, who the hell are you? ~ Tara Sivec
Tara Finke quotes by Tara Sivec
God, I wished I could take away her pain. Our pain.
I couldn't. But I could give her forever.
And I would. ~ Tara Leigh
Tara Finke quotes by Tara  Leigh
I don't want to be the china doll you glued back together. I don't want to look whole from a distance, but when you get close enough you can see all the cracks."
He runs a gloved hand down my cheeks, "The cracks make us who we are."
I shake my head, "We can be better than this. ~ Tara Brown
Tara Finke quotes by Tara Brown
I guess music is your drug of choice. ~ Tara Kelly
Tara Finke quotes by Tara Kelly
I remember that night fondly. And by fondly, I mean with bitter resentment toward all things alcoholic and with a penis. ~ Tara Sivec
Tara Finke quotes by Tara Sivec
He looked around the room at all the stuff. But it wasn't just stuff and it wasn't just any girl grenade that had gone off in there. It was Nikki McKinney grenade. ~ Tara Janzen
Tara Finke quotes by Tara Janzen
It's strange how you give the people you love so much power over you, I had written in my journal. But Shawn had more power over me than I could possibly have imagined. He had defined me to myself, and there's no greater power than that. ~ Tara Westover
Tara Finke quotes by Tara Westover
I watched you fall in love with me. I saw the smile cross your lips when it happened. I remember that day. I was the first day I knew I had no heart. ~ Tara Brown
Tara Finke quotes by Tara Brown
You hate birthdays yet pee your pants over presents. There is clearly something wrong with you, Garrett joked. ~ Tara Sivec
Tara Finke quotes by Tara Sivec
I was running the show on 'United States of Tara' and 'How To Make It In America' where I could say, 'Okay, I'm in charge of everything now.' But it still wasn't my show. ~ Jill Soloway
Tara Finke quotes by Jill Soloway
Through the sacred art of pausing, we develop the capacity to stop hiding, to stop running away from our experience. We begin to trust in our natural intelligence, in our naturally wise heart, in our capacity to open to whatever arises. ~ Tara Brach
Tara Finke quotes by Tara Brach
I'm sorry, did you just say your boyfriend ditched you to go shoe shopping?" my mom asks her.

Charlotte sighs and crosses her arms in front of her. "He didn't ditch me. I told him he could go because I was tired."

"You don't really mean shoe shopping right? You meant to say shopping for sports equipment or a new surround sound system, right?" Aunt Liz asks.

"He told us his favorite book of all time was Under the Rainbow: The Real Liza Minnelli. I'm pretty sure shoe shopping would be right up his alley," Mom reminds her.

"Has Rocco gotten the memo yet that he's gay?" Aunt Liz questions her.

Tyler starts laughing hysterically and reaches his hand up to fist-bump my aunt.

"Seriously, Mom? Are you judging him? That's really low," Charlotte complains.

"I'm not judging him. Some of the best people I've ever met are gay. I just don't particularly want my daughter dating someone who's gay."

Charlotte stomps her foot and growls at Liz, and I have to tell myself not to get too excited. I love seeing her get fired up. Her cheeks turn pink and her eyes sparkle. Now is NOT the time to get a boner.

"He is NOT gay! He's just … he's in touch with his feminine side."

Tyler snorts and Charlotte shoots an angry look in his direction.

"Honey, he doesn't have a feminine side. He has a vagina," Aunt Liz informs her. ~ Tara Sivec
Tara Finke quotes by Tara Sivec
Joining Jesus doesn't add another layer of busyness on top of an already insane schedule. Instead, joining Jesus results in less stress, more life, more laughter and more fruit than what many of us are currently seeing. ~ Greg Finke
Tara Finke quotes by Greg Finke
I don't need to be saved. I'm the hero of my own story. ~ Tara Brown
Tara Finke quotes by Tara Brown
This transformation
begins in the spinning
of the soul,
hanged upside down,
massively re-arranged,
motion light.
By inch the radical
takes place
the old is decomposed,
the gruesome has been destroyed
melting into something

What has seemed to harm you
brought you to life.

- CHANGE, A Poem ~ Tara Estacaan
Tara Finke quotes by Tara Estacaan
I'd like to hear more about them classes." he rasped one morning near the end of summer. "It sounds real interesting."
It felt like a new beginning. ~ Tara Westover
Tara Finke quotes by Tara Westover
He grabs my hands and lifts them up in the air. I grip the railing on the top of the bed.
"Don't move those hands," he whispers into my nape. I nod and lick my lips. I'm on my tiptoes. My breath is catching and coming out spurts of rough air. His hands run down my arms. I shiver and pant. His lips brush the back of my neck. He sweeps my hair to one side, kissing down my shoulder blade. Heat and nerves battle low in my belly as his hands grip my hips, pulling me back to him.
"Don't let go of that railing, Sarah." His words are growled between kisses and licks. I hear the menacing threat in them. ~ Tara Brown
Tara Finke quotes by Tara Brown
l. She
dared one more quick look at the tat, but her attention soon
moved to the size of the muscle on which it had been inked.
Definitely leer-worthy. When he passed beside her on his
way toward the back of the room, she caught a whiff of sexy
aftershave and stifled a groan. Millicent was going to be all
a-twitter over him. Tara just knew it.
When she heard someone behind her whisper, "He's
sooo hot," she couldn't help but silently agree.
But it was another girl's answer that made her curious.
"Yeah . . . but no one in her right mind would mess with
"Bethany did."
"But not for long."
"Yeah. Right."
Ahah. Bethany must be the girl glaring at him beside the
teacher's desk. ~ Sharon Sala
Tara Finke quotes by Sharon Sala
The image of him standing in the elevator doors, in his silver dress shirt and dark-grey dress pants wiping me off his lips, is the sexiest and most devastating thing I've ever seen. ~ Tara Brown
Tara Finke quotes by Tara Brown
How do you see the world? Happy endings come not through events but through a shift in perception. ~ Jane Tara
Tara Finke quotes by Jane Tara
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