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#1. ... adults with SM are significantly more likely than the general population to develop other mood- and anxiety-related conditions, most notably depression, generalised anxiety, panic disorder, social anxiety and PTSD. For some, chronic mental health conditions are a factor in their lives. Most indicated that they felt their long-term mental health conditions could have been avoided with appropriate support at the appropriate time in childhood. - Author: Carl Sutton
Tanul Sm Dszertan quotes by Carl Sutton
#2. For startups, SM is now crucial: it has never been cheaper and easier to reach one's customers. Entrepreneurs should thank God for Twitter, Facebook ... - Author: Guy Kawasaki
Tanul Sm Dszertan quotes by Guy Kawasaki
#3. McGlynn EA, Asch SM, Adams J, et al. The quality of health care delivered to adults in the United States. - Author: Robert Wachter
Tanul Sm Dszertan quotes by Robert Wachter
#4. Both bisexuality and transgender are fluid notions of identity, while lesbian and gay are fixed identities. Some people believe that means there should be two movements: LG and BT. But then what're ya gonna do about SM players? And intersexed folks who want their own I in the alphabet soup of sex and gender related politics? - Author: Kate Bornstein
Tanul Sm Dszertan quotes by Kate Bornstein
#5. SM Seaside City Cebu: soon to be the Philippines' Largest Mall and the 4th Largest in the World - Author: Henry Sy
Tanul Sm Dszertan quotes by Henry Sy
#6. We had something real," Nobley said, starting to sound a little desperate. "You must have felt it, seeping through the costumes and pretenses."
The brunette nodded.
"Seeping through the pretenses? Listen to him, he's still acting." Martin turned to the brunette in search of an ally.
"Do I detect any jealousy there, my flagpole-like friend?" Nobley said. "Still upset that you weren't cast as a gentleman? You do make a very good gardener."
Martin took a swing. Nobley ducked and rammed into his body, pushing them both to the ground. The brunette squealed and bounced on the balls of her feet.
"Stop it!" Jane pulled at Nobley, then slipped. He put out an arm and caught her midfall across her middle.
"Here, let me…" Nobley tried to give her a hand up and push Martin away at the same time.
"Get off me," Martin said. "I'll help her."
He kicked Nobley in the rear, followed by some swatting of hands. Jane planted her feet, grabbed Nobley's arm, and pulled him off. Martin was still swiping at Nobley from the ground. Nobley's cap fell off, then his trench coat twisted up around Martin, who batted at it crazily.
"Cut it out!" Jane said, pushing Nobley back and putting herself between them. She felt more like a teacher stopping a schoolboy scuffle than an ingénue with two brawling beaus.
"M-m-martin's gay!" Nobley said.
"I am not! You're thinking of Edgar."
"Who the hell is Edgar?"
"You know, that other gardener who always sm - Author: Shannon Hale
Tanul Sm Dszertan quotes by Shannon Hale
#7. Shades of Grey. I haven't read it yet, but what you have to read carefully, is "Story of O" by the French writer Dominique Aury. This is actually the forerunner of all the whole SM novels and it's really good. You have to read it. - Author: Theo Hutchcraft
Tanul Sm Dszertan quotes by Theo Hutchcraft
#8. SM is an abbreviation of both stock market and sadomasochism
and there are those who think they are one and the same. - Author: Malcolm Forbes
Tanul Sm Dszertan quotes by Malcolm Forbes
#9. Aloneness – that is what SM feels like to me. Isolated, alone, separated, left out as I silently stand by watching others experience life while the words freeze inside me, afraid to speak up or join in a conversation. Actually feeling the anxiety shaking inside my chest as I try to get up the courage to speak to someone or call or text a friend. SM feels like the child standing alone behind the door watching the other kids in the playground – afraid to ask, 'may I play?' It feels like the teenager standing silently against the wall, listening to classmates laugh and chat, invisible to everyone and wondering what it would be like to have a friend. It feels like the 50-year-old office worker, alone in her cube while others chat and laugh in the aisle, still left out. I live inside a shell, a mask that looks like me, but isn't me. I am in here, but it is really hard to let others see. I'm so grateful for the few dear friends I have now. Most people, though, only see the shell and assume I'm aloof and uncaring because I am quiet. I feel very deeply. I feel others' joy and pain intensely, yet they rarely know. I'm not quiet because I am uncaring. I'm silent because I'm afraid. - Author: Carl Sutton
Tanul Sm Dszertan quotes by Carl Sutton
#10. A_t_sm.... only can be treated with U & I - Author: Deena Moustafa
Tanul Sm Dszertan quotes by Deena Moustafa
#11. Environmentali sm isn't a spectator sport. You actually have to stand up and demand that we be vigilant in protecting our air and water. - Author: Lisa P. Jackson
Tanul Sm Dszertan quotes by Lisa P. Jackson
#12. To feed me, you must read me! - Author: Sm
Tanul Sm Dszertan quotes by Sm
#13. You need to be Queen. Everyone who knows anything knows htat, but most people don't know anything, and that is a problem." He scratched at the back of his head and shifted his weight. "I would never take that away from you. No matter what happens, I'd never take the crown from you, and I'd defend you against anybody who tried."
I didn't say anything to that. I'd never heard Tove talk so much before, and I didn't know what he was getting at.
"I know that you're in love with...well, not me," he said carefully. "And I'm not in love with you either. But I do respect you and I like you."
"I respect and like you too," I said, and he gave me a small smile.
"But it's a number of things, and it's none of them." He let out a deep breath. "That didn't make sense. I mean,it's because you need somebody to help you keep the throne, and somebody on your side, and I can do that. But...it's just because I think...I want to."
"What?" I asked, and he actually looked at me, letting his mossy eyes stare into mine.
"Will you...I mean,do you want to get married?" Tove asked. "To me?"
"I,um..." I didn't know what to say.
"If you don't want to,nothing has to change between us," Tove said hurriedly. "I asked because it sounds like a good idea to me."
"Yeah," I said,and I didn't know what I would say until it was comign out of my mouth. "I mean,yes,I do.I will. I would...I'll marry you."
"Yeah?" Tove smiled.
"Yes." I swallowed hard and tried to sm - Author: Amanda Hocking
Tanul Sm Dszertan quotes by Amanda Hocking
#14. Give everyone your sm:)es, it may be the only sunshine they see. - Author: Taylor Alvord
Tanul Sm Dszertan quotes by Taylor Alvord
#15. Environmentali sm is really about seeing our place in world in a way that humans have always known up until very recently - that we are part of nature-utterly dependent on the natural world for our well being and survival. - Author: David Suzuki
Tanul Sm Dszertan quotes by David Suzuki

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