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#1. Awwww, lame, we're not going to disneyworld. (said by the amazing talking dog, Total) - Author: James Patterson
Talking Dog quotes by James Patterson
#2. A human being having a full emotional conversation with a dog is funny, innately. It's one of those things where you get in a scene and you always go for what is the best joke, and a talking dog for some reason, whatever he says, is hilarious. (about his role wiht a talking dog in the forthcoming MEN IN BLACK sequel. - Author: Will Smith
Talking Dog quotes by Will Smith
#3. Just sharing one little smile can change someone's whole world. - Author: Heather Wolf
Talking Dog quotes by Heather Wolf
#4. On the other hand, even a big, '80s love van was less noticeable than six flying kids and their talking dog.
So there you go. - Author: James Patterson
Talking Dog quotes by James Patterson
#5. You matter because you are you and there is no other person in this world who could ever take your place. - Author: Heather Wolf
Talking Dog quotes by Heather Wolf
#6. It was another example of a phenomenon I call "the talking dog syndrome." Some people are still amazed that any woman (this includes Governors' wives, corporate CEOs, sports stars and rock singers) can hold her own under pressure and be articulate and knowledgeable. The dog can talk! - Author: Hillary Rodham Clinton
Talking Dog quotes by Hillary Rodham Clinton
#7. Please leave my computer alone.. The only cookies I want to get are the ones I can eat. - Author: Heather Wolf
Talking Dog quotes by Heather Wolf
#8. Everyone talks to their dog, and then in your mind the dog talks back. A talking dog can provide the words that a stunted protagonist finds difficult to muster. - Author: Mike Mills
Talking Dog quotes by Mike Mills
#9. A talking dog is not the answer. That's not a way to convince people not to smoke pot. If animals started talking to me, I would up my pot consumption just to make that happen. - Author: Doug Benson
Talking Dog quotes by Doug Benson
#10. In this world we must try to be kind to one another. - Author: Heather Wolf
Talking Dog quotes by Heather Wolf
#11. I wasn't kidding about the flying-kids part. Or the talking-dog part.
Anyone who's up to speed on the Adventures of Amazing Max and Her Flying, Fun-Loving Cohorts, you can skip this next page or so. Those of you who picked up this book cold, even thought it's clearly part three of the series, well, get with the program, people! I can't take two days to get you caught up on everything! Here's the abbreviated version (which is pretty, I might add):
A bunch of mad scientists (mad crazy not mad angry- though a lot of them seem to have anger-management issues, especially around me) have been playing around with recombinant life-forms, where they graft different species' DNA together. - Author: James Patterson
Talking Dog quotes by James Patterson
#12. With just a little drop of kindness you can water a whole garden. - Author: Heather Wolf
Talking Dog quotes by Heather Wolf
#13. Baking and love go hand in hand, for as one bakes a tasty treat and fills the room with its sweet aroma, the true joy is to take what has been made and share it with another. - Author: Heather Wolf
Talking Dog quotes by Heather Wolf
#14. Practice loving kindness wherever you may go. - Author: Heather Wolf
Talking Dog quotes by Heather Wolf
#15. Probably your biggest mistake was doing funk-dance to Unchained Melody," the dog offered earnestly. "It's a ballad, Alf, and to be honest, it's one of the slowest songs I can think of. You'd have been better off doing a slow waltz to something with that tempo. The other factor may have been the large amount of beer you consumed beforehand. - Author: Mark Jackman
Talking Dog quotes by Mark Jackman
#16. Please leave my computer alone.. I only like cookies when I can eat them. - Author: Heather Wolf
Talking Dog quotes by Heather Wolf
#17. Life can be very hard sometimes and you wonder why, but a little compassion is sometimes all anyone needs to get by. - Author: Heather Wolf
Talking Dog quotes by Heather Wolf
#18. Total?" I said when he was close. "Can you talk?" He flopped down on the grass, panting slightly. "Yeah. So?" Jeezum. I mean, mutant weirdos are nothing new to me, you know? But a talking dog? "Why didn't you mention this before?" I asked him. "It's not like I lied about it," said Total, reaching up with a hind leg to scratch behind one ear. "Between you and me, I'm still trying to get used to the whole flying-kid thing. - Author: James Patterson
Talking Dog quotes by James Patterson
#19. It's not how you look in the mirror that's important, what's important is how you are reflected in the eyes of the people who love you. --T. Hammond (Red Rover) - Author: T. Hammond
Talking Dog quotes by T. Hammond
#20. My doggy ate my homework.
He chewed it up," I said.
But when I offered my excuse
My teacher shook her head.
I saw this wasn't going well.
I didn't want to fail.
Before she had a chance to talk,
I added to the tale:

"Before he ate, he took my work
And tossed it in a pot.
He simmered it with succotash
Till it was piping hot.

"He scrambled up my science notes
With eggs and bacon strips,
Along with sautéed spelling words
And baked potato chips.

"He then took my arithmetic
And had it gently fried.
He broiled both my book reports
With pickles on the side.

"He wore a doggy apron
As he cooked a notebook stew.
He barked when I objected.
There was nothing I could do."

"Did he wear a doggy chef hat?"
My teacher gave a scowl.
"He did," I said. "And taking it
Would only make him growl."

My teacher frowned, but then I said
As quickly as I could,
"He covered it with ketchup,
And he said it tasted good."

"A talking dog who likes to cook?"
My teacher had a fit.
She sent me to the office,
And that is where I sit.

I guess I made a big mistake
In telling her all that.
'Cause I don't have a doggy.
It was eaten by my cat. - Author: Dave Crawley
Talking Dog quotes by Dave Crawley
#21. Since pursuing my dreams, I've starved, I've lived and I've starved. - Author: Heather Wolf
Talking Dog quotes by Heather Wolf
#22. It's like a bad joke over here: a black woman, a Filipino transvestite, and a Korean ex-stripper walk into a gay man‟s house. All that's missing is a priest and a talking dog." - Bobby Dawson - Author: Rhys Ford
Talking Dog quotes by Rhys Ford
#23. Standing in the corridor was a large plastic bin on wheels. He looked inside. Empty tins of dog food. That explained the spaghetti with meat sauce. Oh well, he'd eaten worse. - Author: Charlie Higson
Talking Dog quotes by Charlie Higson
#24. Ah!" said the doctor, in his most complacent manner, "here is the opportunity I have long been waiting for. I have often desired to test and taste the indian mode of cooking. What do you suppose this is?" holding up the dripping morsel.

Unable to obtain the desired information, the doctor, whose naturally good appetite had been sensibly sharpened by his recent exercise á la quadrupède, set to with a will and ate heartily of the mysterious contents of the kettle.

"What can this be?" again inquired the doctor. He was only satisfied on one point, that it was delicious - a dish fit for a king.

Just then Gurrier, the half-breed, entered the lodge. He could solve the mystery, having spent years among the Indians. To him the doctor appealed for information.

Fishing out a huge piece and attacking it with the voracity of a hungry wolf, he was not long in determining what the doctor had supped so heartily upon.

His first words settled the mystery: "Why this is dog."

I will not attempt to repeat the few but emphatic words uttered by the heartedly disgusted member of the medical fraternity as he rushed from the lodge. - Author: George Armstrong Custer
Talking Dog quotes by George Armstrong Custer
#25. I try cars; I try them all. Cars need to be sexy, because we're not talking about biscuits here. - Author: Lapo Elkann
Talking Dog quotes by Lapo Elkann
#26. I don't mind being a recluse, really. It seems the extroverts are always talking. - Author: Iimani David
Talking Dog quotes by Iimani David
#27. Yeah, babe. For now, we're talking about cookies." "Cookies instead of sex, I suppose there are worse substitutes. - Author: L.A. Fiore
Talking Dog quotes by L.A. Fiore
#28. If you fall out of favor, you quickly stop being part of the conversation. But it can take one great project to turn things around. All you need is one hit or one great idea well-executed, and everybody's talking about you again. - Author: Chris O'Donnell
Talking Dog quotes by Chris O'Donnell
#29. If I had one dog, I'd want a hundred. If I had one kid, I'd probably want a hundred. I mean, it's just the way I am. - Author: Simon Cowell
Talking Dog quotes by Simon Cowell
#30. I'm not a very good communicator, so maybe that's why I write about talking. - Author: Nina Nastasia
Talking Dog quotes by Nina Nastasia
#31. Rituals are important. I get up. I take the dogs on a walk around to the front and then I pick up the papers. Then I walk around to the front door, then me and the two dogs come in the house and I give them treats. I make coffee. It's the regularity of these kinds of rituals that I find deeply satisfying. - Author: Jane Fonda
Talking Dog quotes by Jane Fonda
#32. Nicolas couldn't stop looking at her with her head thrown back, her thick, black hair streaming in the wind, her body perfectly balanced as she guided the boat. With her head back, he could see her neck and the outline of her body beneath the shirt, almost as if she wore nothing at all. His body stirred, hardened. Nicolas didn't bother to fight the reaction. Whatever was between them, the chemistry was apparent and it wasn't going to go away. He could sit in the boat and admire the flawless perfection of her skin. Imagine the way it would feel beneath his fingertips, his palm.
Dahlia's head suddenly turned and her eyes were on him. Hot Wild. Wary. "Stop touching my breasts." She lifted her chin, faint color stealing under her skin.
He held up his hands in surrender. "I have no idea what you're talking about."
"You know exactly what I'm talking about." Dahlia's breasts ached, felt swollen and hot, and deep inside her, a ravenous appetite began to stir. Nicolas was sitting across from her, looking the epitome of the perfect male statue, his features expressionless and his eyes cool, but she felt his hands on her body. Long caresses, his palms cupping her breasts, thumbs stroking her nipples until she shivered in awareness and hunger.
"Oh, that."
"Yes, that." She couldn't help seeing the rigid length bulging beneath his jeans, and he made no effort to hide it. His unashamed display sent her body into overtime reaction so that she felt a curious throbbing - Author: Christine Feehan
Talking Dog quotes by Christine Feehan
#33. When dog kill puss, and puss kill dog, the only one happy is the john-crow. - Author: Marlon James
Talking Dog quotes by Marlon James
#34. Everybody loves dogs. They're the pizza of the animal kingdom. - Author: Stephen Colbert
Talking Dog quotes by Stephen Colbert
#35. When Mr Ackroyd says that in the 18th century, stranglers bit off the noses of their victims, I feel that he probably knows what he is talking about. I just wish he hadn't told me. - Author: James Fenton
Talking Dog quotes by James Fenton
#36. I am your spaniel; and, Demetrius,
The more you beat me, I will fawn on you:
Use me but as your spaniel, spurn me, strike me,
Neglect me, lose me; only give me leave,
Unworthy as I am, to follow you.
What worse place can I beg in your love,
And yet a place of high respect with me,
Than to be used as you use your dog? - Author: William Shakespeare
Talking Dog quotes by William Shakespeare
#37. The more I learn about people, the more I like my dog. - Author: Mark Twain
Talking Dog quotes by Mark Twain
#38. I'm serious, Jim. You need to put this crap away. You walk into school on Monday talking to me, or anyone else, about the city's pesky troll problem, and you're not exactly going to get a lot of people saying, 'Gee, thanks for the warning.' It'll spread faster than mono. You think things are tough for us now? Jim, this will be the end. I'm sorry if you had a crazy nightmare. I really am. But I can't let you ruin our lives. - Author: Guillermo Del Toro
Talking Dog quotes by Guillermo Del Toro
#39. People have been trying to understand dogs ever since the beginning of time. One never knows what they'll do. You can read every day where a dog saved the life of a drowning child, or lay down his life for his master. Some people call this loyalty. I don't. I may be wrong, but I call it love - the deepest kind of love. . . . It's a shame that people all over the world can't have that kind of love in their hearts. . . . There would be no wars, slaughter, or murder; no greed or selfishness. It would be the kind of world that God wants us to have - a wonderful world. - Wilson Rawls, Where the Red Fern Grows - Author: Rebecca Frankel
Talking Dog quotes by Rebecca Frankel
#40. A kind of university - only nobody goes to it. There aren't any buildings, isn't any faculty. Everybody's in it and nobody's in it. It's like a cloud that everybody has given a little puff of mist to, and then the cloud does all the heavy thinking for everybody. I don't mean there's really a cloud. I just mean it's something like that. If you don't understand what I'm talking about, Skip, there's no sense in trying to explain it to you. All I can say is, there aren't any meetings. - Author: Kurt Vonnegut
Talking Dog quotes by Kurt Vonnegut
#41. Everything good or true that the angels inspire in us is God's, so God is constantly talking to us. He talks very differently, though, to one person than to another. - Author: Emanuel Swedenborg
Talking Dog quotes by Emanuel Swedenborg
#42. Someone said that thirty was a significant birthday, and everyone around the table agreed. Someone else said it was the first time you heard the bell.
What bell? someone asked.
But they all knew what bell. It was like you'd already completed a few laps, observed another, but this was the first time you'd properly heard the bell. There had been one at seven, but you hadn't heard it because you were so young; and then one at fourteen but you hadn't heard it because you were too busy looking over your shoulder; then another at twenty-one but you hadn't heard it because you were too busy talking; and then one at twenty-eight which for some reason took two years before you heard it. But they all agreed you did hear that one, eventually.
Your lousy career, said one guest. Babies, said one of the women. Lovers, friends, travel, said another. Parents aging. Bong. All the things you hadn't done. Might not do. Bong. - Author: Graham Joyce
Talking Dog quotes by Graham Joyce
#43. Raven: "Don't you notice that?"
Alexander: "Notice what?"
Raven: "The girls?"
Alexander: "What girls?"
Raven: "Hello! You were worried about bringing me to a bar when all along I should have been concerned about bringing you."
Alexander: "I don't know what you are talking about."
Raven: "The girls are drooling all over you!"
Alexander: "Well, there is only one girl I want to be with and she's right here. - Author: Ellen Schreiber
Talking Dog quotes by Ellen Schreiber
#44. For they imagined as they wished
that it was a wild shot,/ an unintended killing
fools, not to comprehend/ they were already in the grip of death./ But glaring under his brows Odysseus answered:
'You yellow dogs, you thought I'd never make it/ home from the land of Troy. You took my house to plunder,/ twisted my maids to serve your beds. You dared/ bid for my wife while I was still alive./ Contempt was all you had for the gods who rule wide heaven,/ contempt for what men say of you hereafter./ Your last hour has come. You die in blood. - Author: Homer
Talking Dog quotes by Homer
#45. You know, the day we had dinner in the cafeteria, I almost bailed. Even now, I don't know how I ended up in the chemo room with you. Then we got to talking, and I realized that after all you've been through, you still smiled. Still hoped. Cancer didn't take that away from you. That moment I knew how much better you are than me." I feel the corners of my lips tug upward as the memory envelops me. "And how much I loved seeing you smile. - Author: D. Nichole King
Talking Dog quotes by D. Nichole King
#46. A hunter who is going to shoot an antelope does not waste his bullets on the dog. - Author: Israelmore Ayivor
Talking Dog quotes by Israelmore Ayivor
#47. Suddenly a dog burst from the concealment of the trees, its shaggy wheaten coat gleaming warmly in the sun. He was a medium-sized mix of no particular breed, part hound, possibly, or maybe retriever. He seemed well fed, so it was doubtful that he was a stray. Then again, mayhap he was skilled at poaching birds and rabbits from the bountiful reserves of game in the area. - Author: Tracy Anne Warren
Talking Dog quotes by Tracy Anne Warren
#48. I'm tired," I said. My voice shook as I tried to restrain my tears. "I'm tired of all of it. The running, the paranoia, being scared all the time, and the sleepless nights. I want a normal life. Is that too much to ask?"
"No, it's not. More than anyone, I believe you deserve it. The friends, the family - the house with a white picket fence, if you want it - you should have all of it."
I shook my head. "I am not talking about those things. I just want to live without fear, love without consequence, and not be blamed for the actions of my past in my future. I want to experience being me. - Author: Loni Flowers
Talking Dog quotes by Loni Flowers
#49. In my opinion, animation is best when it communicates without words, because it is the perfect medium through which to make shortcuts to meaning. When actors are not talking, just acting out, it looks kind of weird. But in animation, mime is constant, and you accept it. - Author: Signe Baumane
Talking Dog quotes by Signe Baumane
#50. It's my chance to challenge myself to the fullest, which is one of the great joys about my job ... I love it when a character requires me to look less than my red-carpet best. It's more fun playing a character that requires you to look like dog s - t. - Author: Kate Winslet
Talking Dog quotes by Kate Winslet
#51. The writer in America isn't part of the culture of this country. He's like a fine dog. People like him around, but he's of no use. - Author: William Faulkner
Talking Dog quotes by William Faulkner
#52. When you first heard him talking about it, you'd figure he was batshit crazy, but really, he was just trying to fill up his days so he didn't have to think about what a fucking mess he had made of everything. It's the same for most of us; forgetting our lives might be the best we'll ever do. - Author: Donald Ray Pollock
Talking Dog quotes by Donald Ray Pollock
#53. It's funny, I was talking to somebody who writes for a cop show, and he was saying how they aren't allowed to acknowledge Christmas, Thanksgiving, Valentine's Day, just because it has to be able to play forever. - Author: Hannah Simone
Talking Dog quotes by Hannah Simone
#54. Like an abandoned dog who cannot find
a smell or a track and roams
along the roads, with no road, like
the child who in a night of the fair
gets lost among the crowd,
and the air is dusty, and the candles
astounded, his heart
weighed down by music and by pain;
that's how I am, drunk, sad by nature,
a mad and lunar guitarist, a poet,
and an ordinary man lost in dreams,
searching constantly for God among the mists. - Author: Antonio Machado
Talking Dog quotes by Antonio Machado
#55. Georgie was quiet. Neal had never slept with Dawn. She'd always assumed he'd had lots of fabulous young sex with Dawn. Freshly scrubbed Heartland-teenager sex. 'Suckin' on a chili dog outside the Tastee Freeze,' et cetera. - Author: Rainbow Rowell
Talking Dog quotes by Rainbow Rowell
#56. You do it because the doing of it is the thing. The doing is the thing. The talking and worrying and thinking is not the thing. - Author: Amy Poehler
Talking Dog quotes by Amy Poehler
#57. Just think before you speak," says Matt.
"Have you ever tried that?" you say. "Thinking before you speak, in real life? The other person just stares at you. It's awkward. Impossible to think. They should change it to, when you're talking with someone, go hide somewhere, think very hard for a while then come back to the other person and say whatever it is
you've thought. But that's harder to memorize. - Author: Guillaume Morissette
Talking Dog quotes by Guillaume Morissette
#58. Words are like eggs, when they are said; they cannot be unpacked, be careful when the day is done. - Author: Daniel Oluwaseun
Talking Dog quotes by Daniel Oluwaseun
#59. What language are you talking in now? It appears to be bollocks. - Author: Richard Wilson
Talking Dog quotes by Richard Wilson
#60. Good fences make good neighbors, and these were apparently good enough that they had not felt the need for razor wire at the top. I crested the fence, threw myself into the yard beyond, fell, rolled to my feet, and ran with the expectation of being garroted by a taut clothesline.
I heard panting, looked down, and saw a gold retriever running at my side, ears flapping. The dog glanced up at me tongue rolling, grinning, as though jazzed by the prospect of an unscheduled play session. - Author: Dean Koontz
Talking Dog quotes by Dean Koontz
#61. There were things of the times, and a few things that were timeless. The times came as a result of a particular human culture. The timeless came as a result of any human culture at all. And Cultural Man was a showman. He created display windows of culture for an audience of men, and paraded his aspirations and ideals and purposes thereon, and the displays were necessary to the continuity of the culture, to the purposeful orientation of the species.

Beyond one such window, he erected an altar, and placed a priest before it to chant a liturgical description of the heart-reasoning of his times. And beyond another window, he built a stage and set his talking dolls upon it to live a dramaturgical sequence of wishes and woes of his times.

True, the priests would change, the liturgy would change, and the dolls, the dramas, the displays--but the windows would never--no never--be closed as long as Man outlived his members, for only through such windows could transient men see themselves against the background of a broader sweep, see man encompassed by Man. A perspective not possible without the windows. - Author: Walter M. Miller Jr.
Talking Dog quotes by Walter M. Miller Jr.
#62. . . .biographers tend to regard as character those elements of personality that remain constant, or nearly so, throughout. . .Like practitioners of fractal geometry, biographers seek patterns that persist as one moves from micro- to macro-levels of analysis, and back again.
. . .
It follows from this that the scale across which we seek similarity need not be chronological. Consider the following incidents in the life of Stalin between 1929 and 1940, arranged not by dates but in terms of ascending horror. Start with the parrot he kept in a cage in his Kremlin apartment. The dictator had the habit of pacing up and down for long periods of time, smoking his pipe, brooding, and occasionally spitting on the floor. One day the parrot tried to mimic Stalin's spitting. He immediately reached into the cage with his pipe and crushed the parrot's head. A very micro-level event, you might well say, so what?

But then you learn that Stalin, while on vacation in the Crimea, was once kept awake by a barking dog. It turned out to be a seeing-eye dog that belonged to a blind peasant. The dog wound up being shot, and the peasant wound up in the Gulag. And then you learn that Stalin drove his independently minded second wife, who tried to talk back to him, into committing suicide. And that he arranged for Trotsky, who also talked back, to be assassinated halfway around the world. And that he arranged as well the deaths of as many of Trotsky's associates that he could reach, - Author: John Lewis Gaddis
Talking Dog quotes by John Lewis Gaddis

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