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I expect to see, on television, the porcine Governor of the State of Michigan decrying to the whole world that my client should be in jail for rendering kindness and compassion, primarily because the porcine Governor of the State of Michigan is a religious nut. ~ Geoffrey Fieger
Talent And Kindness quotes by Geoffrey Fieger
I think it's a great time to be a person of color and with talent. And actually, to be a woman as well. Our show is one of the most diverse television shows on television right now. ~ Nicole Beharie
Talent And Kindness quotes by Nicole Beharie
Teddy taught me about kindness, about love that is unconditional; a sentiment not dependent on acceptance, approval, or the expectation of something in return. It was the first time I would ever feel this from a man who wasn't my grandfather. And I didn't know what to do with it at all. If only I'd embraced our differences sooner. I didn't know it then, but we had so little time left. ~ Padma Lakshmi
Talent And Kindness quotes by Padma Lakshmi
Let me quote a few words by Dr. Chalmers: "Thousands of men breathe, move and live, pass off the stage of life, and are heard no more - Why? They do not partake of good in the world, and none were blessed by them; none could point to them as the means of their redemption; not a line they wrote, not a word they spoke could be recalled; and so they perished; their light went out in darkness, and they were not remembered more than insects of yesterday. Will you thus live and die, O man immortal? Live for something. Do good, and leave behind you a monument of virtue that the storms of time can never destroy. Write your name in kindness, love and mercy, on the hearts of the thousands you come in contact with year by year; you will never be forgotten. No, your name, your deeds will be as legible on the hearts you leave behind as the stars on the brow of evening. Good deeds will shine as the stars of heaven. ~ D.L. Moody
Talent And Kindness quotes by D.L. Moody
I'm really happy that I got to work with such fresh talent. In a day when record companies are not particularly good at encouraging young, talented songwriters to come forward and get exposure, I think it's important to give tomorrow's songwriters the opportunity. ~ Robin Gibb
Talent And Kindness quotes by Robin Gibb
A great photographer show off his talent & awards on facebook.
An amateur photographer show off his work and skill on facebook.
A foolgrapher show off his camera and how he holds it, on facebook. ~ Junior Ming
Talent And Kindness quotes by Junior Ming
Money is a symbol of that life force, of its appreciation. Money can be a solidified form of love. Through the transfer of money, we facilitate love and communication with other humans. It offers us a simple system of providing for and loving and nurturing ourselves, and it is one way of expressing generosity and kindness for the less fortunate. ~ Stuart Wilde
Talent And Kindness quotes by Stuart Wilde
Everyone said I had a boyish look about me. The Thunderdome manager Axel mentioned the same thing when I arrived for my first fight. Why does a sweet boy like you want to get your ass kicked? I just smiled at his comment since I never had a talent for the kind of trash talking that made so many men scary. As a teenager, I practiced acting tough in front of the mirror. I always ended up laughing because even I didn't believe the bullshit coming out of my mouth. Though tall and strong, I'd never be scary.
Every guy I'd fought over the years thought he could take me in less than a minute. Even now as Dragon, I never scared anyone. Their lack of fear was what made the first punch so perfect. The moment my opponents realized they were fucked. ~ Bijou Hunter
Talent And Kindness quotes by Bijou Hunter
I had my guitar and some talent so that I could make friends with intelligent people and could talk my way out of difficult situations. ~ Madeleine Peyroux
Talent And Kindness quotes by Madeleine Peyroux
Self-belief and hard work can propel you past more talented peers ~ Kamil Ali
Talent And Kindness quotes by Kamil Ali
Then I catch myself and listlessly wonder again for which of my sins I am being punished. I am sick to death of this wound that will not close; of how my babyish heart mistakes any simple kindness from a woman for a breadcrumb trail leading to the soft love of a mother or the fond approval of a grandmother. I am tired of carrying this dull orphan-pain, for though it has lost its power to surprise, every season it still reaps its harvest of hurt. ~ Hope Jahren
Talent And Kindness quotes by Hope Jahren
Have I told you I love you lately?'

'Yes, my dear, when you opened my door, when you touched my cheek, when you listened to my stories, and when you warmed my drink - I heard you say it in every sweet-and-easy gesture. ~ Richelle E. Goodrich
Talent And Kindness quotes by Richelle E. Goodrich
The businessman who wishes to gain a market by throttling a superior competitor, the worker who wants a share of his employer's wealth, the artist who envies a rival's higher talent - they're all wishing facts out of existence and destruction is the only means of their wish. If they pursue it, they will not achieve a market, a fortune, or an immortal fame - they will merely destroy production ~ Ayn Rand
Talent And Kindness quotes by Ayn Rand
What I like about Elvis is the same thing I like about James Brown, Michael Jackson, Prince. These guys, back in the day, there was no smoke and mirrors. It was just raw talent. They would step out onstage and command an audience. Talk about awesome. ~ Bruno Mars
Talent And Kindness quotes by Bruno Mars
Is base in kind, and born to be a slave. ~ William Cowper
Talent And Kindness quotes by William Cowper
Every talent you have is not wasted. It is there because of a reason and God will open that door when the right time comes along to use it. ~ Shannon L. Alder
Talent And Kindness quotes by Shannon L. Alder
I think I have a good eye for talent. I think I'm smart enough to figure out what the mission is and achieve it. I achieve it by hiring good people. ~ Roger Ailes
Talent And Kindness quotes by Roger Ailes
As we arise each morning, let us determine to respond with love and kindness to whatever might come our way. ~ Thomas S. Monson
Talent And Kindness quotes by Thomas S. Monson
The more happiness and love that can be reborn the better, because it will make this world more beautiful and kind. Therefore you and I should be living our weeks, days and hours in order to be reborn constantly as happiness, love and kindness. ~ Thich Nhat Hanh
Talent And Kindness quotes by Thich Nhat Hanh
Unprofessionalism damages the business reputation and tarnishes the trust of society. ~ Pearl Zhu
Talent And Kindness quotes by Pearl Zhu
Culture, which makes talent shine, is not completely ours either, nor can we place it solely at our disposal. Rather, it belongs mainly to our country, which gave it to us, and to humanity, from which we receive it as a birthright. ~ Jose Marti
Talent And Kindness quotes by Jose Marti
Diplomacy is so weak and prosaic. Diplomacy must never become an end, itself. Facts are so much more important in science. Yet, I'm beginning to appreciate the value of a soft word and a smile. --Unassimilated pg 294 ~ Michael Ben Zehabe
Talent And Kindness quotes by Michael Ben Zehabe
Every day I am getting to know people, at any rate their circumstances, and sometimes one is able to see through their stories into themselves-- and at the same time one thing continues to impress me: here I meet the people as they are, far from the masquerade of "the Christian world"; people with passions, criminal types, small people with small aims, small wages and small sins-- all in all they are people who feel homeless in both senses, and who begin to thaw when one speaks to them with kindness-- real people; I can only say that I have gained the impression that it is just these people who are much more under grace than under wrath, and that it is the Christian world which is more under wrath than grace. ~ Dietrich Bonhoeffer
Talent And Kindness quotes by Dietrich Bonhoeffer
Aging is scary but fascinating, and great talent morphs in strange and often enlightening ways. ~ Bruce Springsteen
Talent And Kindness quotes by Bruce Springsteen
We who make stories know that we tell lies for a living. But they are good lies that say true things, and we owe it to our readers to build them as best we can. Because somewhere out there is someone who needs that story. Someone who will grow up with a different landscape, who without that story will be a different person. And who with that story may have hope, or wisdom, or kindness, or comfort. And that is why we write. ~ Neil Gaiman
Talent And Kindness quotes by Neil Gaiman
Venetia had no guile, and no affectations; she knew the world only by the books she had read; experience had never taught her to doubt the sincerity of anyone who did her a kindness. ~ Georgette Heyer
Talent And Kindness quotes by Georgette Heyer
If you submit to your gift, you will become known and influential ~ Sunday Adelaja
Talent And Kindness quotes by Sunday Adelaja
Kindness is too often left uncultivated, because men do not sufficiently understand its value. Men may be charitable and not kind; merciful, yet not kind; self-denying and yet not kind. If they would add a little common kindness to their uncommon graces, they would convert ten where they now only abate the prejudice of one. ~ Frederick William Faber
Talent And Kindness quotes by Frederick William Faber
Making others happy, through kindness of speech and sincerity of right advice, is a sign of true greatness. To hurt another soul by sarcastic words, looks, or suggestions, is despicable. ~ Paramahansa Yogananda
Talent And Kindness quotes by Paramahansa Yogananda
The Knowing

Afterwards, when we have slept, paradise-
comaed and woken, we lie a long time
looking at each other.
I do not know what he sees, but I see
eyes of surpassing tenderness
and calm, a calm like the dignity
of matter. I love the open ocean
blue-grey-green of his iris, I love
the curve of it against the white,
that curve the sight of what has caused me
to come, when he's quite still, deep
inside me. I have never seen a curve
like that, except the earth from outer
space. I don't know where he got
his kindness without self-regard,
almost without self, and yet
he chose one woman, instead of the others.

By knowing him, I get to know
the purity of the animal
which mates for life. Sometimes he is slightly
smiling, but mostly he just gazes at me gazing,
his entire face lit. I love
to see it change if I cry–there is no worry,
no pity, no graver radiance. If we
are on our backs, side by side,
with our faces turned fully to face each other,
I can hear a tear from my lower eye
hit the sheet, as if it is an early day on earth,
and then the upper eye's tears
braid and sluice down through the lower eyebrow
like the invention of farmimg, irrigation, a non-nomadic people.

I am so lucky that I can know him.
This is the only way to know him.
I am the only one who knows h ~ Sharon Olds
Talent And Kindness quotes by Sharon Olds
My currency is kindness, and while there are no ATMs that dispense it, it's also not accepted or recognized at strip clubs. ~ Jarod Kintz
Talent And Kindness quotes by Jarod Kintz
Mathilde saw her own face reflected in the window, but no, it was a barn owl on a low branch in the cherry trees. She could barely master herself. She had never expected this. These women, such kindness, their eyes shining in the dim room. They saw her. She didn't know why, but they saw her, and they loved her even still. ~ Lauren Groff
Talent And Kindness quotes by Lauren Groff
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