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#1. When I was a boy I used to love pizza, and whenever my father took me to the pizzeria I'd order two slices. And I'd sit and he'd watch me wolfing down the first slice with my eyes on the second. I wasn't even tasting that first slice. And one day my father said to me, Son, you need to learn that while you're eating the first slice of pizza, eat the first slice. Because right now you're eating the second slice before you've finished the first. - Author: Jonathan Lethem
Tacconellis Pizzeria quotes by Jonathan Lethem
#2. Every two months, I allow myself a splurge day where I eat thick, doughy pizza from Pizzeria Uno or an ice cream sundae from my store with birthday-cake ice cream, Marshmallow Fluff, and toppings mixed in. - Author: Dylan Lauren
Tacconellis Pizzeria quotes by Dylan Lauren
#3. The beauty of Rome is that you can wander into a pizzeria just about anywhere and get a real Italian pizza that's thankfully worlds away from the Super Supreme I used to order at Pizza Hut as a kid. - Author: Ed Stoppard
Tacconellis Pizzeria quotes by Ed Stoppard
#4. I used to live in Pillgwenlly, and there was this old Italian pizzeria that used to be there with a really amazing character who ran it. - Author: Asif Kapadia
Tacconellis Pizzeria quotes by Asif Kapadia
#5. Please go to this pizzeria. Order the margherita pizza with double mozzarella. If you do not eat this pizza when you are in Naples, please lie to me and tell me that you did. - Author: Elizabeth Gilbert
Tacconellis Pizzeria quotes by Elizabeth Gilbert
#6. Oh, my wife is a wonderful cook. She comes from a food-loving Italian family - her father owned a pizzeria! - Author: Buddy Valastro
Tacconellis Pizzeria quotes by Buddy Valastro
#7. I'm coming out with a wine ... I'm actually a restaurateur. I have Famous Famiglia Pizzeria that has opened up in the Sacramento airport. I'm also working with my business partner on opening up the Linnethia Lounge. - Author: NeNe Leakes
Tacconellis Pizzeria quotes by NeNe Leakes
#8. The closest thing I use to beauty products is the grease on the pizza from John's Pizzeria. - Author: Mark Feuerstein
Tacconellis Pizzeria quotes by Mark Feuerstein
#9. I went to a pizzeria. The guy gave me the smallest slice possible. If the pizza was a pie chart with what would you do if you found a million dollars, he gave me the "Donate it to charity" slice. "I'd like to exchange this for the 'Keep it!'" - Author: Mitch Hedberg
Tacconellis Pizzeria quotes by Mitch Hedberg

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