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And then all of a sudden, you're doing jumping jacks, you're happy, because Kane can talk. The Big Red Retard can finally speak. ~ Dwayne Johnson
Tabby And Jacks quotes by Dwayne Johnson
When Jack's command won a sharp skirmish against the Mexicans, he personally captured the Mexican Commander Juan Sanchez who had been at the Alamo and Goliad. Instead of exacting revenge against Sanchez for the merciless killings of surrendered soldiers, Sergeant Hays treated Sanchez with the dignity and respect of a prisoner of war. ~ Dan Marcou
Tabby And Jacks quotes by Dan Marcou
Jack waved cheerfully, got a running start,and did several roundoffs down the length of the hall.
I turned to Raquel."i think he's broken."
She heaved a don't I know it sigh. "Jack's past isn't one that contributes to stability.But he's a good boy."
He nearly got me disembowled by my gym teacher.Good boy he was not. ~ Kiersten White
Tabby And Jacks quotes by Kiersten White
The mechanical mind has a passion for control - of everything except itself. Beyond the control it has won over the forces of nature it would now win control over the forces of society of stating the problem and producing the solution, with social machinery to correspond. ~ L. P. Jacks
Tabby And Jacks quotes by L. P. Jacks
In my light-headedness and fatigue, which made me feel drastically cut off from myself and as if I were observing it all at a remove, I walked past candy shops and coffee shops and shops with antique toys and Delft tiles from the 1800s, old mirrors and silver glinting in the rich, cognac-colored light, inlaid French cabinets and tables in the French court style with garlanded carvings and veneerwork that would have made Hobie gasp with admiration - in fact the entire foggy, friendly, cultivated city with its florists and bakeries and antiekhandels reminded me of Hobie, not just for its antique-crowded richness but because there was a Hobie-like wholesomeness to the place, like a children's picture book where aproned tradespeople swept the floors and tabby cats napped in sunny windows. But there was much too much to see, and ~ Donna Tartt
Tabby And Jacks quotes by Donna Tartt
She loops her arms around my neck, wraps her legs around my hips, and clings to me like a monkey, and some happy part of my brain does flips and jumping jacks and fucking triple axels because this is my wife. ~ Elle Kennedy
Tabby And Jacks quotes by Elle Kennedy
I love it when Tabby laughs out of control-she puts her hands up as if to say I surrender and these big tears go rolling down her cheeks. I love it, that's all, fucking adore it, and when I get hold of something with that potential, I twist it as hard as I can. ~ Stephen King
Tabby And Jacks quotes by Stephen King
..and knowing now who I was and where I was and knowing too that I had no longer to run for or from the Jack's and the Emerson's and the Bledsoe's and the Norton's...but only from their confusion and impatience and refusal to recognize the beautiful absurdity of their American identity...and mine... ~ Ralph Ellison
Tabby And Jacks quotes by Ralph Ellison
After almost two hours of creeping around the forest, one of the jacks discovered Belen. He had fallen asleep, and the young man had literally tripped over him. So much for his reputation. ~ Maria V. Snyder
Tabby And Jacks quotes by Maria V. Snyder
She had become Jack's whore and she didn't want for it to end. With Jack being in total control she felt something that Selena had never dreamt possible: free. Now that she had no say, no control at all, the last of her inhibitions had been swept away. Her actions were a result of another's orders and so she couldn't be held accountable for the things he made her do and she loved that. ~ Nathan L. Flamank
Tabby And Jacks quotes by Nathan L. Flamank
The feminine political voice is personal. It's intimate. It's caregiving and life enhancing. It's about bringing more love, caring and justice into the world. It's also fierce and determined. ~ Tabby Biddle
Tabby And Jacks quotes by Tabby Biddle
Poppy wiped his sweating face with a dry cloth. "Poor Merripen." She brought a cup of water to his lips. When he tried to refuse, she slid an arm beneath his head and raised it insistently. "Yes, you must. I should have known you'd be a terrible patient. Drink, dear, or I'll be forced to sing something."
Amelia stifled a grin as Merripen complied. "Your singing isn't that terrible, Poppy. Father always said you sang like a bird."
"He meant a parrot," Merripen said hoarsely, leaning his head on Poppy's arm.
"Just for that," Poppy informed him, "I'm going to send Beatrix in here to look after you today. She'll probably put one of her pets in bed with you, and spread her jacks all over the floor. And if you're very lucky, she'll bring in her glue pots, and you can help make paper-doll clothes."
Merripen gave Amelia a glance rife with muted suffering, and she laughed.
"If that doesn't inspire you to get well quickly, dear, nothing will. ~ Lisa Kleypas
Tabby And Jacks quotes by Lisa Kleypas
The different colors [of water] again refer to the fact that those little jacks, if you want to call them jacks, those little pyramids, can be packed together in all different ways. And depending on how they're packed together.If you Google blue ice, as I did just while your caller was asking his question, you see some beautiful pictures of ice covering a lake. ~ Ira Flatow
Tabby And Jacks quotes by Ira Flatow
I weave the company into what we laughingly call 'Jack's novel.' I write this novel for them about who they are and what's going on in their world. When I had 90 people in 'Porgy and Bess,' each had a story, history and family relationship. ~ Jack O'Brien
Tabby And Jacks quotes by Jack O'Brien
Since I was Shy's old lady and my behaviour reflected on him, I backed down. But, since I was Tabby and he was Hound, I didn't do it gracefully.
"You're off my Christmas card list," I announced. ~ Kristen Ashley
Tabby And Jacks quotes by Kristen Ashley
I pushed his hair away from his eyes and took a closer look at his cheek. Maybe there really had been a boy in the street, but I also wouldn't put it past Cole to make one appear,if he had that power.
Jack's eyes opened fully,and he looked at me with half a grin. "You remember the first time I told you I loved you?" His words slurred together.
"Shhhhh.Don't talk.The paramedics are on their way."
"Do you?"
I touched his cheek and he winced. I could almost taste his pain,as if it were a tangible element in the air.I could feel my body hungering for the hurt.It was the first time since I'd Returned that I craved someone else's energy.Even at my lowest point,those last moments in the Everneath,I'd never felt a need for it.Until now.Until I was faced with emotions this strong.
He tilted his head toward me,and I jerked back. The taste in the air became bitter and sweet,a mixture of pain and longing.
"Tell me you remember," he said. "Please. ~ Brodi Ashton
Tabby And Jacks quotes by Brodi Ashton
You invite a few players in to start a game of Texas Hold'em by telling them that the deck doesn't have any jacks or queens in it and that you won't tell the other people who come to play with them. How do you get people into the casino? You pay the brokers to bring them there. ~ Michael Lewis
Tabby And Jacks quotes by Michael Lewis
Feeling drunk with the anticipation of being alone in the elevator with the blonde seductress, Jack turned back and flashed a wicked grin at Todd before disappearing down the hall.

"I'm Shala. I was also hoping we'd have a private moment together, before your adventure begins." She spoke softly and slipped her hand into the crook of Jack's arm.

"Shala, you read my mind," Jack replied as they reached the elevator. "After Dr. Strong and I talk, how about you show me the sights of Landon."

"The most exciting thing in Landon is in my suite." Shala whispered and leaned hard against him, forcing his back to the wall. Shala's hands explored Jacks chest then moved to his sides and round to his back sinking lower. Her fiery smile sent an unexpected chill through him. Jack squirmed uncomfortably as he glanced up at the panel above the elevator doors. The second floor indicator lit and held. The doors silently slid aside to reveal a large banquet hall just as Shala's hands reached a sensitive spot. ~ Alaina Stanford
Tabby And Jacks quotes by Alaina Stanford
He waved and shouted, "All clear on the front! Also, to my fabulous faerie friends, good-bye and good riddance!" He let go of Carlee's hand, turned around, and dropped his pants.
Jack's brilliantly white, moonlit mooning of the unearthly crowd was strangely beautiful. Lend was less amused, rolling his eyes and muttering, "My mom's right there. Can't we send Jack, too? ~ Kiersten White
Tabby And Jacks quotes by Kiersten White
I had been virtually a Unitarian (as I still am) but without knowing it. The experience of being among Unitarians who did know what they were, and attached much importance to it, was entirely novel to me, but I soon fell into their ways and found it easy to go forward on their road, the more so because the other roads became closed to me. ~ L. P. Jacks
Tabby And Jacks quotes by L. P. Jacks
Jack with the hair hanging, Jack demanding money, Jack of the big gut, Jack of the loud, loud voice, Jack of the trade, Jack who prances before the ladies, Jack who thinks he´s a genius, Jack who pukes, Jack who bad mouths the lucky, Jack getting older and older, Jack still demanding money, Jack sliding down the beanstalk, Jack who talks about it but doesn't do it, Jack who gets away with murder, Jack who jacks, Jack who talks of the old days, Jack who talks and talks, Jack with the hand out, Jack who terrorizes the weak, Jack the embittered, Jack of the coffee shops, Jack screaming for recognition, Jack who never has a job, Jack who totally overrates his potential, Jack who keeps screaming about his unrecognized talent, Jack who blames everybody else. ~ Charles Bukowski
Tabby And Jacks quotes by Charles Bukowski
From my novel "Broken Things" (Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas):
Those eyes had haunted his dreams―and nightmares too―for over a quarter of a century.
"I wanted to tell you Allie's in town. Allie Drake. You remember her, don't you?"
Jack's gaze shifted back to his brother's grinning face and suddenly he wanted to pop Steve right in the nose. Did he remember Allie Drake? What a stupid question! ~ Andrea Boeshaar
Tabby And Jacks quotes by Andrea Boeshaar
Jake eyed his brother. "I never forget. All data is stored in my memory banks. And one day, candy pig, you will pay."
"You 're such a geek."
"That's Jack's latest insult."
Seth gestured with his wine-glass. "A play on thespian, since Kev's into that."
"Rhymes with lesbo," Jake explained helpfully while Anna stifled a groan. "It's a slick way of calling him a girl. ~ Nora Roberts
Tabby And Jacks quotes by Nora Roberts
It's the fear of what's in the dark that scares us, not the dark itself. Thanks, ancient Chinese philosophers. You guys are the best. And the deadest. But mostly the best. Jack's ~ Sara Wolf
Tabby And Jacks quotes by Sara Wolf
um...he doesn't know your gone?" he said.

Anna caught herself. "oh," she said. "is that a problem?"

"pft! No. Of course not!" Lied Jack. "I think it's awesome. Otherwise you wouldn't be here with me, right?"

"That's right," Sang Anna.

Images of Mr. Shepherd ripping out Jack's lungs and gazing into his gaping chestwould flooded into his mind.

"So!" Said Anna cheerily. "what do you want to do now?"

Get you home before your dand tracks me down and kills me, thought Jack... ~ Matthew Kaddish
Tabby And Jacks quotes by Matthew Kaddish
half a dozen of Jack's friends had set their status. Jack pointed out that instead of just saying "Away" or "Busy" or something like that, people were playing with the status message. One of them had changed it to "Feeling blah," and another had made it "Listening to the White Stripes." Or something like that. Jack said that he liked having a sense of how his friends were feeling or what they were up to just by glancing at these status messages. He asked me if I thought we should build something similar - a way to post a status message and a way to see your friends' status messages. ~ Biz Stone
Tabby And Jacks quotes by Biz Stone
No, it was because he had kind eyes and a face that lit up when those eyes hit Tabby. The overall look might be scary to some, but to me, he looked like Biker Santa Claus. Hey, ~ Kristen Ashley
Tabby And Jacks quotes by Kristen Ashley
Now this was like trying to comprehend all the activity of an anthill, and read all the words in a book, and feel all the splendor of a cathedral, in one glance. Jack's mind was not equal to the demands that Cairo placed on it, and so for a long while he fixed his attention on small and near matters, as if he were a boy peering through a hollow reed. ~ Neal Stephenson
Tabby And Jacks quotes by Neal Stephenson
So you should be grateful about most everything, because, being an American, you live a very privileged life. There's just a tiny amount of room for complaining, because there are a few legitimate things worth complaining about. Like, let's say you watched a show about people who crashed on an island, and it was full of interesting mysteries, and you kept watching for six seasons, hoping to find answers to all the mysteries - but then in the finale they totally didn't answer anything and acted like it was the characters and their resolutions I was supposed to care about - like Jack's constant whining should have been my focus rather than the smoke monster or the mysterious hatch. That's awful. That's worth complaining about . . . even years later. ~ Frank J. Fleming
Tabby And Jacks quotes by Frank J. Fleming
So Captain Jack's come a-courtin'." Her hands stilled on the basket. "Who?" "The tall Shawnee who come by your cabin." The tall one. Lael felt a small surge of triumph at learning his name. Captain Jack. Oddly, she felt no embarrassment. Lifting her shoulders in a slight shrug, she continued pulling the vines into a tight circle. "He come by, but I don't know why." "Best take a long look in the mirror, then." Lael's eyes roamed the dark walls. Ma Horn didn't own one. "Beads and a blanket, was it?" She nodded and looked back down. "I still can't figure out why some Shawnee would pay any mind to a white girl like me." Ma Horn chuckled, her face alight in the dimness. "Why, Captain Jack's as white as you are." "What?" she blurted, eyes wide as a child's. Ma Horn's smile turned sober. "He's no Indian, Shawnee or otherwise, so your pa says. He was took as a child from some-wheres in North Carolina. All he can remember of his past life is his white name - Jack. ~ Laura Frantz
Tabby And Jacks quotes by Laura Frantz
We ate all of this in front of Tack's huge, flat-screen TV in the living room where I was treated to a marathon of Storage Wars. Seeing as I didn't watch TV, I'd never heard of this program. But by the second episode I was hooked. I declared that I thought Brandi and Jarrod were "adorable" together, which for some reason he didn't explain made Rush laugh so hard I thought he would bust a gut. Rush might find that funny but I decided I was going to start dressing like Brandi. She always looked the shit. I also shared that Dave was my favorite "character" to which Tabby told me with grave seriousness, "But, Tyra, he's the bad guy. ~ Kristen Ashley
Tabby And Jacks quotes by Kristen Ashley
Cracker Jacks don't count as junk food because they're corn and peanuts, which we know to be high in nutrition. And they have a prize inside. ~ Janet Evanovich
Tabby And Jacks quotes by Janet Evanovich
The prize-story experience had seemed to open a way which might, after long traveling and much uphill work, lead to this delightful chateau en Espagne. But the novel disaster quenched her courage for a time, for public opinion is a giant which has frightened stouter-hearted Jacks on bigger beanstalks than hers. Like that immortal hero, she reposed awhile after the first attempt, which resulted in a tumble and the least lovely of the giant's treasures, if I remember rightly. But the 'up again and take another ~ Louisa May Alcott
Tabby And Jacks quotes by Louisa May Alcott
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