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#1. I had a long talk with my dear Fat Mary that night, because I had many questions. Could someone actually be beaten to death by such a nun? Did Mother Rufina, the new Superior, know that Sister Clotilda was so cruel? Who let her work with children? Could nuns go to hell?
Fat Mary told me she didn't know the answers to my questions, but she reminded me that it was her role to take my worries and burdens and keep them for me until a time when I could understand them. - Author: Maria Nhambu
Systematic Abuse quotes by Maria Nhambu
#2. The systematic abuse with which the newspapers of one side assail every candidate coming forward on the other, is the cause of many honorable men, who have a regard to their reputation, being deterred from entering public life; and of the people being thus deprived of some better servants than any they have. - Author: Harriet Martineau
Systematic Abuse quotes by Harriet Martineau
#3. The timing of this sudden interest in the plight of Iraqi women cannot be overemphasized. For decades, many Iraqi women activists in the US and UK had tried to raise awareness about the systematic abuse of human and women's rights under Saddam Hussein, the atrocities linked to the Anfal campaign against the Kurds, and the impact of economic sanctions on women and families ... 'We wrote so many letters and we organized many events ... They did not want to know. They were just not interested. It was only in the run-up to the [2003] invasion that the governments started to care about the suffering of Iraqi women. - Author: Nadje Al-Ali
Systematic Abuse quotes by Nadje Al-Ali
#4. Remember that the Tarot is a great and sacred arcanum - its abuse is an obscenity in the inner and a folly in the outer. It is intended for quite other purposes than to determine when the tall dark man will meet the fair rich widow. - Author: Jack Parsons
Systematic Abuse quotes by Jack Parsons
#5. Some individuals have what can be considered to be an 'abusive personality.' Although they can be somewhat charming at times and sometimes manage to put on a false front in public when it is absolutely necessary, their basic personality is characterized by:
1.A need to dominate and control others
2.A tendency - Author: Beverly Engel The Emotionally Abusive Relationship How To Stop Being Abused And How To Stop Abusing
Systematic Abuse quotes by Beverly Engel The Emotionally Abusive Relationship How To Stop Being Abused And How To Stop Abusing
#6. There is life after abuse. This is mine. - Author: Lindsay Fischer
Systematic Abuse quotes by Lindsay Fischer
#7. With all due respect, many in the entertainment industry are deep into mind-altering substance abuse, and when one's logic and intellectual calculating powers are replaced with dopey feel-good, fantasy-driven denial, the democratic party serves them well. - Author: Ted Nugent
Systematic Abuse quotes by Ted Nugent
#8. Talk of the abuses of slavery! Humbug! The thing itself is the essence of all abuse! - Author: Harriet Beecher Stowe
Systematic Abuse quotes by Harriet Beecher Stowe
#9. One of the most important social myths we must debunk if we are to become a more loving culture is the one that teaches parents that abuse and neglect can coexist with love. Abuse and neglect negate love. Care and affirmation, the opposite of abuse and humiliation, are the foundation of love. No one can rightfully claim to be loving when behaving abusively. Yet parents do this al the time in our culture. Children are told that they are loved even though they are being abused. - Author: Bell Hooks
Systematic Abuse quotes by Bell Hooks
#10. Abusive parents have inappropriate expectations of their children, with a reversal of dependence needs. Parents treat an abused child as if the child were older than the parents. A parent often turns to the child for reassurance, nurturing, comfort, and protection and expects a loving response. - Author: Benjamin James Sadock
Systematic Abuse quotes by Benjamin James Sadock
#11. ... you don't have to love everyone who's nice to you. People should be nice to each other. - Author: Lisa O'Donnell
Systematic Abuse quotes by Lisa O'Donnell
#12. When people ask me about what made the biggest difference in my healing, I tell them that I was believed and tremendously loved. I never felt blamed or shamed into silence. - Author: Aishah Shahidah Simmons
Systematic Abuse quotes by Aishah Shahidah Simmons
#13. Recovery unfolds in three stages. The central task of the first stage is the establishment of safety. The central task of the second stage is remembrance and mourning. The central focus of the third stage is reconnection with ordinary life. - Author: Judith Lewis Herman
Systematic Abuse quotes by Judith Lewis Herman
#14. When the phonograms and rules of English are taught in a systematic manner through solid, multimodality teaching methods which develop visual muscle memory, prevent reversals, and address the needs of all types of learners, we will be on our way to solving the literacy crisis for all its current victims and preventing it in future generations. - Author: Denise Eide
Systematic Abuse quotes by Denise Eide
#15. when parameters are not set for man, there is always an unknown abuse - Author: Ernest Agyemang Yeboah
Systematic Abuse quotes by Ernest Agyemang Yeboah
#16. The degree to which the psychiatric community is complicit with abusive parents in drugging non-compliant children is a war crime across the generations, and there will be a Nuremberg at some point in the future - Author: Stefan Molyneux
Systematic Abuse quotes by Stefan Molyneux
#17. I left the court feeling sure that Rose West would never walk free again. That thought made me happy. - Author: Stephen Richards
Systematic Abuse quotes by Stephen Richards
#18. In truth, if it isn't to save your life when it's in imminent danger, someone yelling at you is just plain wrong. The same is true for ranting or bitching. The same goes double for anything even close to manhandling. - Author: Cathy Burnham Martin
Systematic Abuse quotes by Cathy Burnham Martin
#19. And journalism itself has changed. News organizations and some journalists have transformed from their traditional role as watchdogs of power into institutions of power themselves with an ability, indeed, a susceptibility, to abuse that power. - Author: Joan Konner
Systematic Abuse quotes by Joan Konner
#20. Trauma does not have to occur by abuse alone... - Author: Asa Don Brown
Systematic Abuse quotes by Asa Don Brown
#21. I was right outside the NSA [on 9/11], so I remember the tension on that day. I remember hearing on the radio, 'the plane's hitting,' and I remember thinking my grandfather, who worked for the FBI at the time, was in the Pentagon when the plane hit it ... I take the threat of terrorism seriously, and I think we all do. And I think it's really disingenuous for the government to invoke and sort-of scandalize our memories to sort-of exploit the national trauma that we all suffered together and worked so hard to come through
and to justify programs that have never been shown to keep us safe, but cost us liberties and freedoms that we don't need to give up, and that our Constitution says we should not give up. - Author: Edward Snowden
Systematic Abuse quotes by Edward Snowden
#22. Abuse can feel like love."
"Abuse can feel like love…Why?"
Damon remained so still it didn't look like he was breathing. He looked at the teacher, unwavering. "Starving people will eat anything. - Author: Penelope Douglas
Systematic Abuse quotes by Penelope Douglas
#23. Use, don't abuse. - Author: Grace Jones
Systematic Abuse quotes by Grace Jones
#24. The minister's voice was a pendulum. Swinging for left and down and right and down and left and-"How can you claim to be my brother, and hate me? Is that Charity? How can you claim to be my sister and despise me? Is that supposed to be Charity? How can you claim to be my friend and misuse and wrongfully abuse me? Is that Charity?...'now abideth faith, hope and charity, these three; but the greatest of these is charity. - Author: Maya Angelou
Systematic Abuse quotes by Maya Angelou
#25. I think it's very important, and I think that what young people will learn from my experience is that even presidents have to do that and there are consequences when you don't. But I also think that there will be a box score, and there will be that one negative, and then there will be the hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of times when the record will show that I did not abuse my authority as president, that I was truthful with the American people. - Author: William J. Clinton
Systematic Abuse quotes by William J. Clinton
#26. I have my first review this is exciting
I write a passage to introduce the book and want to share it on SNS .
As below words,hope you can give me some advice.

" Want to share a book with all of you,my friends .So luck to read this book <> .
He is not a famous writer but all story is he`s real experience,how to be abuse by his mother,
how to overcome learn disablity ,how to be a good father in life and how to get a middle class life
in US now.The purpose to write this book is that he want to help someone who have same experience
with him and encourage those people,you are not alone,there are many people have experienced
similar things,you can overcome it and you deserved a good life. This book can help us to avoid many
mistake when we as a parent . - Author: Shawn Woods
Systematic Abuse quotes by Shawn Woods
#27. In order to stay healthy, our nervous systems and psyches need to face challenges and to succeed in meeting those challenges. When this need is not met, or when we are challenged and cannot triumph, we end up lacking vitality and are unable to fully engage in life. Those of us who have been defeated by war, abuse, accidents, and other traumatic events suffer far more severe consequences. - Author: Peter A. Levine
Systematic Abuse quotes by Peter A. Levine
#28. A terrible sadness threatened to overwhelm me as I wondered how two people capable of such love for each other had eventually felt so little for the child they had produced between them. - Author: Toni Maguire
Systematic Abuse quotes by Toni Maguire
#29. The universe had once been bright, too. For a short time after the big bang, all matter existed in the form of light, and only after the universe turned to burnt ash did heavier elements precipitate out of the darkness and form planets and life. Darkness was the mother of life and of civilization. On Earth, an avalanche of curses and abuse rolled out into space toward Blue Space and Bronze Age, but the two ships made no reply. They cut off all contact with the Solar System, for to those two worlds, the Earth was already dead. The two dark ships became one with the darkness, separated by the Solar System and drifting further apart. Carrying with them the entirety of human thoughts and memories, and embracing all of the Earth's glory and dreams, they quietly disappeared into the eternal night. - Author: Liu Cixin
Systematic Abuse quotes by Liu Cixin
#30. A woman is not less a human. There is no piece of literature or institution that can prove otherwise. It does not matter, the skin color, the economic status, or country of origin, a woman is a human. - Author: Topsy Gift
Systematic Abuse quotes by Topsy Gift
#31. When pain has been intertwined with love and closeness, it's very difficult to believe that love and closeness can be experienced without pain. - Author: Gloria Steinem
Systematic Abuse quotes by Gloria Steinem
#32. Ignore the voice that scorns and ridicules to ensure it does not mold you. Stifling subtleties like these, if unchecked, are oppressive. Freedom is a love supreme birthright, not a privilege to be governed by any other. - Author: T.F. Hodge
Systematic Abuse quotes by T.F. Hodge
#33. Dear Mommy
I'm doing really good,
I get all A's in school
And I don't cry at bedtime anymore,
Though my new mom said I could.
I remember how much you hate tears,
You slapped them out of me
To make me strong,
I think it worked.
I learned to use a microscope
And my hair grew two inches.
It's pretty, just like yours.
I'm not allowed to clean the house,
Only my own room,
Isn't that a funny rule?
You say kids are so much trouble
Getting born, they better pay it back.
I'm not supposed to take care
Of the other kids, only me, I sort of like it.
I still get the hole in my stomach
When I do something wrong,
I have a saying on my mirror
"Kids make mistakes, It's OK,"
I read it every day,
Sometimes I even believe it.
I wonder if you ever think of me
Or if you're glad the troublemaker's gone,
I never want to see you again.
I love you, Mommy. - Author: Karyl McBride
Systematic Abuse quotes by Karyl McBride
#34. Just one person. It really honestly just takes one positive person. One positive person can help you. And that can go a long, long way. - Alexis - Author: Robert Uttaro
Systematic Abuse quotes by Robert Uttaro
#35. If you put a frog into a pot of boiling water, the fucker will jump right back out. It knows it's wrong, it hurts, it will kill him. But if you put him in a pot and slowly raise it up to boiling, he'll stay. That's what abuse is like. You might not even notice it's happening at first. You'd brush it off as him having a bad day, you pissing him off. But then it starts getting worse in small ways until you're in so deep and you're so hot and your skin is peeling and you don't know if you even remember you can jump anymore. That doesn't make you weak. You got out of that shit, baby. That makes you stronger, a lot stronger, I think, than you even realize. - Author: Jessica Gadziala
Systematic Abuse quotes by Jessica Gadziala
#36. Are you capable to truly distinguish the person you envision in the mirror? - Author: Patricia Dsouza
Systematic Abuse quotes by Patricia Dsouza
#37. My mother agreed to aid my abuse of alcohol but only if I promised never to tell my newly converted Mormon sister, whose identity I had stolen. - Author: Chelsea Handler
Systematic Abuse quotes by Chelsea Handler
#38. " ... arbitrary, capricious, an abuse of discretion, and as a matter of law, unsupportable." - Author: Luther L. Bohanon
Systematic Abuse quotes by Luther L. Bohanon
#39. Learning and education have frequently degenerated into the systematic accumulation of facts and information. - Author: Stephen Batchelor
Systematic Abuse quotes by Stephen Batchelor
#40. If people keep stepping on you, wear a pointy hat. - Author: Joyce Rachelle
Systematic Abuse quotes by Joyce Rachelle
#41. I've learned to distinguish between the greatness of God and the inexcusable evil that has been done by those professing his name. And so I do not deduce [as Christopher Hitchens does] that God is not great, and that religion poisons everything. After all, if I failed to distinguish between the genius of Einstein and the abuse of his science to create weapons of mass destruction, I might be tempted to say science is not great, and technology poisons everything. - Author: John Lennox
Systematic Abuse quotes by John Lennox
#42. The ecclesiastical establishments of Europe which serve to support tyrannical governments are not the Christian religion but abuses and corruptions of it. - Author: Noah Webster
Systematic Abuse quotes by Noah Webster
#43. Everybody has a right to be stupid, but some people abuse the privilege. - Author: Joseph Stalin
Systematic Abuse quotes by Joseph Stalin

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