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The laws of light and of heat translate each other;-so do the laws of sound and colour; and so galvanism, electricity and magnetism are varied forms of this selfsame energy. ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson
Syariah Law quotes by Ralph Waldo Emerson
I am the law, and I am the judge! ~ Jules Verne
Syariah Law quotes by Jules Verne
When you look in the mirror and say, 'I love you,' don't worry if you don't believe it yet. Love is far more powerful than your limiting beliefs. ~ Cheryl Richardson
Syariah Law quotes by Cheryl Richardson
The beauty of the character is that it's like camouflage. It's the best costume ever. I rarely get recognized as Pornstache when I'm out in public. Most people recognize me as the Law & Order guy, when I'm out in public. ~ Pablo Schreiber
Syariah Law quotes by Pablo Schreiber
The Reformers, therefore, as instruments in the hands of God, in delivering the Church from bondage to prelates, did not make it a tumultuous multitude, in which every man was a law to himself, free to believe, and free to do what he pleased. ~ Charles Hodge
Syariah Law quotes by Charles Hodge
The law is like rope ... useful, necessary, strong, but it can be bent and twisted into all kinds of shapes depending on the occasion. ~ W.P. Kinsella
Syariah Law quotes by W.P. Kinsella
And that law of the land which is constitutional, supporting that principle of freedom in maintaining rights and privileges, belongs to all mankind, and is justifiable before me. Therefore, I, the Lord, justify you, and your brethren of my church, in befriending that law which is the constitutional law of the land. ~ Joseph Smith Jr.
Syariah Law quotes by Joseph Smith Jr.
Examining love is like examining a stocking: if you hold it up to the light and stretch it to search for snags, any snags there are may well run and ruin the stocking. In fact, if I may fashion Coudert's law from Heisenberg's principle of indeterminacy, it is this: Love is not only changed by observation; it is changed for the worse. ~ Jo Coudert
Syariah Law quotes by Jo Coudert
This radical stance of prioritizing love over law could be said to be the baseline of Jesus' exegetical method. It is absolutely central to how Jesus understood and interpreted Scripture. ~ Derek Flood
Syariah Law quotes by Derek Flood
The two of us had come a long way together from our humble beginnings and the basement apartment that had been our first home as newlyweds in 1957, when I was still a law student at Laval University in Quebec City. ~ Jean Chretien
Syariah Law quotes by Jean Chretien
We have such a law: If you forgive, it means that God has forgiven you; but if you do not forgive your brother, it means that your sin remains with you. ~ Silouan The Athonite
Syariah Law quotes by Silouan The Athonite
The best laws cannot make a constitution work in spite of morals; morals can turn the worst laws to advantage. That is a commonplace truth, but one to which my studies are always bringing me back. It is the central point in my conception. I see it at the end of all my reflections. ~ Alexis De Tocqueville
Syariah Law quotes by Alexis De Tocqueville
The entropy of a closed system never decreases. Every process must by law decay. ~ Anthony Doerr
Syariah Law quotes by Anthony Doerr
But could one ever know what to expect of the redheaded creature who had already carried off a son-in-law, or of the crane who had devoured the most clairvoyant of all fish-owls ever to haunt an earthly dream? ~ Rene Crevel
Syariah Law quotes by Rene Crevel
There is no subject more captivating, more worthy of study, than nature. To understand this great mechanism, to discover the forces which are active, and the laws which govern them, is the highest aim of the intellect of man. ~ Nikola Tesla
Syariah Law quotes by Nikola Tesla
... ten year olds of the world, you shouldn't believe what your teachers tell you about the beauty and specialness and uniqueness of you. Or, believe it, little snowflake, but know it won't make a bit of difference until after puberty. It's Newton's lost law: anything that makes you unique later will get your chocolate milk stolen and your eye blackened as a kid. ~ Sloane Crosley
Syariah Law quotes by Sloane Crosley
Mistrust of the police is borne out of numerous bad experiences with them. ~ Steven Magee
Syariah Law quotes by Steven Magee
Let Justice, blind and halt and maimed, chastise the rebel spirit surging in my veins, let the Law deal me penalties and pains And make me hideous in my neighbours' eyes. ~ Ada Cambridge
Syariah Law quotes by Ada Cambridge
So how does God affect justice in this life/economy/reality? A lightening bolt, an angel of death, or by the hand of a human being?"

~R. Alan Woods [2012] ~ R. Alan Woods
Syariah Law quotes by R. Alan Woods
No more fatuous chimera has ever infested the brain than that you can control opinions by law or direct belief by statute, and no more pernicious sentiment ever tormented the heart than the barbarous desire to do so. The field of inquiry should remain open, and the right of debate must be regarded as a sacred right. ~ William Borah
Syariah Law quotes by William Borah
If thou canst believe, all things are possible to him that believeth. ~ Norman Vincent Peale
Syariah Law quotes by Norman Vincent Peale
Harming one's unalienable rights in order to serve justice is injustice. ~ J.S.B. Morse
Syariah Law quotes by J.S.B. Morse
Swearing, he fisted a hand in her short hair, yanked her head back and slanted his mouth over hers. She opened for him, humming with delight and Law was cursing himself even as he gorged on her taste. Fuck, she was sweet - hot, sweet, and perfect. ~ Shiloh Walker
Syariah Law quotes by Shiloh Walker
If you outlaw guns, only outlaws will have guns. The first people who are going to be in line to turn in their guns are law-abiding citizens. Criminals are going to be left with guns. I believe that concealed carry is a way of reducing gun violence. ~ Gary Johnson
Syariah Law quotes by Gary Johnson
By lifting Widget up, Law had given her the power to help others. They were daisy-chained together; acts of goodwill looped back around. Law had saved Windwolf. He had protected her without even knowing how much he owed her. Tinker saved the tengu, and they in turn protected Usagi and her children. Around and around, kindness being paid forward until it returned. It was what Pittsburgh needed. What Elfhome needed; people helping one another without concern of clan or race or species. ~ Wen Spencer
Syariah Law quotes by Wen Spencer
In framing a system which we wish to last for ages, we shd. not lose sight of the changes which ages will produce. [James Madison in the U.S. Constitutional Convention, June 26, 1787. The Records of the Federal Convention of 1787, ed. Max Farrand (New Haven: Yale University Press, 1966), 1:422.] ~ James Madison
Syariah Law quotes by James Madison
The safety of the state is the highest law. ~ Justinian I
Syariah Law quotes by Justinian I
I figured my wife was about to start law school. If that whole baseball pitching thing didn't work out, I had something to fall back on. I figure I'd put a ring on her finger. Turns out she was the smart one. Turns out she was the gold digger, not me. ~ Tim Hudson
Syariah Law quotes by Tim Hudson
Then eventually wails from my mother herself, when she realized what was happening, what she had done. The authorities didn't believe her, of course, because she wasn't a child in their eyes. She was a black child. And a black child is just as guilty as a black adult in the eyes of the law. So they dragged her away in handcuffs while she screamed, "Noooo! It was an ccident! I didn't mean to! No, please! Noooo!" She screamed with the intensity and high pitch of a child who has just lost everything. She was only ten years old, but she knew her life was over from that point on. She decided right then that there could be no redemption for her and that she must be irreversibly broken. ~ Echo Brown
Syariah Law quotes by Echo Brown
I verily believe Christianity necessary to the support of civil society. One of the beautiful boasts of our municipal jurisprudence is that Christianity is a part of the Common Law ... There never has been a period in which the Common Law did not recognize Christianity as lying its foundations. ~ Joseph Story
Syariah Law quotes by Joseph Story
No one may force anyone to be happy according to his manner of imagining the well-being of other men; instead, everyone may seek his happiness in the way that seems good to him as long as he does not infringe on the freedom of others to pursue a similar purpose, when such freedom may coexist with the freedom of every other man according to a possible and general law. ~ Immanuel Kant
Syariah Law quotes by Immanuel Kant
Proceedings at law are sufficiently expensive. ~ Sherrilyn Kenyon
Syariah Law quotes by Sherrilyn Kenyon
Listen, we watch Law and Order. We know shit happens. And shit's happening. ~ Jill Shalvis
Syariah Law quotes by Jill Shalvis
Not everyone understands what a completely rational process this is, this maintenance of a motorcycle. They think it's some kind of "knack" or some kind of "affinity for machines" in operation. They are right, but the knack is almost purely a process of reason, and most of the troubles are caused by what old time radio men called a "short between the earphones," failures to use the head properly. A motorcycle functions entirely in accordance with the laws of reason, and a study of the art of motorcycle maintenance is really a miniature study of the art of rationality itself. ~ Robert M. Pirsig
Syariah Law quotes by Robert M. Pirsig
I've been a military lawyer for 33 years. A member of al Qaeda or their affiliate group can be detained under a law of war as long as their threat to our nation without a trial. ~ Lindsey Graham
Syariah Law quotes by Lindsey Graham
Law-abiding people need to be able to own firearms to protect themselves. ~ Wayne LaPierre
Syariah Law quotes by Wayne LaPierre
Being a planetary citizen does not need space travel. It means being conscious that we are part of the universe and of the earth. The most fundamental law is to recognise that we share the planet with other beings, and that we have a duty to care for our common home. ~ Vandana Shiva
Syariah Law quotes by Vandana Shiva
For most of recorded history, parental violence against children and men's violence against wives was explicitly or implicitly condoned. Those who had the power to prevent and/or punish this violence through religion, law, or custom, openly or tacitly approved it ... The reason violence against women and children is finally out in the open is that activists have brought it to global attention. ~ Riane Eisler
Syariah Law quotes by Riane Eisler
In a secular democracy, a person is supposed to be punished only when he breaks the law; never because he is evil. That is, after all, what distinguishes a democracy from a theocracy. ~ Thomas Szasz
Syariah Law quotes by Thomas Szasz
Without Liberty, Law loses its nature and its name, and becomes oppression. Without Law, Liberty also loses its nature and its name, and becomes licentiousness. ~ James Q. Wilson
Syariah Law quotes by James Q. Wilson
I've always said that the 1986 [Immigration Reform and Control] Act had a fourth leg [in addition to law enforcement, increased immigration and amnesty] to its stool which was wishful thinking. And that pattern of a four-legged stool was copied in the failed attempts to enact a second and bigger general amnesty for illegal aliens in 2006, 2007, and in the current year 2013. ~ Jan C. Ting
Syariah Law quotes by Jan C. Ting
It is costly when not abiding by God's law ~ Sunday Adelaja
Syariah Law quotes by Sunday Adelaja
I have a good feeling about this. Somehow, it's all going to turn out for the best."
"I wish I did," Cork said.
"Maybe that's the difference between the law and religion. I hope for the best, you're prepared for the worst. ~ William Kent Krueger
Syariah Law quotes by William Kent Krueger
Read as few words as you like, and speak fewer, but act upon the law. ~ Gautama Buddha
Syariah Law quotes by Gautama Buddha
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