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#1. Now come: that thou mayst able be to know
That minds and the light souls of all that live
Have mortal birth and death, I will go on
Verses to build meet for thy rule of life,
Sought after long, discovered with sweet toil. - Author: Lucretius
Sweet Light quotes by Lucretius
#2. Now they both smiled. The sweet, light fragrance of a first youthful, half-unspoken love, with all its intoxicating tenderness, had awoken in them like a dream on which you reflect ironically when you wake, although you really wish for nothing more than to dream it again, to live in the dream. The beautiful dream of young love that ventures only on half-measures, that desires and dares not ask, promises and does not give. They - Author: Stefan Zweig
Sweet Light quotes by Stefan Zweig
#3. Even as I hold you
I think of you as someone gone
far, far away. Your eyes the color
of pennies in a bowl of dark honey
bringing sweet light to someone else
your black hair slipping through my fingers
is the flash of your head going
around a corner
your smile, breaking before me,
the flippant last turn
of a revolving door,
emptying you out, changed,
away from me.
Even as I hold you
I am letting go. - Author: Alice Walker
Sweet Light quotes by Alice Walker
#4. For a rub with sweet tang: mix just a little bit of light brown sugar to garlic pepper, black pepper, and onion powder. - Author: Johnny Trigg
Sweet Light quotes by Johnny Trigg
#5. Ah! American cigarettes are like the American soul - sweet and light. - Author: Hans Frank
Sweet Light quotes by Hans Frank
#6. If the butterfly wings its way to the sweet light that attracts it, it's only becasue it doesn't know that the fire can consume it. - Author: Giordano Bruno
Sweet Light quotes by Giordano Bruno
#7. O, may you look, full moon that shines, On my pain for this last time: So many midnights from my desk, I have seen you, keeping watch: When over my books and paper, [390] Saddest friend, you appear! Ah! If on the mountain height I might stand in your sweet light, Float with spirits in mountain caves, Swim the meadows in twilight' waves, [395] Free from the smoke of knowledge too, Bathe in your health-giving dew! - Author: Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
Sweet Light quotes by Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
#8. The poet's pen is the true divining rod Which trembles towards the inner founts of feeling; Bringing to light and use, else hid from all, The many sweet clear sources which we have of good and beauty in our own deep bosoms; And marks the variations of all mind As does the needle. - Author: Philip James Bailey
Sweet Light quotes by Philip James Bailey
#9. In the sweet light of love I believed I was able to recognize - or required to feel - that the inward self is the only self which really exists. - Author: Robert Walser
Sweet Light quotes by Robert Walser
#10. There were nights for instance, especially in August, where the view of the full moon from the top of the Acropolis hill or from a high terrace could steal your breath away. The moon would slide over the clouds like a seducing princess dressed in her finest silvery silk. And the sky would be full of stars that trembled feebly, like servants that bowed before her. During those nights under the light of the August full moon, the city of Athens would become an enchanted kingdom that slept lazily under the sweet light of its ethereal mistress. - Author: Effrosyni Moschoudi
Sweet Light quotes by Effrosyni Moschoudi
#11. Spirit of Beauty, whose sweet impulses, flung like rose of dawn across the sea, alone can flush the exalted consciousness with shafts of sensible divinity-light of the world, essential loveliness. - Author: Alan Seeger
Sweet Light quotes by Alan Seeger
#12. There are many kinds of betrayals. There are the small ones: the unkind word, the laughter behind someone's back, the petty lies. And there are the betrayals that break hearts, destroy worlds, and turn the strong, sweet light of day into bitter dust. - Author: Gillian Shields
Sweet Light quotes by Gillian Shields
#13. All that is sweet, delightful, and amiable in this world, in the serenity of the air, the fineness of seasons, the joy of light, the melody of sounds, the beauty of colors, the fragrancy of smells, the splendor of precious stones, is nothing else but Heaven breaking through the veil of this world. - Author: William Law
Sweet Light quotes by William Law
#14. Light physical is said by Solomon to be sweet, but gospel light is infinitely more precious, for it reveals eternal things, and ministers to our immortal natures. - Author: Charles Spurgeon
Sweet Light quotes by Charles Spurgeon
#15. You must never leave me Sweetness. I will never leave you. - Author: Jen Wylie
Sweet Light quotes by Jen Wylie
#16. Spirit does not exist in just one location; rather it is all encompassing, living within and amongst us in each moment, thought and action. I believe that Spirit is raised to it's highest level, when individuals gather with wisdom, compassion and a discerning desire to provide service to humanity. We are all One, One Energy, from One Light. Let us band together as Humans, with love for all of humanity, living each day in harmony as we explore our spirit. - Author: Kala Ambrose
Sweet Light quotes by Kala Ambrose
#17. Darkness always had its part to play. Without it, how would we know when we walked in the light? It's only when its ambitions become too grandiose that it must be opposed, disciplined, sometimes - if necessary - brought down for a time. Then it will rise again, as it must. - Author: Clive Barker
Sweet Light quotes by Clive Barker
#18. I am flawed on many obvious levels, and truthfully, I erroneously report my zip code at least two out of every ten times. So why would I write about pursuing a rich understanding of the Bible? Isn't that material reserved for the upper echelon of the church hierarchy? The ones who have "arrived"? The answer is fundamental: The insights of the Bible are not reserved for pastors, their wives, and Billy Graham. Psalm 119:130, one of the most beautiful passages concerning God's Word, says, The unfolding of Your words gives light; It gives understanding to the simple. - Author: Jen Hatmaker
Sweet Light quotes by Jen Hatmaker
#19. Everything was made bright by her. She was the smile that shed light all around her. - Author: Leo Tolstoy
Sweet Light quotes by Leo Tolstoy
#20. You've got to breathe! And make the bridge between the top half of your body and the bottom. Between the woman in you who's sweet and tender, and the woman in you who's a bitch. - Author: Katie Singer
Sweet Light quotes by Katie Singer
#21. I actually share her view and understand her frustration when any government attempts to ban secular symbols like Santa Claus or Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer or Christmas lights. - Author: Steve Israel
Sweet Light quotes by Steve Israel
#22. In every colour there's the light.
In every stone sleeps a crystal.
Remember the Shaman, when he used to say:
Man is the dream of the dolphin - Author: Enigma
Sweet Light quotes by Enigma
#23. Now she realized that she was not peering at a so-dark-blue-it-looked-black ocean, but rather she was looking straight through miles of incredibly clear water at something enormous and black in its nethermost depths. Maybe it was the bottom
so deep that not even light could touch it.
And yet, down in those impossible depths, she thought she could see tiny lights sparkling. She stared uncertainly at the tiny glimmerings. They seemed almost like scattered grains of sand lit from within; in some places they clustered like colonies, faint and twinkling.
Like stars ... - Author: Fuyumi Ono
Sweet Light quotes by Fuyumi Ono
#24. Like the cellar-growing vine is the Christian who lives in the darkness and bondage of fear. But let him go forth, with the liberty of God, into the light of love, and he will be like the plant in the field, healthy, robust, and joyful. - Author: Henry Ward Beecher
Sweet Light quotes by Henry Ward Beecher
#25. We believe in letting our light shine, but not shining
it in the eyes of other people. - Author: Donald B. Kraybill
Sweet Light quotes by Donald B. Kraybill
#26. What are we toasting?" I ask, slightly bemused. "Reward for employer of the year?"

It's a dumb joke, and I almost groan at my own crappy attempt at humour. Our glasses clink and Hue just sighs.

"My only reward will be the sweet embrace of death - Author: Ruby Nox
Sweet Light quotes by Ruby Nox
#27. The place I like best in this world is the kitchen. No matter where it is, no matter what kind, if it's a kitchen, if it's a place where they make food, it's fine with me. Ideally it should be well broken in. Lots of tea towels, dry and immaculate. Where tile catching the light (ting! Ting!) - Author: Banana Yoshimoto
Sweet Light quotes by Banana Yoshimoto
#28. One of the side effects of growing up is seeing things in a different light. - Author: Alexandra Monir
Sweet Light quotes by Alexandra Monir
#29. The concept of a troubled, lonely, middle-class, gay fifty-eight-year-old living alone in dusty squalor in a chocolate-box cottage in the heart of the Cotswolds was a hard one to grasp in the context of his sweaty, noisy, hectic, foreign, red-light existence. - Author: Lisa Jewell
Sweet Light quotes by Lisa Jewell
#30. I can still only see a dragonfly, its wings as thin and light as silk and its body the color of rainbow. But on the wings of this dragonfly I take off and fly, for my soul carries no weight. It is our bodies – these borrowed vehicles of flesh and bone – that weigh us down. Our spirits are eternally free and invincible. - Author: Daniela I. Norris
Sweet Light quotes by Daniela I. Norris
#31. The infinite is a light sleeper. The moment the self awakens, the force of the infinite begins to stir. - Author: John O'Donohue
Sweet Light quotes by John O'Donohue
#32. The Disciples' Creed

1. Where there is ignorance I will sow knowledge.
2. Where there is confusion I will sow understanding.
3. Where there is folly I will sow wisdom.
4. Where there is sorrow I will sow joy.
5. Where there is despair I will sow hope.
6. Where there is anger I will sow mercy.
7. Where there is bitterness I will sow compassion.
8. Where there is hate I will sow love.
9.Where there is vice I will sow virtue.
10.Where there is darkness I will sow light. - Author: Matshona Dhliwayo
Sweet Light quotes by Matshona Dhliwayo
#33. But he would understand," he said dazedly. "If we explained it to him. If we told him…he would understand."

She made her voice as cold as she could. As calm. "Told him what?"

Will only looked at her. There had been light in his eyes on the stairs… And it was going now, fading like the last breath of someone dying. She felt as if she were watching the life bleed out of Will Herondale.

"Jem would forgive me," Will said, but there was hopelessness in his face, his voice, already. He had given up, Tessa thought. "He would," she said, "He would never stay angry at you, Will; he loves you too well for that. I do not even think he would hold anger toward me. But this morning he told me he thought he would die without ever loving anyone as his father loved his mother, without ever being loved like that in return. Do you want me to go down the hallway and knock on his door and take that away from him? And would you love me still, if I did?"

"Then…please, Tessa, don't tell him what I just told you…"

"I will tell no one," she said. "I swear it… - Author: Cassandra Clare
Sweet Light quotes by Cassandra Clare
#34. What made a movie buff different from others was the amount of freakish details they chose to fill their heads with. The typical movie-goer remembered the big lines, the ones that you could find on the film's shirts and posters. Just a bunch of tag-lines used for promotion. A true movie buff memorized the odd ones that said more about the story's theme or characters. A true buff read up on the movie's history. - Author: Kenya Wright
Sweet Light quotes by Kenya Wright
#35. Doesn't Eva have warm and eager flesh?"

"Of course. But the sweet thrill wanes somewhat when eagerness is so easily elicited. The succulent bliss of the moment is lost." Johnny could've written a whole song around that one sentence, so I committed it to memory. - Author: Linda Robertson
Sweet Light quotes by Linda Robertson
#36. Well, I hope that I don't fall in love with you
Cause falling in love just makes me blue
Well, the music plays and you display your heart for me to see
I had a beer and now I hear you calling out for me
And I hope that I don't fall in love with you

Well, the room is crowded, people everywhere
And I wonder, should I offer you a chair?
Well, if you sit down with this old clown, I'll take that frown and break it
Before the evening's gone away, I think that we can make it
And I hope that I don't fall in love with you

Well, the night does funny things inside a man
These old tomcat feelings you don't understand
Well, I turn around to look at you, you light a cigarette
I wish I had the guts to bum one, but we've never met
And I hope that I don't fall in love with you

I can see that you are lonesome just like me
And it being late, you'd like some company
Well, I turn around to look at you, and you look back at me
The guy you're with he's up and split, the chair next to you is free
And I hope that you don't fall in love with me

Now it's closing time, the music's fading out
Last call for drinks, I'll have another stout
Well, I turn around to look at you, you're nowhere to be found
I search the place for your lost face, guess I'll have another round
And I think that I just fell in love with you - Author: Tom Waits
Sweet Light quotes by Tom Waits
#37. Like light and shadow, love and hate were inseparable. One could not exist without the other. - Author: David Gemmell
Sweet Light quotes by David Gemmell
#38. Wilder went into his sons' bedroom. Glad to see Wilder, they banged their empty feeding-bowls with their plastic machine-pistols. They were dressed in miniature paratroopers' camouflage suits and tin helmets
the wrong outfit, Wilder reflected, in light of what had been taking place in the high-rise. The correct combat costume was stockbrokers' pin-stripe, briefcase and homburg. - Author: J.G. Ballard
Sweet Light quotes by J.G. Ballard
#39. The light was frozen, dead, a ghost. - Author: Aldous Huxley
Sweet Light quotes by Aldous Huxley
#40. The question haunted me, and the real answer came, as answers often do, not in the canyon but at an unlikely time and in an unexpected place, flying over the canyon at thirty thousand feet on my way to be a grandmother. My mind on other things, intending only to glance out, the exquisite smallness and delicacy of the river took me completely by surprise. In the hazy light of early morning, the canyon lay shrouded, the river flecked with glints of silver, reduced to a thin line of memory, blurred by a sudden realization that clouded my vision. The astonishing sense of connection with that river and canyon caught me completely unaware, and in a breath I understood the intense, protective loyalty so many people feel for the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon. It has to do with truth and beauty and love of this earth, the artifacts of a lifetime and the descant of a canyon wren at dawn. - Author: Ann Zwinger
Sweet Light quotes by Ann Zwinger
#41. Sometimes it is necessary to step into darkness alone and find your way back. To carry something with you into light you could not have found anywhere else. - Author: Emmi Itaranta
Sweet Light quotes by Emmi Itaranta
#42. Logan: I don't care who you are or what you've done. Just tell me why you want to leave. Are you in love with this other man?
Maddy: Oh, no. It's not that, it's ... I promised God that I would go back home if you got well again.
Logan: That's not my idea of a good bargain, sweet. Besides, I wasn't consulted. - Author: Lisa Kleypas
Sweet Light quotes by Lisa Kleypas
#43. Love is the light that casts no shadow. - Author: Elizabeth Lowell
Sweet Light quotes by Elizabeth Lowell
#44. The light that never was, on sea or land; The consecration, and the Poet's dream. - Author: William Wordsworth
Sweet Light quotes by William Wordsworth
#45. What phones do to in-person conversation is a problem. Studies show that the mere presence of a phone on the table (even a phone turned off) changes what people talk about. If we think we might be interrupted, we keep conversations light, on topics of little controversy or consequence. And conversations with phones on the landscape block empathic connection. If two people are speaking and there is a phone on a nearby desk, each feels less connected to the other than when there is no phone present. Even a silent phone disconnects us. - Author: Sherry Turkle
Sweet Light quotes by Sherry Turkle
#46. I say I'm in love with her. What does that mean?
It means I review my future and my past in the light of this feeling. It is as though I wrote in a foreign language that I am suddenly able to read. Wordlessly, she explains me to myself. LIke genius she is ignorant of what she does. - Author: Jeanette Winterson
Sweet Light quotes by Jeanette Winterson
#47. Umm. Wow. Did it grow? Because it looks bigger."
"Kissin' your red-hot love flower made this stem grow big and hard just for you, baby doll."
AJ managed to meet his eyes. "Love flower?"
"Thought maybe you wanted some kinda sweet-talkin' love words first. - Author: Lorelei James
Sweet Light quotes by Lorelei James
#48. I have known many graduates of Bryn Mawr. They are all of the same mold. They have all accepted the same bright challenge: something is lost that has not been found, something's at stake that has not been won, something is started that has not been finished, something is dimly felt that has not been fully realized. They carry the distinguishing mark – the mark that separates them from other educated and superior women: the incredible vigor, the subtlety of mind, the warmth of spirit, the aspiration, the fidelity to past and to present. As they grow in years, they grow in light. As their minds and hearts expand, their deeds become more formidable, their connections more significant, their husbands more startled and delighted. I once held a live hummingbird in my hand. I once married a Bryn Mawr girl. To a large extent they are twin experiences. Sometimes I feel as though I were a diver who had ventured a little beyond the limits of safe travel under the sea and had entered the strange zone where one is said to enjoy the rapture of the deep. - Author: E.B. White
Sweet Light quotes by E.B. White
#49. The abundant life is a spiritual life. Too many sit at the banquet table of the gospel of Jesus Christ and merely nibble at the feast placed before them. They go through the motions - attending their meetings perhaps, glancing at scriptures, repeating familiar prayers - but their hearts are far away. If they are honest, they would admit to being more interested in the latest neighborhood rumors, stock market trends, and their favorite TV show than they are in the supernal wonders and sweet ministerings of the Holy Spirit. Do you wish to partake of this living water and experience that divine well springing up within you to everlasting life? Then be not afraid. Believe with all your hearts. Develop an unshakable faith in the Son of God. Let your hearts reach out in earnest prayer. Fill your minds with knowledge of Him. Forsake your weaknesses. Walk in holiness and harmony with the commandments. Drink deeply of the living waters of the gospel of Jesus Christ. - Author: Joseph B. Wirthlin
Sweet Light quotes by Joseph B. Wirthlin
#50. If she had spurned gifts from fate or God or some other earnest substitute, she would never feel it in that way. She felt like someone of whom she was fond, an old and future friend of herself, still unspent and up ahead somewhere, like a light that moves. - Author: Lorrie Moore
Sweet Light quotes by Lorrie Moore
#51. Happy who in his verse can gently steer From grave to light, from pleasant to severe. - Author: Nicolas Boileau-Despreaux
Sweet Light quotes by Nicolas Boileau-Despreaux
#52. The green eyes in the carefully sweet face were turbulent, willful, lusty with life, distinctly at variance with her decorous demeanor. Her manners had been imposed upon her ... her eyes were her own. - Author: Margaret Mitchell
Sweet Light quotes by Margaret Mitchell
#53. Our dreams are just wishes, if we never follow them through with action. And in life, you have got to be able to light your own fire. - Author: Bear Grylls
Sweet Light quotes by Bear Grylls
#54. Mala faced her wall of faded cereus blooms. She was content. Oblivious to the dew that drizzled from the mudra, she rocked and dozed lightly. Scent, as though too shy for light, no longer trickled from the blossoms but Mala was not yet ready to leave the yard. Her eyes would flicker open and catch a glimpse of the day that was beginning to split the black sky apart. In that first orange light the flowers hung limp, battered and bruised, each one worn out from the frenzied carnival of moths. (140) - Author: Shani Mootoo
Sweet Light quotes by Shani Mootoo
#55. It may not always be so; and i say that if your lips, which i have loved, should touch another's, and your dear strong fingers clutch his heart, as mine in time not far away; if on another's face your sweet hair lay in such a silence as i know,or such great writhing words as, uttering overmuch, stand helplessly before the spirit at bay; if this should be, i say if this should be- you of my heart, send me a little word; that i may go unto him, and take his hands, saying, Accept all happiness from me. Then shall i turn my face,and hear one bird sing terribly afar in the lost lands. - Author: E. E. Cummings
Sweet Light quotes by E. E. Cummings

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