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#1. I've been told by doctors and surgeons that I have the energy of ten men who have normal jobs. - Author: Gary Busey
Surgeons Doctors quotes by Gary Busey
#2. Nostalgia can be more painful than a surgeon's knife. - Author: Anurag Shourie
Surgeons Doctors quotes by Anurag Shourie
#3. I was given a stethoscope in a child's 'doctor's bag' at about age six and I loved it! One could hear the heart beating through that plastic toy. - Author: Jessye Norman
Surgeons Doctors quotes by Jessye Norman
#4. Patients who trust their doctors and have a psychological expectation of getting better could trigger a reaction in their body. - Author: Irving Kirsch
Surgeons Doctors quotes by Irving Kirsch
#5. There may perhaps be a new generation of doctors horrified by lacerations, infections, women who have douched with kitchen cleanser. What an irony it would be if fanatics continued to kill and yet it was the apathy and silence of the medical profession that most wounded the ability to provide what is, after all, a medical procedure. - Author: Anna Quindlen
Surgeons Doctors quotes by Anna Quindlen
#6. Oh, yes, I was a great retoucher. A retoucher is an esthetic surgeon ! - Author: Man Ray
Surgeons Doctors quotes by Man Ray
#7. When you are from a well-respected family, often times you will have pressure to "live up to your family name." That is to say, depending on your family's reputation, you will have to live in accordance with that reputation so that other people keep thinking of your family in the way it is used to being thought of. If you come from a family of do-gooders, then it is important to do good. If you come from a family of investors, it is important to make lots of money. If you come from a family of plastic surgeons, you should know how to pick a nose. And if you do not live up to your family name, then possibly your family will disown you. Which isn't really nice, but can happen. - Author: Adrienne Kress
Surgeons Doctors quotes by Adrienne Kress
#8. There are some things in science which should be brought to light. There are others, doctor, which should be left alone. - Author: Griffin Jay
Surgeons Doctors quotes by Griffin Jay
#9. Call it a hunch," Charlie murmured. "But I think you and I are going to have a really good time losing sleep together. - Author: Kimberly Kincaid
Surgeons Doctors quotes by Kimberly Kincaid
#10. Many doctors are drawn to this profession (psychology) because they have an innate deficiency of insight into the motives, feelings and thoughts of others, a deficiency they hope to remedy by ingesting masses of data. - Author: William S. Burroughs
Surgeons Doctors quotes by William S. Burroughs
#11. What I have learned is that when you are sick, much of healing is in the hands of doctors and science, but part of it is finding and using your own power. - Author: Diane Von Furstenberg
Surgeons Doctors quotes by Diane Von Furstenberg
#12. So often, we look at lacking as a negative thing, but do you know God is looking for people who lack? He seeks out those who are missing something. He does this because the more you lack, the more He can increase. The more you miss, the more He can fill in. God is not necessarily looking for rocket scientists and brain surgeons to start businesses. You do not need your master's degree or a million dollars to start a business. What God is looking for are willing saints to yield their destinies. - Author: V.L. Thompson
Surgeons Doctors quotes by V.L. Thompson
#13. We see it in attempts on Capitol Hill to impose gag rules on rules on doctors on what they can say to their patients about family planning. And we certainly see it now with an effort by the government to tap our phones; invade our medical records, credit information, library records and the most sensitive personal information in the name of national security. - Author: Dick Durbin
Surgeons Doctors quotes by Dick Durbin
#14. I've heard doctors say that before the crisis hits, people don't want prolonged measures, but then in the middle of the crisis they want everything. - Author: Katy Butler
Surgeons Doctors quotes by Katy Butler
#15. My mum says I wanted to be a surgeon, but I don't remember that. I think from the time I knew what was happening, I wanted to be a guitar player. - Author: Brian May
Surgeons Doctors quotes by Brian May
#16. There are definitions of morbid obesity. Doctors define it. - Author: Jane Velez-Mitchell
Surgeons Doctors quotes by Jane Velez-Mitchell
#17. As we strolled into the hospital, I couldn't help thinking about Maroon 5's "Harder to Breathe" because I was having a difficult time staying calm. I had been kidnapped and beaten senseless by an agent of Lucifer, and yet the white coats the doctors wore scared me just as badly. The men who had taken me from my mother wore those same damned lab coats. Every time I saw one, it awakened a dormant fear inside me - fear that I'd be dragged away from someone I loved again, fear that I'd be placed into the waiting hands of another horrible person. It would never truly go away.
Michael's shoulder bumped mine, which shook me out of my thoughts. I glanced at him. "What?"
"You're frowning."
"Am I supposed to be smiling right now?"
He faced forward, looking at our reflection in the elevator doors. "No, but you look like you're about to bolt at any second."
I watched the digital numbers change one by one as we rose up to the right floor, fiddling with the rosary in the pocket of my leather jacket. Somehow, the beads had a calming effect on me. "I'm fine."
"Hard ass."
A tiny smirk touched my lips. "Stop thinking about my butt. You're an archangel."
He grinned, but didn't reply. - Author: Kyoko M.
Surgeons Doctors quotes by Kyoko M.
#18. Political economy regards the proletarian like a horse, he must receive enough to enable him to work. It does not consider him, during the time when he is not working, as a human being. It leaves this to criminal law, doctors, religion, statistical tables, politics, and the beadle. - Author: Karl Marx
Surgeons Doctors quotes by Karl Marx
#19. On September 16, in defiance of the cease-fire, Ariel Sharon's army
circled the refugee camps of Sabra and Shatila, where Fatima and
Falasteen slept defenselessly without Yousef. Israeli soldiers set up
checkpoints, barring the exit of refugees, and allowed their Lebanese
Phalange allies into the camp. Israeli soldiers, perched on rooftops,
watched through their binoculars during the day and at night lit the sky
with flares to guide the path of the Phalange, who went from shelter to
shelter in the refugee camps. Two days later, the first western
journalists entered the camp and bore witness. Robert Fisk wrote of it
in Pity the Nation:
They were everywhere, in the road, the laneways, in the
back yards and broken rooms, beneath crumpled masonry
and across the top of garbage tips. When we had seen a
hundred bodies, we stopped counting. Down every
alleyway, there were corpses - women, young men, babies
and grandparents - lying together in lazy and terrible
profusion where they had been knifed or machine-gunned to
death. Each corridor through the rubble produced more
bodies. The patients at the Palestinian hospital had
disappeared after gunmen ordered the doctors to leave.
Everywhere, we found signs of hastily dug mass graves.
Even while we were there, amid the evidence of such
savagery, we could see the Israelis watching us. From the
top of the tower block to the wes - Author: Susan Abulhawa
Surgeons Doctors quotes by Susan Abulhawa
#20. In the ancient world individuals have sold themselves as slaves, in order to eat. So in society. Here is a witch-doctor who can save us from the sorcerers - a war-lord who can save us from the barbarians - a Church that can save us from Hell. Give them what they ask, give ourselves to them bound and blindfold, if only they will! Perhaps the terrible bargain will be made again. We cannot blame men for making it. We can hardly wish them not to. Yet we can hardly bear that they should. - Author: C.S. Lewis
Surgeons Doctors quotes by C.S. Lewis
#21. The Doctor's plan, such as it was, was to escape from Barinska without being shot. - Author: Justin Richards
Surgeons Doctors quotes by Justin Richards
#22. Be born then, gasp wind, screech at the surgeon's slap, seek manhood, taste a little godhood, feel pain, give birth, struggle a little while, succumb: (Dying, leave quietly by the rear exit, please.) - Author: Walter M. Miller Jr.
Surgeons Doctors quotes by Walter M. Miller Jr.
#23. Why do you suppose the poets talk about hearts?' he asked me suddenly. 'When they discuss emotional damage? The tissue of hearts is tough as a shoe. Did you ever sew up a heart?'
I shook my head. 'No, but I've watched. I know what you mean.' The walls of a heart are thick and strong, and the surgeons use heavy needles. It takes a good bit of strength, but it pulls together neatly. As much as anything it's like binding a book.
The seat of human emotion should be the liver,' Doc Homer said. 'That would be an appropriate metaphor: we don't hold love in our hearts, we hold it in our livers.'
I understood exactly. Once in ER I saw a woman who'd been stabbed everywhere, most severely in the liver. It's an organ with the consistency of layer upon layer of wet Kleenex. Every attempt at repair just opens new holes that tear and bleed. You try to close the wound with fresh wounds, and you try and you try and you don't give up until there's nothing left. - Author: Barbara Kingsolver
Surgeons Doctors quotes by Barbara Kingsolver
#24. A book on cheap paper does not convince. It is not prized, it is like a wheezy doctor with pigtail tobacco breath, who needs a manicure. - Author: Elbert Hubbard
Surgeons Doctors quotes by Elbert Hubbard
#25. Okay, you shouldn't be able to sit up, Manny muttered. Was he? Oh, hey, check it ... And as for the doctor's second dose of surprise? Nice guy, but he was being a dumb-ass human when it came to the feeding thing. With this kind of hunger for that particular female? Tohr was frickin' Superman, capable of bench-pressing a Hummer while he juggled Smart Cars with his free hand. - Author: J.R. Ward
Surgeons Doctors quotes by J.R. Ward
#26. The expectation was I would get married and become a mother and settle down. We didn't have any role models. We saw teachers and doctors and nurses, but I'm not a teacher, and there was no possibility of being a doctor or a nurse. I had to work and find my own way. - Author: Alexis Wright
Surgeons Doctors quotes by Alexis Wright
#27. I've tried really hard to care about things that were very different from my parents. I was curious if I could care about [money] on some fundamental level, and I couldn't. That wasn't the metric of success I wanted in my life. I've talked about this to my friends who are doctors and whose parents are doctors, or who are lawyers and their parents are lawyers. It's a funny thing to realize I feel called to this work both as a daughter and also as someone who believes I have contributions to make. - Author: Chelsea Clinton
Surgeons Doctors quotes by Chelsea Clinton
#28. Listen, I wanted to say, I don't need your judgment, okay? I have enough to deal with without you contributing, so can we just get on with this so I can get out of here?
But I couldn't form the words. Dr. Johnson viewed me as a child, and somehow, under his contemptuous gaze, I had regressed to one. I was frightened and shy, and it was all I could do to answer his questions and count the seconds until the end of the visit. - Author: Jessica Verdi
Surgeons Doctors quotes by Jessica Verdi
#29. Avoid doctors like the bubonic plague. On some level I know it's ignorant, but I think the stress of knowing you have a fatal disease kills faster than the disease itself. - Author: Emma Chase
Surgeons Doctors quotes by Emma Chase
#30. Doctors have told me I have a high pain threshold, but I can only know what I feel. I think I'm good at minimising the pain and being indifferent to it. - Author: Johnny Knoxville
Surgeons Doctors quotes by Johnny Knoxville
#31. GPs are almost the only doctors these days who understand all problems, can see the whole person ... spend time with the dying ... see things through to the end. - Author: Jane Wilson-Howarth
Surgeons Doctors quotes by Jane Wilson-Howarth
#32. It's almost embarrassing how much support I have. I mean, I always tell people I feel like I'm perfectly set up to have cancer. I have great health insurance, I have a savings account. I have work lined up. I have friends and family. I have the best doctors I can get. - Author: Tig Notaro
Surgeons Doctors quotes by Tig Notaro
#33. Alan Scheflin reports on some of the children who received stereotaxic surgery in the sixties and seventies. He lists several doctors who performed such surgery on children because they suffered from behavioral problems such as "wandering." One young boy would sneak away from his home and crawl underneath an automobile in order to smell the oil. Two groups were as young as two and four years old when surgery took place for "violent behavior. - Author: Carol Rutz
Surgeons Doctors quotes by Carol Rutz
#34. I think one of the terrible things today is that people have this deathly fear of food: fear of eggs, say, or fear of butter. Most doctors feel that you can have a little bit of everything. - Author: Julia Child
Surgeons Doctors quotes by Julia Child
#35. Never lie to a child about doctors or medicine or anything else; but if you feel, as some people seem to feel, that life without lying is an impossibility, at least don't lie about the amount of pain likely to result from a surgical procedure, or about the taste of some medicine. If you know that something to be done will hurt, say so; if a mixture to be swallowed is unpleasant, say so. If you deceive a child once in such matters, do not imagine that it will trust you again. You do not deserve trust, and you will not get it. - Author: Lyman Abbott
Surgeons Doctors quotes by Lyman Abbott
#36. You can't be a doctor. Only boys can be doctors. Leroy's got to be the doctor."
"You're full of shit, Spiegelglass, Leroy's dumber than I am. I got to be doctor because I'm the smart one and being a girl don't matter."
"You'll see. You think you can do what boys do but you're going to be a nurse, no two ways about it. It doesn't matter about brains, brains don't count. What counts is whether you're a boy or a girl."
I hauled off and belted her one. - Author: Rita Mae Brown
Surgeons Doctors quotes by Rita Mae Brown
#37. When Catholicism goes bad it becomes the world-old, world-wide religio of amulets and holy places and priestcraft. Protestantism,in its corresponding decay, becomes a vague mist of ethical platitudes. Catholicism is accused of being too much like all the other religions; Protestantism of being insufficiently like a religion at all. Hence Plato, with his transcendent Forms, is the doctor of Protestants; Aristotle, with his immanent Forms, the doctor of Catholics. - Author: C.S. Lewis
Surgeons Doctors quotes by C.S. Lewis
#38. I am lucky: I have fantastic doctors and a fantastic dentist. - Author: Anna Deavere Smith
Surgeons Doctors quotes by Anna Deavere Smith
#39. Most of us have developed a fairly extensive vocabulary for describing pain, as though the journal were a doctor requiring much detail to make the correct diagnosis. The roundness of the spiritual journey cannot be expressed without developing an equally extensive vocabulary for talking to ourselves and others about the nature of wonder, joy, ecstasy, love, transfiguration. - Author: Christina Baldwin
Surgeons Doctors quotes by Christina Baldwin

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