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#1. Ever since Plato most philosophers have considered it part of their business to produce 'proofs' of immortality and the existence of God. They have found fault with the proofs of their predecessors - Saint Thomas rejected Saint Anselm's proofs, and Kant rejected Descartes' - but they have supplied new ones of their own. In order to make their proofs seem valid, they have had to falsify logic, to make mathematics mystical, and to pretend that deepseated prejudices were heaven-sent intuitions. - Author: Bertrand Russell
Supplied Wholesale quotes by Bertrand Russell
#2. When a new writer comes onto a project, he'll make wholesale changes just to mark the territory or for greater credit. - Author: Jon Spaihts
Supplied Wholesale quotes by Jon Spaihts
#3. He regarded life as a rather odd club of which he had accidentally become a member and from which one could be expelled without reasons having to be supplied. He had already decided to leave the club if the meetings should become all too boring. But how boring is boring? - Author: Cees Nooteboom
Supplied Wholesale quotes by Cees Nooteboom
#4. The god whom science recognizes must be a God of universal laws exclusively, a God who does a wholesale, not a retail business. He cannot accommodate his processes to the convenience of individuals. - Author: William James
Supplied Wholesale quotes by William James
#5. A lot of the economy is indeed being supplied by goods that are produced offshore. And much of the reason for that is societal. - Author: Frederick W. Smith
Supplied Wholesale quotes by Frederick W. Smith
#6. The world is agreed that labor is the source from which human wants are mainly supplied. There is no dispute upon this point. - Author: Abraham Lincoln
Supplied Wholesale quotes by Abraham Lincoln
#7. Because the divine goodness could not be adequately represented by one creature alone, God produced many and diverse creatures, that what was wanting in one in the representation of the divine goodness might be supplied by another. For goodness, which in God is simple and uniform, in creatures is manifold and divided. Thus the whole universe together participates in the divine goodness more perfectly and represents it better than any single creature. - Author: Thomas Aquinas
Supplied Wholesale quotes by Thomas Aquinas
#8. Pious prophets have taught man to fear Satan. But what of terms like "God fearing"? If God is so merciful, why do people have to fear him? Are we to believe there is nowhere we can turn to escape fear? If you have to fear God, why not be "Satan fearing" and at least have the fun that being God fearing denies you? Without such wholesale fear religionists would have had nothing with which to wield power over their followers. - Author: Anton Szandor LaVey
Supplied Wholesale quotes by Anton Szandor LaVey
#9. The key of brotherhood and sisterhood is that brothers and sisters carry the same genetic code. Together, united, they carry the legacy of their forefathers. Our bond (through our shared blood/DNA) as Ba Ga Mohlala family/clan is our insurance for the future.

As Ba Ga Mohlala we can have our own Law firms, Auditing Firms, Doctors's Medical Surgeries, Private School, Private Clinics or Private Hospital, farms and lot of small to medium manufacturing, service, retail and wholesale companies and become self relient.

All it takes to achieve that is unity, willpower and commitment. - Author: Pekwa Nicholas Mohlala
Supplied Wholesale quotes by Pekwa Nicholas Mohlala
#10. So, how old were you when you discovered St. Patrick?" I teased.
"Twelve! He was bloody twelve!" Tiffa bellowed from the backseat, making everyone laugh. "When Darcy was born, he was wearing a tiny little bow tie and braces."
"Braces?" I giggled.
"Suspenders," Wilson supplied dryly.
"He has always been an absolute geek," Tiffa chortled. "That, my dear Blue, is why he's brilliant. And wonderful."
"Don't try to be nice to me now, Tiff," Wilson smiled, catching her gaze in his rear view mirror.
"All right. I won't. Did you know he was going to be a doctor, Blue?"
"Tiffa!" Wilson moaned. - Author: Amy Harmon
Supplied Wholesale quotes by Amy Harmon
#11. we should also consider the remoter analogy of the animals. Many birds and animals, especially the carnivorous, have only one mate, and the love and care of offspring which seems to be natural is inconsistent with the primitive theory of marriage. If we go back to an imaginary state in which men were almost animals and the companions of them, we have as much right to argue from what is animal to what is human as from the barbarous to the civilized man. The record of animal life on the globe is fragmentary, - the connecting links are wanting and cannot be supplied; the record of social life is still more fragmentary and precarious. Even if we admit that our first ancestors had no such institution as marriage, still the stages by which men passed from outer barbarism to the comparative civilization of China, Assyria, and Greece, or even of the ancient Germans, are wholly unknown to us. Such - Author: Plato
Supplied Wholesale quotes by Plato
#12. We are into the opening stages of a human-caused biotic holocaust-a wholesale elimination of species-that could leave the planet impoverished for at least five million years. - Author: Norman Myers
Supplied Wholesale quotes by Norman Myers
#13. As we acquire new aches and new pains, our health care is, of necessity, being supplied by internists, cardiologists, dermatologists, podiatrists, urologists, periodontists, gynecologists and psychiatrists, from all of whom we want a second opinion. We want a second opinion that says, don't worry, you are going to live forever. - Author: Judith Viorst
Supplied Wholesale quotes by Judith Viorst
#14. In a polity, each citizen is to possess his own arms, which are not supplied or owned by the state. - Author: Aristotle.
Supplied Wholesale quotes by Aristotle.
#15. Well, you see, Mr. Martson," Tray began, flashing a charming smile, "this isn't what it looks like." "It isn't? he asked skeptically. "No, you see Taryn thought it'd be a good idea to practice her climbing skills." "On you?" Mr. Martson supplied dryly. "Yeah, - Author: Tijan
Supplied Wholesale quotes by Tijan
#16. A friend, Scott Egleston, who is a professional in the mental health field, told me a therapy fable. He heard it from someone, who heard it from someone else. It goes:
Once upon a time, a woman moved to a cave in the mountains to study with a guru. She wanted, she said, to learn everything there was to know. The guru supplied her with stacks of books and left her alone so she could study. Every morning, the guru returned to the cave to monitor the woman's progress. In his hand, he carried a heavy wooden cane. Each morning, he asked her the same question: " Have you learned everything there is to know yet?" Each morning, her answer was the same. "No." she said, " I haven't." The guru would then strike her over the head with its cane.
This scenario repeated itself for months. One day the guru entered the cave, asked the same question, heard the same answer, and raised his cane to hit her in the same way, but the woman grabbed the cane from the guru, stopping his assault in midair.
Relieved to end the daily batterings but fearing reprisal, the woman looked up at the guru. To her surprise, the guru smiled. " Congragulations." he said, " you have graduated ". You know now everything you need to know."
" How's that"? the woman asked.
" You have learned that you will never learn everything there is to know," he replied. " And you have learned how to stop the pain". - Author: Melody Beattie
Supplied Wholesale quotes by Melody Beattie
#17. They are the largest collection of freshwater lakes in the world. They border eight U.S. states and the Canadian Providence of Ontario and at time have supplied water to one-third of Canadians and one-seventh of Americans. They're vaster than the entire New England region and define beachfront to many people who have never seen an ocean. - Author: Susan Magsamen
Supplied Wholesale quotes by Susan Magsamen
#18. A more down-to-earth project run by the Soviets had determined that eight square meters of algae - an expanse of pond scum about the size of two ping-pong tables - was needed to keep a single human supplied with oxygen. - Author: Neal Stephenson
Supplied Wholesale quotes by Neal Stephenson
#19. If you supplied me a tissue, I wouldn't need it because I wouldn't feel like crying. But if you withhold it, you'll make me sad and you'll make me cry, thus causing me to need the very thing you won't give me. So if you give it to me, I won't need it, and if you don't give it to me, your actions end up causing me to need it. - Author: Jarod Kintz
Supplied Wholesale quotes by Jarod Kintz
#20. The rationale for tenure is still valid. But the system has turned the academy into one of the most conservative and costly institutions in the country. Yes, conservative: Economists joke that their discipline advances one funeral at a time, but many fields must wait for wholesale generational turnover before new approaches take hold. - Author: Francis Fukuyama
Supplied Wholesale quotes by Francis Fukuyama
#21. It is possible that Mount Olympus may have supplied the poets with the hint for saying that Jupiter obtained the kingdom of heaven, because Olympus is the common name both of the mountain and of heaven. - Author: Lactantius
Supplied Wholesale quotes by Lactantius
#22. The art of cookery is the art of poisoning mankind, by rendering the appetite still importunate, when the wants of nature are supplied. - Author: Francois Fenelon
Supplied Wholesale quotes by Francois Fenelon
#23. But I stand convinced that the brand of justice in which we dealt, wholesale bombings of civilian populations, was blasphemous. - Author: Kurt Vonnegut
Supplied Wholesale quotes by Kurt Vonnegut
#24. But the Grateful Dead, as the fanatic fans point out, are a way of life: someone else's. Twentieth-century teenagers, especially American ones, have been brilliant at creating their own culture, their own music, clothes, and point(s) of view. It's sad and fraudulent that the kind of wholesale worship of some historical way of life has settled over so many young people, infecting them like a noxious gas ... I love the dead
grew up in the thrall of Shakespeare and Hank Williams and James Dean. And I adore the Rolling Stones. But there's a difference between cherishing "Satisfaction" and wearing Keith Richards' hair while doing Keith Richards' drugs. I don't want to be Keith Richards. I wanna be me. Not
like the neo-Deadheads
just another extra in an overblown costume drama about something that wasn't that interesting the first time around. - Author: Sarah Vowell
Supplied Wholesale quotes by Sarah Vowell
#25. So it is: we are not given a short life but we make it short, and we are not Ill-supplied but wasteful of it. - Author: Seneca.
Supplied Wholesale quotes by Seneca.
#26. There can be no effective control of corporations while their political activity remains. To put an end to it will be neither a short nor an easy task, but it can be done ... Corporate expenditures for political purposes, and especially such expenditures by public-service corporations, have supplied one of the principal sources of corruption in our political affairs. - Author: Theodore Roosevelt
Supplied Wholesale quotes by Theodore Roosevelt
#27. Prison is a Socialist paradise where equality prevails, everything is supplied, and competition is eliminated. - Author: Elbert Hubbard
Supplied Wholesale quotes by Elbert Hubbard
#28. The threat of a new ice age must now stand alongside nuclear war as a likely source of wholesale death and misery for mankind. - Author: Nigel Calder
Supplied Wholesale quotes by Nigel Calder
#29. I believe that historians and analysts of historical events need the authority of facts supplied by living witnesses to the events, which they make their subject. - Author: Ibrahim Babangida
Supplied Wholesale quotes by Ibrahim Babangida
#30. Having a mental illness is like riding a really fast merry-go-round that never stops. There's no escape. You're stuck. But once in a while, you can give the operator some good drugs and he'll slow it down a little; just enough for you to see the trees and the normal people as they stroll by. But that ride operator needs to be supplied often. And sometimes, like any typical junkie, he's just plain unreliable. He stops showing up and you're spinning again. You can't see clearly. - Author: Cassia Leo
Supplied Wholesale quotes by Cassia Leo
#31. The riches of successful entrepreneurs is not the cause of anybody's poverty; it is the consequence of the fact that the consumers are better supplied than they would have been in the absence of the entrepreneur's efforts. - Author: Ludwig Von Mises
Supplied Wholesale quotes by Ludwig Von Mises
#32. The Christian narrative states that a maximally powerful, maximally good, all-knowing aseitic being consciously created everything, including man who short-circuited shortly after. This failure resulted in the immediate separation of all earthly things, including man, from the Creator: the Middle Eastern deity named, Yhwh. The objective of life, according to the Christian narrative, is to return to communion with Yhwh. Failure to do so in a finite space of time (a single lifetime of indeterminate duration and unequal resources) will result in Yhwh tossing the individual into an abyss he created for his finest and most beautiful creation, an angel named Lucifer (Ezekiel 28:12,13), who also short-circuited sometime earlier. This is considered by Christians to be the ultimate punishment: an eternal separation from the god, Yhwh.

This narrative is wholesale nonsense.

As a theology (and scaffolding for a tremendously flawed accompanying theodicy), it is an extravagant work of self-annihilating absurdity. As a maximally good, aseitic being, everything was once part of perfection. That's what aseity means. There was no-thing that was not already perfect. To argue otherwise is to concede Yhwh was not, in fact, perfect. Creation, therefore, destroyed this eternal harmony, this purity, and by this fact alone, the act of Creation can only be called maximally evil. Creation separated things from the perfect goodness. Creation expelled goodness and cast it into a sta - Author: John Zande
Supplied Wholesale quotes by John Zande
#33. You ask if there is no doctrine of sorrow in my philosophy. Of acute sorrow I suppose that I know comparatively little. My saddestand most genuine sorrows are apt to be but transient regrets. The place of sorrow is supplied, perchance, by a certain hard and proportionately barren indifference. I am of kin to the sod, and partake of its dull patience,
in winter expecting the sun of spring. - Author: Henry David Thoreau
Supplied Wholesale quotes by Henry David Thoreau
#34. Decades of countercultural rebellion have failed to change anything because the theory of society on which the countercultural idea rests is false. We do not live in the Matrix, nor do we live in the spectacle. The world we live in is in fact much more prosaic. It consists of billions of human beings, each pursuing more or less plausible conceptions of the good, trying to cooperate with one another, and doing so with varying degrees of success. There is no single, overarching system that integrates it all. The culture cannot be jammed because there is no such thing as "the culture" or "the system". There is only a hodge-podge of social institutions, most tentatively thrown together, which distribute the benefits and burdens of social cooperation in ways that sometimes we recognize to be just, but that are usually manifestly inequitable. In a world of this type, countercultural rebellion is not just unhelpful, it is positively counterproductive. Not only does it distract energy and effort away from the sort of initiatives that lead to concrete improvements in people's lives, but it encourages wholesale contempt for such incremental changes. - Author: Joseph Heath; Andrew Potter
Supplied Wholesale quotes by Joseph Heath; Andrew Potter
#35. It is difficult for Europeans to appreciate the sentiment. Other nations kill animals by wholesale and kill one another; they exist in a sea of blood. A European said that the reason why in India animals were not killed was because it was supposed that they contained the spirits of ancestors. This reason was worthy of a savage nation who are not many steps from the brute. - Author: Swami Vivekananda
Supplied Wholesale quotes by Swami Vivekananda
#36. The worst of it was that those people out there-the fear, the suffering the wholesale death-did not really touch him. Crake used to say that Homo sapiens sapiens was not hard-wired to individuate other people in numbers above two hundred, the size of a primal tribe, and Jimmy would reduce that number to two. - Author: Margaret Atwood
Supplied Wholesale quotes by Margaret Atwood
#37. The basic parts, the start-up molecules, can be supplied in abundance and don't have to be made by some elaborate process. That immediately makes things simpler. - Author: K. Eric Drexler
Supplied Wholesale quotes by K. Eric Drexler
#38. The sounding cataract Haunted me like a passion; the tall rock, The mountain, and the deep and gloomy wood, An appetite; a feeling and a love that had no need of a remoter charm by thought supplied, nor any interest Unborrowed from the eye. - Author: William Wordsworth
Supplied Wholesale quotes by William Wordsworth
#39. There was...the discrepancy between what one expected of the accomplished medieval scholar (and, later, the penetrating exponent of theological and spiritual matters) and the robust, no-nonsense, unmistakably strident man, clumsy in movement and in dress, apparently little sensitive to the feelings of others, determined to cut his way to the heart of any matter with shouts of distinguo! before re-shaping it entirely. One quickly felt that for him dialectic supplied the place of conversation. Any general remarks were of an obvious and even platitudinous kind; talk was dead timber until the spark of argument flashed. Then in a trice you were whisked from particular to fundamental principles; thence (if you wanted) to eternal verities; and Lewis was alert for any riposte you could muster. It was comic as well as breathtaking; and Lewis would see the comedy as readily as the next man. - Author: Jocelyn Gibb
Supplied Wholesale quotes by Jocelyn Gibb
#40. According, therefore, as this produce, or what is purchased with it, bears a greater or smaller proportion to the number of those who are to consume it, the nation will be better or worse supplied with all the necessaries and conveniencies for which it has occasion. - Author: Adam Smith
Supplied Wholesale quotes by Adam Smith
#41. You can only cure retail but you can prevent wholesale. - Author: Brock Chisholm
Supplied Wholesale quotes by Brock Chisholm
#42. My grandfather created a fortune that allowed him to live in luxury. He also went on to build the first industrial building in an area of San Paulo that eventually became one of the largest wholesale neighborhoods in the world. When my grandfather passed away, he left millions of dollars to my family as an inheritance. That inheritance, however, would have been worthless if he had not also given us his legacy of personal responsibility and work ethic. My grandfather refused to be defined by others, therefore setting not only the value of his product, but also of himself and his family. - Author: Celso Cukierkorn
Supplied Wholesale quotes by Celso Cukierkorn

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