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With the socialization of the health care system through institutions such as Medicaid and Medicare and the regulation of the insurance industry (by restricting an insurer's right of refusal: to exclude any individual risk as uninsurable, and discriminate freely, according to actuarial methods, between different group risks) a monstrous machinery of wealth and income redistribution at the expense of responsible individuals and low-risk groups in favor of irresponsible actors and high-risk groups has been put in motion. ~ Hans-Hermann Hoppe
Supplemental Medicare Insurance quotes by Hans-Hermann Hoppe
I will never turn Medicare into a voucher. No American should ever have to spend their golden years at the mercy of insurance companies. They should retire with the care and dignity they have earned. ~ Barack Obama
Supplemental Medicare Insurance quotes by Barack Obama
The curious thing is Americans don't mind individual mandates when they come in the form of payroll taxes to buy mandatory public insurance. In fact, that's the system we call Social Security and Medicare, and both are so popular politicians dare not touch them. ~ Robert Reich
Supplemental Medicare Insurance quotes by Robert Reich
The bottom line in 2007 is that enrollment costs are going up substantially, drug coverage is declining and the brand name coverage in the doughnut hole is being eliminated ... Medicare D is an insurance program, not a benefit. As consumption increases, so too will cost. The changes in 2007 clearly demonstrate the limitations of the program. ~ David J. C. MacKay
Supplemental Medicare Insurance quotes by David J. C. MacKay
President Obama, through health care reform, strengthened Medicare. How did he do that? Well, he found savings by cutting subsidies to insurance companies, ensuring we were rooting out waste and fraud, and he used those savings to put it back into Medicare. ~ Stephanie Cutter
Supplemental Medicare Insurance quotes by Stephanie Cutter
Before Medicare, nearly half of American seniors were forced to go without coverage because insurance companies were reluctant to insure them - making the chances of having health insurance as a senior the same as getting tails on a coin flip. ~ John B. Larson
Supplemental Medicare Insurance quotes by John B. Larson
Some said he couldn't take on the insurance companies that were ripping us off. But President Obama made the tough and right call to save lives, save Medicare and ensure no one goes broke just because they get sick. ~ Harry Reid
Supplemental Medicare Insurance quotes by Harry Reid
We ought to follow through on an idea that was first proposed by President Clinton to allow people over the age of 55 who are not eligible for Medicare into the Medicare system, at cost, and below cost for those who can't afford it. That takes care of a significant number of the people who don't have health insurance. ~ John Edwards
Supplemental Medicare Insurance quotes by John Edwards
Programs aimed strictly at the poorest Americans are always and forever under assault from a Republican Party that still has not dared to cut spending on programs - like Medicare and crop insurance - that also benefit the rich. ~ Alex Pareene
Supplemental Medicare Insurance quotes by Alex Pareene
The government is commonly conceptualized as a business. If it is seen as a service industry, taxes can be seen as payment for services provided to the public. Those services can include protection (by the military, the criminal justice system, and regulatory agencies), adjudication of disputes (by the judiciary and other agencies), social insurance (as in Social Security and Medicare and various "safety nets"), and so on. Under ~ George Lakoff
Supplemental Medicare Insurance quotes by George Lakoff
The public has lost faith in the ability of Social Security and Medicare to provide for old age. They've lost faith in the banking system and in conventional medical insurance. ~ Ron Chernow
Supplemental Medicare Insurance quotes by Ron Chernow
Chiropractic is health insurance. Premiums small. Dividends large! ~ B. J. Palmer
Supplemental Medicare Insurance quotes by B. J. Palmer
Poor kids are much more likely to become sick than their richer counterparts, but much less likely to have health insurance. Talk about a double whammy. ~ Anna Quindlen
Supplemental Medicare Insurance quotes by Anna Quindlen
The chances of a bank going out of business are extremely slim, but it's always a good idea to spread around major sums so every penny is backed by insurance. ~ Suze Orman
Supplemental Medicare Insurance quotes by Suze Orman
I have been working since I was 20, and I'm 38. I actually once averaged out what I had made over my professional life. I think I could have made that much as a waiter or an insurance salesman. You know, I spent so many years in my 20's making $10,000 a year. ~ Sebastian Junger
Supplemental Medicare Insurance quotes by Sebastian Junger
When we didn't succeed at healthcare reform back in 1993, 1994, I went to work with Democrats and Republicans and we created the Children's Health Insurance Program. ~ Hillary Clinton
Supplemental Medicare Insurance quotes by Hillary Clinton
Until that moment, Canada had been a secular and progressive nation that believed in transfer payments to better distribute the country's wealth, the Westminster model of governance, a national medicare program, a peacekeeping role for the armed forces, an arm's-length public service, the separation of church and state, and solid support for the United Nations. Stephen Harper believed in none of these things. ~ Michael Harris
Supplemental Medicare Insurance quotes by Michael Harris
We'll have a national dispute - debate about it, and the goal should be to bring in - to help respectfully appeal to those voters that can make the difference, the ones who are not going to be entrepreneurs, are never going to be - run a - be a CEO in some big business, and they know it, but they would like to have their Social Security, they would like to have Medicare as they paid for all their years, and they'd like rising wages rather than falling wages. ~ Jeff Sessions
Supplemental Medicare Insurance quotes by Jeff Sessions
The coffee served in the coffeehouses wasn't necessarily very good coffee. Because of the way coffee was taxed in Britain (by the gallon), the practice was to brew it in large batches, store it cold in barrels, and reheat it a little at a time for serving. So coffee's appeal in Britain had less to do with being a quality beverage than with being a social lubricant. People went to coffeehouses to meet people of shared interests, gossip, read the latest journals and newspapers - a brand-new word and concept in the 1660s - and exchange information of value to their lives and business. Some took to using coffeehouses as their offices - as, most famously, at Lloyd's Coffee House on Lombard Street, which gradually evolved into Lloyd's insurance market. ~ Bill Bryson
Supplemental Medicare Insurance quotes by Bill Bryson
The hydrogen bomb is not the answer to the Western peoples' dream of full and final insurance of their security ... While it has increased their striking power it has sharpened their anxiety and deepened their sense of insecurity. ~ B.H. Liddell Hart
Supplemental Medicare Insurance quotes by B.H. Liddell Hart
What exactly does that expression mean, 'friends with benefits'? Does he provide her with health insurance? ~ Chuck Lorre
Supplemental Medicare Insurance quotes by Chuck Lorre
-You find the metal, I'll make the bell," said Liam. "Listen, this rampage sounds like it's going to make a real mess out of the city. I just got my studio rebuilt from the last fire, and I'm fairly certain my insurance doesn't cover 'acts of archangels.' At least, not without a large deductible. Any ideas on how to stop the ritual?"- ~ J.C. Nelson
Supplemental Medicare Insurance quotes by J.C. Nelson
Too many Americans who are uninsured or under-insured do not receive regular checkups because they can't afford coverage or their insurance doesn't cover enough of the costs. The lack of preventive care results in countless emergency room visits and health care disasters for families. ~ Jeff Merkley
Supplemental Medicare Insurance quotes by Jeff Merkley
Opponents of health care reform would take away consumer protections - siding with the insurance industry instead of the middle class. We can't afford that. ~ Sander Levin
Supplemental Medicare Insurance quotes by Sander Levin
I think a lot of the production process is always giving yourself, like what I call like escape routes, like, if this scene doesn't play, if we realize we've had too many dirty scenes in a row, and it's like, because you don't have the luxury when you're in the middle of shooting, to see how these scenes play all in a row, kind of, you know what I mean. So, like we're always trying to like have insurance policies on, ok, if that doesn't work, we can just jump to this thing. ~ Etan Cohen
Supplemental Medicare Insurance quotes by Etan Cohen
First, the very idea that there should be any serious kind of health insurance for Americans (beyond tiny elites) simply did not have much reality until World War II - and it was (again) the war that gave it reality. With wartime labor scarce, wage-price controls were enacted to keep bidding wars in check. Corporations, unable to offer more pay, tried to compete with benefits instead. The modern idea of widespread employer-provided health insurance developed as a strategy to attract wartime workers, and continued in many industries after the war, especially during the boom era. ~ Gar Alperovitz
Supplemental Medicare Insurance quotes by Gar Alperovitz
Entitlements is not sic the issue. And if so, cool heads can sit down and engage the American people and tell us how many seniors in nursing homes do we want to throw out in the street? ... And then who wants to make a fuss about Medicare when it's solvent until 2024? ... Who wants to make a fuss about Social Security when it's solvent - and it's about, 'You earned it'? ~ Sheila Jackson Lee
Supplemental Medicare Insurance quotes by Sheila Jackson Lee
This is something the Democrats have talked about, and a goal we share, getting everyone insured, and solving the issue in a Republican way, which is applying a personal responsibility principle (individual mandate), reforming the market (more strictly regulating the insurance companies), and allowing people to buy private health care insurance that they can take with them from job to job that's entirely affordable. So it's a Republican way of solving a problem that we face as a nation. ~ Mitt Romney
Supplemental Medicare Insurance quotes by Mitt Romney
Yeah, it's real easy to look in the mirror and be proud when you're wearing pleated shorts. And you know what's really pathetic? I don't even have any dividends to get tax-decreased. When'll they cut taxes on not-having-health-insurancends? ~ David Rees
Supplemental Medicare Insurance quotes by David Rees
There are so many angles to follow up: government incompetence, sophisticated charity scams, how insurance companies treat victims, construction of the levees, who will start ripping off the billions of dollars available in new contracts. Every single one of these stories is going to be a big one. ~ Brian Ross
Supplemental Medicare Insurance quotes by Brian Ross
If you had any brains, you'd be in a real career, like selling life insurance. ~ Orson Scott Card
Supplemental Medicare Insurance quotes by Orson Scott Card
If we were to expand Medicaid, for every uninsured person we would cover, we'd kick more than one person out of private insurance or remove their opportunity to get private insurance. We're going to have too many people in the cart rather than pulling the cart. ~ Bobby Jindal
Supplemental Medicare Insurance quotes by Bobby Jindal
In the insurance business, 93 percent of those who become insurance agents don't stick it out past three years. These people who quit usually lack mental toughness. I've learned over the years that perseverance will win out - every time - over talent. ~ Jerry Hraban
Supplemental Medicare Insurance quotes by Jerry Hraban
I believe we ought to subsidize some health care for the poor, but Medicare subsidizes everyone's health care. ~ James Q. Wilson
Supplemental Medicare Insurance quotes by James Q. Wilson
By investing in anonymous
cryptocurrencies, you are buying 'insurance' against a recession, as the value of the cryptocurrency could increase significantly if the economy falters and the black market grows. ~ Will Martin
Supplemental Medicare Insurance quotes by Will Martin
They are cutting medicare ~ William J. Clinton
Supplemental Medicare Insurance quotes by William J. Clinton
I ran for Congress in 1996 to help Ted Kennedy pass a comprehensive health insurance reform bill. ~ Jim McGovern
Supplemental Medicare Insurance quotes by Jim McGovern
The haute décor of the San Diego Homicide Division offices could have been lifted straight out of any insurance ajusters' pied-a-terre in Omaha. ~ Mark T. Sullivan
Supplemental Medicare Insurance quotes by Mark T. Sullivan
Life insurance pays off triple if you die on a business trip. I prayed for wind shear effect. I prayed for pelicans sucked into the turbines and loose bolts and ice on the wings. On takeoff, as the plane pushed down the runway and the flaps tilted up, with our seats in their full upright position and our tray tables stowed and all personal carry-on baggage in the overhead compartment, as the end of the runway ran up to meet us with our smoking materials extinguished, I prayed for a crash. ~ Chuck Palahniuk
Supplemental Medicare Insurance quotes by Chuck Palahniuk
Being good to people is the only insurance policy you need. ~ Tom Hodgkinson
Supplemental Medicare Insurance quotes by Tom Hodgkinson
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