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I love it. I love the challenge of it, working with kids every day, setting goals for myself and the program. I feel it was what I was meant to do. You remember your own experiences, and you want to do it for someone else. ~ Jennifer Rizzotti
Supergravity For Kids quotes by Jennifer Rizzotti
Out there, all around them to the last fringes of occupancy, were Toobfreex at play in the video universe, the tropic isle, the Long Branch Saloon, the Starship Enterprise, Hawaiian crime fantasies, cute kids in make-believe living rooms with invisible audiences to laugh at everything they did, baseball highlights, Vietnam footage, helicopter gunships and firefights, and midnight jokes, and talking celebrities, and a slave girl in a bottle, and Arnold the pig, and here was Doc, on the natch, caught in a low-level bummer he couldn't find a way out of, about how the Psychedelic Sixties, this little parenthesis of light, might close after all, and all be lost, taken back into darkness . . . how a certain hand might reach terribly out of darkness and reclaim the time, easy as taking a joint from a doper and stubbing it out for good. ~ Thomas Pynchon
Supergravity For Kids quotes by Thomas Pynchon
Matt lead those kids through a whole cycle of emotions, from fear to anger, from anger to hate, from hate to hope. It was somewhat sanitized, somewhat canned and rehearsed, but it was marketing genius. I knew how to kill people. Matt knew how to convince people to want to kill. I'm pretty sure that there's more blood on his hands than on mine. I remember leaving the meeting when I was sixteen - frothing at the mouth, ready to start killing. The meeting gave me a purpose. I was sixteen. All I wanted was a purpose. Now, I sat watching Matt's little presentation and felt nothing. Now I had my own reasons for hating the enemy. I didn't need the slide show anymore. War will do that to you. ~ Trevor Shane
Supergravity For Kids quotes by Trevor Shane
We can buy you one of those books they have for little kids 'Timmy Has Two Dads'. Except I don't think they have one called 'Timmy Has Two Dads and One of Them Was Evil'. That part you're just going to have to work through on your own. ~ Cassandra Clare
Supergravity For Kids quotes by Cassandra Clare
I just don't think that a lot of the time the messages we send kids prepare them for real life. ~ Evangeline Lilly
Supergravity For Kids quotes by Evangeline Lilly
Then the image changed to something else. A birthday cake. It was chocolate with a plastic horse in the center, rearing up. Four candles flickered around it.

"He's four," I said, trusting that that was what Eli was trying to tell me. But I knew. I'd seen the dates on the grave.

"He would be six now." She shook her head defiantly. I waited. The child looked up at me expectantly and then looked back at his mother.

"He's still four," I said. "Kids wait."

Her lower lip trembled and she bit into it. She was starting to believe me. That, or she was starting to hate me. Or maybe she already did.

"Wait for what?" Her voice was so soft I barely caught the question.

"Wait for someone to raise them. ~ Amy Harmon
Supergravity For Kids quotes by Amy Harmon
I am so grateful for after-school snack time, when I light a candle, pour some tea, slice some apples, and get to listen in on my kids' highs and lows of the day. ~ Laurie David
Supergravity For Kids quotes by Laurie David
Just getting young kids excited about hockey, then they'll want to skate, they'll want to start joining junior leagues, they'll want to play in high school, etc., so we're trying to expand at all levels. That's good for the sport, and it's good for the Ducks long term. ~ Henry Samueli
Supergravity For Kids quotes by Henry Samueli
That kid's got an arm like Uncle Fester at an exhibition of Pre-Colombian ... um, Christ, I lost it. I was going for something thick. So what's with the beard, Grizzly Fouts? ~ Dennis Miller
Supergravity For Kids quotes by Dennis Miller
Does it make you sad that we love the kids more than we love each other?" That exact line - those words in that order - had been in the script for months. ~ Jonathan Safran Foer
Supergravity For Kids quotes by Jonathan Safran Foer
We simply do not allow space in our hearts, minds, or souls for darkness.
Instead, we choose faith. Faith in ourselves and the power of hard work. Faith in our God whose overwhelming love sustains us every single day. That's what we choose.
We choose love. Our love for our children. Our commitment to leaving them a better world. Our love for our country which has given us so many blessings and advantages. Our love for our fellow citizens: parents working hard to support their kids, men and women in uniform who risk everything to keep us safe, young people from the toughest background who never stop believing in their dreams, some people like so many of you. That's what we choose.
And we choose excellence. We choose to tune out all the noise and strive for excellence in everything we do. No cutting corners, no taking shortcuts, no whining. We give 120% every single time. Because excellence is the most powerful answer you can give to the doubters and the haters. It's also the most powerful thing you can do for yourself. Because the process of striving, and struggling, and pushing yourself to new heights, that's how you develop your God-given talent. That's how you make yourself stronger, and smarter, and more able to make a difference for others. ~ Michelle Obama
Supergravity For Kids quotes by Michelle Obama
But I've learned that if you fake your death, don't come back. Not for your wife. Not for your girlfriend. Not for your kids. If you fake your death, don't do it at sea. Go for a hike. If you're interested in claiming a life insurance payout, don't get greedy. Keep the policy modest. Don't bother with a stand-in body and an elaborate funeral. Spend your time and money on obtaining quality authenticating documents. In your new life, commit to a disguise for your new identity and use your real first name. Don't google yourself and lead your hunters to your hideout. And for the love of God, don't drive if you're supposed to be dead. Ditch the car. ~ Elizabeth Greenwood
Supergravity For Kids quotes by Elizabeth Greenwood
I couldn't think of anyone I'd ever felt sorry for. There were plenty of kids I was envious of. There were others I achingly admired, but that might simply be another form of jealousy. Then there were those I feared, dreaded. And the worst of them, the man who shamed me. I could see my father's angry features looming over my mother. I could clearly picture her beside him in his truck, cowering against the door while he belittled and assaulted her.
I guess I did know someone I felt sorry for. ~ Richelle E. Goodrich
Supergravity For Kids quotes by Richelle E. Goodrich
As they roared past the streetlamps, people emerged from their houses to see what was happening. Nina tried to imagine what their wild crew must look like to these Fjerdans. What did they see as they poked their heads out of windows and doorways? A group of hooting kids clinging to a tank painted with the Fjerdan flag and charging along like some deranged float gone astray from its parade: a girl in purple silk and a boy with red-gold curls poking out from behind the guns; four soaked people holding tight to the sides for dear life - a Shu boy in prison clothes, two bedraggled drüskelle, and Nina, a half-naked girl in shreds of teal chiffon shouting, "We have a moat! ~ Leigh Bardugo
Supergravity For Kids quotes by Leigh Bardugo
I was looking for a last name that was a first name. Growing up, I knew a kid who was the most obnoxious kid I ever knew, and his last name was Herman. ~ Paul Reubens
Supergravity For Kids quotes by Paul Reubens
Then began an experience that turned my life around-working on a book with a black kid as hero. None of the manuscripts I'd been illustrating featured any black kids-except for token blacks in the background. My book would have him there simply because he should have been there all along. Years before I had cut from a magazine a strip of photos of a little black boy. I often put them on my studio walls before I'd begun to illustrate children's books. I just loved looking at him. This was the child who would be the hero of my book. ~ Ezra Jack Keats
Supergravity For Kids quotes by Ezra Jack Keats
No," I said. "I choose the prophecy. It will be about me."
"Why are you saying that?" she cried. "You want to be responsible for the whole world?"
It was the last thing I wanted, but I didn't say that. I knew I had to step up and claim it.
"I can't let Nico be in any more danger," I said. "I owe that much to his sister. I ... let them
both down. I'm not going to let that poor kid suffer any more. ~ Rick Riordan
Supergravity For Kids quotes by Rick Riordan
I wish kids at school would quit calling me a porno dork-face, though. There wasn't any sex involved! I got knocked out, I panicked and called the cops. Okay, somewhere along the line everybody's clothes fell off, but that's not exactly a federal crime. Is it? I hope you don't work for the FBI. (You don't, do you?)
- Email Excerpt (Page: 21)
From: Douglas Bracken
To: Dr. Rita I. Milton
Sent: Friday, November 08 - 5:05 PM
Subject: Pressing Concerns ~ Kathleen Jeffrie Johnson
Supergravity For Kids quotes by Kathleen Jeffrie Johnson
People get into relationships. They get married and have kids, and all of a sudden, you can't just pick up and go get coffee, or go away for the weekend together, or go to a costume party together. It becomes a thing you have to plan. ~ Cristin Milioti
Supergravity For Kids quotes by Cristin Milioti
What would you think of a person who earned $24,000 a year but spent $35,000? Suppose on top of that, he was already $170,000 in debt. You'd tell him to get his act together - stop spending so much or he'd destroy his family, impoverish his kids and wreck their future. Of course, no individual could live so irresponsibly for long. But tack on eight more zeroes to that budget and you have the checkbook for our out-of-control, big-spending federal government. ~ John Stossel
Supergravity For Kids quotes by John Stossel
A kid in an abusive home has far fewer rights than any POW. There is no Geneva Convention for kids. ~ Andrew Vachss
Supergravity For Kids quotes by Andrew Vachss
We have always been a nation that has celebrated success of various kinds. The kid that gets the honor roll, the individual worker that gets a promotion, the person that gets a better job. And in fact, the person that builds a business. And by the way, if you have a business and you started it, you did build it. And you deserve credit for that. ~ Mitt Romney
Supergravity For Kids quotes by Mitt Romney
I really enjoy making dinner for my kids and my husband - chopping ginger and marinating the tofu. ~ Sadie Frost
Supergravity For Kids quotes by Sadie Frost
First, we parents have to back up school authority and quit making excuses for our kids when they misbehave. ~ Hillary Rodham Clinton
Supergravity For Kids quotes by Hillary Rodham Clinton
Jamie: Please don't pretend like you know me, ok?
Landon: But I do, I do. We've had all the same classes in the same school since kindergarten. Why you're Jamie Sullivan. You sit at lunch table 7. Which isn't exactly the reject table, but is definitely in self exile territory. You have exactly one sweater. You like to look at your feet when you walk. Oh, oh, and yeah, for fun, you like to tutor on weekends and hang out with the cool kids from "Stars and Planets." Now how does that sound?
Jamie: Thoroughly predictable, nothing I haven't heard before.
Landon: You don't care what people think about you?
Jamie: No. ~ Nicholas Sparks
Supergravity For Kids quotes by Nicholas Sparks
Your passion doesn't have to be utterly precise. Perhaps, for starters, you just feel an urge to work with kids or organize things, or create a website. Start with an instinct, tease it into different directions ~ Kate White
Supergravity For Kids quotes by Kate White
So, I remember when I was a kid, I was waiting for my mom to come home when she was working late, and, you know, I was like, 'Oh my God, what happened to her? Is she OK? Did something happen to her getting in the car?' I was a little kid. But those are actually early onsets of anxiety. ~ Vinny Guadagnino
Supergravity For Kids quotes by Vinny Guadagnino
It was nice of you to help that ungrateful little girl out." Blake unloaded his belongings onto his bed.
"Ah, I've got a soft spot for kids. They're so fucking little. ~ Debra Anastasia
Supergravity For Kids quotes by Debra Anastasia
A mate owned a Bryan Robson top. We were kicking about, and I asked if I could be Robbo for a while. My dad looked out and went ballistic. He wasn't having his kid dragging the Gerrard name through the gutter. I thought we'd have to move! ~ Steven Gerrard
Supergravity For Kids quotes by Steven Gerrard
It's so important for kids to get involved with sports in general at a young age. ~ Lindsey Vonn
Supergravity For Kids quotes by Lindsey Vonn
I think it goes back to whether or not race and class - that is, race and poverty - is not becoming even more of a constraint. Because with the failing public schools, I worry that the way that my grandparents got out of poverty, the way that my parents became educated, is just not going to be there for a whole bunch of kids. ~ Condoleezza Rice
Supergravity For Kids quotes by Condoleezza Rice
Alex [Da Kid] does have diversity, not just in what he produces, but what he hears. He has this knack for finding talented people. ~ Skylar Grey
Supergravity For Kids quotes by Skylar Grey
But all I could think was in New York that kid would have been stuck in a straitjacket practically from birth and dangled over a tank full of Educational Consultants and Remedial Experts all snapping at his ankles for the next twenty years arguing about his Special Needs and getting paid plenty for it. ~ Meg Rosoff
Supergravity For Kids quotes by Meg Rosoff
There is a separation between parents and children that shouldn't be breached when the children are young. The parents' adult follies are private. They're disturbing and hard to understand. But eventually the kids wise up, the follies start leaking out, and the parents are revealed in all their flawed humanity. Dad and I were about to cross that boundary for good. ~ Natalie Standiford
Supergravity For Kids quotes by Natalie Standiford
Sometimes when I get up and emerge from the mists of slumber, my whole room hurts, my whole bedroom, the view from the window hurts, kids go to school, people go shopping, everybody knows where to go, only I don't know where I want to go, I get dressed, blearily, stumbling, hopping about to pull on my trousers, I go and shave with my electric razor - for years now, whenever I shave, I've avoided looking at myself in the mirror, I shave in the dark or round the corner, sitting on a chair in the passage, with the socket in the bathroom, I don't like looking at myself any more, I'm scared by my own face in the bathroom, I'm hurt even by my own appearance, I see yesterday's drunkenness in my eyes, I don't even have breakfast any more, or if I do, only coffee and a cigarette, I sit at the table, sometimes my hands give way under me and several times I repeat to myself, Hrabal, Hrabal, Bohumil Hrabal, you've victoried yourself away, you've reached the peak of emptiness, as my Lao Tzu taught me, I've reached the peak of emptiness and everything hurts, even the walk to the bus-stop hurts, and the whole bus hurts as well, I lower my guilty-looking eyes, I'm afraid of looking people in the eye, sometimes I cross my palms and extend my wrists, I hold out my hands so that people can arrest me and hand me over to the cops, because I feel guilty even about this once too loud a solitude which isn't loud any longer, because I'm hurt not only by the escalator which takes me down to the infern ~ Bohumil Hrabal
Supergravity For Kids quotes by Bohumil Hrabal
For every little kid who still believes in Santa Claus, there is at least one adult who still believes in professional wrestling. ~ Doug Larson
Supergravity For Kids quotes by Doug Larson
And wasn't just that we lost all those jobs, it was that people didn't have anything to be good at anymore. There's only so good you can be about pushing a mop or emptying a bedpan. We're trending backwards as a nation, probably for the first time in history, and it's not the kids with the green hair and bones through their noses. Personally I don't care for it, but those things are inevitable. The real problem is the average citizen does not have a job he can be good at. You lose that, you lose the country. ~ Philipp Meyer
Supergravity For Kids quotes by Philipp Meyer
Finally, don't forget that what you want to see happen is thoughtful tinkering. You want to see kids thinking about what they're tinkering with. I assume
that eventually, every kid will do this thinking, but it's good to make a conscious
effort to get them to make a conscious effort to learn as they tinker. "Conscientization" was Paulo Freire's word for a different but related process. Here,
what you want is for kids to become conscious of how they are learning, what there is to learn, and what they know already. Once they 've got this ability,there is no stopping their self-education. ~ Curt Gabrielson
Supergravity For Kids quotes by Curt Gabrielson
The transitional period was tough, I won't kid you. You go from a certain family dynamic to adjusting to a completely new one. It took a few months for us all to fi nd our feet. ~ Donna Air
Supergravity For Kids quotes by Donna Air
My younger brother and I have been writing together, mainly for fun, for years, but we've been improvising together since we were kids. Literally. ~ Ty Burrell
Supergravity For Kids quotes by Ty Burrell
By not caring too much about what people think, I'm able to think for myself and propagate ideas which are very often unpopular. And I succeed. ~ Albert Ellis
Supergravity For Kids quotes by Albert Ellis
I wouldn't sacrifice my business for no acting career because my business is something, ultimately, that I know I'm going to pass down to my kids, and that's most important to me than anything else in the world. I can't pass an acting career down to my children. ~ Dwight Henry
Supergravity For Kids quotes by Dwight Henry
I look back and see the kids who made it through school - it made a huge difference in their lives, which made me believe in the power of public education and what it can do for individuals and communities and the state. ~ Denise Juneau
Supergravity For Kids quotes by Denise Juneau
It would be so nice to have the luxury just to laze. So nice not to have to always get up and get dressed for some occasion. Always having to move from here to there, where everything is scheduled and even having lunch with my kids on their Easter break has to be slotted in. Maybe one day ... ~ Benazir Bhutto
Supergravity For Kids quotes by Benazir Bhutto
There's this thing that you're not meant to have too many children - for global warming, it's bad. But I know lots of crappy people, and I would rather that good people have lots of kids and outnumber the baddies. ~ Domhnall Gleeson
Supergravity For Kids quotes by Domhnall Gleeson
I miss going to school and having friends; that's normal for anyone my age. I had a very boring childhood because I never had the opportunity to associate with anybody my own age due to my
career. I miss being around kids my own age. ~ Selena
Supergravity For Kids quotes by Selena
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