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#1. I hate when things are sugar-coated. I'd rather have the ugliest truth than the best lie. - Author: Chloe Grace Moretz
Sugar Coated Preaching quotes by Chloe Grace Moretz
#2. I read a lot of older children's books when I was a kid, and you wouldn't believe how many sugar-coated tracts I sucked the sugar off and cheerfully ran off, spitting out the message undigested. (Despite going to church several times every Sunday for my who childhood, I never figured out Aslan was Jesus until told later.) - Author: Jo Walton
Sugar Coated Preaching quotes by Jo Walton
#3. Sugar is celebratory. Sugar is something that we used to enjoy. Now, it basically has coated our tongues. It's turned into a diet staple, and it's killing us. - Author: Robert Lustig
Sugar Coated Preaching quotes by Robert Lustig
#4. Life is not sugar coated. - Author: Edna Stewart
Sugar Coated Preaching quotes by Edna Stewart
#5. My fingers were so coated with icing sugar it looked like I'd gone on a cocaine bender with Pablo Escobar. - Author: Sierra Dean
Sugar Coated Preaching quotes by Sierra Dean
#6. Never forget,' says Sugar Daddy, 'we are a nation built on sugar. It is our history and it is the source of our prosperity, now and in the future.'

This is true. Our entire nation sits on reclaimed land made from sugar. Ours is an island that rose out of the sea, built on a hard core of toffee. - Author: Julie Koh
Sugar Coated Preaching quotes by Julie Koh
#7. Gulab jamun, am I right?" Puffy Fay asked with his mouth full. "The inspiration for this cupcake?"
Vik nodded. "A friend once told me she loved to take her favorite desserts and make them into something else." He glanced at me briefly.
Gulab jamun. I'd had it plenty of times in India. Creamy fried dumplings soaked in a sugar syrup, flavored with cardamom and-
"Rosewater," said Puffy Fay, "can be a tricky ingredient. But-" he smacked his lips- "you've done an excellent job. And you somehow managed to mimic the flavor of that very sweet dessert without making your cupcake too sweet. Fascinating."
"I coated rose petals in sugar and salt," said Vik. "Sugar for laughter, and salt for tears. - Author: Rajani LaRocca
Sugar Coated Preaching quotes by Rajani LaRocca
#8. Don't feel the need to sugarcoat it for me, Doc."
"That was the sugar-coated version. DO you want the ugly truth?"
"Do you charge extra for the ugly truth?"
"No, only sugarcoating incurs an additional charge, like sprinkles. - Author: Genna Rulon
Sugar Coated Preaching quotes by Genna Rulon
#9. With the 'Watchmen' comic, we attempted to tell it in an accessible way. I deliberately made the artwork very clear, deceptively so. You think you're sucking on a sweetie, but it turns out to be a sugar-coated chili. - Author: Dave Gibbons
Sugar Coated Preaching quotes by Dave Gibbons
#10. Fun is a sugar-coated physic. - Author: Josh Billings
Sugar Coated Preaching quotes by Josh Billings
#11. We, as women, have this slight flaw. Yes, admitting it, we are flawed with a faultless memory in regards to the good and bad in men...Stored within our memory banks is every loving gesture and sugar coated word, thoughtful moments, places, arguments, indiscretions, lies all catalogued, timed and dated...The list, for us, is endless...
It is not our fault...You give us so much to remember... - Author: Virginia Alison
Sugar Coated Preaching quotes by Virginia Alison
#12. Love was also an easy word, used carelessly. Felons and creeps could offer it coated in sugar, and users could dangle it so enticingly that you wouldn't notice that it had things attached - heavy things, things like pity and need, that were weighty as anchors and iron beams and just as impossible to get out from underneath. - Author: Deb Caletti
Sugar Coated Preaching quotes by Deb Caletti
#13. Happiness is not to be found at the bottom of a bottle or from the tip of a needle; it is not to be found amidst a cloud of smoke or within a sugar-coated pill. If you look for it in these places, you will find naught but despair. - Author: Wayne Gerard Trotman
Sugar Coated Preaching quotes by Wayne Gerard Trotman
#14. I know I had that punch comin' to me. I owed you one. No hard feelings, sugar."
"Speak for yourself." Pia's words were coated in frost. "I've all kinds of hard feelings going on over here. - Author: Thea Harrison
Sugar Coated Preaching quotes by Thea Harrison
#15. Life isn't about gold dust farting unicorns, sugar coated mountains, and fairies. It's about fun. Romance and romance novels are for pussies and dreamers. - Author: Scott Hildreth
Sugar Coated Preaching quotes by Scott Hildreth
#16. On the table of consciousness, don't pick up the sugar-coated or well-seasoned lies by mistake. The truth has natural flavors. - Author: Jeffrey G. Duarte
Sugar Coated Preaching quotes by Jeffrey G. Duarte
#17. By lunchtime the valley was lightly coated, like a cake with confectioner's sugar ... there was white fur on the antlers of the iron deer and on the melancholy boughs of the Norway spruce. - Author: Elizabeth Enright
Sugar Coated Preaching quotes by Elizabeth Enright
#18. Why do I speak forth the unpopular? I have a sweet tooth but not when it comes back up. - Author: Donna Lynn Hope
Sugar Coated Preaching quotes by Donna Lynn Hope
#19. All true meanings are hidden. Life is full of secrets, and narrow-minded people, and sugar-coated, empty conversations that hold no weight. What's real is what's inside us. What's important is what we feel. - Author: L.J. Shen
Sugar Coated Preaching quotes by L.J. Shen
#20. In olden times an enemy was sometimes poisoned by a bouquet,
deceit sugar-coated. - Author: Hugh Latimer
Sugar Coated Preaching quotes by Hugh Latimer
#21. Books are no longer read but eaten, not made of paper but of some informational substance, fully digestible, sugar-coated. - Author: Stanislaw Lem
Sugar Coated Preaching quotes by Stanislaw Lem
#22. Was it a strain so heavy that L's back curved under all its weight? Was it an agony so terrible as to leave the indelible dark circles around his eyes? Was it a feeling so bitter that every bite he took needed to be coated in sugar? The chronically rounded shoulders, the inevitable dark circles, the eccentric tastes
L suppressed the pain of being a champion of justice, but the evidence of the pain was molded into his very body. - Author: M..
Sugar Coated Preaching quotes by M..
#23. I've never been much of a fancy smelling product guy, but this woman can drip me in chocolate and roll me in sugar and I'll beg her to do it again. - Author: Scarlet Hope
Sugar Coated Preaching quotes by Scarlet Hope
#24. I never touch sugar, cheese, bread ...
I only like what I'm allowed to like. I'm beyond temptation. There is no weakness. When I see tons of food in the studio, for us and for everybody, for me it's as if this stuff was made out of plastic. The idea doesn't even enter my mind that a human being could put that into their mouth. I'm like the animals in the forest. They don't touch what they cannot eat. - Author: Karl Lagerfeld
Sugar Coated Preaching quotes by Karl Lagerfeld
#25. Intravenous injections of extract from dog's pancreas, removed from seven to ten weeks after ligation of the ducts, invariably exercises a reducing influence upon the percentage sugar of the blood and the amount of sugar excreted in the urine ... the extent and duration of the reduction varies directly with the amount of extract injected. - Author: Frederick Banting
Sugar Coated Preaching quotes by Frederick Banting
#26. But the fear was too much to be held now. It oozed and rolled over the Gate, it coated the land like mist. - Author: Peternelle Van Arsdale
Sugar Coated Preaching quotes by Peternelle Van Arsdale
#27. The kindest and most meaningful thing anyone ever said to me is: Your mother would be proud of you ... The strange and painful truth is that I'm a better person because I lost my mom young. When you say you excperienced my writing as sacred, what you are touching is the divine place within me that is my mother. Sugar is the temple I build in my obliterated place. I'd give it all back in a snap, but the fact is, my grief taught me things ... It required me to suffer. It compelled me to reach. - Author: Cheryl Strayed
Sugar Coated Preaching quotes by Cheryl Strayed
#28. Carefully, I arrange the teapot, the little white cup, and the sugar bowl before me like an army. Defense? Or attack? - Author: Cat Hellisen
Sugar Coated Preaching quotes by Cat Hellisen
#29. If we are taught by God in affliction we are blessed. When God teaches, he applies his instruction to the heart. He commands light to shine out of darkness (2 Corinthians 4:6). The Holy Spirit brings divine truths in such a clear and convincing light that the soul sits down fully satisfied. The soul both sweetly and freely acquiesces in the revealed truths. When God teaches, the soul experiences truth as David (Psalm 119:71). Some only know notionally, but David knew by experience; he became more acquainted with the Word. He knew it more, loved it better, and was more transformed in the nature of it. Thus, Paul, "I know who I have believed" (2 Timothy 1:12) – "I have experienced his faithfulness and his all-sufficiency; I can trust my all with him. I am sure he will keep it safe to that day." Those taught of God in affliction can speak experimentally, in one degree or another. They can speak of their communion with God (Psalm 23:4). The sweet singer of Israel had comfortable presence. Those taught of God can say: "As we have heard, so we have seen. I have experienced this word upon mine heart, and can set my seal that God is true." God's teaching is a powerful teaching. It conveys strength as well as light. Truth only understood needs to be put into action and practice. God's teachings are sweet to the taste. David rolled them as sugar under his tongue, and received more sweetness than Samson from his honeycomb. Luther said he would not live in paradise without the Word, but - Author: Thomas Case
Sugar Coated Preaching quotes by Thomas Case
#30. There is no hint here that preaching is thought of primarily as self-expression
of subjective experience or feeling-disclosure or autobiography or `telling one's story' so as to neglect Scripture."275 It is the Word that is to be preached. - Author: Ben Witherington III
Sugar Coated Preaching quotes by Ben Witherington III
#31. Too much preaching nowadays pats the back and tickles the ear, but does not get under the skin. There is no conviction and therefore no conversion. I am thinking not only of the ministry of reproof and rebuke but also of the message of inspiration, of encouragement, of comfort. People go out of church at noon with the depths unstirred, the heart untouched, the conscience unpricked. - Author: Vance Havner
Sugar Coated Preaching quotes by Vance Havner

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