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Most social problems could be helped or prevented if people had more money and practical advice. ~ Sue Townsend
Sue Hotchkis quotes by Sue Townsend
Love is the only thing that keeps me sane ... ~ Sue Townsend
Sue Hotchkis quotes by Sue Townsend
What kind of world is it that lets a thing like that happen? That lets a girl like Sue get murdered for kicks, or kids in Afghanistan starve, or baby seals get skinned alive?
-Matt Honeycutt ~ L.J.Smith
Sue Hotchkis quotes by L.J.Smith
I take life very seriously. I can laugh at it, because what else can you do? But it's a hard daily battle. ~ Sue Townsend
Sue Hotchkis quotes by Sue Townsend
For a moment, she let herself be defeated, wished herself not exactly annihilation but into a temporary absense, into being nowhere and no one just for a little while. ~ Sue Saliba
Sue Hotchkis quotes by Sue Saliba
If you don't know about it, you can't get it. ~ Sue Johanson
Sue Hotchkis quotes by Sue Johanson
You can't stop your heart from loving, really
it's like standing out there in the ocean yelling at the waves to stop. ~ Sue Monk Kidd
Sue Hotchkis quotes by Sue Monk Kidd
Troy is based on the epic poem The Iliad by Homer , according to the credits. Homer's estate should sue. ~ Roger Ebert
Sue Hotchkis quotes by Roger Ebert
We have taken God out of our education system. We have taken Him out of government. You have lawyers that sue you every time you mention the name of Jesus Christ in any public forum. ~ Franklin Graham
Sue Hotchkis quotes by Franklin Graham
Do you remember his science project, Harry Sue, on the trajectory of spitballs? I tell you, that modest little display taught our students more about physics than I could accomplish in a weeklong unit at the middle school ~ Sue Stauffacher
Sue Hotchkis quotes by Sue Stauffacher
In popular culture, when women compete, it's usually over a man, and it's usually very nasty. And that is just frankly not my experience. That's just some kind of popular mythology, it feels like. I find it insulting. ~ Kelly Sue DeConnick
Sue Hotchkis quotes by Kelly Sue DeConnick
The hard thing about death is that nothing ever changes. The hard thing about life is that nothing stays the same. ~ Sue Grafton
Sue Hotchkis quotes by Sue Grafton
Stories are amazing and powerful because they can resonate with people depending on their needs and experiences and speak truths we need to hear in that moment in time. ~ Sue Monk Kidd
Sue Hotchkis quotes by Sue Monk Kidd
When I see these young girls who are dreaming the dream that I'm living, it's very very exciting and it puts a big smile on my face. ~ Sue Wicks
Sue Hotchkis quotes by Sue Wicks
What I like most: Reading well-written sources that take me to another world for hours at a time - and being able to call that 'work!' Also, of course, finding a gem of information that is either exactly what I was looking for, or else fits perfectly into the story in some way. ~ Linda Sue Park
Sue Hotchkis quotes by Linda Sue Park
Grief is as contagious as a yawn. ~ Sue Grafton
Sue Hotchkis quotes by Sue Grafton
I actually grew up in a house in which bees lived in one of the walls, and they lived there 18 years, in fact, so it wasn't a fleeting thing. ~ Sue Monk Kidd
Sue Hotchkis quotes by Sue Monk Kidd
Now he turned the radio on to the news. As we did our separate chores, we listened and commented idly to each other on what we heard - the politics, the plane crashes and crimes, the large disasters of the day, which we all use to keep the smaller, more long-term sorrows at bay. ~ Sue Miller
Sue Hotchkis quotes by Sue Miller
I marveled at how mixed up people got when it came to love. I myself, for instance. It seemed like I was now thinking of Zach forty minutes out of every hour, Zach, who was an impossibility. That's what I told myself five hundred times: impossibility. I can tell you this much: the word is a great big log throw on the fires of love. ~ Sue Monk Kidd
Sue Hotchkis quotes by Sue Monk Kidd
She nodded, wondering why couldn't she have been named Mary. Or Sue.
But no, she had to be nine-letter Elizabeth. ~ J.R. Ward
Sue Hotchkis quotes by J.R. Ward
Abby_Donovan: I bet you were one of those uber-cool teachers like Mr.Chip, weren't you?
MarkBaynard: I was more like Mr.Kotter or that guy from GLEE who looks like the love child of Orlando Bloom & Justin Timberlake.
Abby_Donovan: Your female students were probably writing "I love you" on their eyelids and listening to "Don't Stand So Close to Me" on their Walkmans.
[ ... ]
Abby_Donovan: Goodnight Mr.Schuester
MarkBaynard: Goodnight Miss Pillsbury
Abby_Donovan: Goodnight Puck
MarkBaynard: Goodnight Rachel
Abby_Donovan: Goodnight Kurt
MarkBaynard: Goodnight Quinn
Abby_Donovan: Goodnight Finn
MarkBaynard: Goodnight Sue Sylvester, you heartless but oddly sexy beast
Abby_Donovan: Goodnight Artie
MarkBaynard: Goodnight Tweetheart ... ~ Teresa Medeiros
Sue Hotchkis quotes by Teresa Medeiros
I tend to place kids in a class with dogs, preferring the quiet, the smart, and the well trained. ~ Sue Grafton
Sue Hotchkis quotes by Sue Grafton
...there is a seed of light inside of us, a mysterious Inner Voice. ~ Sue Monk Kidd
Sue Hotchkis quotes by Sue Monk Kidd
God uses our conscience. He knows we can only start over when we are not condemning ourselves anymore. ~ Sue Augustine
Sue Hotchkis quotes by Sue Augustine
What you're thinking of as the end of the story now, is only the end of the chapter. ~ Sue Halpern
Sue Hotchkis quotes by Sue Halpern
You do your rebellions any way you can. ~ Sue Monk Kidd
Sue Hotchkis quotes by Sue Monk Kidd
We might stay here the rest of our lives with the sky slammed shut, but mama had found the part of herself that refused to bow and scrape, and once you find that, you got trouble breathing down your neck. ~ Sue Monk Kidd
Sue Hotchkis quotes by Sue Monk Kidd
Lou took a deep breath, inhaling the scent of just-cut flowers, fresh tamales from the food stands, and sunshine. She preferred the West Allis farmers' market to all others in the area, with its open sides, wide walkways, and rows of stalls. More recently, small tents serving hot sandwiches and fresh Mexican food had popped up outside the brick walls. It all looked so good, she'd learned long ago to come with limited funds or she would buy more produce than she could possibly use. She relished talking to the farmers, learning about what they grew and where. She liked to search for farmers growing something new and interesting she could use at Luella's.
But today's visit was personal, not business. Sue had dragged her out to West Allis for a little lunch and some girl time with fall squash and Honeycrisp apples. ~ Amy E. Reichert
Sue Hotchkis quotes by Amy E. Reichert
I don't analyze too much, because then I'll question, 'Why do I write down all of these random little phrases?' ~ Sue Tompkins
Sue Hotchkis quotes by Sue Tompkins
I spent the first twenty years of my writing career preparing for the mystery genre, which is my favorite literary form. ~ Sue Grafton
Sue Hotchkis quotes by Sue Grafton
man has two choices. He can quit and wait to die, or he can sing. ~ Sue Harrison
Sue Hotchkis quotes by Sue Harrison
Upon row of books, most of them bound in leather, reached to the ceiling several stories over their heads, illuminated by the faint glow of autumn sunlight through the marble. It was truly striking. ~ Linda Sue Park
Sue Hotchkis quotes by Linda Sue Park
Every human being on the face of the earth has a steel plate in his head, but if you lie down now and then and get still as you can, it will slide open like elevator doors, letting in all the secret thoughts that have been standing around so patiently, pushing the button for a ride to the top. The real troubles in life happen when those hidden doors stay closed for too long. ~ Sue Monk Kidd
Sue Hotchkis quotes by Sue Monk Kidd
That's the sacred intent of life, of God
to move us continuously toward growth, toward recovering all that is lost and orphaned within us and restoring the divine image imprinted on our soul. ~ Sue Monk Kidd
Sue Hotchkis quotes by Sue Monk Kidd
I couldn't think of anything to say so I kept quiet. I still can't think of anything to say so I am going to sleep. ~ Sue Townsend
Sue Hotchkis quotes by Sue Townsend
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