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Success attracts success to build strong partnerships for more successful ventures whilst failure attracts failure to have more pity parties. ~ Oscar Bimpong
Successful Ventures quotes by Oscar Bimpong
As in all successful ventures, the foundation of a good retirement is planning. ~ Earl Nightingale
Successful Ventures quotes by Earl Nightingale
Nothing said "successful business" like an old, dusty, busted, duct-taped taxidermied alligator. ~ Alyssa Day
Successful Ventures quotes by Alyssa Day
The best part of being in a band and being successful is you get to have hot girls lace up your shoes. ~ Zacky Vengeance
Successful Ventures quotes by Zacky Vengeance
My father always told me that to be successful at anything, whether it was baseball or tiddlywinks, you have to be willing to pay the price. You have to be willing to do more than the kid down the street if you want to be better than he is. ~ Lance Berkman
Successful Ventures quotes by Lance Berkman
I'm trying to be a loving and caring mother, a loving and caring wife-to-be, a loving and caring daughter, a loving and caring friend, a responsible person. And every day is another opportunity for me to be successful at that. ~ Lauryn Hill
Successful Ventures quotes by Lauryn Hill
I think when companies are struggling, they don't want to talk to the press. The guys who write business books aren't interested in it because nobody wants to learn what it's like to be a mess, you want to learn how to be successful. That's slanted the whole thing quite a bit. ~ Ben Horowitz
Successful Ventures quotes by Ben Horowitz
When someone studies well, has a successful career, or deals with difficulties well, people think he is a wise man. However, such successes do not mean that one is wise. True wisdom is to know with the consciousness of God. ~ Woo Myung
Successful Ventures quotes by Woo Myung
All of the great successful people in history all had one thing in common, and did that one thing very well, and consistently. What was it? Consciously or not, these people focused on becoming the the type of person other people wanted to meet. They did not go out trying to meet people. ~ Monroe Mann
Successful Ventures quotes by Monroe Mann
If you're successful, don't crow. If you're defeated, don't croak. ~ Samuel Chadwick
Successful Ventures quotes by Samuel Chadwick
Feeling like a winner.
There is no need for a race after all.
I just mastered how to walk
Differently this time. ~ Priscilla Koranteng
Successful Ventures quotes by Priscilla Koranteng
A man to carry on a successful business must have imagination. He must see things as in a vision, a dream of the whole thing. ~ Charles M. Schwab
Successful Ventures quotes by Charles M. Schwab
I counted his failings in my head: his obnoxious, cocky attitude; his pierced and painted wannabe girlfriend; his leather jacket and black motorcycle; his tattoos and multiple piercings. Even his name rankled. Dante. I'd spent my formative years dodging his type. I refused to be intimidated by him. That poncy lot. I seethed some more. And geeks? Surely he could come up with something more original. My entire year's work depended on a successful outcome here, and Tristan had assured me this guy was the real deal, not just another charlatan. We only had two night's use of the control tower. As of next week, it was scheduled for demolition. I'd convinced myself Dante was just a means to an end, and then he smiled at me, his hard, uncompromising face lighting up for just a second. With his sharp cheekbones and proud chin, he looked almost beautiful, and my stomach turned cartwheels. His eyes glittered like diamonds, pale silver that appeared luminous in the badly lit room. ~ Sofia Grey
Successful Ventures quotes by Sofia Grey
Instructions for successful living: Dream it. Plan it. Do it. Repeat. ~ Steve Maraboli
Successful Ventures quotes by Steve Maraboli
As all these barriers to single living and personal autonomy gradually eroded, society's ability to pressure people into marrying, or keep them in a marriage against their wishes, was drastically curtailed. People no longer needed to marry in order to construct successful lives or long-lasting sexual relationships. With that, thousands of years of tradition came to an end. ~ Stephanie Coontz
Successful Ventures quotes by Stephanie Coontz
Broke people are busy with their time, wherein successful people are productive with their time. ~ Vishwas Chavan
Successful Ventures quotes by Vishwas Chavan
Falsehood is never so successful as when she baits her hook with truth, and no opinions so fatally mislead us as those that are not wholly wrong, as no watches so effectively deceive the wearer as those that are sometimes right. ~ Charles Caleb Colton
Successful Ventures quotes by Charles Caleb Colton
Be yourself. The happiest and most successful people are those who feel the most comfortable with themselves. ~ Leighton Meester
Successful Ventures quotes by Leighton Meester
That is what lower performers do; they make others wrong for doing what is necessary in order to make themselves feel okay about doing nothing! The highest performers-the winners-respond by studying successful people and duplicating success. ~ Grant Cardone
Successful Ventures quotes by Grant Cardone
Learning disabilities cannot be cured, but they can be treated successfully and children with LD can go on to live happy, successful lives. ~ Anne Ford
Successful Ventures quotes by Anne Ford
My biggest enemy for the longest time was my head. When I first became successful, it made me anxious because I was overthinking everything, and you hear so many 'fail' stories. ~ Chet Faker
Successful Ventures quotes by Chet Faker
Some studies of successful language learners have suggested that they're more "open to new experiences" than the rest of us. Temptingly, psychologist Alexander Guiora proposed that we have a self that's bound up in our native language, a "language ego", which needs to be loose and more permeable to learn a new language. Those with more fluid ego boundaries, like children and people who have drunk some alcohol, are more willing to sound not like themselves, which means they have better accents in the new language. ~ Michael Erard
Successful Ventures quotes by Michael Erard
With or without realizing it, every successful person has created behaviors - systems for greeting people, networking, and making telephone calls to aid them in their pursuits. By observing the traits of successful people, you can create your own system for success. ~ Ryan Blair
Successful Ventures quotes by Ryan Blair
The New Finance focused on the market's major systematic mistake. In failing to appreciate the strength of competitive forces in a market economy, it over estimates the length of the short run. In doing so, it overreacts to records of success and failure for individual companies, driving the prices of successful firms too high and their unsuccessful counterparts too low. ~ Robert Haugen
Successful Ventures quotes by Robert Haugen
Only people who want to be somewhere, somebody, have to suffer the sadness of failure. But a person who never wants to be anybody, never wants to be anywhere else, cannot suffer the sadness of failure - he is always successful, just like me. ~ Rajneesh
Successful Ventures quotes by Rajneesh
Most people, especially successful people, are hard-working. They want to participate. They want to do things well. ~ Annie Leibovitz
Successful Ventures quotes by Annie Leibovitz
Now they both smiled. The sweet, light fragrance of a first youthful, half-unspoken love, with all its intoxicating tenderness, had awoken in them like a dream on which you reflect ironically when you wake, although you really wish for nothing more than to dream it again, to live in the dream. The beautiful dream of young love that ventures only on half-measures, that desires and dares not ask, promises and does not give. They ~ Stefan Zweig
Successful Ventures quotes by Stefan Zweig
If you want to be successful, how you show up to life matters. ~ Susan C. Young
Successful Ventures quotes by Susan C. Young
My favorite characters are the ones that are the most successful movies. ~ Christopher Walken
Successful Ventures quotes by Christopher Walken
We ought to relentlessly ignore excuses, especially those we are told by ourselves. ~ Mokokoma Mokhonoana
Successful Ventures quotes by Mokokoma Mokhonoana
One of the greatest gifts a caring teacher can contribute to children is to help them learn to sit when they feel like running, to raise their hand when they feel like talking, to be polite to their neighbor, to stand in line without pushing, and to do their homework when they feel like playing. By introducing procedures in the classroom, you are also introducing procedures as a way of living a happy and successful life. ~ Harry Wong
Successful Ventures quotes by Harry Wong
That's one problem I have. Jews when they get successful they will help their people and some of the African-Americans - maybe I'll get in trouble again - they don't want to help anybody, ~ Donald Sterling
Successful Ventures quotes by Donald Sterling
In England, more than in any other country, science is felt rather than thought ... A defect of the English is their almost complete lack of systematic thinking. Science to them consists of a number of successful raids into the unknown. ~ John Desmond Bernal
Successful Ventures quotes by John Desmond Bernal
Monarchs have a great weakness, however, for their own sons, no matter how feckless and inept. A statistical study should be done across cultures assessing the relative frequency of the bizarre outcomes to which monarchical succession is prone: failure to provide an heir or successor, provision of an heir completely inept, or division of rule among several incompatible ones. Orderly succession followed by a successful reign is the exception. ~ James J. O'Donnell
Successful Ventures quotes by James J. O'Donnell
Successful people, whether they're working for somebody else or working for themselves, do whatever they do to the best of their ability – as if the boss is watching them every minute of every day. ~ Dean Graziosi
Successful Ventures quotes by Dean Graziosi
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