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#1. No thought has any power. You have power. And when you identify and believe in the thought you give power to the thought. - Author: Mooji
Subconsciousness Power quotes by Mooji
#2. She holds up a finger. I'm getting to it. Don't rush a girl in the middle of her exposition. - Author: Libba Bray
Subconsciousness Power quotes by Libba Bray
#3. Everyone holds a certain type of power. For young people, it's their youth, their attractiveness, and their energy. But they're terrified that as those qualities fade, what are they going to replace that form of power with? - Author: Chuck Palahniuk
Subconsciousness Power quotes by Chuck Palahniuk
#4. Life is a chance at Evolution. Overcome yourself and Become. - Author: Luis Marques
Subconsciousness Power quotes by Luis Marques
#5. With the happiness, ecstasy and power you gain from meditation, you can gradually remove your mind from the things it has become hooked to that cause it pain. - Author: Frederick Lenz
Subconsciousness Power quotes by Frederick Lenz
#6. A Man having found a Lion in his path undertook to subdue him by the power of the human eye; and near by was a Rattlesnake engaged in fascinating a small bird. "How are you getting on, brother?" the Man called out to the other reptile, without removing his eyes from those of the Lion. - Author: Ambrose Bierce
Subconsciousness Power quotes by Ambrose Bierce
#7. Guy Savelli's role in the War on Terror began when half-a-dozen strangers, within days of one another, contacted him via e-mail and telephone in the winter of 2003. They asked him if he had the power to psychically kill goats. Guy was bewildered. He did not go around publicizing this. Who were these men? How did they know about the goats? He feigned a casual tone of voice and said, 'Sure I can.'
Then he phoned Special Forces. - Author: Jon Ronson
Subconsciousness Power quotes by Jon Ronson
#8. The whole value of science consists in the power which it confers upon us of applying to one object the knowledge acquired from like objects; and it is only so far, therefore, as we can discover and register resemblances that we can turn our observations to account. - Author: William Stanley Jevons
Subconsciousness Power quotes by William Stanley Jevons
#9. American politics is a struggle, not of men but of forces. The men become every year more and more creatures of force, massed about central power houses. - Author: Henry Adams
Subconsciousness Power quotes by Henry Adams
#10. If my words are the only power I have, I intend to use them well. - Author: Loretta Lost
Subconsciousness Power quotes by Loretta Lost
#11. If instead of colonies you send troops, the cost is vastly greater, and the whole revenues of the country are spent in guarding it so that the gain becomes a loss, and much deeper offense is given since in shifting the quarters of your soldiers from place to place the whole country suffers hardship, which as all feel, all are made enemies and enemies who remaining, although vanquished, in their own homes, have power to hurt. In every way, therefore, this mode of defense is as disadvantageous as that by colonizing is useful. - Author: Niccolo Machiavelli
Subconsciousness Power quotes by Niccolo Machiavelli
#12. The power of the American system of republicanism lies in its capacity to allow religious belief to be a competing, not a controlling, factor in American life. - Author: Jon Meacham
Subconsciousness Power quotes by Jon Meacham
#13. Dried oregano has thirty times the brain-healing antioxidant power of raw blueberries, forty-six times more than apples, and fifty-six times as much as strawberries, making it one of the most powerful brain cell protectors on the planet. - Author: Daniel G. Amen
Subconsciousness Power quotes by Daniel G. Amen
#14. As the years go by, he returns to this invisible world rather than to earth for peace and solace. There also he finds a profound enchantment, although he can seldom describe it. He can discuss it with others of his kind, and because they too know and feel its power they understand. But his attempts to communicate his feelings to his wife or other earthly confidants invariable end in failure. - Author: Ernest K. Gann
Subconsciousness Power quotes by Ernest K. Gann
#15. Bliss is doing that which fulfills you. Action that touches you deeply and fully. Bliss is active. Bliss is...following your dreams, desires, or heart. Bliss is that deep, fulfilling, sustainable, driving need you have. That thing that is the true "you."Your bliss is your life's purpose. Your bliss gives your otherwise meaningless life meaning. When you are following your bliss you are powerful and empowered. You are focused and the universe is waiting to help you. - Author: Angie Karan
Subconsciousness Power quotes by Angie Karan
#16. There's some idea there, and the power of it comes from the fact that most of the time you'll never be able to answer what it is. It's just there. It's just a magic moment that you can feel in your gut that it's there, and you're willing to go there and sleep there and go through the hardship and fight for it. Once you start answering it too clearly then the magic is gone. - Author: Kalle Lasn
Subconsciousness Power quotes by Kalle Lasn
#17. Principles have a way of yielding to power. - Author: Bette Lord
Subconsciousness Power quotes by Bette Lord
#18. Others take a more cynical view, believing that the Cypriots have little inclination to reach a solution as they actually rather enjoy the international attention they receive. As George Mikes, a Hungarian wit, once famously, if rather unfairly, put it, 'Realizing they will never be a world power, the Cypriots have decided to settle for being a world nuisance'. - Author: James Ker-Lindsay
Subconsciousness Power quotes by James Ker-Lindsay
#19. Ethan tries not to look back on that night. At least, as much as human nature allows. But it's a funny thing about your darkest moments. They have a life of their own. They come around because they've got you pinned. Because they can. The harder you try to push them back into the shadows, the stronger they grow. They draw power from your resistance. - Author: Catherine Ryan Hyde
Subconsciousness Power quotes by Catherine Ryan Hyde
#20. Everybody in those days was a foreigner, no matter where they were born; as industrial modernization had its way with people and places, no one was native to the transformation of the United States from an agricultural economy to the foremost industrial power in the world--the factory being both the cause and the effect of an act of becoming, the likes of which nobody had ever seen before. - Author: Jerry Herron
Subconsciousness Power quotes by Jerry Herron
#21. He who wants to persuade should put his trust not in the right argument, but in the right word. The power of sound has always been greater than the power of sense. - Author: Joseph Conrad
Subconsciousness Power quotes by Joseph Conrad
#22. So you never really tried to solve the problem.
Oh, c'mon. Can you ever "solve" poverty? Can you ever "solve" crime? Can you ever "solve" disease, unemployment, war, or any other societal herpes? Hell no. All you can hope for is to make them manageable enough to allow people to get on with their lives. That's not cynicism, that's maturity. You can't stop the rain. All you can do is just build a roof that you hope won't leak, or at least won't leak on the people who are gonna vote for you.
What does that mean?
C'mon ...
Seriously. What does that mean?
Fine, whatever, "Mister Smith goes to motherfuckin' Washington," it means that, in politics, you focus on the needs of your power base. Keep them happy, and they keep you in office. - Author: Max Brooks
Subconsciousness Power quotes by Max Brooks
#23. The Daytona 500 is a career-winning race. It defines careers for drivers, crew members, crew chiefs and race teams. It has that power. - Author: Jimmie Johnson
Subconsciousness Power quotes by Jimmie Johnson
#24. At night too, she puzzled the mystery of her desperate need of kindness. As other girls prayed for handsomeness in a lover, or for wealth, or for power, or for poetry, she had prayed fervently: let him be kind. - Author: Anais Nin
Subconsciousness Power quotes by Anais Nin
#25. Tis a sort of duty to be rich, that it may be in one's power to do good, riches being another word for power. - Author: Mary Wortley Montagu
Subconsciousness Power quotes by Mary Wortley Montagu
#26. In proportion to the value of this revolution; in proportion to the importance of instruments, every word of which decides a question between power and liberty; in proportion to the solemnity of acts, proclaiming the will authenticated by the seal of the people, the only earthly source of authority, ought to be the vigilance with which they are guarded by every citizen in private life, and the circumspection with which they are executed by every citizen in public trust. - Author: James Madison
Subconsciousness Power quotes by James Madison
#27. The exaltation and happiness of any community, goes hand in hand with the knowledge possessed by the people, when applied to laudable ends; whereupon we can exclaim like the wise man; righteousness exalteth a nation; for righteousness embraces knowledge and knowledge is power. - Author: Joseph Smith Jr.
Subconsciousness Power quotes by Joseph Smith Jr.
#28. Without the participation of one fifth of the global population, without the endorsement of the world's second-largest economy, without the political will and security guarantee of this emerging power, international institutions and norms will be irrelevant and the legitimacy and credibility of their resolutions and arrangements will fall short of promise. - Author: Wang Yizhou
Subconsciousness Power quotes by Wang Yizhou
#29. The more you care about the powerless, the more power you have. The more you serve those with no influence, the more influence God gives you. The more you humble yourself, the more you're honored by others. - Author: Rick Warren
Subconsciousness Power quotes by Rick Warren
#30. They sought each other, missed each other, at cocktail parties, in train terminals, at flower shops, their fin de siecle Nokias gaining symbolic power with each scene. - Author: Sam Lipsyte
Subconsciousness Power quotes by Sam Lipsyte
#31. Denise, the Nazi soldiers in those trucks do not suspect they're about to be outfoxed by two girls." In the stillness before we spring back itno action, Denise looks to me, grinning like mad. She quotes a line from King Kong, one of my favorite movies I watched with Tom.
"'Oh no. It wasn't the airplanes. It was Beauty killed the Beast. - Author: Amy McAuley
Subconsciousness Power quotes by Amy McAuley
#32. America is a post-Christian nation only in the sense that we have built a tenement on the foundation of a palace. - Author: Ron Brackin
Subconsciousness Power quotes by Ron Brackin
#33. No matter where you're born in life or what the circumstances are when you're born, like your parents being poor or not connected to power, you have a chance in this country to go as far as your talent and your work will take you. - Author: Marco Rubio
Subconsciousness Power quotes by Marco Rubio
#34. Instead of turning our heads from pain, we merge with it, neither holding on to it nor pushing it away, becoming instead an instrument of transformation. Recently, on my early morning drive to a health club, I saw a deer in the middle lane, trying to get up, but obviously crippled. Her eyes looked confused and frightened. As I drove by, I breathed in her pain and breathed out a blessing. I could feel a dark cloud swirling inside of me, but I also had an image of a deer running freely in the woods. I can never know if it helped her, but something loosened inside of me. Instead of turning away from her pain, I joined her. It was then I realized more deeply the power of Tonglin...

When you feel hurt, confused, lonely, or sad, breathe into your pain, feel it, be with it, then breathe out an image of clarity, light, and a blessing. This alone will start to change your life. - Author: Charlotte Kasl
Subconsciousness Power quotes by Charlotte Kasl
#35. Go back, go back to sleep. Yes, you are allowed. You who have no Love in your heart, you can go back to sleep. The power of Love is exclusive to us, you can go back to sleep. I have been burnt by the fire of Love. You who have no such yearning in your heart, go back to sleep. The path of Love, has seventy-two folds and countless facets. Your love and religion is all about deceit, control and hypocrisy, go back to sleep. I have torn to pieces my robe of speech, and have let go of the desire to converse. You who are not naked yet, you can go back to sleep. - Author: Rumi
Subconsciousness Power quotes by Rumi
#36. Through God you can have the strength and power to do anything you want to do just put your best foot forward. - Author: Teresa Brown
Subconsciousness Power quotes by Teresa Brown
#37. For my part I have sought liberty more than power, and power only because it can lead to freedom. What interested me was not a philosophy of the free man (all who try that have proved tiresome), but a technique: I hoped to discover the hinge where our will meets and moves with destiny, and where discipline strengthens, instead of restraining, our nature. - Author: Marguerite Yourcenar
Subconsciousness Power quotes by Marguerite Yourcenar
#38. I am in charge. I take my own power back. - Author: Louise Hay
Subconsciousness Power quotes by Louise Hay
#39. When YOU Say YOU Love Me, I Don't Hear With My Ears Or Read YOUR Lips As I Already Know That By Looking In YOUR Eyes ... - Author: Muhammad Imran Hasan
Subconsciousness Power quotes by Muhammad Imran Hasan
#40. I believe in holding still. I believe that the secrets we hold in our hearts are our anchors, that even the unspoken between us is a measure of our every promise to the living and to the dead. And all our promises, like all our hopes, move us through life with the power of an ocean liner pushing through the sea. - Author: Fae Myenne Ng
Subconsciousness Power quotes by Fae Myenne Ng
#41. War provides an outlet for every evil element in man's nature. It enfranchises cupidity and greed gives a charter to petty tyranny, glorifies cruelty and places in positions of power the vulgar and base. - Author: C.E.M. Joad
Subconsciousness Power quotes by C.E.M. Joad
#42. Always ally yourself with those on the bottom, on the margins, and at the periphery of the centers of power. And in doing so, you will land yourself at the very center of some of the most important struggles of our society and our history. - Author: Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor
Subconsciousness Power quotes by Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor

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