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You know, I'm from the South, and I wasn't interested in perpetuating a stereotypical southern character. ~ Walton Goggins
Stereotypical Southern quotes by Walton Goggins
grown up poor in the midst of Southern California affluence, graduated from Stanford Law School, and held a series of jobs, including corporate lawyer, developer of vast Southern California orange groves, and deputy chair of ~ Gwenda Blair
Stereotypical Southern quotes by Gwenda Blair
Southern women often marry a man knowing that he is the father of many little slaves. They do not trouble themselves about it. ~ Harriet Ann Jacobs
Stereotypical Southern quotes by Harriet Ann Jacobs
Like solo sailors venturing into the Southern Ocean, climbers are seduced by risk. The desire to push to a summit or scale a rock face is so strong that they consciously or subconsciously minimize safety precautions drilled into their brains. ~ Charles Duhigg
Stereotypical Southern quotes by Charles Duhigg
I think love is different for each person, but I think the one thing it has in common is putting the other person's feelings before yours. If you're so worried about Libby loving you, isn't that the same thing? ~ Magan Vernon
Stereotypical Southern quotes by Magan Vernon
In Coffeeville, Miss., at 6 p.m., there was a golden light and a child swinging in it, swinging from a big tree, over a big lawn, back and forth in front of a big airy house. To be a white middle-class child in a small southern town must be on certain levels the most golden way for a child to live in the United States. ~ Joan Didion
Stereotypical Southern quotes by Joan Didion
This was the southern sea. The colors that fade when coral is drawn out of its element were garishly bright here, intricate and lovely labyrinths on the bottom. Among the coral, fish went darting; and overhead a sea-bat, a devil-fish, flapped slow wings past, its stingaree tail trailing. Morays coiled by, opening their incredible, wolfish mouths at him, and many-limbed crabs scuttled sidewise over the rocks and little sandy plateaus of the bottom. Groves of seaweed and great fans of colored sponges swung with hypnotic motion, and schools of tiny striped fish went flashing in and out among them, moving all together as if with a single mind.

Pete swam down. From a cavern among the brown and purple rocks an octopus looked at him out of huge, alien eyes. Its tentacles hung and quivered. Pete swam away, hovering over an expanse of pale sand where the light from above shimmered and ran in rippling waves, his own shadow hanging spread-eagled below him. In and out of it many little creatures went scuttling busily on their underwater errands. Life here was painted in three dimensions, and there was no gravity. There was only beauty and strangeness and a hint of terror that sent pleasurable excitement thrilling through Pete's blood.

("Before I Wake") ~ Henry Kuttner
Stereotypical Southern quotes by Henry Kuttner
Cross that rules the Southern Sky!
Stars that sweep, and turn, and fly
Hear the Lovers' Litany: -
'Love like ours can never die! ~ Rudyard Kipling
Stereotypical Southern quotes by Rudyard Kipling
Barry Crump wrote a lot of books and they were really special. They were kind of the quintessential, mild for the most part, kind of southern man, kind of the true heart of what it meant to be a Kiwi kind of farmer; very kind of outdoor man living off the land. That kind of thing, you don't see so much anymore these days with everyone being metrosexual and lattes and laptops. ~ Rhys Darby
Stereotypical Southern quotes by Rhys Darby
My priorities are leaning more towards family, and I credit my southern upbringing to that. I was raised in the church as well, and God plays a big role in my upbringing and my life. ~ Omari Hardwick
Stereotypical Southern quotes by Omari Hardwick
My wife is a terrific Southern cook. My favorite of all the great things she cooks is 'trash potatoes.' That's mashed potatoes with sour cream, bacon, cheddar cheese, and horseradish. It's a total gut bomb. ~ Mike Vogel
Stereotypical Southern quotes by Mike Vogel
Laughter through tears: it's the Southern way. ~ Peggy Webb
Stereotypical Southern quotes by Peggy Webb
People are more used to seeing men who are masters at an instrument than women. When people say, 'Oh, she plays like a dude,' it's usually dudes who are the ones saying it. They're saying, 'Oh, she's as good as us.' Of course, that's a stupid statement. It's totally stereotypical to say, 'We have an advantage on this, and if anyone else can do it well, it's only because they're like us.' I think more men are starting to learn that this attitude is totally hollow and based in imagination. As more women are involved in music, this kind of thing gets said less and less. ~ Esperanza Spalding
Stereotypical Southern quotes by Esperanza Spalding
Living here in southern California, I'll miss hearing Rocky Top for an entire week at the end of December. I was actually looking forward to it. Tennessee has a better fight song than Nebraska. ~ Al Michaels
Stereotypical Southern quotes by Al Michaels
I have been trying to think of the earth as a kind of organism, but it is no go. I cannot think of it this way. It is too big, too complex, with too many working parts lacking visible connections. The other night, driving through a hilly, wooded part of southern New England, I wondered about this. If not like an organism, what is it like, what is it most like? Then, satisfactorily for that moment, it came to me: it is most like a single cell ~ Lewis Thomas
Stereotypical Southern quotes by Lewis Thomas
I am a planter - a cotton planter. I am a Southern man and a slaveholder - a kind and a merciful one, I trust - and none the worse for being a slaveholder. ~ John C. Calhoun
Stereotypical Southern quotes by John C. Calhoun
Better to be honest and direct, even if it does piss off a few people.

Jaffe, Stuart. Southern Bound - A Paranormal-Mystery (Max Porter Mysteries Book 1) (p. 48). Stuart Jaffe. Kindle Edition. ~ Stuart Jaffe
Stereotypical Southern quotes by Stuart Jaffe
What I think I'll do is I'll do my best to yank Debbie out of me by the roots. And then I'll turn up on your doorstep, one day when you least expect it, and I'll hope by then you will have given up on your vampire. ~ Charlaine Harris
Stereotypical Southern quotes by Charlaine Harris
I grew up in Southern California, and I particularly did not fit in. I always felt like a fish out of water in my hometown because everyone was very happy, and I was thinking about death and anxiety, and not many other people around me seemed to be thinking about that. ~ Rachel Bloom
Stereotypical Southern quotes by Rachel Bloom
The underlying process in Northern music tends to be slower and continuous, whatever's happening on the surface; in Southern music the underlying process is always faster. ~ Esa-Pekka Salonen
Stereotypical Southern quotes by Esa-Pekka Salonen
When I was a younger man and had a life, I owned an El Camino pickup in the '70s. It was a real sort of Southern deal. I had Astroturf in the back. ~ William J. Clinton
Stereotypical Southern quotes by William J. Clinton
In antiquity, there were three regions in southern Europe: Greece, Rome, and Ilyria. Albanian is the only survivor of the Ilyrian languages. That is why it has always intrigued the great linguists of the past. ~ Ismail Kadare
Stereotypical Southern quotes by Ismail Kadare
They're in southern France. Oldest paintings ever found there. We're talking like thirty thousand years old. Scenes typical of the Paleolithic - horses, cattle, mammoths, that kind of thing. No pictures of humans but one depiction of a vagina, for what that's worth. The really interesting thing is what happened when they carbon-dated the place. They found pictures in the same room painted six thousand years apart. They looked identical."

"Okay. So?"

"So think about that. For six thousand years there was no progress and no evidence of any impulse to change anything. People were fine with the way things were. In other words, this is not a people experiencing spiritual desolation. You and I need new diversions nightly. These people didn't change a thing for sixty centuries. This is not a people tired of their snack routine."

The drumming outside escalates for a moment and then fades "back into a kind of ominous tolling.

"Melancholy," Periwinkle says, "had to be invented. Civilization had this unintended side effect, which is melancholy. Tedium. Routine. Gloom. And when those things were birthed, so were people like me, to attend to them. So no, it's not patriotism. It's evolution. ~ Nathan Hill
Stereotypical Southern quotes by Nathan Hill
A shivery, delicious Southern Gothic with feuding families, dark spirits, ancient curses and caught up in the middle, a young girl learning to live and love for the first time. Atmospheric and suspenseful, Compulsion will draw you in and hold you until the very last page. ~ Leah Cypess
Stereotypical Southern quotes by Leah Cypess
When did the r disappear from Southern speech, and how did it come to disappear? The custom of dropping it was not borrowed from the North, nor inherited from England. ~ Mark Twain
Stereotypical Southern quotes by Mark Twain
Jeb [Bush] said when they [people influenced by ISIS] come across the southern border they come as an act of love. ~ Donald Trump
Stereotypical Southern quotes by Donald Trump
The southern German has the imagination and emotionality to subscribe to a fanatic ideology, but he is ordinarily inhibited from excesses by his natural humaneness. The Prussian does not have the imagination to conceive in terms of abstract racial and political theories, but when he is told to do something, he does it. ~ Arthur Seyss-Inquart
Stereotypical Southern quotes by Arthur Seyss-Inquart
Pushing through some viney branches, she comes into a clearing andfinds a sight that makes her hush
and not just her voice but every part of her, like feeling silence in her deep guts ...
It's something she can feel in the back of her throat, her dislike of the scene
as though what she's looking upon is unholy, the conjunction of chaos and order in a forced fit where everything is stretched and bent in the wrong way like those baby legs. ~ Alden Bell
Stereotypical Southern quotes by Alden Bell
Vampires didn't faint like Southern belles at the sight of blood. ~ Flynn Meaney
Stereotypical Southern quotes by Flynn Meaney
The Ganges, though flowing from the foot of Vishnu and through Siva's hair, is not an ancient stream. Geology, looking further than religion, knows of a time when neither the river nor the Himalayas that nourished it existed, and an ocean flowed over the holy places of Hindustan. The mountains rose, their debris silted up the ocean, the gods took their seats on them and contrived the river, and the India we call immemorial came into being. But India is really far older. In the days of the prehistoric ocean the southern part of the peninsula already existed, and the high places of Dravidia have been land since land began, and have seen on the one side the sinking of a continent that joined them to Africa, and on the other the upheaval of the Himalayas from a sea. They are older than anything in the world. No water has ever covered them, and the sun who has watched them for countless aeons may still discern in their outlines forms that were his before our globe was torn from his bosom. If flesh of the sun's flesh is to be touched anywhere, it is here, among the incredible antiquity of these hills. ~ E.M. Forster
Stereotypical Southern quotes by E.M. Forster
Auteuil (the southern sector of Paris's then-rustic 16th arrondissement) at the home of his great-uncle, two months after the Treaty of Frankfurt formally ended the Franco-Prussian W ~ Marcel Proust
Stereotypical Southern quotes by Marcel Proust
Republican strategist Kevin Phillips is often credited for offering the most influential argument in favor of a race-based strategy for Republican political dominance in the South. He argued in The Emerging Republican Majority, published in 1969, that Nixon's successful presidential election campaign could point the way toward long-term political realignment and the building of a new Republican majority, if Republicans continued to campaign primarily on the basis of racial issues, using coded antiblack rhetoric.54 He argued that Southern white Democrats had become so angered and alienated by the Democratic Party's support for civil rights reforms, such as desegregation and busing, that those voters could be easily persuaded to switch parties if those racial resentments could be maintained. ~ Michelle Alexander
Stereotypical Southern quotes by Michelle Alexander
Well - I was brought up as a Southern Baptist. ~ Pat Robertson
Stereotypical Southern quotes by Pat Robertson
I concentrate on the southern African subcontinent. ~ Nigel Dennis
Stereotypical Southern quotes by Nigel Dennis
The TV set shouted, " - duplicates the halcyon days of the pre-Civil War Southern states! Either as body servants or tireless field hands, the custom-tailored humanoid robot - designed specifically for YOUR UNIQUE NEEDS, FOR YOU AND YOU ALONE - given to you on your arrival absolutely free, equipped fully, as specified by you before your departure from Earth; this loyal, trouble-free companion in the greatest, boldest adventure contrived by man in modern history will provide - " It continued on and on. ~ Philip K. Dick
Stereotypical Southern quotes by Philip K. Dick
My mama steps out of her dress
and drops it, an inheritance falling to my feet.
She stands alone: bathed, blooming,
burdened with nothing of this world.
Her body is naked and beautiful,
her wings gray and scorched,
her brown eyes piercing the brown of mine.
I watch her departure, her flapping wings:
She doesn't look back, not even once,
not even to whisper my name ~ Brenda Sutton Rose
Stereotypical Southern quotes by Brenda Sutton Rose
She was Darcy Montgomery, Southern Sanctuary Special Liaison, she fixed things. When people irritated her, well, she fixed them… she fixed them good. Or should that be, for good? ~ Jane Cousins
Stereotypical Southern quotes by Jane Cousins
The Southern girl is usually an unsalvageable narcissist by the time she gets to junior high school because she has grasped the charming fact that her body, especially its exclusively female parts, has the power to make strong men weak - and strong governments fall.
toppling a government was an easy thing to dream about when i was a little girl because that famous Maryland lady, the Duchess of Windsor, had actually cond it a few years earlier. She had accomplished what we were all taught to do: Cause trouble.
'isn't she wonderful.' we breathed, 'she just got everybody so upset! Wouldn't it be just the most fun to upset a whole country? She almost caused a war - she must have bumped Edward with her bust. oh, I'd just love to start a war, wouldn't you? ~ Florence King
Stereotypical Southern quotes by Florence King
The confessional writer will treat her story like a wailing wall. She kneels, and her story spills out, messy, improper. It isn't a protest or even graffiti, but her story is an offering of things that she overlooked or notices that others have overlooked. She is in danger of exposure but she remembers when she lived in hiding and that was worse. She cannot turn back now because this is how life has spun out of her, part vexing passage and part prayer. ~ Patricia Hickman
Stereotypical Southern quotes by Patricia Hickman
The very rationalists who jeer at the trial by combat, in the old feudal ordeal, do in fact accept a trial by combat as deciding all human history. In the war of the North and South in America, some of the Southern rebels wrote on their flags the rhyme, "Conquer we must for our cause is just." The philosophy was faulty; and in that sense it served them right that their opponents copied and continued it in the form "Conquer they didn't; so their cause wasn't." But the latter logic is as bad as the former. ~ G.K. Chesterton
Stereotypical Southern quotes by G.K. Chesterton
She was temptation wrapped in seduction, a Southern beauty with a viper's tongue, a
rapier wit and a bone-deep grit that rivaled his own. Yes, she'd basically blown his mind with her
brilliant concept of time ~ Gena Showalter
Stereotypical Southern quotes by Gena Showalter
There were thousands of children just like her in the world. She had walked through the fire and come out the other side scorched, but not consumed by it. ~ J.L. Murphey
Stereotypical Southern quotes by J.L. Murphey
Everything changes except human behavior and its consequences. ~ Stephanie M. Sellers
Stereotypical Southern quotes by Stephanie M. Sellers
meander, v.

"...because when it all comes down to it, there's no such thing as a two-hit wonder. So it's better just to have that one song that everyone knows, instead of diluting it with a follow-up that only half succeeds. I mean, who really cares what Soft Cell's next single was, as long as we have 'Tainted Love'?"
I stop. You're still listening.
"Wait," I say. "What was I talking about? How did we get to 'Tainted Love'?"
"Let's see," you say, "I believe we started roughly at the Democratic gains in the South, then jumped back to the election of 1948, dipping briefly into northern constructions of the South, vis-a-vis Steel Magnolias, Birth of a Nation, Johnny Cash, and Fried Green Tomatoes. Which landed you on To Kill a Mockingbird, and how it is both Southern and universal, which -- correct me if I'm wrong -- got us to Harper Lee and her lack of a follow-up novel, intersected with the theory, probably wrong, that Truman Capote wrote the novel, then hopping over to literary one-hit wonders, and using musical one-hit wonders to make a point about their special place in our culture. I think."
"Thank you," I say. "That's wonderful. ~ David Levithan
Stereotypical Southern quotes by David Levithan
Children are often like hostages under the care of authority, with spankings and groundings nudging them like guns pointed at their skulls, threatening to shoot if the wrong words are uttered. ~ Maggie Young
Stereotypical Southern quotes by Maggie Young
Death was a one-shot deal - it happened, and then you were free. Sally was an old-school southern woman, and Hank knew first-hand that they weren't nearly as kind as death when they got cross. ~ Drew Hayes
Stereotypical Southern quotes by Drew Hayes
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