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#1. And would I be able to forgive him or myself if it crossed the mark? I loved this man and all of his flaws. I knew that he wasn't perfect. He was human, and had secrets that would make stronger women than me flee. But that was the beauty of love. It made us stronger. It gave us hearts of steel and guts of iron. I had a shield around me that could withstand a war for this man. I had a passion that could overcome mountains. My love for Xavier burned in my soul and ran through my veins, and I was willing to take this chance. I needed to show him that I could be there for him. - Author: J.S. Cooper
Steel Hearts quotes by J.S. Cooper
#2. If a society permits one portion of its citizenry to be menaced or destroyed, then, very soon, no one in that society is safe. The forces thus released in the people can never be held in check, but run their devouring course, destroying the very foundations which it was imagined they would save.

But we are unbelievably ignorant concerning what goes on in our country--to say nothing of what goes on in the rest of the world--and appear to have become too timid to question what we are told. Our failure to trust one another deeply enough to be able to talk to one another has become so great that people with these questions in their hearts do not speak them; our opulence is so pervasive that people who are afraid to lose whatever they think they have persuade themselves of the truth of a lie, and help disseminate it; and God help the innocent here, that man or womn who simply wants to love, and be loved. Unless this would-be lover is able to replace his or her backbone with a steel rod, he or she is doomed. This is no place for love. I know that I am now expected to make a bow in the direction of those millions of unremarked, happy marriages all over America, but I am unable honestly to do so because I find nothing whatever in our moral and social climate--and I am now thinking particularly of the state of our children--to bear witness to their existence. I suspect that when we refer to these happy and so marvelously invisible people, we are simply being nostalgic conce - Author: James Baldwin
Steel Hearts quotes by James Baldwin
#3. If foundations made of stone can turn to dust, then the hardest hearts of steel can turn to rust. - Author: Shania Twain
Steel Hearts quotes by Shania Twain
#4. At Birkin Grif's left, his seat insecure on a scruffy packhorse, Theomeris Glyn, his only armour a steel-stressed leather cap, grumbled at the cold and the earliness of the hour, and cursed the flint hearts of city girls. - Author: M. John Harrison
Steel Hearts quotes by M. John Harrison
#5. What the great mentor is always looking for is a person who is willing to tap his genius, to put it through the refiner's fire, to do the hard work to develop it. Indeed, mentoring is the medieval art of alchemy-turning plain old human steel into hearts and minds of gold. - Author: Oliver DeMille
Steel Hearts quotes by Oliver DeMille
#6. O God of battles! steel my soldiers' hearts. Possess them not with fear. - Author: William Shakespeare
Steel Hearts quotes by William Shakespeare
#7. If he ever sang, she thought, the song would be so unbearably gorgeous, it would soar over spires of stone and steel, and pierce the hearts of humans and other creatures, and he could rule the world. - Author: Thea Harrison
Steel Hearts quotes by Thea Harrison
#8. Injustice boils in men's hearts as does steel in its cauldron, ready to pour forth, white hot, in the fullness of time. - Author: Mother Jones
Steel Hearts quotes by Mother Jones

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